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Everyone looks fantastic. Even the ones who look comical. For the most part the English is adorable. (For Donghae, it's incomprehensible. Have come to terms with this.)

Zhou Mi is a magical sparkly unicorn of cuteness. And at 1:28. His English will always be the cutest English. (This could also read "His everything will always be the cutest everything." Have come to terms with this, too.)

Kyuhyun the little old man. Naughty or nice indeed.

And Siwon. Need I say. Siwon. Siwon, Siwon. I think we'll keep you.

Mr. Simple

Aug. 6th, 2011 05:14 pm
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I guess I should make an actual post instead of just spamming twitter and/or tumblr (........what do you mean multiple platforms makes me lazy? Why would you suggest that?)

So, you know...every new album an artist or group puts out, you kind of have that worry. Will I like it? Will I fall for the song? The other songs? The new styling? There are hits and misses. /stares at another artist this year. /also stares at David Cook and gets "Circadian" stuck in my head again

I actually had to go back and watch the teaser and MV to "Sorry, Sorry," and the teaser and MV to "Bonamana." (And teaser and MV to "Super Girl," and teaser and MV to "Perfection"... I cannot resist a Zhou Mi, okay.) Just to sort of remember what other teasers had led to. XD

Obviously since we have a first and second teaser for "Mr. Simple." Now, I remember watching the "Sorry, Sorry" teaser about....a billion times. And I remember watching the "Super Girl" teaser to the point where I got sick of seeing my own :D face in the black screen of my monitor after it had finished. ("WE CAN SEE ZHOU MI'S EARS and that hair!" ...sorry, almost two years out and I'm still not done having a moment.)  So it seems like we waited less time for this MV, and that was because I wasn't alone.  XD  And also because we were too busy jamming to "Walkin'" and teeheeing over Eunhyuk's voice, and rolling around over "Perfection."  ...And still not sold on Kyuhyun's pants, but I know pants are a fleeting thing.  Eunhyuk really owned the music video, and that's not just because he stood out amidst the hairstyles.  I don't even have a preference for blond hair, but he and Ryeowook especially stood out for me, looks, demeanor, everything.  And Siwon.  And /lists everyone because their faces and voices make me stupidly fond.  Like Leeteuk's opening "Hey! I'm Mr. Simple."  Makes me want to reach through and pat him on the head.  I haven't even found That Moment yet where Siwon is totally out of sync with everyone.  (....I love him a lot okay.)  And Kyuhyun's voice is flawless, etc, etc.  Pbbbt.  So yeah.  The song has meaning, and people can find a lot of reasons to criticize, but it stands as a catchy song that I enjoy as much as I hoped to.  <3

...Kind of miss the epic "COMEBACK" from some of them, haha.  XD  Sigh.  Among other things.  But as we're still waiting to see what the second teaser will lead to, ehm.  

I would probably have part of the song as a ringtone, but like I could nudge Zhou Mi out of that spot. :P
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Got reminded of this today, lol. :D

My highlights...

Zhou Mi sweetly singing in English. XD (shhh) Henry and Donghae being precious. Kyuhyun being an old man and falling over and Siwon gallantly saving him, lol. Using Japanese! (why so cute!) Henry's mumbled Korean and using English! Kyuhyun being Kyuhyun with the candle. Them eating cake! (Ryeowook trying to feed people! And punch them!)

Siwon and his camera. <3 And calling the picture pretty in Japanese, sobs. 好看 indeed. Zhou Mi's hands. <3

..."DVDどうでした?" Kyuhyun. ;___; Why so cute. Ahh, Henry. The baby is all grown up today. :')
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This picture?  Totally made me think of this picture:

Pictures make the world go 'round )

No Other~

Jul. 11th, 2010 08:27 pm
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I just love this too much... It has so far not failed to make me smile, or laugh (usually at just one part, haha)... Or coo, lol.

I'm weak. It's true. But boy, do I love being weak sometimes~

For bigger version~

Oh, QMi

Dec. 14th, 2009 11:25 pm
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So I was watching the ep of Zhong Yi Da Ge Da... And I was spacing out when I saw something, haha. XD And was like, I have nothing better to do, so I will...gif this moment.

I spent a lot of time fighting with my computer about this, mostly because I'm:

A. An idiot.
B. An idiot.
C. Determined unto death

And as a bonus, um...

D. Smitten


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Whose knee are you molesting, Zhou Mi?

It's there, so I'll take it - cut for another cap and a gif )
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I meant to make a post tonight commemorating for myself, haha...

One year ago today (...December 1st, I missed it here by a bit), I made my first post on [ profile] miracle______...(to the best of my records...)

