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No, this isn’t a post about cursing.

As noted in the the highly recommended post below: “An epithet, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “a characterizing word or phrase accompanying or occurring in place of the name of a person or thing”.”

Epithets: Fandom’s Designated Hitters

The post linked above gives good examples of common epithets, and why it’s okay to use names, and when it’s okay to use epithets. Fiction is an odd duck, you know? There are rules that stick, and rules that you can play with. It’s not like forgetting the nuclear codes. We can play around a little at times. You can’t write all the time in a prescribed way, after all! Writing is an art. But some things make it easier for a reader to get deeper into the story.

Just a few epithets:
  • Korean/Canadian man
  • Chinese man/the Chinese
  • Chinaman (Particularly troublesome - slur. See here and here.)
  • taller/shorter man
  • older/younger/elder man
  • dark-haired/eyed man
  • brunette/redhead/blond
  • thinner/slender man
etc, etc.

Wait, wait. If you have used them, don’t go crawl under a rock. I have used some of them, and still use others. It’s not always something we’re aware of, until it’s pointed out - and that’s when learning can come in.

I find using epithets is something that is seen a lot, and thus harder to kick, in slash fiction. Writing about two men or women, there is the added challenge of having the same pronouns. Thus instead of getting to trade off using names with he/she, and it being clear, we have to use their names to distinguish between whose hand that is, and why “he” was across the room and is not suddenly on the couch. Using more names can be great, but the tendency is to use epithets instead of names - which can take away from the writing.

I can’t find the original post, but I once read one long ago that was very funny and informative. They said something along the lines of: “We’re reading this fiction because we like these people. We like their names. It’s okay to use their names, because it’s not something that gets old.” (paraphrased badly, but you get the point) Here’s a paragraph from a story of mine, where I’ve changed names and pronouns to epithets:
The younger man woke the next morning to the older man against him, whispering incomprehensible things, holding him close, tenderly. It was an amazing feeling, being held. … Some of that had faded since the red-haired man. … And the thinner man probably didn’t even really know what he had done.
Who are we talking about again? It has muddled what is otherwise an emotional scene. Using their names instead would be far less distracting, and clearer, than using epithets. If you’re wanting to get across that character A is taller, there are other ways, more evocative ways, than calling him “the taller man.”

Using their names is not like saying “cheeseball” 15 times in the same paragraph. We like these people and their names, and it’s okay to use their names when we can! I highly recommend the link, which is more lucid than I am, and gives great examples, too~

Food for writing thought~
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It has nearly come to that time again, where I am neurotic and checking files, and bemoaning transitions, and continuity, and whoosits and whatsits, and dialogue and characterization. And there are people staring at me with narrowed eyes and pursed lips (and no, I am not paranoid) after each chapter, waiting for the next, wondering if I'm going to move to Jamaica in the middle, or perhaps do the unthinkable and, uh...end a fic that way. You know what I'm talking about.

The Ending That Shall Not Be Named. Mmhmm. (Okay, there's a few of those. But none of them from me.)

And I'm trying not to put the cart ahead of the horse here, because I'm not done yet. Close, but not quite. But I can see the glimmer of sun on the horizon, the fresh breeze against my face. The trials and adorations of one person trying to corral as-of-right-now 65,000 words of, well. People with pointy teeth.

Or at least a Mi with pointy teeth. Now there's a hint. ^__^

Fic will be titled "Until You" and if I say how many chapters it will be, I will jinx myself and end up writing this fic until I'm 93. And I really would prefer not to, because though it has been relatively painless - unless you count chapter 11, and I do not - there are always 193460136401374018374 other things waiting to be written and adored. This is what you get when you leave an idea to ferment since, uh. Last March.

