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Title: Endlessly Epilogue
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun
Rating: G

Summary: Kyuhyun's life changes when he gets the chance to meet his favorite singer. (Or, as the prompt put it: fanboy!kyu finally meets his bias.)


If you want to start at the beginning: Endlessly


The number of attendees was small, relatively. Their families were there, and friends of both of them. Some of Kyuhyun’s coworkers, and people from Zhou Mi’s company. Most of the faces were people they knew well, and those that were acquaintances were friendly as well. And there were fans, a few, ones Zhou Mi had a long acquaintance with, ones who had supported them from the time they’d still been secret.

It was in front of those beloved faces that they married. Kyuhyun wasn’t sure that he really, fully grasped it was happening, until he saw Zhou Mi in his tuxedo. They looked toward each other, and Kyuhyun struggled to breathe, feeling the eyes of the crowd and not being able to look away from Zhou Mi.

He’d never felt so laid bare, to know people were watching, not even when they had decided on their own time to go public. They’d called Zhou Mi foolish, and Kyuhyun had called him brave. They’d been prepared for anything, when the articles had started flying up, the picture they’d chosen to share of them smiling together. People knew. The whole country, swaths of the world knew. He’d wanted to be true to himself, Zhou Mi had said. He hadn’t wanted to be an example as much as he had known he might be a help to someone in some way. In any way. They’d weathered it, the questions, the photographers, the silence.

Zhou Mi released another album a few months later, and sales had gone well, some numbers even above the albums previous.

And six months after that, they were engaged.

Which was how they’d ended up in the warmly lit room, with Zhou Mi standing near the officiant and waiting as the music played. It was their plan all along, Zhou Mi watching with expectation up the center aisle, and a murmur going up as Kyuhyun eased out the side door that Zhou Mi had gone through minutes before. It was a little symbolic for their life, waiting for something only to find it unexpectedly.

He knew, objectively, that there were people in the room. He’d glanced, once, and then for his own peace of mind maybe he hadn’t again, but his eyes had been fixed on Zhou Mi. The other people didn’t matter, when there was only one reason he was there.

There was laughter, though, as Kyuhyun touched Zhou Mi’s back and Zhou Mi turned in mock surprise. Kyuhyun had to struggle not to grin as Zhou Mi took him in. Traditions aside, they’d found each other.

Zhou Mi took his hand and held it until Kyuhyun stood in front of him. Both their palms were damp, and he thought his heart was going to knock out a rib for a minute. Zhou Mi, his eyes alight with smiles and happiness, he was all Kyuhyun knew as the officiant began.

“Is this the man you were waiting for?”

“He is,” Zhou Mi said, his tone firm.

It was a good thing Kyuhyun was flushed already, or he would have then. All he had to do was hold back the sting of tears, and everything would go well. He appreciated the video even more after, for being able to remember the words that were spoken as Zhou Mi stroked his thumb against Kyuhyun’s knuckles, as the words spoken were about them, a little about marriage itself.

“The vows you’ve made are your own,” they were told, and it was their turn.

“I could promise you everything, but I know we’ll find our happiness together no matter what. You taught me how to love you. You were my biggest fan,” Zhou Mi said, his breath shaking as he exhaled. “And I am yours.”

Kyuhyun leaned forward, the mic being offered to him. “You will be soon,” he quipped, and there was a wave of laughter from the audience.

He knew what Zhou Mi meant, though, and both meanings and the smile on Zhou Mi’s face, they almost strangled him as he struggled to breathe. That Zhou Mi referenced it, that Zhou Mi cherished where they’d started, it almost ended his ability to speak before he could begin.

“I always joked it was impossible to love you more, but it was,” Kyuhyun said. “Just being you, there were so many more ways, and I want to find even more reasons.. It’s impossible— Impossible to imagine my life without you.“

His voice cracked, and Zhou Mi’s hand clutched hard on his. He could’ve said so much more, and it would have been nothing to that.

