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No, this isn’t a post about cursing.

As noted in the the highly recommended post below: “An epithet, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “a characterizing word or phrase accompanying or occurring in place of the name of a person or thing”.”

Epithets: Fandom’s Designated Hitters

The post linked above gives good examples of common epithets, and why it’s okay to use names, and when it’s okay to use epithets. Fiction is an odd duck, you know? There are rules that stick, and rules that you can play with. It’s not like forgetting the nuclear codes. We can play around a little at times. You can’t write all the time in a prescribed way, after all! Writing is an art. But some things make it easier for a reader to get deeper into the story.

Just a few epithets:
  • Korean/Canadian man
  • Chinese man/the Chinese
  • Chinaman (Particularly troublesome - slur. See here and here.)
  • taller/shorter man
  • older/younger/elder man
  • dark-haired/eyed man
  • brunette/redhead/blond
  • thinner/slender man
etc, etc.

Wait, wait. If you have used them, don’t go crawl under a rock. I have used some of them, and still use others. It’s not always something we’re aware of, until it’s pointed out - and that’s when learning can come in.

I find using epithets is something that is seen a lot, and thus harder to kick, in slash fiction. Writing about two men or women, there is the added challenge of having the same pronouns. Thus instead of getting to trade off using names with he/she, and it being clear, we have to use their names to distinguish between whose hand that is, and why “he” was across the room and is not suddenly on the couch. Using more names can be great, but the tendency is to use epithets instead of names - which can take away from the writing.

I can’t find the original post, but I once read one long ago that was very funny and informative. They said something along the lines of: “We’re reading this fiction because we like these people. We like their names. It’s okay to use their names, because it’s not something that gets old.” (paraphrased badly, but you get the point) Here’s a paragraph from a story of mine, where I’ve changed names and pronouns to epithets:
The younger man woke the next morning to the older man against him, whispering incomprehensible things, holding him close, tenderly. It was an amazing feeling, being held. … Some of that had faded since the red-haired man. … And the thinner man probably didn’t even really know what he had done.
Who are we talking about again? It has muddled what is otherwise an emotional scene. Using their names instead would be far less distracting, and clearer, than using epithets. If you’re wanting to get across that character A is taller, there are other ways, more evocative ways, than calling him “the taller man.”

Using their names is not like saying “cheeseball” 15 times in the same paragraph. We like these people and their names, and it’s okay to use their names when we can! I highly recommend the link, which is more lucid than I am, and gives great examples, too~

Food for writing thought~
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Can I do that instead? No? /tries to dig myself out of the hole
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Dairy Queen was the fast food of my childhood. Before I knew Taco Bell and Subway existed, before Wendy's was a gleam in my eye. Before Jack in the Box seduced me into giving away half an artery for every ultimate cheeseburger, and... Yeah. All those other places. It was the one place that was close. Now, see. I lived in a big city. But all our fast food places were in a different part of the city. So we had a Dairy Queen, for all those special occasions, occasional cravings, and Sunday afternoon sundaes. (Actual Big Time special occasions warranted a trip to A Real Restaurant aka Denny's, but I digress.)

There was the dipped cone, and the chicken sandwich, the hot fudge, and the fries that you put salt on. And after salt? You dipped them in your milkshake. It was the law. Salty, crisp, hot, cold, and sweet. Excellent. It was great. And then, the holy grail of "this is SO MUCH MORE than just a sundae!"...the peanut buster parfait.

I'm not sure how that's held up through the years. I still like it, but I don't secretly look down the drive through menu and mourn driving away without it, so. (And oh, if only their brownies were good.)

I'm not sure that Dairy Queen location exists any more, giving way to city expansion and need for extra lanes. But! We have one near where we live here. And it is...what it is. My experience goes from Very Positive! To Not Very Positive.

Like the time we went for two drinks, and came away with two FREE drinks...twenty minutes later. And it's not like they are slammed, okay. The five people who would be at Dairy Queen at 8pm in this town are not exactly racing down at will. There was one person ahead of us in the drive through, and there was a very chatty conversation happening between whoever was at the window, and whoever was in the car. Occasional food came through the window. No one moved. We waited, we stared, we glowered, we...probably should have left. At McDonald's, they send you ahead to wait in line if you've ordered 47 chicken sandwiches, so the guy behind who ordered a small pop to go doesn't eat his steering wheel in frustration. The guy was still at the window, and someone came through the side door with our drinks... and told us to have a good night. We stopped at the window with a ?_? but they waved us off. At least they knew we'd been waiting for freaking ever for some coffee-tasting glop in a cup.