But the icon is appropriate. ^__^ Sometimes I forget to stick on her name, or people forget that this writing deal isn't just a mad person stuck in a corner with a laptop and a crazed look (only half the time, I promise). It takes a village to...raise a fic, as it were. And this has been a particularly satisfying ride on my end. So 'tis appropriate on the first day of the lunar new year to give a shout-out to beta par excellence, [ profile] wobaozhewo. :D Ahoy matey, the ship is almost ready to sail. o/
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Soo... When I say, "don't worry, there's more." You know, when I have about reached the bottom of the barrel, or there's a big writing pause, or I go on vacation, or complain about life... I go back to my writing program and I look at my QMi folder... just my QMi folder.  My counter tells me that it is 78,991 words of unposted (and in many cases, unfinished) fic.  Four of those are chapter fic, though a couple will be longer than others.  Black'll be longer.  XD;;;  That'll probably be the next long thing I actually finish.  *__*  "New QMi" will be longer.  No telling how long Mer!Mi will be.  There's 33,000 more words, too, split between Blohyuk and SiHan.  So, you know, maybe this will keep me honest.  Keep me motivated.  Seeing as I seem to be having such a...hard time keeping my paws off QMi.  :P

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I live! Again. (...Wow, Gargoyles flashback.)

I've been away on vacation, and am just now trying to collect my life again. (Work is another story, whoo baby.)

There are a number of things I need to catch up on and accomplish.... Such as....

* Replying to comments for the last chapter of Someone Like You (doing that right after I post this entry, I swear)

* Finishing the SJM request fics. Now, I have a good reason and a bad reason that I'm not done with these yet. Or maybe they're both good or bad depending. They just about all got longer than I intended, so just about everyone is getting twice the length I said... (good?)... And I got distracted writing a long QMi fic that has just collapsed past 40k and keeps on crawling. (hopefully good?) Then there was vacation and life and all. 8| Anyway. You all get my sincere apologies and I am absolutely working on them. <3

...There are other things, but most of them go like "and doing this and doing that and writing and" whatnot.

But since I posted it locked and forgot about it, in case someone didn't see, here's a crack QMi photo story. :D
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I have not forgotten the fics for the SJM post. <3 I am busy conjuring away... and I wanted to get the HenHae going out with the fire of a thousand suns because I've put it off waaaay too long. <3 So I''ll be writing on those fics while editing the HenHae and shoving it out and poking at the other projects I have, lol. Also now that I don't have to angst about titling or summarizing the HenHae, I can focus on other things. It's not like I'm some kind of Crime Knowledge 'R' Us, so that's a lot of the reason it took so long. And it just kept growing. Anyone who's expecting some kind of L&O out of this is going to be a smidge disappointed, because, well... It is what it is! I'm doing my best, though~ I think I wrote that QMi scene for it a million years ago, haha. At least before last May. I know that when I was writing "Forever," and this other thing I'm poking at, that's what I used as reference. 8) excited for baseball season to start, lol. Four days! No matter how many games I do or do not watch or get to see live, there's always that held breath of anticipation before the first pitch, this whole bright and shiny season stretching out full of possibilities. Miracle season, mediocre, or dud? We will see...

I am also blissfully watching Siwon's drama, "Oh! My Lady." (the theme song for which gets ridiculously stuck in my head as I bounce around cooking to it)...and Ella's new TW drama, "Down with Love." Apparently I am weak to cute goofballs (and kids)! ...Who knew. :D I love both dramas so much that I almost need to make myself two people to contain it. Siwon's face... Ella's adorable...
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This is probably interesting to no one but me for posterity, but I had these screen caps, so why not, haha.  XD  Just a walk through my writing organization, because it's the only part of my life that I have at all organized~  Tried not to blind with huge pics, but they're all clickable.

Writing, writing, more writing... pics of writing... )
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Seriously, oh my word, my opinions on this...?  ?_?  I felt like I needed to set up a poll, like, how do I choose...?  ?_?  Haha.  I'm not qualified to make these decisions!  I just wrote them! 

...Oh writing, how you move me.


2009 Fic Meme
I...what? )
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Two fics are making a race for completion. Animal!verse has eight chapters right now (and barring death and dismemberment, will remain 8 chapters), though one chapter is totally empty and I only really have two scenes planned for it. Ummm. If a zero word chapter is added to a fic at the 11th hour, is there anyone there to hear Jen scream...? ?_? But, the first six chapters are...31.5k. If I portioned my chapters out better, my fics would be so much ~longer~ but I would also probably be so much more dead. Please look kindly on me and my 5k word chapters.

My QMi "oneshot," "Prerequisites," is 18k. Which, unless I'm remembering a different fic is, oh say... triple the size it started out as. Ha. Haha. Ha. XD Oh, Qmi. They are like the hand of Midas, only with word counts instead of gold. That'll go up in three pieces at least, methinks. Just have to wait for the stamps of approval, and reading over it to make sure I haven't totally maimed it during the process. And it's well on its way...

