Jun. 12th, 2010 08:53 pm
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The last of the request fics was posted today! <3 I just want to thank everyone who participated again, and I hope that what I was able to do for you was what you had hoped for also~

I do apologize again for how long it stretched out, how long it took me to post them all. I said the fics would be no less than 500-1000 words. Because I got six requests, that would have made the final word total around 6,000 words or so. But I just counted today, and between the six requests, the total word count was 27,405, the longest of which was the one posted today (8,200 words) and coming up close second, the MBA fic with 7,500. So, it sort of was not my fault that it took so long, it's your fault because you came up with such great prompts? XD;;; Okay, no, I'll shoulder the blame. I just can't shut myself up. XD

Working hard on another fic now, which will be a chaptered QMi. So I'll be back spamming shortly~
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I have not forgotten the fics for the SJM post. <3 I am busy conjuring away... and I wanted to get the HenHae going out with the fire of a thousand suns because I've put it off waaaay too long. <3 So I''ll be writing on those fics while editing the HenHae and shoving it out and poking at the other projects I have, lol. Also now that I don't have to angst about titling or summarizing the HenHae, I can focus on other things. It's not like I'm some kind of Crime Knowledge 'R' Us, so that's a lot of the reason it took so long. And it just kept growing. Anyone who's expecting some kind of L&O out of this is going to be a smidge disappointed, because, well... It is what it is! I'm doing my best, though~ I think I wrote that QMi scene for it a million years ago, haha. At least before last May. I know that when I was writing "Forever," and this other thing I'm poking at, that's what I used as reference. 8)

....Iiii...am excited for baseball season to start, lol. Four days! No matter how many games I do or do not watch or get to see live, there's always that held breath of anticipation before the first pitch, this whole bright and shiny season stretching out full of possibilities. Miracle season, mediocre, or dud? We will see...

I am also blissfully watching Siwon's drama, "Oh! My Lady." (the theme song for which gets ridiculously stuck in my head as I bounce around cooking to it)...and Ella's new TW drama, "Down with Love." Apparently I am weak to cute goofballs (and kids)! ...Who knew. :D I love both dramas so much that I almost need to make myself two people to contain it. Siwon's face... Ella's adorable...
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It's funny how fandom changes... And I do mean, reaching back into the realm of way, way back, when the Internet was young (to me).

Newsgroups...mailing lists...message boards...fic archives... fic archives from mailing lists, haha. It took me years and years to get into the habit of typing "yahoogroups" instead of "egroups." Migrating from those mailing lists to communities... <3

Those once in a while fandom chats that would leave people breathless in anticipation to just gather and be fans and stalk the people they admired, and then track people down by IM and pretend to be smart while not fangirling.

...Okay, maybe that was just me. XD I remember messaging people and mentally flailing around that I was an amazing specimen of dumb and should never log in again. I'm fairly certain that was only me. x.x It's not fair, other people get to be more confident on the internet. XD Oh LJ, I love you so. <3

Anyway. I am not dead. Just, life has been kicking my butt, and if I could just keep a sleep schedule for one week straight...! I could get stuff done. (That and I got absorbed by the Olympics, so back to the regularly scheduled distractions. XD)

Next thing to post is the last chapter of the SiHan which I haaave been working on. ;____; So sorry it's been so long. I failed my goal. But onwards and upwards~ And then to post other things~
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This is probably interesting to no one but me for posterity, but I had these screen caps, so why not, haha.  XD  Just a walk through my writing organization, because it's the only part of my life that I have at all organized~  Tried not to blind with huge pics, but they're all clickable.

Writing, writing, more writing... pics of writing... )
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I find it interesting how my searches correspond to the diversity of my fanfic. Both of these have come up in the past few days: "spirit binding rope" and "singing while pregnant." (Let this latter search demonstrate my KyuMi withdrawal, when the genderswitch continuation is being clung to like a lifeline, all so far 5,600 meandering words of it.) That being said, SiHan is in danger of being finished in the next couple weeks, amazing considering how fractured my concentration is. Haha. Halfway through chapter 5 and 18.5k right now.

AFI's new song "Medicate" was released yesterday... Let me just say the guitar makes me wiggle in glee how that will look performed. *sits on my bias* The fact that it starts and ends with a very Davey "Oh~h" makes me laugh. XD Considering there was talk of how the album would be more "rock" and I've always been a little squeamish about their harder stuff so... "Medicate" is kind of a nice surprise. I feel it will probably grow on me.

And...ridiculously excited for the new tv season to start. I am going to be bleeding tv, and it will be fantastic...
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Remember to breathe... haha. So, while I am currently overdosing on the absafrackenlutely gorgeous/adorable/amazing multiple SiHan pics from the fanmeet....yesterday, and I spy KyuMi standing next to each other, and you know, it's not like it's just one pic, right.

