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...I do not like this pairing on "House." I'm going to just close my eyes and imagine that it doesn't exist. They haven't given me a reason to like it. I don't think that the other option is necessarily better for her. But it'd sure be better for him.

Also, my baby, my laptop, my life, got fixed and shined and spiffed up, and now no longer sounds as though it's trying to take flight.  Considering I spend, I think.... upwards of 15 hours a day with it at my knee, it's nice that it's silent again.  I was asked how I knew I was getting mine back, but I was all, I think having Batduck in my IM tray is rather unique.  XD  I think not seeing me on IM is stranger than seeing me on...

Mouse is trying to get me to watch an anime, which makes me laugh. XD But it does look cute. *_*  Goodness. The last thing I had the attention span for was Hetalia, and they were 5 minutes long. And the only thing I came back from Japan with anime-wise was a Hetalia keychain, and I blame that solely on the "Delicious Tomato Song" because all I saw on the keychain was the tomato and hearing Romano sing about "buono tomatoes" and bemoaning his brother.

I am so behind on that series even with eps being 5 minutes long. /downloads it all and catches up hour? /end history geek  Oh, yeah, and the cell phone strap:

*steals Feliciano's pizza* )

I want pizza now.  _-_  Why am I cooking tonight.  Maybe I'll make Chinese...

And, AFI released their latest music video, which is, obviously, social commentary as their whole album is.  But there was one scene in it that made the whole video for me, mostly because Jade's expression owns all. He would prefer not to, thank you very much. XD

You're touching me? )
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Two fics are making a race for completion. Animal!verse has eight chapters right now (and barring death and dismemberment, will remain 8 chapters), though one chapter is totally empty and I only really have two scenes planned for it. Ummm. If a zero word chapter is added to a fic at the 11th hour, is there anyone there to hear Jen scream...? ?_? But, the first six chapters are...31.5k. If I portioned my chapters out better, my fics would be so much ~longer~ but I would also probably be so much more dead. Please look kindly on me and my 5k word chapters.

My QMi "oneshot," "Prerequisites," is 18k. Which, unless I'm remembering a different fic is, oh say... triple the size it started out as. Ha. Haha. Ha. XD Oh, Qmi. They are like the hand of Midas, only with word counts instead of gold. That'll go up in three pieces at least, methinks. Just have to wait for the stamps of approval, and reading over it to make sure I haven't totally maimed it during the process. And it's well on its way...

...My recorder needs to charge faster. _-_

...I just found more yuan tucked in the pocket of my notebook. Wow, I spent less than I thought for real. XD

I wrote almost nothing yesterday, however, I am well on my way to catching up with "Sanctuary." I have the sneaking suspicion that my pairing is not...going to happen there. :| But I could be wrong~
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Today was a good day at work... I am very pleased. <3 People who should be talking to me, are, and that's so exciting. I'm not sitting here like a big question mark. Here's hoping for a good day tomorrow as well.

Baked bread from the dough from last night, and it was good~

I discovered why I hadn't been on MSN since the end of the earth, and fixed that. ...Adium, I love you.

I need to make a picture post. _-_

I finished watching all six episodes of SyFy's new show "Warehouse 13" since... last night. It's a good watch... The female lead is believable in her role, more so than some federal agent women are. It will entertain me now and again, anyway. :) Never watched a show that featured secret service type agents. *_*

...Which reminds me I need to catch up on Supernatural, though I'll probably wait till the dvds come out in a couple weeks.

SiHan animal!verse is now 11.5k, and chapter two is done at 3,300 words. Chapter three is about 2/3 done at 2,200. I'll probably start posting when I figure out how many chapters it'll be. I'd guess five or six, right now, unless I get some brain wave I don't see coming. XD;;

..........and that's all she wrote
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New season of "Top Chef" starts next week... That'll be exciting! Though, I really have been enjoying "Top Chef Masters"... The new season will fill my food competition needs. Yes, I am that person. It is not even a guilty pleasure. If it has "food" and "competition," man, I am usually all over it. I don't care if it's "Hell's Kitchen" or "The F Word" (the two completely opposite sides of Gordon Ramsay) or "Chopped" or "Top Chef" or "Ultimate Cake Off" or "Food Network Challenge" (Cakes!!) or... Yeah. About the only thing I don't watch is "Iron Chef America"...Though "The Next Iron Chef" I will have to watch. The Japanese version of "Iron Chef" got me through many lonely hours of writing history papers in college. <3

...The rest of the tv schedule is generally filled with shows like "Maternity Ward" or "Trauma Center: Life in the ER" and all variations thereof. It's amazing I write AT ALL. I should detail all...54 timers on my DVR that are set to record some day. XD XD;;;;;;;;; Though I think a couple of those shows are canceled. :( (I do watch fiction, too. :| It's just not that season yet.)