...My recorder needs to charge faster. _-_

...I just found more yuan tucked in the pocket of my notebook. Wow, I spent less than I thought for real. XD

I wrote almost nothing yesterday, however, I am well on my way to catching up with "Sanctuary." I have the sneaking suspicion that my pairing is not...going to happen there. :| But I could be wrong~


Dec. 21st, 2009 02:29 pm
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At what point does thinking, "When I move something on my table, 9 things fall off," does that mean I have to clean? Apparently that's today. XD I can see empty space, it's amazing.

Also, feeling rather industrious writing wise. Word processors, fear my power.

I want to make a video of something interesting, guys... What should I do? XD


Dec. 11th, 2009 09:57 am
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It felt like a unicorn kind of morning...

I woke up earlier than usual to try and... get used to getting up earlier than usual, and I have to say I do not find this morning thing to be much my scene.

The thing I hate most about having to go to sleep at a certain time without being 9 parts dead, 1 part sleepwalking the next morning, is that almost without fail I tend to have some random burst of inspiration going on, and I have to put a lockdown on my brain so that I'm not laying there thinking for the next hour and a half about what I should be upright writing down. -_- And worrying about people and...random things.

Slowly catching up on comments. If I got comments all bunched up like that in real life, my eyes would probably fall out of my head. I could kiss lj for getting it fixed. ...Not that I am counting my chickens before they hatch.

Back to writing, sigh.
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State o' the fanfic...Read more... )
And for random...
For two little enter your username things that made me lol... )

Wow, my life! They got it...right. And a romance in a hiis~tory~

Haha. _-_
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Siwon is exceedingly proud of himself... He just won himself back his spot as default icon. XD

I had to literally hide the bread on top of the microwave to keep someone from cutting into it while piping hot. I explain to him again and again that cutting into the bread is releasing all the moisture, fweee, into the air, but someone can't resist the smell of hot yeasty bread. Sigh. ...And of course then I have to go get a piece, because it's required. Haha. I really like the crumb I'm getting on this bread. It's very lovely and slice-able despite the fact that I'm using all whole white wheat flour. I think I want to do a mix of 2/3 whole white with 1/3 regular whole wheat next time, just to see what kind of flavor it gives it. And you can make sandwiches with it without feeling like your teeth are trying to saw through slabs of petrified cardboard. _-_ Finally got pics up below~

Cut for writing blather, pictures... food, swag, and... Batduck~ )
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Mm. Yep. That's what I'll be doing tonight. And then fanfic reading, go~ new remote, which matches the puter. Now if I could just figure out why both remotes have decided to stop working... It wouldn't work, then worked once, then... Won't work again. Muy confused. :(

...And that is all.

...Note from this point on, it's me chattering on writing for posterity and giggles (not so much) when I realize I should have painted an L on my forehead and been done with it.
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10 days.

brb, brain making a dash for the hills.

(Is it even remotely possible to keep up this pace? I sit and wonder, what will I write tomorrow? Right at this moment my brain feels like a well-wrung sponge. I stare at the wall and I get a lot of white noise.)

...Time to fill up with banal tv. Today is clearly That Kind of Day. Mostly...I'm just glad I don't have to travel on Thursday.

I wonder if I should make meatloaf that day. I think I will. Those are the memories I cherish...

Ooh, ahh...

Nov. 5th, 2009 05:08 pm
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This is like the post of posty posty doom. Forewarning. It is full of random and incoherence and wangst and whatever.

...Meaning, I had three drafts of a post saved with about three days worth of me being random. However. lol. :| Pushing the post button is too much for my delicate sensibilities.

Wangst and...stuff )
...Animal!verse part three is 10k. Heaven help us all. I don't know if I regained my brain cells. I...yes. Quantity =/= quality. Though I'm semi-satisfied.

Prince!SiHan with the invasion of Kyu and Mi (so...both combined...) is...17k. >.>

I'm "doing" NaNoWriMo in that I am trying to write the minimum of words on my fics per day... Which means when these hit the "ready" stage people will be ready to kick me into the stratosphere to stop my cluttering of their flists. Sigh. I made my goal three of the first four days, but I made up for the missed goal with some excess. I've written about...18 words today, and I'll be out of the house for an hour and a half. I'm not too worried, since my Geng scenes rolled quick last night. *stares at Jun* Cooperate. I contemplated working on the novel for about...1.5 seconds. But. If I take my eyes off these fics, I'll never come back as I should. It's a sad truth. So it is the month of fic progress, for yay~
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Is the Star Trek movie not available for purchase?