Or there were the time(s) we went for milkshakes, and their mix wasn't quite cool enough so...banana milkshake, er.... banana milky glop that's mostly melted! Uh. See, have gone to McDonald's for that, too, and they're like, our mix isn't cold enough. :( Try something else?

And then tonight, I pay and get handed my drink, with the caveat that...sorry, the base is a little watery (i.e. runny, i.e., not cold enough?) so... It should still taste good!

....Can I have a more watery price for my not-quite-to-standard food? Seriously, is it 20% runny, so can I have a coupon with that? How do you ask that? I mean, I am me, so I tend to smile, nod, agree. Confrontation isn't exactly in my genetic code. But I have no idea what I could have said. I came home and was like, oh it's not like it should be? Can I get something different then? What does everyone else say when they get shafted by their drive through orders? >.> I mean, it's not like she was like HEH HEH can pass off junk, but...shouldn't you get what you pay for? >.>

On the plus side, I got actually HOT fries, like...recently fried and everything! Which is almost a miracle. So it was a trade-off, I guess. Get decent fries, and get not-quite-frozen drink. Yay, coffee-flavored runny glop. \o/ (and it does taste good...just not as good for as long because it's half melty before it ever got into my car :( )
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It has nearly come to that time again, where I am neurotic and checking files, and bemoaning transitions, and continuity, and whoosits and whatsits, and dialogue and characterization. And there are people staring at me with narrowed eyes and pursed lips (and no, I am not paranoid) after each chapter, waiting for the next, wondering if I'm going to move to Jamaica in the middle, or perhaps do the unthinkable and, uh...end a fic that way. You know what I'm talking about.

The Ending That Shall Not Be Named. Mmhmm. (Okay, there's a few of those. But none of them from me.)

And I'm trying not to put the cart ahead of the horse here, because I'm not done yet. Close, but not quite. But I can see the glimmer of sun on the horizon, the fresh breeze against my face. The trials and adorations of one person trying to corral as-of-right-now 65,000 words of, well. People with pointy teeth.

Or at least a Mi with pointy teeth. Now there's a hint. ^__^

Fic will be titled "Until You" and if I say how many chapters it will be, I will jinx myself and end up writing this fic until I'm 93. And I really would prefer not to, because though it has been relatively painless - unless you count chapter 11, and I do not - there are always 193460136401374018374 other things waiting to be written and adored. This is what you get when you leave an idea to ferment since, uh. Last March.

But the icon is appropriate. ^__^ Sometimes I forget to stick on her name, or people forget that this writing deal isn't just a mad person stuck in a corner with a laptop and a crazed look (only half the time, I promise). It takes a village to...raise a fic, as it were. And this has been a particularly satisfying ride on my end. So 'tis appropriate on the first day of the lunar new year to give a shout-out to beta par excellence, [ profile] wobaozhewo. :D Ahoy matey, the ship is almost ready to sail. o/
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I have been so used to using Firefox that when the Mac came into my life, that I more or less ignored Safari as a whole and went straight to Firefox.

Then Firefox melted down during an update. ...This meltdown would be fixed by a simple restart.

I think my picture is next to the example in the "Wow, you're really lazy guidebook" next to "You know you're lazy WHEN - you don't want to restart your Mac."

Anyway. It wasn't all bad. I discovered a program that lets me customize my trackpad orders, so suddenly I can use the three finger swipe up/down to go to home/end of a webpage (in Safari...Firefox already allowed this) or to the top/bottom of a writing file in Scrivener. No more function + left and right! \o/ (not having home/end keys on this keyboard initially made me quite sad...then I forgot I ever had them)

...But now watching videos on Youtube makes Safari...or something related to Safari...make the router unhappy.

/tries Safari in a different mode then! Oh computers, you do like to make our lives interesting.
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Got reminded of this today, lol. :D

My highlights...

Zhou Mi sweetly singing in English. XD (shhh) Henry and Donghae being precious. Kyuhyun being an old man and falling over and Siwon gallantly saving him, lol. Using Japanese! (why so cute!) Henry's mumbled Korean and using English! Kyuhyun being Kyuhyun with the candle. Them eating cake! (Ryeowook trying to feed people! And punch them!)

