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Can I do that instead? No? /tries to dig myself out of the hole
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See, I am not crafty at all. My sewing is rudimentary. My hands are not steady. I cut with scissors at a very low level. And yet when it was decided that I would trek to NY for another SMTown, I was inspired by a sign I saw from another concert. So I thought...Maybe I can do that! Even though I was pretty sure I wouldn't make it look nearly as nice. And that was partly true, since there were pencil marks, glue smears, fold lines... And I also learned a lot about the process along the way, like that it was easier to make a vector for my silliness instead of resizing, and— Yeah. But the important thing was having something with me to take along.

I was a little pessimistic that he would see it at all - especially before we got seats. And okay, even after. But we ended up with the most amazing spot, and he DID see us - all of us. So many fans and people holding things for him and cheering! It was heartwarming, exciting, and tear-jerking in person, and also in retrospect seeing the pictures of all the fans. And of course, Zhou Mi himself is a sparkly unicorn....

So I wanted to make a sparkly sign for him!

Sparkle Sparkle )
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Tonight's spam is brought to you by the letter...New Year's Eve, and Zhou Mi being inadvertently caught faces. (This post had no actual merit besides...well. Zhou Mi. And his face.)


Jun. 12th, 2010 08:53 pm
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The last of the request fics was posted today! <3 I just want to thank everyone who participated again, and I hope that what I was able to do for you was what you had hoped for also~

I do apologize again for how long it stretched out, how long it took me to post them all. I said the fics would be no less than 500-1000 words. Because I got six requests, that would have made the final word total around 6,000 words or so. But I just counted today, and between the six requests, the total word count was 27,405, the longest of which was the one posted today (8,200 words) and coming up close second, the MBA fic with 7,500. So, it sort of was not my fault that it took so long, it's your fault because you came up with such great prompts? XD;;; Okay, no, I'll shoulder the blame. I just can't shut myself up. XD

Working hard on another fic now, which will be a chaptered QMi. So I'll be back spamming shortly~

The Twins

Jun. 1st, 2010 04:39 pm
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They had two versions of this, one with sparkling qualities that people of this extraction surely must possess, and one that was decidedly less flattering.  I'll let you guess which one that I chose.  (click on the picture to see the alternate version, lol)

Cut;dr )
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Soo... When I say, "don't worry, there's more." You know, when I have about reached the bottom of the barrel, or there's a big writing pause, or I go on vacation, or complain about life... I go back to my writing program and I look at my QMi folder... just my QMi folder.  My counter tells me that it is 78,991 words of unposted (and in many cases, unfinished) fic.  Four of those are chapter fic, though a couple will be longer than others.  Black'll be longer.  XD;;;  That'll probably be the next long thing I actually finish.  *__*  "New QMi" will be longer.  No telling how long Mer!Mi will be.  There's 33,000 more words, too, split between Blohyuk and SiHan.  So, you know, maybe this will keep me honest.  Keep me motivated.  Seeing as I seem to be having such a...hard time keeping my paws off QMi.  :P

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Let me tell you of the times in which kitchen experiences are greatly impacted by good equipment.

(I am in love with my new knife.)

(My tiny, decrepit food processor makes life difficult.)

(My stand mixer is my right hand...I also need a new wire whip attachment because I accidentally bent mine to smithereens on fridge-hard butter. *puts on dunce hat*)

...Right. Brownies. Where was I.

Beans? In what? )
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My baking adventure...SUCCESS.

For ze food )
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Some of you might know that SJ-World is doing a project to send a lovely book of photos to show the boys our love in commemoration of Super Junior M's anniversary (link to the project at the bottom). They need submissions, and there are only a couple of days left, so I thought if a few of you were feeling unsure about it, or didn't know about it, that I might try and rustle up a little enthusiasm.

So if you get your picture in, let me know... I will shower you with gold stars and good wishes, and will write you a brand new fic, of which you would please pick the theme. It does not have to absolutely be QMi, though you know my bias. :D I will negotiate to some extent, haha. If I've written it before, there's a better chance! You all know me, right? I'll just say that I promise it'll be longer than a drabble. (500-1000 words maybe? Or longer if the mood does strike.)

But hurry, there's only a few days left to get your pictures in!

