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I have not forgotten the fics for the SJM post. <3 I am busy conjuring away... and I wanted to get the HenHae going out with the fire of a thousand suns because I've put it off waaaay too long. <3 So I''ll be writing on those fics while editing the HenHae and shoving it out and poking at the other projects I have, lol. Also now that I don't have to angst about titling or summarizing the HenHae, I can focus on other things. It's not like I'm some kind of Crime Knowledge 'R' Us, so that's a lot of the reason it took so long. And it just kept growing. Anyone who's expecting some kind of L&O out of this is going to be a smidge disappointed, because, well... It is what it is! I'm doing my best, though~ I think I wrote that QMi scene for it a million years ago, haha. At least before last May. I know that when I was writing "Forever," and this other thing I'm poking at, that's what I used as reference. 8) excited for baseball season to start, lol. Four days! No matter how many games I do or do not watch or get to see live, there's always that held breath of anticipation before the first pitch, this whole bright and shiny season stretching out full of possibilities. Miracle season, mediocre, or dud? We will see...

I am also blissfully watching Siwon's drama, "Oh! My Lady." (the theme song for which gets ridiculously stuck in my head as I bounce around cooking to it)...and Ella's new TW drama, "Down with Love." Apparently I am weak to cute goofballs (and kids)! ...Who knew. :D I love both dramas so much that I almost need to make myself two people to contain it. Siwon's face... Ella's adorable...
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Siwon is exceedingly proud of himself... He just won himself back his spot as default icon. XD

I had to literally hide the bread on top of the microwave to keep someone from cutting into it while piping hot. I explain to him again and again that cutting into the bread is releasing all the moisture, fweee, into the air, but someone can't resist the smell of hot yeasty bread. Sigh. ...And of course then I have to go get a piece, because it's required. Haha. I really like the crumb I'm getting on this bread. It's very lovely and slice-able despite the fact that I'm using all whole white wheat flour. I think I want to do a mix of 2/3 whole white with 1/3 regular whole wheat next time, just to see what kind of flavor it gives it. And you can make sandwiches with it without feeling like your teeth are trying to saw through slabs of petrified cardboard. _-_ Finally got pics up below~

Cut for writing blather, pictures... food, swag, and... Batduck~ )
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One of the 687 million reasons I have loved Choi Siwon in, say...the last five minutes.

(Dear Siwon, I love your face...and your Sam Winchester hair...and pretty much everything else. Never change. Okay. Maybe your hair, but otherwise. <3)
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Title: Alternate History
Author: Coley Merrin
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Kibum and Siwon and Girl!Donghae and... Also featuring Boy!Donghae.
Genre: AU. Smut.

Warnings: Smut. Threesome. Temporary Genderswitch.

Summary: An interesting way to wake up in the morning...

Read more... )
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Remember to breathe... haha. So, while I am currently overdosing on the absafrackenlutely gorgeous/adorable/amazing multiple SiHan pics from the fanmeet....yesterday, and I spy KyuMi standing next to each other, and you know, it's not like it's just one pic, right.

And I get this stray thought and then explode on AIM. Hahaha. (Concurrent to SiHan Spazzing)

Someone has to write kyumi smexing backstage with kyu in the gee getup okay

LOL and mi's face

I was like, oh if only Zhou Mi was there

My caps lock got stuck. I'm writing the SiHan right now, okay? And musing for genderswitch part three. Got no time, baby baby. Also smex = not my forte. ...What?

...And did I mention the SiHan pics? I had no idea they existed till I opened my flist, and bam, hello! And then went to find the rest and. And. *_* My heart, she trembles.

...Also, I am feeling better. <3 Thanks for all the well wishes. Clearly I am not yet sane, but considering that's been a long time leaving, no cause for concern...
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I made turkey chili today. Gracious it was so good. I'll probably have it for lunch and dinner tomorrow. >.>;;; I will also become a turkey, pretty soon.

And in completely unrelated news to my cooking...

I am really a ridiculous creature. Here's how this went down today:

*sees Boy Wonder with facial hair*

Jen: *gasps audibly and swoons back in chair*

Jen: *five minutes later proceeds to laugh very hard at herself*

Bless infatuation. I really would have nothing left to say for myself, nor examples to prove my craziness. I'll just, ah... roll out my new default icon a few hours early. <3


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