Siwon and his camera. <3 And calling the picture pretty in Japanese, sobs. 好看 indeed. Zhou Mi's hands. <3

..."DVDどうでした?" Kyuhyun. ;___; Why so cute. Ahh, Henry. The baby is all grown up today. :')
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I love potatoes, really. My hips, they love them even more, but such is the result of Sit on Butt While Working and Feed Face.

How many times did we have a meal without potatoes, if it was some kind of protein? Fish sticks? Probably fries or tater tots. Roast chicken/turkey? Probably potatoes. I don't remember what sides we ate with pork, so I can't expound there.

Steak, though. That Required some kind of potato. People struggling to live on the plains? That was my family at one time. So it was a Thing. Usually mashed, sometimes baked. And a veggie, too, probably. (If it was my preference, that would've been corn, and even more ideally creamed corn, every time. I was fickle against green things. However, beet juice made wild pink mashed potatoes!)

We didn't ever "do" baked potatoes. You know, with cheese, sour cream (D:), etc. It was potato (nuked), some substance of a butter type, salt and black pepper.

Roasted potatoes, au gratin, hash browns, things made with potato flour... Potatoes in burritos, hey. Though, full confession, our family meals of burritos were called "tacos." We have lettuce for tacos? Okay. Let's do it. ("tacos" = tortilla, beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato. basically a hamburger sans bun. and taco sauce for the spice lovers of which I was not as a child. occasionally refried beans in later years.) I forget when I figured out that tacos =/= burritos. I was quite aged when I stepped into a Taco Bell for the first time, so maybe I got my education outside the bun, who knows. Or maybe in a book. I seem to recall reading a few of those. XD;

Anyway, I digress. Food is wonderful. And of art.

The Twins

Jun. 1st, 2010 04:39 pm
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They had two versions of this, one with sparkling qualities that people of this extraction surely must possess, and one that was decidedly less flattering.  I'll let you guess which one that I chose.  (click on the picture to see the alternate version, lol)

Cut;dr )
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It's funny how fandom changes... And I do mean, reaching back into the realm of way, way back, when the Internet was young (to me).

Newsgroups...mailing lists...message boards...fic archives... fic archives from mailing lists, haha. It took me years and years to get into the habit of typing "yahoogroups" instead of "egroups." Migrating from those mailing lists to communities... <3

Those once in a while fandom chats that would leave people breathless in anticipation to just gather and be fans and stalk the people they admired, and then track people down by IM and pretend to be smart while not fangirling.

...Okay, maybe that was just me. XD I remember messaging people and mentally flailing around that I was an amazing specimen of dumb and should never log in again. I'm fairly certain that was only me. x.x It's not fair, other people get to be more confident on the internet. XD Oh LJ, I love you so. <3

Anyway. I am not dead. Just, life has been kicking my butt, and if I could just keep a sleep schedule for one week straight...! I could get stuff done. (That and I got absorbed by the Olympics, so back to the regularly scheduled distractions. XD)

Next thing to post is the last chapter of the SiHan which I haaave been working on. ;____; So sorry it's been so long. I failed my goal. But onwards and upwards~ And then to post other things~
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1. comment and I'll give you a letter
2. list ten things you love that begin with that letter
3. post it on your journal and fill out letters of your own.

Heather gave me the letter "K"...probably because she knew what she'd be getting with the letter "S" but hey! This turned out not so hard.

1. Kyuhyun - Well. Where to start. I knew him as the baby, and immediately felt protective of him (and swore I would never write smut for him when I started writing, whoops!). Got to know his face, and that thinking of his wellbeing made others cry. And then his voice... His voice. <3 It's milk chocolate to me, and that is saying very much, lol. Smart and witty, gooftastic and adorable, he's a package of compelling. He has flaws, but they make him a person, more than just that voice (and that smile...and the dark eyes. <3). ...And that really doesn't even blow the dust off the surface.

2. KyuMi - (and thus..kangaroos and koalas (do you notice these two are both marsupials? they're all but begging for it. XD)) - Okay, I'm totally cheating here. XD I love them... I love them as friends. I love seeing them beside each other, talking, laughing, touching, interacting. It's that genuine feeling you don't get many places, and it's quite startling in its beauty sometimes. Of course, on the fictional flipside, I also love to read them, and have had the pleasure of doing so from many talented writers. <3 And, obviously, I love to write them. They have a dynamic that is very fun to me, because there are so many ranges that it can go, and it's so rarely flat and static. Kyuhyun is Kyuhyun, and Zhou Mi is Zhou Mi, and them just being together is a catalyst for possibility. <3 I feel like I am always learning for them, and that makes them very interesting to write for.