...I am also Ultra Excited because I just realized that "Project Runway" begins in eight days. Um. Um. \o/ I'm super curious to see how the production values will change with the switch from Bravo to Lifetime. *__* I haven't sewn in ages...

And now that I've finished my tea and eggs, off to make some bread dough~ (Soon as this episode is finished...)(And after that, MonsterQuest. Hmm, Thunderbirds.)
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Absolutely the best part of the Monk holiday episode was the "Monk, p.i." commercial set to the "Magnum, P.I." theme. I had a few lol moments... I miss having more tv shows that give me an anticipatory feeling. :( Right now, I have "House" and that's it... The rest are kind of "And I watch because I have nothing better to do..." I never watched any of the new shows this year... After both my picks bombed last year, I was a little wary. :( Someday... Oh, no I guess I have "Bones" too...

It's 10 degrees and snowing here. Brr. What's a healthy foot or two? :|

...I just realized I'm supposed to be on vacation for the next two days. Excited Jen is excited! Except... I think my boss expects me to work tomorrow. I think she forgot I was on vacation. Sad Jen is sad. I'll probably juggle the vacation day to the day before or after Christmas or something.

...I need to finish these scarf fics before they become irrelevant. My goal in life! Go me, go.

I wonder if I should unearth my ramekins and try a molten lava cake... We'll have to check ingredients first. Exciting! *does the baking flail*
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A long time since an update here it seems. I don't know that I have much to report. I don't know that I am wildly and amazingly happy, but I'm not wildly and amazingly not, either. I'm just kind of rolling along. Of course, there's nothing of note happening *now* but there will eventually be. :) *foreshadow foreshadow* There are things that make me go *RAWR* but they're more choices, and what can you do.

Got my taxes in, and confirmation the moolah was extracted from my account. I am significantly poorer. I have also officially set up my first retirement account. So I am likewise "poorer" and yet with the expectation that I will one day be "rich." I can't imagine why I'm not including Social Security into my retirement outlook. HMMMM. Clearly I need to pop out a few babies so they can support me in my dotage. Or marry a really rich man. Where *are* all of those, anyway?

My life still revolves around tv. New episodes of Bones just restarted last night, and thank gracious. I was beginning to think my fiction watching was coming to a close once again. One can only take so much reality programming before ooky corpses and storylines need to be introduced. (And I love you Sam, the Cooking Guy, but I need me some dose of non-reality) Back to Netflix and Frasier!

I am also redecorating in here. Pictures of that transformation (hah) coming soon. I really need to post the other pictures, too. Good goal for myself. And I can see my floor again! I am amazed. I'm not sure I can see one of the corners of the room, though. Um. That'll be fun to go through one day!

In musical fronts... AFI's new EP now has an official track listing, though no official release date. This has made me quite pleased, and there are officially five songs. One of them, of course, is "Carcinogen Crush" so I know 1/5 of the cd will be much adored. But also included on it is "100 Words" which apparently has mythical proportions of "that song we have heard about for ages but never appears." And yet, it seems it will this time. I'm putting together stuff to make a picture post of my AFI swag, the multitude of it, when we actually *get* a release date. This will be of interest to about two of you, and for the rest it will demonstrate my insanity. Happy days.

AHHH, tv!

Mar. 26th, 2008 10:42 pm
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At noon it was sunny. Then it snowed. And then it was sunny again. Out like a lion, huh, March? It had better not be too bad freezing, cause my lilacs are juuuust getting ready to leaf out. I love my lilacs. I feel like Kakashi. Take that as we may.

Wednesdays are my "AHHH, tv!" nights. Ghost Hunters, Top Chef, America's Next Top Model, and... American Idol. Luckily they're not all on at the same time. I'm too lazy to d/l too many things.

Lessee. Um. I'm working, cause all of my sanity makers are off having a life or sleeping. I kind of need to work anyway, so that might be a good thing cause I'd be too distracted to talk, but still. It's taking me longer to do this than it should have, lol.

Next time on As the Me Turns: Picture post. And videos. I have some good ones. And some inexplicable ones. And ones that just are.


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