Only one tear fell, or maybe three, before Zhou Mi lifted Kyuhyun’s hand, tugged the ring that he already wore forward and pushed it back into place. Zhou Mi kissed against it, sealing that promise. He’d already accepted it, accepted Zhou Mi, and the day was only confirmation of it.

But for Zhou Mi there was a new ring, one he had seen only once and one that had his lips parting as Kyuhyun slid it onto his finger. Warm metal against his skin, their names hidden inside. It made Zhou Mi smile, swaying in for a moment before remembering himself and looking guilty.

Then he shook his head and leaned in anyway, and Kyuhyun only vaguely remembered the applause as they kissed for the first time, married.


The enormity washed over Kyuhyun after they fled into the back to ready themselves for the reception. Not that he hadn’t realized, yeah, they were getting married, but they had gotten married. They were married, and his breathing got a little rough for a few moments against Zhou Mi’s neck as they squeezed each other.

“Now you really can’t get rid of me,” he joked, laughing as Zhou Mi slapped against his back.

“Who was trying?” Zhou Mi asked. “It looks good.”

It took a moment for Kyuhyun to realize that Zhou Mi was admiring the ring behind him.

“It’d better, since you picked it out.”

Zhou Mi hummed. “How long before they knock the door down to fix our makeup?”

“I don’t know.”

Definitely not enough for the gleam in Zhou Mi’s eye. But Zhou Mi kissed him anyway, and in that, there was familiarity, comfort. Just them, the smell of Zhou Mi’s cologne, the warmth of him.

“We did it, we did it,” Zhou Mi murmured into his neck moments later, holding him tight until they parted at a knock on the door. But they had smiles for each other as they were sat down, patted with powder and peppered with congratulations.


The applause as they walked into the reception hand in hand had Kyuhyun’s breath catching almost. He shivered, and Zhou Mi squeezed around his fingers. Greeting people, making their way to be seated, it all felt surreal. There was food, food they’d picked out themselves as they sat down. He felt like some kind of royalty, looking out at the people who were seated and beginning to eat. He wasn’t sure his own stomach was up for food, nibbling on bread and then on rice, and watching Zhou Mi talk. The sound of Zhou Mi’s laugh had his stomach unknotting a little, and the lights dimmed, just a little. It was a little presentation, and Kyuhyun had seen a little of it. It made him lean into Zhou Mi’s shoulder for support. For himself, and maybe for Zhou Mi.

The first slide of the slide show was text that read, “Love at first sight.”

The next, a picture Kyuhyun had taken of himself for a fan project, holding Zhou Mi’s first mini album. His face was almost blandly over-excited, and Kyuhyun’s neck burned at the ripple of laughter it caused. There was another, Kyuhyun at his first concert where Zhou Mi was a guest, and basically taken a picture of himself with Zhou Mi on the stage rather far away behind him. There was a helpful little arrow pointing Zhou Mi out. Another fan project photo with a later album.

A slide, “The first meeting.”

And then the meet and greet photo, of Kyuhyun’s rigid smiling face, his head slightly tilted toward where Zhou Mi was standing a few feet away with the other fans.

He had to grip his thigh hard to try and hold back the sting of tears. What a huge moment that had been, and they hadn’t even known it at the time.

“‘You deserve happiness no matter what. Even if it’s difficult, I’ll try to reach for it, too,’ — Kyuhyun, written to Zhou Mi before they met,” the next slide said.

The letter, that had made Zhou Mi remember him.

They looked at each other and that was a giant mistake, because seeing Zhou Mi’s damp eyes only made his own well, and they were sniffling and trying to catch errant tears with tissues.

There were a succession of pictures taken together, of pictures taken of each other, some goofy, some not. There were pictures from events, pictures taken by fans. One of the last was at a party, and they were standing close, talking. He remembered being thrilled to be there, but the party hadn’t meant as much as being there with Zhou Mi.