3. Kpop - Super Junior, what can I say? Korean music was a mystery to me when I mostly knew Japanese music. Of course, knew of BoA and S.E.S. but was blissfully unaware. So many different emotions here... So many good times. <3

4. Kitchen - Cooking, baking. Organizing. Theorizing. Printing out recipes and drooling over cookbooks. Honing knife skills. Chowing down. It's a happy place to be. Even when the results are bad~

5. Kanji - *cheating* I don't think I really enjoyed learning kanji so much as I loved learning Japanese. Despite the fact that second year was ridiculously a steep climb, I've never found a language that was quite that intuitive to me. Well. I mean, besides English, lol. Spanish was like trying to stab myself in the eye, comparatively, and I didn't even have to learn a new writing system. That difference probably had to do with a different book/instructor for Japanese, because such things cannot be discounted. But the term irregular verbs regarding Spanish still haunts me.

6. Karaoke - while wearing kimonos? hahaha. We saw plenty of places we could've tried in Japan, but. XD Have done it with in-home party, and also via Karaoke Revolution. Interesting college parties where the girls would liberally slaughter the boys.

7. Knitting - Heather's fault~ I have projects started but alas... One scarf in a gorgeous orange-y red that I want to finish sometime before I die. But I get enough repetitive motion just typing without adding clacking needles into the picture, too. However, I do quite love it. And loved writing about it. XD

8. Kaiser rolls - Sandwiches. I love sandwiches, lol. A little bit of special spread, some turkey, and I'm having happy memories.

9. Kilts - *desperation sets in at this point* I love to read things set in Scotland, and have ancestors from there, vaguely. Best book involving kilts, Diana Gabaldon's epic, "Outlander."

10. Kisses - Okay, it's been 20 years, but still. XD My poor classmate, I hope he was not scarred for life. They're fun to read and write about in any case!
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I need to purchase a non-metal citrus juicer.  All that hard work eking 3/4 of a cup of lemon juice from 4 (!) lemons, only to think about it later, and then have that bad feeling come true when that dessert tasted like you're sucking on a coin.  :| :|  It looks pretty, though.  XD  Might post pictures.  "Here is the dessert that looked good but that I never ate."  But I have another recipe in mind, one that requires a pound and a half of chocolate for the frosting.  (!!)  Biggest fear right at this moment:  The chocolate breaking on me.  It will be :||| forever.

Also, if you have a question for me..... XD  Go ask here!  Anyone!  Everyone!  About anything!  ...Almost anything!  Fic or fandom or random.  Or.  Yeah, anything!  More than one!  I don't promise coherency.  But it's a long weekend and there's no one online to talk to, so please, for my sanity, people.  (Who said you all could sleep or have lives?  ;___;)

No really.  Go ask!  Do not be shy.  It can be anonymous!  I cannot promise you cookies, but there will be love, okay?

...Now back to "finishing" chapter 5 of the HenHae for like, the fourth time.  :|
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State o' the fanfic...Read more... )
And for random...
For two little enter your username things that made me lol... )

Wow, my life! They got it...right. And a romance in a hiis~tory~

Haha. _-_
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Failure. -_-; Totally. It's just such a... Ugh.

Happy thoughts! :D In lieu of writing, I've finally gotten back up to level with my ink supplies, which meant filling in a desperately ugly blank spot on my wall with something pretty. There are some other pics and spots I could be filling as well... And I need to pick up a frame for the other M poster... I just noticed these aren't totally center in my blank spot buuut...we'll just imagine that they are. And then I'm going to go torture myself by listening to the same song over and over and over again until something falls out of my head and onto the paper. And stop feeling sorry for myself.

