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Can I do that instead? No? /tries to dig myself out of the hole
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I love potatoes, really. My hips, they love them even more, but such is the result of Sit on Butt While Working and Feed Face.

How many times did we have a meal without potatoes, if it was some kind of protein? Fish sticks? Probably fries or tater tots. Roast chicken/turkey? Probably potatoes. I don't remember what sides we ate with pork, so I can't expound there.

Steak, though. That Required some kind of potato. People struggling to live on the plains? That was my family at one time. So it was a Thing. Usually mashed, sometimes baked. And a veggie, too, probably. (If it was my preference, that would've been corn, and even more ideally creamed corn, every time. I was fickle against green things. However, beet juice made wild pink mashed potatoes!)

We didn't ever "do" baked potatoes. You know, with cheese, sour cream (D:), etc. It was potato (nuked), some substance of a butter type, salt and black pepper.

Roasted potatoes, au gratin, hash browns, things made with potato flour... Potatoes in burritos, hey. Though, full confession, our family meals of burritos were called "tacos." We have lettuce for tacos? Okay. Let's do it. ("tacos" = tortilla, beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato. basically a hamburger sans bun. and taco sauce for the spice lovers of which I was not as a child. occasionally refried beans in later years.) I forget when I figured out that tacos =/= burritos. I was quite aged when I stepped into a Taco Bell for the first time, so maybe I got my education outside the bun, who knows. Or maybe in a book. I seem to recall reading a few of those. XD;

Anyway, I digress. Food is wonderful. And of art.
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Soo... When I say, "don't worry, there's more." You know, when I have about reached the bottom of the barrel, or there's a big writing pause, or I go on vacation, or complain about life... I go back to my writing program and I look at my QMi folder... just my QMi folder.  My counter tells me that it is 78,991 words of unposted (and in many cases, unfinished) fic.  Four of those are chapter fic, though a couple will be longer than others.  Black'll be longer.  XD;;;  That'll probably be the next long thing I actually finish.  *__*  "New QMi" will be longer.  No telling how long Mer!Mi will be.  There's 33,000 more words, too, split between Blohyuk and SiHan.  So, you know, maybe this will keep me honest.  Keep me motivated.  Seeing as I seem to be having such a...hard time keeping my paws off QMi.  :P

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I live! Again. (...Wow, Gargoyles flashback.)

I've been away on vacation, and am just now trying to collect my life again. (Work is another story, whoo baby.)

There are a number of things I need to catch up on and accomplish.... Such as....

* Replying to comments for the last chapter of Someone Like You (doing that right after I post this entry, I swear)

* Finishing the SJM request fics. Now, I have a good reason and a bad reason that I'm not done with these yet. Or maybe they're both good or bad depending. They just about all got longer than I intended, so just about everyone is getting twice the length I said... (good?)... And I got distracted writing a long QMi fic that has just collapsed past 40k and keeps on crawling. (hopefully good?) Then there was vacation and life and all. 8| Anyway. You all get my sincere apologies and I am absolutely working on them. <3

...There are other things, but most of them go like "and doing this and doing that and writing and" whatnot.

But since I posted it locked and forgot about it, in case someone didn't see, here's a crack QMi photo story. :D
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The weekend's cooking accomplishments, sigh.  lol~

Read more... )
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Let me tell you of the times in which kitchen experiences are greatly impacted by good equipment.

(I am in love with my new knife.)

(My tiny, decrepit food processor makes life difficult.)

(My stand mixer is my right hand...I also need a new wire whip attachment because I accidentally bent mine to smithereens on fridge-hard butter. *puts on dunce hat*)

...Right. Brownies. Where was I.

Beans? In what? )
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lol... In which no one should take me seriously at all, just letting off steam. XD I am not a ranty person most times, but there are special situations. XD Therefore... Yeah. This has been building up. For. A few months.

Cut for speshal speshal rantings about the ideal markings of traumatic fanfic events )
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lol...It's totally not quite right considering I was doodling with a pen during a meeting, but who is shocked that this is the only animal I can draw recognizably?

Guess who? )
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Seriously, there are hits and misses in baking.  The first person who went "Oh, I shall make a cake!" or did so by accident, probably didn't hit a home run every single time.

I have really bad luck with cake.