The way he laughed up at Zhou Mi, the way Zhou Mi smiled back at him, it was shocking the whole crowd at that party hadn’t just stopped and pointed out that they were in love.

There was another ripple of laughter of a picture of Zhou Mi rather proud looking, with Kyuhyun’s face smashed against his shoulder and dead asleep. Another of them surrounded by friends, and their official engagement photo.

And then, a picture of them facing each other and smiling just after they’d exchanged rings not long before. Their wedding.

“That might have to go on the wall,” Zhou Mi murmured, and Kyuhyun agreed. He agreed with everything, as they gripped each other’s hands and enjoyed the reception.


Kyuhyun’s face hurt by the time he’d wiped sweet icing off of Zhou Mi’s lips and the last empty stomach was satisfied. He’d had to smile at too many people, and he wondered how Zhou Mi didn’t just drop from exhaustion every single day. But being on in front of people, that was Zhou Mi’s job, not his. And it was something he knew he was marrying into in a way. They could be as public as they desired, or as private, and it was something Zhou Mi had assured him one night as they looked at tabloid photos. At the time more with amusement than alarm, which was a grateful thing. It was something he trusted Zhou Mi with, just like he’d trusted Zhou Mi when he said they’d go to dance lessons together after Kyuhyun had expressed fear of embarrassing Zhou Mi when they were married.

At least his anxiety was lower because of it, when he took Zhou Mi’s hand and ignored the whistles from clearly some of their friends. It wasn’t worry for the dancing, but anticipation. Kyuhyun had one last surprise for Zhou Mi, at least that their guests would know about. He’d made the suggestion to Zhou Mi that Zhou Mi record the song they would dance to, Zhou Mi eagerly jumping into it, organizing recording time with his manager’s help. It was something Kyuhyun thought about, and wanted. So when the beginning of the song came on, Zhou Mi smiled, knowing it was a song that he’d recorded as a celebration of them, and Zhou Mi’s recording, Kyuhyun had not yet heard.

Except, it was more than just Zhou Mi’s voice. A second voice joined in as the verse wore on, and Kyuhyun watched as Zhou Mi’s head tilted, as his lips rounded, as he focused on Kyuhyun’s face and his growing smile.

“Oh, you… Oh, Kyuhyun!”

They weren’t dancing, so much as swaying and hugging tight. Zhou Mi sobbed into his neck, two times too many for Kyuhyun’s eyes to stay dry and then had begun to breathe so carefully as they swayed and listened.

It had taken some doing, some subterfuge, the help of Zhou Mi’s manager, a producer, the company, so that Kyuhyun could record his parts as well. But the result was the duet they were listening to. He thought, maybe the guests wondered what they were listening to, why Zhou Mi had broken down.

“It’s okay, we don’t need any saltwater rivers,” Kyuhyun teased, stroking the back of Zhou Mi’s head. Zhou Mi huffed in laughter, not so much crying any more as he was overwhelmed.

“It’s a good thing we’re married, because I’d have had to marry you now if we weren’t,” Zhou Mi said.

It made him wiggle, grinning and turning so Zhou Mi could mop at his face without getting seen. But Zhou Mi leaned back so that they could see each other. Love was a constriction in his throat, just seeing the smile in the fine lines at the corners of Zhou Mi’s eyes. Love, in the song, in the gentle stroke of Zhou Mi’s hand against his back.

“Thank you for waiting,” Zhou Mi said, the tip of his nose nearly brushing Kyuhyun’s.

“Who was waiting?” Kyuhyun rebutted, and Zhou Mi smiled before kissing him, swaying with him.

He’d had Zhou Mi all along.