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Things today, woe is me:
  • Clean my room. Oh wait, I've started. Oh wait, it's a disaster. It's obvious I spend no time in there whatsoever, because I just did a massive -_- at it. Upside, I can see the floor. Downside, where the heck does everything GO? Why do I have this much junk? *flails about uselessly* But I am getting rid of some books I never will read again/didn't like/whatever. I know. I know it's shocking. Deep breaths.
  • Send junk. Again. Oh joy. Done
  • I made yesterday's word goal! ...This morning! But still! Now all I have to do is make today's word goal. I have a very lovely file open just for that. 920 words down...
  • I need to title this utter mess of a story. I think I finally got one. It makes me happy anyway. Even though my mental conversations go like so: Me: I should start posting prince!SiHan tomorrow Brain: Sounds good. Let's write animal!verse. Me: ...Not helping.
And because I seem to enjoy inflicting random images on people... This is the mug I bought myself as a "calm down, you'll survive" gift, before the trip. Mysteriously, the cup was made in China! Also you can see my WIP screen back there, with paragraphs. Hmmmmm. Should get back to that.

...There is no one online talking to me. The room is silent. .___. *crickets*
*types away*
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Today was a day of failures... More failures... Triumphs from the failure of being a moron...

Where to begin. Dropped my phone in the store. Shattered the living daylights out of the stone horse cell phone strap that was on there. Phone was fine though. >.> Then later dropped the phone down our front steps. Phone's still fine. Wee bit scratched. But it was a wee bit scratched before today anyway because I tend to do that. Sigh. Phone of nine lives. ...I have other phone straps (heather, shhh)...and more horse ones. So the world is not all lost.

The bank won't change back my currency because I don't have big enough bills...despite the fact that what I have is what they gave me. Will have to check out banks to do that for me. And it took 10 minutes to fax paperwork as I'm like, all I need is to do is get to the grocery store...

Oh, I got a magnet... Where is that magnet. It's a XD From the artist's site (picture links to the store):

"The Dream Creates the Journey." <3 I love her art...It's so simple and clean, pretty...fanciful even. It's just...gorgeous. <3

And...I had been whining and moaning about my remote not working. ...Well. I got a lap protector because of the computer's heat... And since I bought that, I hadn't really used the remote. Ummmm. The infrared receiver is in the front of the computer...where the wrist rest of the lap protector blocks it. So. It works great! As long as I'm not a moron. Good thing I didn't take it to the store to be fixed. :|
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10 days.

brb, brain making a dash for the hills.

(Is it even remotely possible to keep up this pace? I sit and wonder, what will I write tomorrow? Right at this moment my brain feels like a well-wrung sponge. I stare at the wall and I get a lot of white noise.)

...Time to fill up with banal tv. Today is clearly That Kind of Day. Mostly...I'm just glad I don't have to travel on Thursday.

I wonder if I should make meatloaf that day. I think I will. Those are the memories I cherish...
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I'm going to clean my room.

No really. Right now.

As soon as I lever myself off of this couch.

And after I put on socks.

And maybe after a glass of water.

Can I eat lunch first?

Maybe someone needs me to go to the store. Or to the moon?

...Being born without motivation to clean and tidy is a severe trial in life sometimes.

But I wrote a couple hundred words this morning, and am on target so far.

So I guess there's a trade-off for everything.

...I guess I'll clean now. :{
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So, fangirl odyssey comes to an end with...we went to the newer of Han Mama's shops today. Ummm. :D; We stood outside looking awkward for a minute or two on the far side of the sidewalk, and then went in where we immediately saw... Han Mama. Me: .... I had to process like, mother..? Aunt...? And I concluded mother. must know the family of the OTP And I spewed out Mandarin, pointed out "chicken" in the guidebook and managed to get that ordered, and ordered Sprite.

We've drank a lot of Sprite.

Also, we had tea. And chicken with onions (or leeks?) with peanuts. And peppers... A little spicy. And rice. I said rice in Mandarin and got my point across! The world has not ended! Pretty much the only meal where Mandarin was the primary language. (i.e. we weren't ordering a Big Mac)

And the food was good! I think for three people it wasn't a lot of food, one dish and rice, but we all are not big eaters and we still had food left just with ordering that much. :| Our waitress gave us the amount of yuan in English, lol. And of course, there was the column of fangirl notes, and the copious Geng pictures on the wall (pretty)... Oh. And the Olympic torch. XD;;;;; And at the end, we stood up, snapped pics of the walls... turned sixteen shades of red, and then ran out to take pics of the front of the building. Han Mama smiled and nodded and said bye when we went. As I nodded at her and ducked my head like "BIG GINORMOUS LOSER HI." lol We were not at ALL conspicuous, three tall white girls taking pictures as other fangirls gawked at us (and some with their boyfriends in picture-taking roles). We didn't get our pic taken with her or anything though. XD Just eating there was "XD;;;;;;;;;; Wait, what are we doing?" enough. Ahaha. Not to mention the ride over, in the 30000 year long taxi ride, where I was like "I hope we're going to the right spot..." (I had had to write out the kanji for the directions...which my writing skills are hazy at best)... and then also knowing I had to ORDER... Fearless leader, what? And I still managed to slop tea down the front of my shirt. :D Lucky it was a dark one! XD;;;;

We did try to be decorous, though giggling ridiculously through our meal. Ahem.