And I get this stray thought and then explode on AIM. Hahaha. (Concurrent to SiHan Spazzing)

Someone has to write kyumi smexing backstage with kyu in the gee getup okay

LOL and mi's face

I was like, oh if only Zhou Mi was there

My caps lock got stuck. I'm writing the SiHan right now, okay? And musing for genderswitch part three. Got no time, baby baby. Also smex = not my forte. ...What?

...And did I mention the SiHan pics? I had no idea they existed till I opened my flist, and bam, hello! And then went to find the rest and. And. *_* My heart, she trembles.

...Also, I am feeling better. <3 Thanks for all the well wishes. Clearly I am not yet sane, but considering that's been a long time leaving, no cause for concern...
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I bought eight 12-packs of Jones "cola in a can" today because that's all the store had, and I haven't seen it anywhere else and I am on my last five cans at home. Seriously, the store had mountains of it a couple months ago... and only 8 of them left? I was so not walking out of that store without it, and at $20 for the lot. If you want "cola in a bottle" off the Jones soda site, it's $18.99 for 12 bottles. Vs. $20 for 96 cans. Pretty sweet deal, eh? ...No, I'm not an addict, shut up.

Why do men have "buying blindness" sometimes? I say, we need ketchup. I get handed reduced sugar ketchup. I want Ranch dressing. I get handed fat free Ranch dressing. I ask for Pepsi. I get handed diet. There are extra words on the label... should this not concern you when purchasing? I ponder this.

I've just spent hours reading fanfic. Long fanfic. My heart, it is happy. And the fanfic was so much better than the romance novel I bought today. Ugh, writers, get it together.

So far today I've had a very nutritious meal of hot dogs, now chasing that with lemonade and chips and salsa. And Prince of Persia... Someone stop me. I need to finish a game before I buy another new one after this. Bless you, PS3, I would otherwise be terribly alone.

Hail 2009.
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I've written the end of the epic fic #1! YES! Of course, I've written scenes to go back later and go... uhh... that needs to not be there. And, ah. Now I have to go back and fill in the middle. But seeing as how that scene just crested it over 10,000 words and nary an end in sight, I am cursing the fact that my MUSE IS NOTHING BUT EPIC. Ugh. Okay, fine, I did write several one shots. But whyyyyy. But there ARE three piece suits. That counts for something.

At least the SiHan muse came back. \o/ I was beginning to think I had been kidnapped by leprechauns or something, when I'm like "Wait, did I just split up my OTP? Whoa, back up there, partner." You can imagine me doing that with cowboy boots that I don't own, and, ah...

I tried to warn the little muffin away from my muse before I had to stick a fork in him, but alas, it did not work. He makes cute faces, and within 48 hours I'm writing him inappropriately making out with people. *facepalm* I see how this is destined to go, and it is not in my favor. The sooner it's over, the better. I'm going to close my eyes and imagine this will mark the end of the insanity.

I'd claim it's not my fault, but... it kind of is.

(I just emailed myself a link and two heard my email ding and went "Ooh, email!" and then went "Oh, from ME, dork.")
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Absolutely the best part of the Monk holiday episode was the "Monk, p.i." commercial set to the "Magnum, P.I." theme. I had a few lol moments... I miss having more tv shows that give me an anticipatory feeling. :( Right now, I have "House" and that's it... The rest are kind of "And I watch because I have nothing better to do..." I never watched any of the new shows this year... After both my picks bombed last year, I was a little wary. :( Someday... Oh, no I guess I have "Bones" too...

It's 10 degrees and snowing here. Brr. What's a healthy foot or two? :|

...I just realized I'm supposed to be on vacation for the next two days. Excited Jen is excited! Except... I think my boss expects me to work tomorrow. I think she forgot I was on vacation. Sad Jen is sad. I'll probably juggle the vacation day to the day before or after Christmas or something.

...I need to finish these scarf fics before they become irrelevant. My goal in life! Go me, go.

I wonder if I should unearth my ramekins and try a molten lava cake... We'll have to check ingredients first. Exciting! *does the baking flail*
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Title: Eeteuk and the Scarf of Many Colors
Author: Coley Merrin
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: ninja!KangTeuk, Super Junior (OT15)
Rated: G

A/N: When the idea for this came to me... Had to be done. So, a warmest wish for the new year to everyone. <3

Read more... )
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Title: The Last Song
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Pairing: K.R.Y
Rating: G

The Last Song )
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Title: Yin and Yang
By: Coley Merrin
Rated: K
Summary: Sometime in the future, Zuko and Katara return to watch the Ember Island Players...

Warning: Beware any spoilers for the episode "The Ember Island Players"


Might as well toss this up here as well. Le sigh. Not my fault.
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Summary: In the midst of great danger, Zuko struggles with his desire for
Katara, while her mind is clouded with the secrets of her unborn child.

