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Oh, work. What's up with the interrogative attitude today?! It's not like I deleted something! Holy good gracious. Protective, much. Also, please don't insult my intelligence.. That isn't going to take me a day and a half. It took an hour. And that's because I was eating breakfast and watching "Maternity Ward" while doing it. But, I do appreciate that you wanted to accommodate my packed load. /end sarcasm

...Watching "Maternity Ward" and "Birth Day," I sit and wonder why in the world people do this. And then I tear up a few minutes later. lol _-_

...Mmmm. Well, now that I have now twice let my laptop slide off the couch and onto the floor (once it slid nicely onto a shelf with the work laptop on it, about seven inches down, and this time it dropped about... oh... a foot and a half and bounced onto the soft carrying bag. Argh.) The silicone grippers are now solidly on because my heart cannot take this any more. I heard a thud and whipped around and was like, wtf, you moron, how did that happen again?! I had been having vivid dreams about trying to stop it from falling, waking up with my blanket clutched in my hand, and then let it actually happen twice in a week. Forget my arms, my laptop will sue for malpractice. Sigh. Oh well. It is solid now and still pumping out Super Girl like no tomorrow.

I never claimed to be a genius for a reason, let me tell you.

...Also, it's very startling to hear something fall somewhere in the house when you know you're alone. Then I investigate and... don't see anything that's fallen. Okay then. Psycho house.

I give

Sep. 28th, 2009 09:57 am
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First person to offer to feed and house me in return for fic, insomuch that it gets me out of this project, we have a winner.

I'm going to take stock of this work project at noon, but I thiiiink, getting it done on time is more like a very nice dream at this point. One person =/= enough.

/end work drama

I'm finishing my volcano program from the wee hours of the morning. Mt. St. Helens! So pretty before it blew. :( That's really all I knew of volcanoes growing up... The big kaboom. Trips to St. Helens, seeing the cars and houses that had been buried... Seeing the gigantic fuzzy Sasquatch that scared me into tiny little pieces. (Not the Sasquatch so much as the thought that it could fall on me. Poor Grandma, trying to drag me close for pictures.) Mm, let's hope that the rest of the Cascades hold it together.

I'm done with breakfast. Back to work. ;_;
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What a week.

So, can has job. \o/ Then can has vacation, which is more exciting.

But, that also means I am cramming Mandarin into my head with only moderate success. I am learning numbers. I've got 1-99 down with making frowny faces at my remembering skills. Next lesson, to 9,999 and beyond~ I can imagine, the first time someone asks me for ___ amount of money verbally, that I will look at them like, ?_? because even in Japan, I was buying postcards the first day, and got asked for 400 yen... yon hyaku, not exactly the most complicated thing, and I still gave her too much. Haha. So yes. Listening comprehension, go.

...Of course, if we are truthful, the most important phrase at this point is "Gimme my concert tickets, please."

...Really glad I decided to next-day that package, since it wouldn't have gotten there till Tuesday otherwise.

Now that I'm 98% complete with the land of girls, almost fully back into boys, huzzah. The KyuMi baseball AU burgeoned from 8k to 11k in...the last day. Which is exciting, though I think the HenHae will get some love at some point. >.> It's so hard for me to keep focused with the 313924036412390 fics that I have started. (or, you know, 9)

"I hate myself and want to die" doesn't quite cover that. "I find myself questionable and need six more hands" is a little more accurate.

I had to go find the translation of "7 Years' Love" on some random site and.... Hmmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm.

*icon in honor of Ichiro being ejected from a game for the first time in his career. I... Probably should not laugh as hard as I did.
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Also, if you haven't asked a question here in my question post then go do so. *pimp* What color my walls are, or about the sparkly pants or... I dunno. XD

Why. Why work? Why leave me be for this long and throw this monster of a project at me? Sobbing for the rest of the night. I'm going to be wangsting about this the entire weekend.

...long weekend. *bliss*

Also why, genderswitch, why? Why are you 12.5k with no end in sight? (WHY?) Why must KyuMi always turn into something epic against or even with my will?

Have finished editing chapter four of the SiHan though... Now to finish up on chapter seven. _-_
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Omgggggg. _-_ Phase one of work is almost over. I'm getting paid. I'm done, done, DONE, with short-cutting, possible for the rest of my life. XD If they tell me tomorrow that oh wow, I guess you really didn't have to do that, I will go hunt them down and whack them with a nerf bat. Just saying. That ended up being 270 links. ....No. Just no. Right now I have a very small amount left to do, and then I get to wait for them to catch up with me. Also, did I mention the "paid" part? Oh yes.