To Seoul tomorrow for a layover... Youtube! Twitter! Images we cannot see! We miss you!

Also, we nearly ran over an old lady on the way, and I mean that literally. She like appeared behind a car and was frozen as the taxi went WHOOSH and just missed her. Us in the back of the taxi: D: D: D: D: We nearly killed Grandma... Oh holy good gracious. And the merging. And the... Wait, I think I've indicated traffic here makes me close my eyes and think of Siwon. Thing I will miss least: anything that's me in a vehicle in China. And the illegal taxis make me squirm with fear and I'm not even in them...
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We had...lots of chicken today, lol. We ate at this apparently famous noodle restaurant in Beijing, and had chicken with chilis and peanuts, and rice, and noodles (which we tried but weren't immediately fond of...maybe next time), sweet potatoes in hot toffee (very easy to eat in the first two minutes and then impossible as the toffee hardened) and also something called "crispy milk" which kind of like a dumpling filled with sweet, thick white goop, and served with like a banana cream sauce. Um. We ate good. I eat with people who Do not like pork, and Do not like seafood, so we are eating a lot of chicken.

We took the train from Shanghai to Beijing last night, and got stuck (as was my worst fear) with the Snorer From Hell. Only earplugs saved me, let me tell you. So we're all still swaying after a night in a train compartment with a strange man, and me in the upper bunk going "Omg, I'm going to fall. XD XD XD"

...The traffic in Beijing seems about 25% saner than Shanghai (so far... after a day). Shanghai's drivers, bicycles, pedestrians, all have this sort of death wish that includes swapping lanes, walking without care, merging without care... It makes even California wackadoodle drivers look like careful old grandmas. You could not drive in Shanghai without utmost concentration. I'd have an ulcer in a day.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply to people's comments... I have had about enough brain power to check lj and keep track of things in SJ land and look at my email... I'm being epic fail, I know. Sigh. I am reading everything though. I might get a chance to start backtracking over the next couple of nights.

...I don't think we've decided if we have the courage to visit Han Mama's restaurant given, um. Lack of Mandarin skills. But, in Shanghai we ran across a Semir store accidentally. XD;;;;;;; I got my pic taken with epic large Siwon poster and made pawing hands at Zhou Mi who was hidden in the dressing room that I didn't go in. No Kyu. :( They probably thought we were teeheeing over cute Asian model boys and not "OH HAY, we saw them in concert last night, teehee." Siwon, ILU forever. :(

...That and I have this zip file of Super Girl album scans uploaded and have as yet to work up the brains to figure out where I should post it ( to, in the case of SJ World.... and guts to actually ask how I should do it haven't yet emerged...maybe by the time I'm home.) So... Yeah.

I miss everyone. :( But we are having a good time... New experiences. Tons of new fic ideas. Sigh. I am in Kyu and Mi withdrawal. (Which means I'm working on the HanKyu... explain that...)

ETA: Also, I "lost" my passport and waist pouch today. Lost as in, I remembered taking it off when we got to the room but not where I had put it. Which led to the dismantling of my suitcase and my bed... We found it in Heather's bag, because I had set it on her bed and it had gotten stuffed there accidentally.

So when I say don't listen to me when I'm trying to sound rational and give opinions, I really mean "don't listen to me, I'll get back to you on that." Because I can't keep track of my own belongings right now...
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Said breakfast may be why I should shed five pounds...

It... was 70 degrees in Shanghai when I checked.

And it was 40 here.

Let's give that a thought.

I'm trying to reconcile this in my head. Um. XD

Ramble about Super Girl MV and Me and M and... )

...And random, Bruce Harwood on "Supernatural." Me: I know that man... I know I know him... I know... *looks it up* :o Byers?! *rewinds* :o lol *x-files geek moment*

I....really need to clean the house today.  :(  :(  I should be ashamed, and all I really feel is lazy...


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