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Every once in a while I get a need for shepherd's pie. I've written about it here every so often.

So I took a few pics.

And decided I needed cake. So I made that right after. Cake and pie. (not together. :P) And this was most of my yesterday afternoon.

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The weekend's cooking accomplishments, sigh.  lol~

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Let me tell you of the times in which kitchen experiences are greatly impacted by good equipment.

(I am in love with my new knife.)

(My tiny, decrepit food processor makes life difficult.)

(My stand mixer is my right hand...I also need a new wire whip attachment because I accidentally bent mine to smithereens on fridge-hard butter. *puts on dunce hat*)

...Right. Brownies. Where was I.

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My baking adventure...SUCCESS.

For ze food )
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Seriously, there are hits and misses in baking.  The first person who went "Oh, I shall make a cake!" or did so by accident, probably didn't hit a home run every single time.

I have really bad luck with cake.

Not cake out of a box, mind you.  Cake that you put flour and various things together in a bowl, mix and voila!  I read somewhere once that doing homemade cakes is sort of ridiculous because home cooks just don't have the same ingredients to give that lovely tall, tender, soft and (tasty!) cake that one can get out of a box (or professional kitchen).  Of course, this is a taunt to me.  I want to try!  I want to master, and do, and, etc.  The first totally from scratch chocolate cake I made ended up as a 1/2 inch floppy Failure.  Failure, capital F.  It wasn't even edible.  Then, there was the cherry cornmeal upside down cake, which I have done once (gorgeous!) and then twice (similiarly gorgeous and delicious and I'd eat it all day long!).  And there was the Boston Cream Pie which was, ehhhh....could have been so much better.  And.  Then.  Tonight I tried a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache "frosting."  Well, the frosting which was basically chocolate and heavy cream was divine.  The cakes, which rose fine, and etc, sort of settled out into flat little plains of mostly tasteless, decidedly non-chocolate-tasting non-delight.  I'm going to go back to my How To Cook/Bake book to settle this, because, see here, world.  Cake cannot possibly be this hard.

In which I prove that there are good times and bad times )
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I need to purchase a non-metal citrus juicer.  All that hard work eking 3/4 of a cup of lemon juice from 4 (!) lemons, only to think about it later, and then have that bad feeling come true when that dessert tasted like you're sucking on a coin.  :| :|  It looks pretty, though.  XD  Might post pictures.  "Here is the dessert that looked good but that I never ate."  But I have another recipe in mind, one that requires a pound and a half of chocolate for the frosting.  (!!)  Biggest fear right at this moment:  The chocolate breaking on me.  It will be :||| forever.

Also, if you have a question for me..... XD  Go ask here!  Anyone!  Everyone!  About anything!  ...Almost anything!  Fic or fandom or random.  Or.  Yeah, anything!  More than one!  I don't promise coherency.  But it's a long weekend and there's no one online to talk to, so please, for my sanity, people.  (Who said you all could sleep or have lives?  ;___;)

No really.  Go ask!  Do not be shy.  It can be anonymous!  I cannot promise you cookies, but there will be love, okay?

...Now back to "finishing" chapter 5 of the HenHae for like, the fourth time.  :|
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Siwon is exceedingly proud of himself... He just won himself back his spot as default icon. XD

I had to literally hide the bread on top of the microwave to keep someone from cutting into it while piping hot. I explain to him again and again that cutting into the bread is releasing all the moisture, fweee, into the air, but someone can't resist the smell of hot yeasty bread. Sigh. ...And of course then I have to go get a piece, because it's required. Haha. I really like the crumb I'm getting on this bread. It's very lovely and slice-able despite the fact that I'm using all whole white wheat flour. I think I want to do a mix of 2/3 whole white with 1/3 regular whole wheat next time, just to see what kind of flavor it gives it. And you can make sandwiches with it without feeling like your teeth are trying to saw through slabs of petrified cardboard. _-_ Finally got pics up below~

Cut for writing blather, pictures... food, swag, and... Batduck~ )
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What food did I make with those dirty hands?

Oh wait. No. That was just from the brakes I helped change today.

Drum brakes are from the devil.
Food is food is food is food is... )
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Today was a good day at work... I am very pleased. <3 People who should be talking to me, are, and that's so exciting. I'm not sitting here like a big question mark. Here's hoping for a good day tomorrow as well.