It's been a crazy year! Crazy prolific, crazy... Crazy. I counted up all the words that I had posted, today, and...was... I don't even know. I don't think it was me that did that. *eyes neighborhood ghost*

(And there are still all the words I have yet to post...)

So here's to one year down, and as long as the crazy ride continues~

*uses Siwon icon, since he started it all*
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Said breakfast may be why I should shed five pounds...

It... was 70 degrees in Shanghai when I checked.

And it was 40 here.

Let's give that a thought.

I'm trying to reconcile this in my head. Um. XD

Ramble about Super Girl MV and Me and M and... )

...And random, Bruce Harwood on "Supernatural." Me: I know that man... I know I know him... I know... *looks it up* :o Byers?! *rewinds* :o lol *x-files geek moment*

I....really need to clean the house today.  :(  :(  I should be ashamed, and all I really feel is lazy...
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Shopping today for the last of the supplies. I hope. Getting poked today (and most expensively but hopefully for the last time >( ). I got my socks ordered and need to unearth my suitcase from the back of beyond. ...I think I know where it is. I also got ink all over my hands. Stupid pen.

Need to edit/finish chapter two of the KyuMi, and post chapter one, and finish scanning the booklet.

A week before everything gets set in motion. I need two more months. Just two more.

...I think I may be ill.


*consoles myself with pop tarts and SJM* _-_
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I think... With my complete lack of certainty... That the baseball AU may be titled "Rundown."

Which, if you consider the definition from here, is a tidy metaphor for the broader themes of the story.

So the second definition for rundown there is:

"2. Baseball A play in which a runner is trapped between bases and is pursued by fielders attempting to make the tag."

...While I get over the mental image of Kyu and Mi getting chased down by the team...

Anyway. Yes. So yes, Kyu being the one in the rundown, I guess... Caught between where he should be (the company/his father) and where he wants to be (his dreams/Mi)... And being chased by both. More or less. Stubborn Mi.

Anyway. That's 21k right now. I will hope and hope and hope some more that it's finished before I leave. I haven't really started to try and partition it. The first chapter is sort of blocked out, but I need to add flesh to it. I'm trying to be a good girl and listen to that voice that says I need to add things and do it right. See: Why FA ended up so long and why everything after it did not.

Incidentally, during softball practice (Athlete, me? not so much. I could run though.)... Another term for rundown is "pickle." So we'd play pickle to hone our...skills. So to practice this...not that we were allowed to steal bases!... We'd set up orange traffic cones and practice running between them while two others tossed a ball between them trying to catch us. Sigh. Oh, sports practice.

Today my goals are... to do some work, to scan the Super Girl booklet (were there really big scans? I saw medium sized ones and they had watermarks which makes me somewhat crazy. The time it takes to scan those 9 or 10 combined pages must have been really insane.), to write, to reply to comments... To try and keep my arm from dying... And figure out what I'm buying tomorrow (industrial sized Dramamine...).

...Must remember to take immunization record to the doctor.

I feel like it should be bedtime, and it's still morning. :( Time for breakfast~
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Oh, today. Today today today.

So, bank took forever. Changing yen to dollars, and ordering yuan. _-_ That took... this side of forever.

Then, at the post office, I was picking up the second of the two packages I got today. This one I had to sign for, and I hadn't answered the door cause I was in pajamas, and that's just awkward when they apologize for waking you up at 2pm. :3 But they took 10 minutes of confusion to find the package. Sigh.

But that package was the important one. Not that what's under it is not, lol.

The it's one of the first times I've really had a reason to go "Wow, this is real...really real."

I turned it on, and it glowed, and I think I screamed, just a little.

I'll stop shaking pretty soon. I think.
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I love how I will be laying on the couch, apparently resting with my eyes closed, and then a line will come to me, usually something biting for Kyuhyun to say, and I will start laughing maniacally at thin air. (and then pop upright to write it down)

I probably look a little insane.

Also, the baseball AU is now 20k.

...Who exactly allowed that?

...I'm looking you, Sunshine.
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What a week.

So, can has job. \o/ Then can has vacation, which is more exciting.

But, that also means I am cramming Mandarin into my head with only moderate success. I am learning numbers. I've got 1-99 down with making frowny faces at my remembering skills. Next lesson, to 9,999 and beyond~ I can imagine, the first time someone asks me for ___ amount of money verbally, that I will look at them like, ?_? because even in Japan, I was buying postcards the first day, and got asked for 400 yen... yon hyaku, not exactly the most complicated thing, and I still gave her too much. Haha. So yes. Listening comprehension, go.

...Of course, if we are truthful, the most important phrase at this point is "Gimme my concert tickets, please."