It's not as though you need anything fancy or expensive to do it... If you follow the guidelines for the design to put on the sign and take a picture of/with it, or take a picture with one of your SJM albums, it's super quick. I made a sign myself, out of a sheet of computer paper and with 10 year-old markers that I could barely believe weren't dried up. So you can't argue supplies with me. ...Unless you don't have a camera, in which case, yes, that would be hard to get around. But all the rules are laid out very clearly in the linked project post. It does have a required size, etc, so just read carefully. <3

If two of you do it, and you make two of your friends do it, and they tell two others, then, well. The project would be better on its way. Of course, since my flist isn't that large, I assume 600 people won't come in claiming fics, but go, do it, do it. (Considering, the latter ones would see their responses when we're all in our rocking chairs. 8| Everyone would get one sentence fics...j/k)

Fic details and/or questions )

Just let me know here that you've done it and what you want, okie? And let the fun begin~ And let me know if there are any questions I didn't answer. <3

So, go forth, quick! Have fun! Create! Follow the rules! Click below!

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lol... In which no one should take me seriously at all, just letting off steam. XD I am not a ranty person most times, but there are special situations. XD Therefore... Yeah. This has been building up. For. A few months.

Cut for speshal speshal rantings about the ideal markings of traumatic fanfic events )
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lol...It's totally not quite right considering I was doodling with a pen during a meeting, but who is shocked that this is the only animal I can draw recognizably?

Guess who? )
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Seriously, there are hits and misses in baking.  The first person who went "Oh, I shall make a cake!" or did so by accident, probably didn't hit a home run every single time.

I have really bad luck with cake.

Not cake out of a box, mind you.  Cake that you put flour and various things together in a bowl, mix and voila!  I read somewhere once that doing homemade cakes is sort of ridiculous because home cooks just don't have the same ingredients to give that lovely tall, tender, soft and (tasty!) cake that one can get out of a box (or professional kitchen).  Of course, this is a taunt to me.  I want to try!  I want to master, and do, and, etc.  The first totally from scratch chocolate cake I made ended up as a 1/2 inch floppy Failure.  Failure, capital F.  It wasn't even edible.  Then, there was the cherry cornmeal upside down cake, which I have done once (gorgeous!) and then twice (similiarly gorgeous and delicious and I'd eat it all day long!).  And there was the Boston Cream Pie which was, ehhhh....could have been so much better.  And.  Then.  Tonight I tried a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache "frosting."  Well, the frosting which was basically chocolate and heavy cream was divine.  The cakes, which rose fine, and etc, sort of settled out into flat little plains of mostly tasteless, decidedly non-chocolate-tasting non-delight.  I'm going to go back to my How To Cook/Bake book to settle this, because, see here, world.  Cake cannot possibly be this hard.

In which I prove that there are good times and bad times )
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...I do not like this pairing on "House." I'm going to just close my eyes and imagine that it doesn't exist. They haven't given me a reason to like it. I don't think that the other option is necessarily better for her. But it'd sure be better for him.

Also, my baby, my laptop, my life, got fixed and shined and spiffed up, and now no longer sounds as though it's trying to take flight.  Considering I spend, I think.... upwards of 15 hours a day with it at my knee, it's nice that it's silent again.  I was asked how I knew I was getting mine back, but I was all, I think having Batduck in my IM tray is rather unique.  XD  I think not seeing me on IM is stranger than seeing me on...

Mouse is trying to get me to watch an anime, which makes me laugh. XD But it does look cute. *_*  Goodness. The last thing I had the attention span for was Hetalia, and they were 5 minutes long. And the only thing I came back from Japan with anime-wise was a Hetalia keychain, and I blame that solely on the "Delicious Tomato Song" because all I saw on the keychain was the tomato and hearing Romano sing about "buono tomatoes" and bemoaning his brother.

I am so behind on that series even with eps being 5 minutes long. /downloads it all and catches up hour? /end history geek  Oh, yeah, and the cell phone strap:

*steals Feliciano's pizza* )

I want pizza now.  _-_  Why am I cooking tonight.  Maybe I'll make Chinese...