Not cake out of a box, mind you.  Cake that you put flour and various things together in a bowl, mix and voila!  I read somewhere once that doing homemade cakes is sort of ridiculous because home cooks just don't have the same ingredients to give that lovely tall, tender, soft and (tasty!) cake that one can get out of a box (or professional kitchen).  Of course, this is a taunt to me.  I want to try!  I want to master, and do, and, etc.  The first totally from scratch chocolate cake I made ended up as a 1/2 inch floppy Failure.  Failure, capital F.  It wasn't even edible.  Then, there was the cherry cornmeal upside down cake, which I have done once (gorgeous!) and then twice (similiarly gorgeous and delicious and I'd eat it all day long!).  And there was the Boston Cream Pie which was, ehhhh....could have been so much better.  And.  Then.  Tonight I tried a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache "frosting."  Well, the frosting which was basically chocolate and heavy cream was divine.  The cakes, which rose fine, and etc, sort of settled out into flat little plains of mostly tasteless, decidedly non-chocolate-tasting non-delight.  I'm going to go back to my How To Cook/Bake book to settle this, because, see here, world.  Cake cannot possibly be this hard.

In which I prove that there are good times and bad times )


Dec. 21st, 2009 02:29 pm
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At what point does thinking, "When I move something on my table, 9 things fall off," does that mean I have to clean? Apparently that's today. XD I can see empty space, it's amazing.

Also, feeling rather industrious writing wise. Word processors, fear my power.

I want to make a video of something interesting, guys... What should I do? XD
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Today was a day of failures... More failures... Triumphs from the failure of being a moron...

Where to begin. Dropped my phone in the store. Shattered the living daylights out of the stone horse cell phone strap that was on there. Phone was fine though. >.> Then later dropped the phone down our front steps. Phone's still fine. Wee bit scratched. But it was a wee bit scratched before today anyway because I tend to do that. Sigh. Phone of nine lives. ...I have other phone straps (heather, shhh)...and more horse ones. So the world is not all lost.

The bank won't change back my currency because I don't have big enough bills...despite the fact that what I have is what they gave me. Will have to check out banks to do that for me. And it took 10 minutes to fax paperwork as I'm like, all I need is to do is get to the grocery store...

Oh, I got a magnet... Where is that magnet. It's a XD From the artist's site (picture links to the store):

"The Dream Creates the Journey." <3 I love her art...It's so simple and clean, pretty...fanciful even. It's just...gorgeous. <3

And...I had been whining and moaning about my remote not working. ...Well. I got a lap protector because of the computer's heat... And since I bought that, I hadn't really used the remote. Ummmm. The infrared receiver is in the front of the computer...where the wrist rest of the lap protector blocks it. So. It works great! As long as I'm not a moron. Good thing I didn't take it to the store to be fixed. :|

Ooh, ahh...

Nov. 5th, 2009 05:08 pm
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This is like the post of posty posty doom. Forewarning. It is full of random and incoherence and wangst and whatever.

...Meaning, I had three drafts of a post saved with about three days worth of me being random. However. lol. :| Pushing the post button is too much for my delicate sensibilities.

Wangst and...stuff )
...Animal!verse part three is 10k. Heaven help us all. I don't know if I regained my brain cells. I...yes. Quantity =/= quality. Though I'm semi-satisfied.

Prince!SiHan with the invasion of Kyu and Mi (so...both combined...) is...17k. >.>

I'm "doing" NaNoWriMo in that I am trying to write the minimum of words on my fics per day... Which means when these hit the "ready" stage people will be ready to kick me into the stratosphere to stop my cluttering of their flists. Sigh. I made my goal three of the first four days, but I made up for the missed goal with some excess. I've written about...18 words today, and I'll be out of the house for an hour and a half. I'm not too worried, since my Geng scenes rolled quick last night. *stares at Jun* Cooperate. I contemplated working on the novel for about...1.5 seconds. But. If I take my eyes off these fics, I'll never come back as I should. It's a sad truth. So it is the month of fic progress, for yay~
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I'm getting Epic Signals. Not too epic. Gracious. I implore you. I couldn't sleep for hours last night, my mind going over and over things. I have twelve scenes that are all like "Heeey, how are you?" and I'm getting nothing done.

But I'm reading a really great book... XD

Also. In the RL front. Why are men so crotchety and weird? I swear. We write them most times as though they have common sense but I think it'd take a hundred of them before you could gather enough of it to be visible. Okay. So maybe one or two of them has more common sense. I just don't live around any of them. :|

And...I need to clean out my suitcase. And post more pictures. And clean this epic fail of a room. Gracious. Sigh.

But I am baking salmon in butter and lemon, and making rice pilaf, and broccoli, and whole wheat biscuits for dinner. Come on down...
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So, fangirl odyssey comes to an end with...we went to the newer of Han Mama's shops today. Ummm. :D; We stood outside looking awkward for a minute or two on the far side of the sidewalk, and then went in where we immediately saw... Han Mama. Me: .... I had to process like, mother..? Aunt...? And I concluded mother. must know the family of the OTP And I spewed out Mandarin, pointed out "chicken" in the guidebook and managed to get that ordered, and ordered Sprite.

