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I think... With my complete lack of certainty... That the baseball AU may be titled "Rundown."

Which, if you consider the definition from here, is a tidy metaphor for the broader themes of the story.

So the second definition for rundown there is:

"2. Baseball A play in which a runner is trapped between bases and is pursued by fielders attempting to make the tag."

...While I get over the mental image of Kyu and Mi getting chased down by the team...

Anyway. Yes. So yes, Kyu being the one in the rundown, I guess... Caught between where he should be (the company/his father) and where he wants to be (his dreams/Mi)... And being chased by both. More or less. Stubborn Mi.

Anyway. That's 21k right now. I will hope and hope and hope some more that it's finished before I leave. I haven't really started to try and partition it. The first chapter is sort of blocked out, but I need to add flesh to it. I'm trying to be a good girl and listen to that voice that says I need to add things and do it right. See: Why FA ended up so long and why everything after it did not.

Incidentally, during softball practice (Athlete, me? not so much. I could run though.)... Another term for rundown is "pickle." So we'd play pickle to hone our...skills. So to practice this...not that we were allowed to steal bases!... We'd set up orange traffic cones and practice running between them while two others tossed a ball between them trying to catch us. Sigh. Oh, sports practice.

Today my goals are... to do some work, to scan the Super Girl booklet (were there really big scans? I saw medium sized ones and they had watermarks which makes me somewhat crazy. The time it takes to scan those 9 or 10 combined pages must have been really insane.), to write, to reply to comments... To try and keep my arm from dying... And figure out what I'm buying tomorrow (industrial sized Dramamine...).

...Must remember to take immunization record to the doctor.

I feel like it should be bedtime, and it's still morning. :( Time for breakfast~
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