Chapter Five: In Came the Rain -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4328447/5/

Chapter Six: Evasion -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4328447/6/

Chapter Seven: Deep and Broken -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4328447/7/

Failure at remembering to post this on my own journal. Le sigh.
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*breaks out the confetti* Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Fanfiction.net just sent me an email that went like-a so:

New story from Coley Merrin,

Category: Avatar: Last Airbender
Title: Don't Say a Word
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Rating: Fiction Rated: T
Summary: In the midst of great danger, Zuko struggles with his desire for
Katara, while her mind is clouded with the secrets of her unborn child. Zutara

URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4328447/1/

I do not have an icon, horror, so we will go with this for now. There are a few of you at fault for this, and you know who you are. I'm sure I've gotten you all at one point. This one, this is done. Onto the next project, as this goes up.

And I'd be lying if I said
I had not tried to leave a time or two
But every road that leads me
Leads me back to you

- Amy Grant - Every Road
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Zutara fic o' doom, status so far: Completed! 11 chapters, 24,798 words, pre-edits. *takes victory lap prematurely* I'm not really sure if that total will dwindle or build as I realize I've shorted myself. Now, in theory all that's left to do is to complete the dreaded editing phase of life. (ugh). And possibly to check that there is some continuity, and hope that no one would question my claim on English as a first language. Or my sanity, whichever comes first. My first drafts tend to get posted a lot, with minor superficial "And that was the wrong spelling, idiot" fixes, which says a lot about my commitment to my writing. But at some point, I get so tired of seeing it. XD Rewrite? Yeeeah.

Being bored out of my skull, I wandered... ff.net is too scary barring recs for Avatar.

And then I found the kink meme. I blinked. I'd seen one of those before for another fandom... and wow, those are some creative people. Just reading the headers was an education in itself and I... didn't get very far. Interesting pairings. Um. Then again, this is the person who inadvertently-on-purpose wrote Ozai/Katara and then neglected to write the plot that went around it. I have no room to talk.

No, I changed my mind. Summary for posting fic first. Who knew summarizing almost 25k words into a single sentence without sounding like a buffoon would be so hard? I can get four or five statement sentences out of it. Someone is nearly killed while a guest in the Fire Lord's home. Someone is pregnant. Someone is kinda in love and too male to figure it out. Meanwhile, someone is out to complete that killing. And the second it shoehorns together it sounds like melodramatic tripe you couldn't even pay me to read. And if I can roll my eyes at my own summary, then we have problems. The good news, that's kind of necessary for it to post, so... Yup. That'll be sorta necessary.
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I am home! I have been for the past two days, give or take, but my brain is waiting to catch up with me. I have approximately a quadrillion pics, of which about 30 will probably be post-able. But that is in my "goal in life" sections.

AIM just dinged at me, and I got ridiculously excited... But no, it was the connection resetting and not an actual human.

I am going through "human contact" withdrawal, and my dad is going through "You're back so I can gripe at you about your suitcase sitting in the living room for too long" syndrome. Yes, I know I couldn't care less about the house. I am happy in my apathy. Five hours later, I moved the suitcase. Now, it will sit on a pile of clothes on the floor of my bedroom until I decide I need something out of it or decide to do something about it, or until he gets tired of seeing it there as well. That is a fantastic slice of my life. You'd think I'd come home happy after a break from it, but no, same old, same old. He probably felt abandoned. And I feel like I had every right. So, what can you do.

Zutara fic numero tres is currently writhing its way out of my head. Chapters six (1,600 words) and seven (1,200 words) are kind of being simultaneously crafted as I pare off some content that is going into the newly formed chapter eight (600 words). I also have some untyped content that will likely be chapter eight, and a scene that has no home, which may end up padding the hips of chapters four or five (or eight or nine). I have no idea what's actually in those chapters, and somewhere in there, plot is needed. Currently, it's being added subtly, like someone sticking in hair follicles. The end goal is, of course, to have a full head of hair, and not a mohawk. Depending on how much content I'm adding to eight, we may begin the ramp up to the finale as soon as late eight/early nine with nine ending at a wonderfully evil spot and ten hosting the climax and wind-down. Maybe eleven if the thing runs away. If I got creative, maybe one or two more, but we'll see how it looks... adding filler doesn't always add goodness. And I'm not sure how much of that would be at that point... Clearly, five rounds in my head to go.

And, while at the doctor yesterday, the chain of my favored jade necklace broke. D: Thankfully where I could scoop it into my pocket. So, new chain time. Thus ends the post of random.
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Time Imperfect
Author: Coley Merrin
Pairing: Conrad/Yuuri
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Drama

Summary: What if the one you loved would die tomorrow because of a mistake you made almost 10 years before? What if you could go back to correct it, even if going back meant that there was no guarantee that you could return to your rightful time… or to the one you loved?

For just a moment, his vision blurred, doubled, until the sea of faces swam around in front of him. )
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Dress Up
Author: Coley Merrin
Pairing: Yozak/Murata
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Description: Two shorts that stand alone.

You say that like you’re complaining. )
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Time Imperfect
Author: Coley Merrin
Pairing: Conrad/Yuuri
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Drama

Summary: What if the one you loved would die tomorrow because of a mistake you made almost 10 years before? What if you could go back to correct it, even if going back meant that there was no guarantee that you could return to your rightful time… or to the one you loved?

The simple truth is that I do love you… )


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