We've drank a lot of Sprite.

Also, we had tea. And chicken with onions (or leeks?) with peanuts. And peppers... A little spicy. And rice. I said rice in Mandarin and got my point across! The world has not ended! Pretty much the only meal where Mandarin was the primary language. (i.e. we weren't ordering a Big Mac)

And the food was good! I think for three people it wasn't a lot of food, one dish and rice, but we all are not big eaters and we still had food left just with ordering that much. :| Our waitress gave us the amount of yuan in English, lol. And of course, there was the column of fangirl notes, and the copious Geng pictures on the wall (pretty)... Oh. And the Olympic torch. XD;;;;; And at the end, we stood up, snapped pics of the walls... turned sixteen shades of red, and then ran out to take pics of the front of the building. Han Mama smiled and nodded and said bye when we went. As I nodded at her and ducked my head like "BIG GINORMOUS LOSER HI." lol We were not at ALL conspicuous, three tall white girls taking pictures as other fangirls gawked at us (and some with their boyfriends in picture-taking roles). We didn't get our pic taken with her or anything though. XD Just eating there was "XD;;;;;;;;;; Wait, what are we doing?" enough. Ahaha. Not to mention the ride over, in the 30000 year long taxi ride, where I was like "I hope we're going to the right spot..." (I had had to write out the kanji for the directions...which my writing skills are hazy at best)... and then also knowing I had to ORDER... Fearless leader, what? And I still managed to slop tea down the front of my shirt. :D Lucky it was a dark one! XD;;;;

We did try to be decorous, though giggling ridiculously through our meal. Ahem.

To Seoul tomorrow for a layover... Youtube! Twitter! Images we cannot see! We miss you!

Also, we nearly ran over an old lady on the way, and I mean that literally. She like appeared behind a car and was frozen as the taxi went WHOOSH and just missed her. Us in the back of the taxi: D: D: D: D: We nearly killed Grandma... Oh holy good gracious. And the merging. And the... Wait, I think I've indicated traffic here makes me close my eyes and think of Siwon. Thing I will miss least: anything that's me in a vehicle in China. And the illegal taxis make me squirm with fear and I'm not even in them...
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Dear body,

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Normally I would not thank you, but seeing as you have been unpredictable, thank you for...mostly...sticking with the plan. I will buy you pizza today.

Love, Me

Anyone who wants to join in on that pizza pity party? Even if I have reason to celebrate, mostly it's a pity party, cause my income just dropped like a hot potato. Sigh. Not that I didn't know it was coming, but still it's sort of depressing to find out. ...On the upside, even more time to do nothing.

I think they know when I'm going to be on vacation. XD

That being said...chapter three, I need to add a small transition, and then it is good to go. ...And then I might want to start looking at chapter six before I have to write in all the blanks the day I post it. And then, when it's done, I can focus on something else~
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*stretches and yawns*

Bahhh. I went to bed earlier than usual last night, because I got a flu shot yesterday. For the first time ever. And I was a little like. _-_ About it all night. And then woke up early too. And today, I'm just a little dozy. Well, that and I kept rolling onto the other arm which is like "OWIE" from the tetanus one. Mmm. I'm surprised my arm muscles haven't just curled up and died. In terms of discomfort tetanus > Hep A > Hep B > flu shot. But for all I whine, it's not really all that bad. I am like the immune queen right at this moment. I almost hope I do get a prescription for doxycycline, because even if my stomach hates it, at least my face might clear up a little. >.>

My coat gets here today. ;_; I hope it fits, haha. It's sad that having it shipped here and shipping it back if it doesn't fit, is actually cheaper than driving to the store.

I did get clothes yesterday... I'm still wearing clothes from high school...eight years later... that I need to get rid of because of their sad condition. :| I may make a swag post later on. Definitely, if the coat fits. ;_; Also got necessities. Will blather about that later.

...And I swear lately, when I open my mouth, my brain falls out. It's messy and not very attractive.

But my muse is just as sleepy as my brain is. Was reading over the Henhae this morning, and was just kind of like, hm, oh that's nice. *snore* I did have a Big Brain Wave on it the other day, so just got to fill that scene out... Just as soon as I am not languishing in defeat from vaccinations.

...I probably need a Crash Love icon. ...I probably need to finish listening to Crash Love.