...I hate when the phone rings at 6:45 I'm immediately like, bolting up, "AH, gotta get up!" and then... No, it's not a phone call for me. And I don't have to be awake for another hour and a half. Sob.

I have disowned KiHae for five minutes for the following reason:

SiHan is still about 11.5k, and HenHae is now 14k, and I got another totally unrelated idea (Donghae >( ) which I think is just cruel and unusual on the part of my muse. ...With that now, I count 8 started/in progress/hiatusing fics in my doc file. *squints* Am I missing one? ...9 if you count the one I haven't started. _-_

Despite the HenHae being longer, it'll totally lose that race, cause my Plotty Plot-o-meter is permanently stuck in slow-mo. Also, my archive looks about 478% better. It is a zone of permanent construction when my hand is in it. _-_ (I can't be bothered with HTML, um, see work) Thank you, Kei~~~

I am totally feeling this getting paid thing...
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Today was a good day at work... I am very pleased. <3 People who should be talking to me, are, and that's so exciting. I'm not sitting here like a big question mark. Here's hoping for a good day tomorrow as well.

Baked bread from the dough from last night, and it was good~

I discovered why I hadn't been on MSN since the end of the earth, and fixed that. ...Adium, I love you.

I need to make a picture post. _-_

I finished watching all six episodes of SyFy's new show "Warehouse 13" since... last night. It's a good watch... The female lead is believable in her role, more so than some federal agent women are. It will entertain me now and again, anyway. :) Never watched a show that featured secret service type agents. *_*

...Which reminds me I need to catch up on Supernatural, though I'll probably wait till the dvds come out in a couple weeks.

SiHan animal!verse is now 11.5k, and chapter two is done at 3,300 words. Chapter three is about 2/3 done at 2,200. I'll probably start posting when I figure out how many chapters it'll be. I'd guess five or six, right now, unless I get some brain wave I don't see coming. XD;;

..........and that's all she wrote
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Work will drive me crazy. :D We will not focus on that. But did finally have the chance to be productive for the first time in a few days, which was nice.

Not a lot of writing over the weekend. :\ But did get a chance to expand on a few stories, and more over the past couple days. I keep posting things, and feeling like I'm posting way too often, but the bank of screaming stories waiting to be finished never seems to drop in number. Should I be concerned by that? Disenchanted? I need a magic wand. XD; But any progress is progress. Progress is good. <3

I am slooooooooooooooooowly attempting to push myself out of my nest. As in. Make a comment, reply to a thread, something... Something more than once a year. I feel it should not be this hard to do this. I have absolutely no desire to be a social butterfly, and couldn't even if I did, hah. But somehow dragging me away from my "nooo, someone will see me D:" mentality which has melded with my bone deep gratuitous laziness can, with hope, only end well...

I just made mac and cheese from scratch. Hm. The recipe was probably fine, but I think it heated too long, because it came out a little more texture-y than one would care for. Win some, lose some. I really should have halved the recipe. XD;;;;;; Better than that cake mix out of the box that turned out... ...*shudder*
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Work was uneventful. What can you do. It doesn't look as bad as it could've been, though! Hoping for another good day...

...Zhou Mi is the cutest thing. There may need to be an icon. And a picture on my wall. _-_ Gah. I keep sneaking a peek and going "AHHH, cute."

Also, achoo. Black pepper. x.x Good going, me.

Am really making that boston cream pie soon... Just got more cream for the homemade pudding (!). It wanted me to make it with vanilla beans, which, you know, don't really pop up on the shelves here. However, on the travels I found one, so I have to try it... I've never made anything with a real vanilla bean. XD Exciting.

Given that I just cried all over myself the other day while I was reading over what I have of the anniversary fic, it's either not quite as big a pile of stinking poo as I'd led myself to believe a week ago, or I'm a little emotional right now. I'll settle for somewhere in between. My opinion on it is like a roller coaster. Too many long slides down...

Sleep now. x.x

AHHH, tv!

Mar. 26th, 2008 10:42 pm
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At noon it was sunny. Then it snowed. And then it was sunny again. Out like a lion, huh, March? It had better not be too bad freezing, cause my lilacs are juuuust getting ready to leaf out. I love my lilacs. I feel like Kakashi. Take that as we may.

Wednesdays are my "AHHH, tv!" nights. Ghost Hunters, Top Chef, America's Next Top Model, and... American Idol. Luckily they're not all on at the same time. I'm too lazy to d/l too many things.

Lessee. Um. I'm working, cause all of my sanity makers are off having a life or sleeping. I kind of need to work anyway, so that might be a good thing cause I'd be too distracted to talk, but still. It's taking me longer to do this than it should have, lol.

Next time on As the Me Turns: Picture post. And videos. I have some good ones. And some inexplicable ones. And ones that just are.


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