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*wilts* lol

My head says it's 3am, the clock says something else entirely, lol. (7pm in Seoul?)

I'm sitting in Incheon. One more flight. Then passing out. It'll be 6am in my head when we arrive. Mmm. Good times.


Yes, that's right. Mmm. Can I just carry one of those in my pocket? The world looks so much brighter with chai.

We almost missed our bus, then the airport, then the 11-ish hour flight to Korea, then.. Then on we go.

Photobucket Also, Incheon. Bad pic. So it goes.

Also, there is lightning here right now... That's not super happy making. it goes.

Photobucket Our cute meal. One of them.

...Brain dead. But that's day one, so far.
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Oh, today. Today today today.

So, bank took forever. Changing yen to dollars, and ordering yuan. _-_ That took... this side of forever.

Then, at the post office, I was picking up the second of the two packages I got today. This one I had to sign for, and I hadn't answered the door cause I was in pajamas, and that's just awkward when they apologize for waking you up at 2pm. :3 But they took 10 minutes of confusion to find the package. Sigh.

But that package was the important one. Not that what's under it is not, lol.

The it's one of the first times I've really had a reason to go "Wow, this is real...really real."

I turned it on, and it glowed, and I think I screamed, just a little.

I'll stop shaking pretty soon. I think.
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Seriously, way image heavy. Way way image heavy.

Japan~ )

I give

Sep. 28th, 2009 09:57 am
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First person to offer to feed and house me in return for fic, insomuch that it gets me out of this project, we have a winner.

I'm going to take stock of this work project at noon, but I thiiiink, getting it done on time is more like a very nice dream at this point. One person =/= enough.

/end work drama

I'm finishing my volcano program from the wee hours of the morning. Mt. St. Helens! So pretty before it blew. :( That's really all I knew of volcanoes growing up... The big kaboom. Trips to St. Helens, seeing the cars and houses that had been buried... Seeing the gigantic fuzzy Sasquatch that scared me into tiny little pieces. (Not the Sasquatch so much as the thought that it could fall on me. Poor Grandma, trying to drag me close for pictures.) Mm, let's hope that the rest of the Cascades hold it together.

I'm done with breakfast. Back to work. ;_;
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...I think I'm getting sick. D: Or...I am sick. It took me... two and a half hours of being awake to realize that. I thought it was just allergy head at first. My head has begun to descend into Muzzy and Weird, and my throat has started hurting in the Usual Manner. ...-_-;;;;;;;;; So now I am gulping down scalding green tea. XD XD Oh good gracious. ...I just got up from an hour, hour and a half nap. Woken not by my choice. Stupid phone. :|

...But it was an interesting nap. I know it was a bookstore, with one little room and 3-4 bookshelves, and you went outside to go into a larger (expansive, ginormous) bookstore. There were book. But they also sold equipment for...swimming? Sun-dial watches? O.o 10 and 40 second timers that wouldn't break in the water? Whut? I thought they were anklets at first. -_-; ...And then at the end, something happened I don't recall, an accident or something. And Heechul is standing in front of Siwon, who is all aflutter, and gesturing to this paper I had to find on my messy couch (?) and literally saying... "This will make them better" (emphasis his) and Siwon being all ";_; I know, hyung." ...And then the phone call. Okaaaay. Whatever, brain. :|

So I took a trip this weekend! The highway between here and there is getting so bad. So rough. I get paranoid that I have a flat tire or something, because there's so much vibration. And then I more or less mostly ran the beginning of a red light on the way home. :)....And spent the next five miles near tears explaining to the non-existent police officer about what happened. We ate lemon chicken and watched the Super Show dvds, a couple eps of Oppa Band... Watched half of Adonis Camp, and all of Full House. It was the first time I'd seen all of Full House since... a long time ago, and since at that point I'm pretty sure I knew who Siwon was (<3), and Heechul, and was learning this Hankyung boy, that I totally missed how Kibum and Donghae are all joined at the hip and touchy. Um. Whoops, was supposed to be inspired for HenHae. ...Though Adonis Camp did give some interesting inspiration there.

There was a cow that got over the fence on the way home, and I watched it as I sped by. Cows don't usually go darting into the road, so I wasn't too concerned. Then five miles later, there's a deer standing at the edge of the pavement, a really gorgeous young buck, and he and I, we eyed each other cautiously as I approached... He was running back into the forest when I caught him on my rear view mirror. (Saw a dead deer a few miles later, so hope that buck stayed in the trees...)

...That's all the random I can muster. I think... it's time for soup.


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