I give

Sep. 28th, 2009 09:57 am
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First person to offer to feed and house me in return for fic, insomuch that it gets me out of this project, we have a winner.

I'm going to take stock of this work project at noon, but I thiiiink, getting it done on time is more like a very nice dream at this point. One person =/= enough.

/end work drama

I'm finishing my volcano program from the wee hours of the morning. Mt. St. Helens! So pretty before it blew. :( That's really all I knew of volcanoes growing up... The big kaboom. Trips to St. Helens, seeing the cars and houses that had been buried... Seeing the gigantic fuzzy Sasquatch that scared me into tiny little pieces. (Not the Sasquatch so much as the thought that it could fall on me. Poor Grandma, trying to drag me close for pictures.) Mm, let's hope that the rest of the Cascades hold it together.

I'm done with breakfast. Back to work. ;_;
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What a week.

So, can has job. \o/ Then can has vacation, which is more exciting.

But, that also means I am cramming Mandarin into my head with only moderate success. I am learning numbers. I've got 1-99 down with making frowny faces at my remembering skills. Next lesson, to 9,999 and beyond~ I can imagine, the first time someone asks me for ___ amount of money verbally, that I will look at them like, ?_? because even in Japan, I was buying postcards the first day, and got asked for 400 yen... yon hyaku, not exactly the most complicated thing, and I still gave her too much. Haha. So yes. Listening comprehension, go.

...Of course, if we are truthful, the most important phrase at this point is "Gimme my concert tickets, please."

...Really glad I decided to next-day that package, since it wouldn't have gotten there till Tuesday otherwise.

Now that I'm 98% complete with the land of girls, almost fully back into boys, huzzah. The KyuMi baseball AU burgeoned from 8k to 11k in...the last day. Which is exciting, though I think the HenHae will get some love at some point. >.> It's so hard for me to keep focused with the 313924036412390 fics that I have started. (or, you know, 9)

"I hate myself and want to die" doesn't quite cover that. "I find myself questionable and need six more hands" is a little more accurate.

I had to go find the translation of "7 Years' Love" on some random site and.... Hmmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm.

*icon in honor of Ichiro being ejected from a game for the first time in his career. I... Probably should not laugh as hard as I did.
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Senior Moments: Putting the ice cream in the fridge and not the freezer and laughing at the wrong person, and... Yes, that was all my fault.

Trying to turn on my camera and going "Oh no, it's broken!" and then thinking 10 seconds later, oh, the batteries are both dead.

There's too much else going on in my head clearly.

Sigh. Catching up on work tomorrow. -_- And I got new light bulbs for my room today. \o/ It is considerably brighter and I can maybe see better.

?_? Why did I decide to write a story with a crime-type plot? The HenHae is SO elusive to me in terms of how this goes, and you'd think the 3000 episodes of L&O and every other crime related show would've sunk something into me. The end of FA is believable in that vein with fingers crossed and one eye closed, so how many eyes will need to be closed for this story? This is not my strongest writing corner. Not even a vat of gloss will help me here. XD;;;;;;; *forges ahead*

....I love how I was itching to write in the car, and now I'm like, hey! I can watch tv now. Also, about 3/4 of the way through James Rollins' "The Last Oracle." I need to order the book after this from the library. *_*
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Omgggggg. _-_ Phase one of work is almost over. I'm getting paid. I'm done, done, DONE, with short-cutting, possible for the rest of my life. XD If they tell me tomorrow that oh wow, I guess you really didn't have to do that, I will go hunt them down and whack them with a nerf bat. Just saying. That ended up being 270 links. ....No. Just no. Right now I have a very small amount left to do, and then I get to wait for them to catch up with me. Also, did I mention the "paid" part? Oh yes.

...I hate when the phone rings at 6:45 I'm immediately like, bolting up, "AH, gotta get up!" and then... No, it's not a phone call for me. And I don't have to be awake for another hour and a half. Sob.

I have disowned KiHae for five minutes for the following reason:

SiHan is still about 11.5k, and HenHae is now 14k, and I got another totally unrelated idea (Donghae >( ) which I think is just cruel and unusual on the part of my muse. ...With that now, I count 8 started/in progress/hiatusing fics in my doc file. *squints* Am I missing one? ...9 if you count the one I haven't started. _-_

Despite the HenHae being longer, it'll totally lose that race, cause my Plotty Plot-o-meter is permanently stuck in slow-mo. Also, my archive looks about 478% better. It is a zone of permanent construction when my hand is in it. _-_ (I can't be bothered with HTML, um, see work) Thank you, Kei~~~

I am totally feeling this getting paid thing...


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