I just read like, seriously one fanfic, and got the itch to watch again (since it's been a whole week since I saw it...)

And was like, I should buy~ *trips to amazon* ..... *looks at date* *wibbles* Should buy writing tutorial book while I'm there...

But. I cleaned my room today~ Haha. I can see 75% more floor now. Need to go to the bank tomorrow and spend 300 years getting money converted back/depositing money. Oh the bills. Not having income is making those look a little. Less than pretty.

Will write for money? _-_ haha

Have typed about 4500 words of #3 animal!verse with the creeping Kyumi, and have pages more to type... I like this launching point but wow, getting to the end is going to be a trip. Mommy?
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I'm getting Epic Signals. Not too epic. Gracious. I implore you. I couldn't sleep for hours last night, my mind going over and over things. I have twelve scenes that are all like "Heeey, how are you?" and I'm getting nothing done.

But I'm reading a really great book... XD

Also. In the RL front. Why are men so crotchety and weird? I swear. We write them most times as though they have common sense but I think it'd take a hundred of them before you could gather enough of it to be visible. Okay. So maybe one or two of them has more common sense. I just don't live around any of them. :|

And...I need to clean out my suitcase. And post more pictures. And clean this epic fail of a room. Gracious. Sigh.

But I am baking salmon in butter and lemon, and making rice pilaf, and broccoli, and whole wheat biscuits for dinner. Come on down...
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Shopping today for the last of the supplies. I hope. Getting poked today (and most expensively but hopefully for the last time >( ). I got my socks ordered and need to unearth my suitcase from the back of beyond. ...I think I know where it is. I also got ink all over my hands. Stupid pen.

Need to edit/finish chapter two of the KyuMi, and post chapter one, and finish scanning the booklet.

A week before everything gets set in motion. I need two more months. Just two more.

...I think I may be ill.


*consoles myself with pop tarts and SJM* _-_
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I think... With my complete lack of certainty... That the baseball AU may be titled "Rundown."

Which, if you consider the definition from here, is a tidy metaphor for the broader themes of the story.

So the second definition for rundown there is:

"2. Baseball A play in which a runner is trapped between bases and is pursued by fielders attempting to make the tag."

...While I get over the mental image of Kyu and Mi getting chased down by the team...

Anyway. Yes. So yes, Kyu being the one in the rundown, I guess... Caught between where he should be (the company/his father) and where he wants to be (his dreams/Mi)... And being chased by both. More or less. Stubborn Mi.

Anyway. That's 21k right now. I will hope and hope and hope some more that it's finished before I leave. I haven't really started to try and partition it. The first chapter is sort of blocked out, but I need to add flesh to it. I'm trying to be a good girl and listen to that voice that says I need to add things and do it right. See: Why FA ended up so long and why everything after it did not.

Incidentally, during softball practice (Athlete, me? not so much. I could run though.)... Another term for rundown is "pickle." So we'd play pickle to hone our...skills. So to practice this...not that we were allowed to steal bases!... We'd set up orange traffic cones and practice running between them while two others tossed a ball between them trying to catch us. Sigh. Oh, sports practice.

Today my goals are... to do some work, to scan the Super Girl booklet (were there really big scans? I saw medium sized ones and they had watermarks which makes me somewhat crazy. The time it takes to scan those 9 or 10 combined pages must have been really insane.), to write, to reply to comments... To try and keep my arm from dying... And figure out what I'm buying tomorrow (industrial sized Dramamine...).

...Must remember to take immunization record to the doctor.

I feel like it should be bedtime, and it's still morning. :( Time for breakfast~
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I love how I will be laying on the couch, apparently resting with my eyes closed, and then a line will come to me, usually something biting for Kyuhyun to say, and I will start laughing maniacally at thin air. (and then pop upright to write it down)

I probably look a little insane.

Also, the baseball AU is now 20k.

...Who exactly allowed that?

...I'm looking you, Sunshine.


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