The End~


Bonus Christmas ficlet:


“Come here, come here,” Zhou Mi said, after he’d let Kyuhyun into his apartment. He had on maybe the ugliest sweater Kyuhyun had ever seen, red and mistletoe and weird ducks. He had makeup on and glitter on his forehead. But he looked cozy and warm, and he had some ridiculous little reindeer horns on his head. Christmas was still weeks away, but he looked adorable anyway. Kyuhyun felt plain in his black turtleneck, but Zhou Mi didn’t seem to mind.

“Escaped your company Christmas party, did you?” Kyuhyun asked. “You know this is still really weird, right?”

“What’s that?”

Kyuhyun had once seen pictures of Zhou Mi on social media and he’d been ~Zhou Mi~ the amazing singer. Now, he was Zhou Mi’s boyfriend, and he saw all those pictures on social media, and there he was, in front of Zhou Mi in the same outfit he’d seen him in in pictures earlier. It was almost like Zhou Mi was a real person instead of some far off thing. It was like some weird… He didn’t know how to put it to words, actually. Those were still things he was getting used to. Or coming to terms with, or something.

“Nothing just… I guess we’re having our own Christmas party.”

Zhou Mi waggled his eyebrows at Kyuhyun, tugging him in for a kiss. Warm Zhou Mi, warm sweater, warm kiss. There was music playing from somewhere in the apartment. Not Zhou Mi’s music, but it was still nice. He sighed as Zhou Mi stroked along his side, against his back. It made him want to shiver in only the most delighted way. He cupped Zhou Mis neck, and they kissed to the sound of the crooning music, swaying together. They paused for a moment, meeting each other’s eyes, and he didn’t know whose smile came first, only that they were kissing again within moments.

That faded into hugs, Kyuhyun pressing his cheek against Zhou Mi’s neck and swaying with him as the song changed over. Zhou Mi sang the chorus of the song, soft, for Kyuhyun alone. Kyuhyun smiled against the ugly sweater and held Zhou Mi a little closer.


Date: 2016-08-20 04:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So so cute. Was so excited to see more of this fic.
Loved the telling of the picture montage.

Date: 2016-09-03 05:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That really got to me when I was writing it. ;;; one of the things anyway~ This was always part of the plan, so I'm so glad you enjoyed it~~! <3

Date: 2016-08-20 06:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This was lovely Coley! 😘 That ninja duet reminds me that when I hear the SJM songs with QMi harmonization I just completely lose it. Every single time 😢 This was a nice ending to the series. And it all started with prompt ficlets!

I'm so happy you still write QMi! And thanks for reminding me why I love them ❤ Have a nice day Coley!😙

Date: 2016-09-03 05:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am the same. ;;; Little places you can hear their voices together just make me so happy. Like the little bits in Love is Sweet? Ah ;;;; My heart. The prompts kept leading us along to this! ;A; everyone who asked for more along they way really played a big part. XD

I'm so happy you enjoyed it~ I hope your day (and week(s) since this XD) is very nice as well!

Date: 2016-08-20 11:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Have to confess that I'm a very casual SUJU fan. Truth to tell, I'm more a SUJU-M fan.

It's been ages since I read any non-EXO fanfic, but something nudged me to read Endlessly and this epilogue today. It was simply lovely, very natural and real. I'm glad I took the time today to explore the world you made - the care and attention to detail you took, the completeness of the characters - it made for a very delightful trip.

Thanks for making the effort, to truly fill a prompt with substance instead of pwp - not that there's anything wrong with pwp - but your fic is like a home cooked meal and pwp is like fast food. I'm no writer so I'm going to stop now before I completely embarrass myself.

* 90 degree bow in your general direction *

Date: 2016-09-03 05:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
SJ-M has definitely always been my comfort spot, so I know how you mean. <3

It was a really fun journey to take it step by step along with the story~ It was the first time I think a prompt really took off that far. Certainly it was just a cute little thing at first, and then with people asking for more... Well, it grew almost without me knowing, request by request! :) I don't know if I'll ever get a prompt that does that again, but it was definitely a special one.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! <3


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