Baked bread from the dough from last night, and it was good~

I discovered why I hadn't been on MSN since the end of the earth, and fixed that. ...Adium, I love you.

I need to make a picture post. _-_

I finished watching all six episodes of SyFy's new show "Warehouse 13" since... last night. It's a good watch... The female lead is believable in her role, more so than some federal agent women are. It will entertain me now and again, anyway. :) Never watched a show that featured secret service type agents. *_*

...Which reminds me I need to catch up on Supernatural, though I'll probably wait till the dvds come out in a couple weeks.

SiHan animal!verse is now 11.5k, and chapter two is done at 3,300 words. Chapter three is about 2/3 done at 2,200. I'll probably start posting when I figure out how many chapters it'll be. I'd guess five or six, right now, unless I get some brain wave I don't see coming. XD;;

..........and that's all she wrote
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Work will drive me crazy. :D We will not focus on that. But did finally have the chance to be productive for the first time in a few days, which was nice.

Not a lot of writing over the weekend. :\ But did get a chance to expand on a few stories, and more over the past couple days. I keep posting things, and feeling like I'm posting way too often, but the bank of screaming stories waiting to be finished never seems to drop in number. Should I be concerned by that? Disenchanted? I need a magic wand. XD; But any progress is progress. Progress is good. <3

I am slooooooooooooooooowly attempting to push myself out of my nest. As in. Make a comment, reply to a thread, something... Something more than once a year. I feel it should not be this hard to do this. I have absolutely no desire to be a social butterfly, and couldn't even if I did, hah. But somehow dragging me away from my "nooo, someone will see me D:" mentality which has melded with my bone deep gratuitous laziness can, with hope, only end well...

I just made mac and cheese from scratch. Hm. The recipe was probably fine, but I think it heated too long, because it came out a little more texture-y than one would care for. Win some, lose some. I really should have halved the recipe. XD;;;;;; Better than that cake mix out of the box that turned out... ...*shudder*
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I think I had a point to this post beyond going "behold, cake" but I can't decide what it was. I am eating cake with my chai latte remnants, vegetating, banging a metal pipe on the HenHae and getting lovely echoes... But better echoes than me moaning about how terrible smutty scenes are to write and that it will only make me dislike this other fic more than I do because... because they always do. Not moaning any more than I just did, anyway.

On the job front... I got up 30 minutes too early this morning, and it didn't matter. Not happening again. It's so... frustrating. I just want to get started and no one wants to get going. I'm working and it's not going anywhere.

So anyway. Have some terribly fuzzy pictures. Apparently I am fail at wielding the camera.

Cake? )
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Work was uneventful. What can you do. It doesn't look as bad as it could've been, though! Hoping for another good day...

...Zhou Mi is the cutest thing. There may need to be an icon. And a picture on my wall. _-_ Gah. I keep sneaking a peek and going "AHHH, cute."

Also, achoo. Black pepper. x.x Good going, me.

Am really making that boston cream pie soon... Just got more cream for the homemade pudding (!). It wanted me to make it with vanilla beans, which, you know, don't really pop up on the shelves here. However, on the travels I found one, so I have to try it... I've never made anything with a real vanilla bean. XD Exciting.

Given that I just cried all over myself the other day while I was reading over what I have of the anniversary fic, it's either not quite as big a pile of stinking poo as I'd led myself to believe a week ago, or I'm a little emotional right now. I'll settle for somewhere in between. My opinion on it is like a roller coaster. Too many long slides down...

Sleep now. x.x
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OH, the things you never anticipate learning about your computer.

I am a computer voice speaking Korean names...Ki-bum? )

Making shepherd's pie tomorrow... Mmm.

Also, cake! )
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I have so much to do... All I did yesterday was lay on the couch, eat, read the whole of a book, and surf the internets.

BUT. Eee. So excited. *does a half YMCA version of "So excited, and I just can't hide it"* Tiger!KyuMi went from about 8,500 words to 12,200 last night. Progress, OMG. :D :D :D :D :D And most of that written is the fleshing in of chapters one and two. *breathes in the afternoon air with triumph* I need tiger icons. :o I'll go run some down after this.

