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Senior Moments: Putting the ice cream in the fridge and not the freezer and laughing at the wrong person, and... Yes, that was all my fault.

Trying to turn on my camera and going "Oh no, it's broken!" and then thinking 10 seconds later, oh, the batteries are both dead.

There's too much else going on in my head clearly.

Sigh. Catching up on work tomorrow. -_- And I got new light bulbs for my room today. \o/ It is considerably brighter and I can maybe see better.

?_? Why did I decide to write a story with a crime-type plot? The HenHae is SO elusive to me in terms of how this goes, and you'd think the 3000 episodes of L&O and every other crime related show would've sunk something into me. The end of FA is believable in that vein with fingers crossed and one eye closed, so how many eyes will need to be closed for this story? This is not my strongest writing corner. Not even a vat of gloss will help me here. XD;;;;;;; *forges ahead*

....I love how I was itching to write in the car, and now I'm like, hey! I can watch tv now. Also, about 3/4 of the way through James Rollins' "The Last Oracle." I need to order the book after this from the library. *_*
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I think I had a point to this post beyond going "behold, cake" but I can't decide what it was. I am eating cake with my chai latte remnants, vegetating, banging a metal pipe on the HenHae and getting lovely echoes... But better echoes than me moaning about how terrible smutty scenes are to write and that it will only make me dislike this other fic more than I do because... because they always do. Not moaning any more than I just did, anyway.

On the job front... I got up 30 minutes too early this morning, and it didn't matter. Not happening again. It's so... frustrating. I just want to get started and no one wants to get going. I'm working and it's not going anywhere.

So anyway. Have some terribly fuzzy pictures. Apparently I am fail at wielding the camera.

Cake? )
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Cutting RL stuff so this isn't obnoxiously long, lol )

And boys, boys? Why must you always make me die over hair issues? _-_ My heart can't take it. *breathes in* (I couldn't have gone anyway because of work and/or lack of it at the time. I know this. Repeat this 20 times. Siiigh.)

...Siwon. Siwon. Siwon. Why? I confess... I confess that his "horse" nickname had a tiny, eensy weensy little part in forming my bias. But. Putting a cute cartoon horse on your gorgeous/fabulous/stupidly hot chest is not a good way to make me stop. When we got the first image of SuJu posing in front of the carousel for the calendar, I remembering spazzing a little like "Omg, will there be pics with carousel horses?" And though there wasn't... Bring on more Super Show pics~

Also... Hae is. So cute. *makes wistful hands at Siwon's shirt* I would wear it forever. ;_;

...That's it. Watching Hyang Dan again today/soon. Siwon on a horse >>>>>>>>>> almost anything in my life.

...*suddenly energized to write* *_____* *eyes stable of fics* Also, no matter what pics we get, I'm not writing KyuMi genderswitch again I swear.
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Oh man.

I just had to stop reading a romance novel for the first time in a while. I mean, I have read the trashiest, eye-rolling-est, most unbelievable stories ever... But this really takes some cake. Sometimes the writing just kills me.

It was a "Special $4.99!" price. Printed in January 2008. Oops. Should've been my first clue.

The hero is a Blackfoot Indian. Who refers to himself in third person. In English. Right.

A fabulous line: "Valerie resumed picking the flowers along the riverbank, which was shaded from the hot summer sun. They were of such vibrant colors! The yellow bells so yellow, the lavender crocus so lavender."

The level of my laughter, so laughing.

And after that said Valerie ogled him while he held her brother hostage, admiring him for "And oh, how handsome he was! So tall. So sparebuilt. So sinewy of limbs."

The last line I read, after guffawing, some 20 pages later...

"Valerie," he whispered to himself. "Just like her, there is magic in her name."

There was just a little bit of magic in closing the book at page 63. Who's to say, maybe the plot was fantabulous later? So wonderful. So amazing. So not reading.

...Good thing I bought three others. :D... :D... :D;;;;;
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In other news, because if I don't do this right now while I recall it, it won't happen at all...

I was able to find a good condition copy of a book I loved as a child... "The Twilight Gate" by Rhondi Vilott Salsitz.

"Tortured by a guilty secret, fifteen-year-old George accidentally opens a gateway to another world, releasing forces for good and evil in the form of a unicorn and a horde of hairy beastlike creatures."

Being a naturally sensitive child... this book was one of those that gave me the shivers. The unicorn was clearly my draw... The book is not ultra-creepy, but the illustrator's pictures? Totally take the mood and ramps it up. Could not read it at night as a... okay, I was a teenager. Still couldn't read it at night. But read it last night, no problemo. It is not the end-all, be-all of storytelling, but it does have a lot of deeper themes than I realized, now reading with my adult perspective. I see very much what drew me to it. I am still super thrilled to own it, so I can continue to pull it out for a nice, quick read. <3

It makes me wonder... Would "The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral" be less creepy to me as an adult? Somehow I don't think so.... But I may have to find out.
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Anne Stuart, with "Fire and Ice" managed to make me howl out loud for several minutes, as our hero, a hot Japanese man, gets very nearly blatantly referenced to a character in Kingdom Hearts (2). She seriously whipped out the video game title name, in the novel text, in reference to the hero, and it took two seconds for my head to go from "teardrop tattoos" and red hair to... HOMG AXEL?! It sent me into spasms of delight, completely apart from the correct Japanese, and the reference to Advent Children in the forward (Reno? Ahahahahahaha. If Reno and Axel had spawned a...) and the actual use of lolita fashion in such a way. And by gracious, it actually managed to be quite risqué in places... more so than I am used to seeing in your average romance... and believe me, I've read a few. So beside my clear amusement, it worked as a novel quite spiffily. I enjoyed it very much in the two hours I spent determinedly devouring it. I actually believe I enjoyed it more than "Ice Blue" though now I'm going to have to go back and read that one again to see if my memory of it is slightly lacking.

Ah, books. :)
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I am making bread. I am on the final (Thank gracious!) rise. That will make rising time, all together... 3 1/2 hours. Oy. It's a new recipe, so we're seeing if this works out. Honey wheat bread... sounds good on paper, eh?


I did not have to work at it. My brandest newest stand mixer came today, and it is shiny and I love it already. Even if the kneading did make the bowl so tight on the base I almost couldn't get it out.

Plus, it was a steal. An Artisan KitchenAid mixer, 5 qt bowl, Empire Red... Less than $200. In fact, it was $70 cheaper than the exact same thing in white... (And $110 dollars cheaper than I can buy it in a store.) My bread nor I care if the mixer is white or red. Might have drawn the line at puce. Plus, it looks spiffy, like a solid little convertible. And if the red offends, I can make a cover for it. But it's a nice spot of color in our otherwise bland kitchen.

What else... Hmmmm...

I finally bought the books, Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Air. Castle in the Air amuses me to no end, really. Oh, Howl.

I read a romance novel that had a very... interesting format... last night. It was 2/3 of the time narrated first person by the female lead, and interspersed with the male lead in third person. It took me a good 100 pages to realize that. I don't know why. Clearly she made it seamless, or I was tired, or something. After I clued in, it was a little jarring though. It's an interesting way of doing things though, as an effect. I ponder this.

And I read a second novel, and that was probably yesterday too, and I was wondering why at 170 pages in that it felt like I'd just be rushed into this couple's bedtime relationship... and realized they'd know each other for 36 hours. That's quick work. Yeah. I'll have to see if I own any other of her books and see if I liked that one before deciding on a blacklist. (Yeah, I have one. It's short, but it's there.)

What else? Hmmm. I'm making bread? lol I think that's it for now. :)


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