...Really glad I decided to next-day that package, since it wouldn't have gotten there till Tuesday otherwise.

Now that I'm 98% complete with the land of girls, almost fully back into boys, huzzah. The KyuMi baseball AU burgeoned from 8k to 11k in...the last day. Which is exciting, though I think the HenHae will get some love at some point. >.> It's so hard for me to keep focused with the 313924036412390 fics that I have started. (or, you know, 9)

"I hate myself and want to die" doesn't quite cover that. "I find myself questionable and need six more hands" is a little more accurate.

I had to go find the translation of "7 Years' Love" on some random site and.... Hmmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm.

*icon in honor of Ichiro being ejected from a game for the first time in his career. I... Probably should not laugh as hard as I did.
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This... may be the only way I have of adequately describing my love for M's album right now.

The only problem I have... Too short. ;_;

Why does it sparkle... )
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I don't... *_*

Zhou Mi.  That high note.  My heart.  And Kyu.  Good gracious.  I think I will be loving Blue Tomorrow quite a lot.  <3

I have almost decided the genderswitch must be the next thing out the door.  Mostly because it is 18.9k, and if it gets too much longer I might have to question my sanity.  During the last one, I think I was going to go crazy if it went over 10k.  UMMMMM.  The first chapter of this one is over 5.5k.  (Unless I cut it in two... depending on how much I decide to add.  I've been pecking at it the last two days.)  This'll definitely not end under 20k.  :\  Unfortunately that means I can't decide how many chapters it's going to have.  I have five partitioned but I'm missing some plot in there.  Right now it has KyuMi (duh)... and some SiHan... and some YeWook.  (?)  And then I realized I'd forgotten KiHae.  And I'm like, where am I supposed to squish you two?  *wails*  :|  My muse gets ahold of the babies and it's like smackdown.  But at least they all have names?  ;_;

That being said, prince!SiHan has passed 2k and baseball!KyuMi has passed 5k.  And smut!KyuMi has 22 words despite me having lovely daydreams about it, lol.  Pbbt.  :|  I like the 22 words though...

Also, instead of writing I've been playing computer games.  No, not starcraft.  :P  Sigh.

...I probably deserved that kick.

Motivation...  Ah, weekend.  <3


Sep. 17th, 2009 01:30 pm
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Buh?  Buh?

lol...cutting this because big pics.  Big gorgeous.  Kyu.  And Mi pics.  And SJM.  And kids.

Need I say more? )

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My arms hurt, ow. :( At least these are the end of the immunizations, sob. I will whine about this forever. Two vials of liquid in your upper arm feels like a marble got shoved in there. :( :( (On both arms) Better than last night when I was like "Owwwww" and whining all over just lifting it to get a glass. And I seemed to sleep okay, though it still hurts to roll over. _-_

In the process of: not sleeping hardly at all waiting for the mv, and then taking two extended naps the next day... Ironically, the baseball AU got shoved into my head. I'd been craving non-genderswitch KyuMi, and my brain supplied. KyuMi baseball AU - aka the cute that kills )

...Kyu detouring to stand with Mi at the festival today/yesterday? has so far made my morning, just saying. That and them singing That Line together. That's going to be my new ringtone. <3 If I can manage to merge this correctly. Oh GarageBand, do cooperate.
coley_merrin: (Super Junior M) going to be dead tomorrow. I haven't written more than a word all day because I've been... I dunno. Watching tv. Talking on the phone. Talking on IM. Making 10 variously fail versions of a KyuMi icon. Flailing. Updating every site known to man in anticipation of the MV...

Oh wait. That last one is what I'm doing now. :| :| Way later than the teaser, guys. I have to work tomorrow. Maybe. At some point. SORT OF.

Sigh. Coherency is not something found naturally at two in the morning.

KyuMi genderswitch has passed 18k. Ummmmmmmm. I think I may have written the end, but there is a lovely blank chunk in the middle of chapters four and five that is in need of uh. Help and filling in. It is an aimless sack of something not complimentary if I can say so myself. Nor is there a hidden diamond. But possible something readable, maybe. (My goal in life, find and add as many squicks to do with childrearing and make everyone slink away very confused and sad...j/k. Only the poor people subjected to my researching have to deal with this. Who knew that could be used for lubrication...)

And... I have found a new ~inspirational song~ for the Henhae. Which is "Savin' Me." Never heard the song before in my life, despite it being a few years old, which goes to show that I have to be beaten over the head with something before I find things. I was just randomly in Red Robin the other day enjoying my teriyaki chicken burger, and it came over the radio. I never listen to the radio... It's probably a touch to the darker side of what I'm aiming for (maybe) but... So it goes.

...Gracious. MV, where are you? ;_;


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