And, AFI released their latest music video, which is, obviously, social commentary as their whole album is.  But there was one scene in it that made the whole video for me, mostly because Jade's expression owns all. He would prefer not to, thank you very much. XD

You're touching me? )


Dec. 21st, 2009 02:29 pm
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At what point does thinking, "When I move something on my table, 9 things fall off," does that mean I have to clean? Apparently that's today. XD I can see empty space, it's amazing.

Also, feeling rather industrious writing wise. Word processors, fear my power.

I want to make a video of something interesting, guys... What should I do? XD

Oh, QMi

Dec. 14th, 2009 11:25 pm
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So I was watching the ep of Zhong Yi Da Ge Da... And I was spacing out when I saw something, haha. XD And was like, I have nothing better to do, so I will...gif this moment.

I spent a lot of time fighting with my computer about this, mostly because I'm:

A. An idiot.
B. An idiot.
C. Determined unto death

And as a bonus, um...

D. Smitten


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Whose knee are you molesting, Zhou Mi?

It's there, so I'll take it - cut for another cap and a gif )
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I meant to make a post tonight commemorating for myself, haha...

One year ago today (...December 1st, I missed it here by a bit), I made my first post on [ profile] miracle______...(to the best of my records...)

It's been a crazy year! Crazy prolific, crazy... Crazy. I counted up all the words that I had posted, today, and...was... I don't even know. I don't think it was me that did that. *eyes neighborhood ghost*

(And there are still all the words I have yet to post...)

So here's to one year down, and as long as the crazy ride continues~

*uses Siwon icon, since he started it all*

Ooh, ahh...

Nov. 5th, 2009 05:08 pm
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This is like the post of posty posty doom. Forewarning. It is full of random and incoherence and wangst and whatever.

...Meaning, I had three drafts of a post saved with about three days worth of me being random. However. lol. :| Pushing the post button is too much for my delicate sensibilities.

Wangst and...stuff )
...Animal!verse part three is 10k. Heaven help us all. I don't know if I regained my brain cells. I...yes. Quantity =/= quality. Though I'm semi-satisfied.

Prince!SiHan with the invasion of Kyu and Mi (so...both combined...) is...17k. >.>

I'm "doing" NaNoWriMo in that I am trying to write the minimum of words on my fics per day... Which means when these hit the "ready" stage people will be ready to kick me into the stratosphere to stop my cluttering of their flists. Sigh. I made my goal three of the first four days, but I made up for the missed goal with some excess. I've written about...18 words today, and I'll be out of the house for an hour and a half. I'm not too worried, since my Geng scenes rolled quick last night. *stares at Jun* Cooperate. I contemplated working on the novel for about...1.5 seconds. But. If I take my eyes off these fics, I'll never come back as I should. It's a sad truth. So it is the month of fic progress, for yay~
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*stretches and yawns*

Bahhh. I went to bed earlier than usual last night, because I got a flu shot yesterday. For the first time ever. And I was a little like. _-_ About it all night. And then woke up early too. And today, I'm just a little dozy. Well, that and I kept rolling onto the other arm which is like "OWIE" from the tetanus one. Mmm. I'm surprised my arm muscles haven't just curled up and died. In terms of discomfort tetanus > Hep A > Hep B > flu shot. But for all I whine, it's not really all that bad. I am like the immune queen right at this moment. I almost hope I do get a prescription for doxycycline, because even if my stomach hates it, at least my face might clear up a little. >.>

My coat gets here today. ;_; I hope it fits, haha. It's sad that having it shipped here and shipping it back if it doesn't fit, is actually cheaper than driving to the store.

I did get clothes yesterday... I'm still wearing clothes from high school...eight years later... that I need to get rid of because of their sad condition. :| I may make a swag post later on. Definitely, if the coat fits. ;_; Also got necessities. Will blather about that later.

...And I swear lately, when I open my mouth, my brain falls out. It's messy and not very attractive.

But my muse is just as sleepy as my brain is. Was reading over the Henhae this morning, and was just kind of like, hm, oh that's nice. *snore* I did have a Big Brain Wave on it the other day, so just got to fill that scene out... Just as soon as I am not languishing in defeat from vaccinations.

...I probably need a Crash Love icon. ...I probably need to finish listening to Crash Love.


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