Also need to stop looking at cake recipes. I have like 20 I want to try. _-_ If any family does come for the fourth of July, and it looks like they will be, I'll be like, behold! I have cakes! ...I have to clean. D: I'm trying to make a sort of list of things to do before this weekend.

Lisa Kleypas is my new hero? I found a book underneath a pile of papers the other day that I hadn't read, which is always a big find in this house (and then a second one a day or two later!). It was a Regency, of course, but that's okay. I've got a couple of books on hold from the library coming, one contemporary, one Regency. I also need to... get a new library card as I seem to have misplaced mine. Nowhere to be found, despite looking in my bookbags. Yikes. Oh, library card.

...I just cut out me wangsting about being a "strangely made person who is incapable of leaving comments to people for fic even though I want to"... Sigh. No one needs paragraphs of wangsting on a hopeless subject. This is not a good Better Explore a Life Failing day for me. -_-; So, onto the happy.

I was laying here staring at my SJM poster and thinking of a few recent convos and got to thinking about how much these guys mean to me, especially now that I am a hermit who rolls out of bed in the afternoon. And I don't mean just SJM, but all 15 of them. Super Junior as a whole without boundaries. I have as yet find a single entity that can make me go through so much as they have. Crying with laughter, crying with sorrow, glee and amazement. They are a melting pot of love to me.

And just speaking in song terms, from the utter happiness of Miracle, to the simple beauty of It's You, the fierceness of Don't Don, the cheer of Me and Ai Ni Ai Ni, and the energy of Dancing Out... *list goes on and on and on*

The fans might make me unhappy sometimes, but they...they make me happy. They've got me right here *lays hand over the correct part of my chest*

And of course, waiting for SJM with all my heart. <3
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So, not to count chickens before they hatch but...

Might have a job? :D? Even if it's not a long one, it's $$ that can be put toward living and, say, flying a truly insane amount of hours to go see however many boys in concert. Just saying. Potential networking and reminding people I exist is also potentially worth more than the job itself. I'll have to chat up my accountant soon...

Pizza, of course, will be required when it's all confirmed. I almost (almost) decided to go see a movie today, and I am glad I didn't, because the email came not too long after I would have left. Might have to go tomorrow then. XD

Definitely will mean my schedule will need to get turned around and my (not well utilized) free time will be shortened, but... One cannot rule the world on free time. XD

I made some kind of Asian chicken crock pot thing yesterday, with red pepper and onion and carrot... There was a design flaw in there which made the chicken come out a bit drier than one would intend. It's still edible, but taking a bite and thinking "Hmm, you could powder this" is not an optimal outcome. I was awake when I stuck it in there, I swear.

...But dangit, do I want to make a Boston Cream Pie. The recipe, however, calls for 8 inch cake pans and... I have 9 inch. So, I could increase the recipe by about a sixth. Which, thanks to this site I can. XD XD I <3 that site. Boston Cream Pie, incidentally, reminds me of the olden days in college, going to the cafeteria and getting the "still slightly frozen on the inside" version. Oh, good times.

Still on the hunt for the red velvet...

And now to rope myself back into the smexy times. Sigh.
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Men's Health... It is mine. \o/ When the lady came to the door with the package (and apologized for waking me up... Hey, pajamas don't mean sleeping at 2pm. >( Oh wait.) and I looked down and saw "Seoul" I went YESSSS. And there it was, right on top. So pretty. I just walked in from the grocery store and went :D :D :D :D at it. Oh Siwon, why so gorgeous?

Got a good lol at having looked all over Japan for it though. XD XD XD

I'll be on AIM for the next bit of forever, though I'll be baking, so forewarning if I'm not right up on every message. XD Feel free, though~
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Hello from first night with a house to meself. Nothing of note, except I paid a high school kid to mow front/back lawns for $15 today. My sinuses and eyes thank this kid, like whoa. (The grass was getting a little... out of control.)

I need to clean out our front flower beds... Kind of a lot. There are weeds higher than my knee and I can't see which of the roses are A. Totally dead or B. attempting to grow and getting choked out. Not to mention the OTHER side of the house, where we're getting an invasion of maple tree seedlings. Anyone need maple trees? We got 'em. Dunno what kind they are. These are destined for mulch, though. They'll be growing up the foundation if I don't go rip them out soon. _-_ But the lilacs are fiiiinally blooming. Finally!

I wanted to go see a movie... Now that I'm alone, apparently I have great capacity to do... stuff. I kinda wanted to see "Angels and Demons," but having researched online, the closest theater showing it is...*drumroll* 70 miles away. Which is a touch further than I care to drive. Not like I don't know what happens. :P They're showing "UP" at the one closest to me... and Star Trek? I'm going to have to see what comes out this weekend, in case I should go next week instead. Watch me quibble. I have no burning desire to watch "UP" despite the foaming raves from the flist, but I do kinda sorta want to go grocery shopping...? I may just pick up what I can here and wait for something additional that I want to see more for the $$ it takes. A $50 trip for one movie for one person is a tad excessive, no?

Tomorrow, think I'm going to try making a cherry upside-down cake with cornmeal. I just unearthed a cast iron skillet from the depths of the closet... Still may go with a cake pan instead though.

But! Yesterday, had a fantastic plotting session. XD (thank you~~) I think the HenHae more or less has an ending. No. REALLY. *ahem* Also the "Let's toss some extra worlds around, and some shapeshifting and tigers and dimension hopping and voila, KyuMi!" Oh, I always wanted to write a fantasy fic. But... Not while I'm writing the current SiHan and plotting out the baseball KyuMi AU though. Not to mention the two FA KyuMi sequels. OMG, too many fics, not enough hands. Definitely not enough brain cells.
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I said I would! And I'm ignoring reality and my aching... -_- Anyway. Pics of some of, though not all, my baking/cooking projects the last few weeks. :)

And my redecorated Super Junior wall. One of them. _-_

The oven temp is slightly wonky... )
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Today was my "Break 100k!" day. Motivation, I am telling you.

Instead, I have:

- Gotten utterly greasy, my hands and pants from putting the serpentine belt back into the car since a pulley was changed, and then changing the headlight. Up, down, around and over... And it's still squeaking. I HATE CHANGING ALTERNATORS. You can't make me! Okay, fine. I guess you can. -_- I feel like it's me sticking on a belt twice a year due to those stupid alternators. >:(

- Ran errands! I got out of the house for the first time since. Um. Saturday. It is GORGEOUS outside. I am in capslock mode, pardon me. I do mean gorgeous. I was sad to come inside. But if I hadn't, I'd have had to have added "Pathetically sneezing mess" to my list.

- Got out my cookbooks cause there is a cherry pie to be made on Friday. Pie. <3 I do not have pastry crust written in my head yet. I love shaving butter... Oh, butter. Ah, I should put the shortening in the freezer while I'm thinking of it... Should I make brioche, too? Hmm...

- Washed clothes! Okay, I haven't done that yet, but that's next on my to-do list.

But, regarding 100k goal, I'm only 2,500 words out, and the day is young. Ish. So! Rah rah!

Pardon me, I just spied more grease spots on my hands. I'll be back. >.>
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I just found my English grammar notebook... I forgot how much I loved that class. And feared it. Editing past English 101 papers with rather... appalling sentences. I'm reading my notes like, ah, comma splice, my old friend! Too bad I enjoyed you so thoroughly and forgot your terminology so easily. Diction error... Yes. I've made my own grammar rules. And yet still, I get my point across at least 50% of the time with epic failure...

Also, I have a whisk. It finally got used today. It is red, and it is a Kitchenaid whisk and it matches my mixer. Words cannot describe my love for my whisk. I had a twirl whisk, but not a balloon whisk since the lat one died, so my kitchen is now semi more complete. \o/ Since I just finished making a recipe and a half of corn muffins for a get together than I have no desire to go to but have to anyway... Yeah. It made my life easier. And if I start texting people at random tomorrow afternoon... you know why. (I also have new tongs, but that's not quite as exciting as a WHISK.)

Also, teaser MV rocks not only my socks off, but rocks all the clothes out of my closet. I kind of desperately needed to love it, and was thrilled to spend more than a few seconds today seeing my reflection in my computer screen like ":D" as the video faded to back. Would that the entire song and video will do that as well.

Gracious, AFI, where are you so I can do this for you too? >.> I swear, they've been recording for the last six months (well, not quite...)...

I could go on, but snoozy, that is my life. That is all...


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