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Title: Yin and Yang
By: Coley Merrin
Rated: K
Summary: Sometime in the future, Zuko and Katara return to watch the Ember Island Players...

Warning: Beware any spoilers for the episode "The Ember Island Players"

Might as well toss this up here as well. Le sigh. Not my fault.
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Summary: In the midst of great danger, Zuko struggles with his desire for
Katara, while her mind is clouded with the secrets of her unborn child.

Chapter Five: In Came the Rain --

Chapter Six: Evasion --

Chapter Seven: Deep and Broken --

Failure at remembering to post this on my own journal. Le sigh.
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*breaks out the confetti* Sounds exciting, doesn't it? just sent me an email that went like-a so:

New story from Coley Merrin,

Category: Avatar: Last Airbender
Title: Don't Say a Word
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Rating: Fiction Rated: T
Summary: In the midst of great danger, Zuko struggles with his desire for
Katara, while her mind is clouded with the secrets of her unborn child. Zutara


I do not have an icon, horror, so we will go with this for now. There are a few of you at fault for this, and you know who you are. I'm sure I've gotten you all at one point. This one, this is done. Onto the next project, as this goes up.

And I'd be lying if I said
I had not tried to leave a time or two
But every road that leads me
Leads me back to you

- Amy Grant - Every Road
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Zutara fic o' doom, status so far: Completed! 11 chapters, 24,798 words, pre-edits. *takes victory lap prematurely* I'm not really sure if that total will dwindle or build as I realize I've shorted myself. Now, in theory all that's left to do is to complete the dreaded editing phase of life. (ugh). And possibly to check that there is some continuity, and hope that no one would question my claim on English as a first language. Or my sanity, whichever comes first. My first drafts tend to get posted a lot, with minor superficial "And that was the wrong spelling, idiot" fixes, which says a lot about my commitment to my writing. But at some point, I get so tired of seeing it. XD Rewrite? Yeeeah.

Being bored out of my skull, I wandered... is too scary barring recs for Avatar.

And then I found the kink meme. I blinked. I'd seen one of those before for another fandom... and wow, those are some creative people. Just reading the headers was an education in itself and I... didn't get very far. Interesting pairings. Um. Then again, this is the person who inadvertently-on-purpose wrote Ozai/Katara and then neglected to write the plot that went around it. I have no room to talk.

No, I changed my mind. Summary for posting fic first. Who knew summarizing almost 25k words into a single sentence without sounding like a buffoon would be so hard? I can get four or five statement sentences out of it. Someone is nearly killed while a guest in the Fire Lord's home. Someone is pregnant. Someone is kinda in love and too male to figure it out. Meanwhile, someone is out to complete that killing. And the second it shoehorns together it sounds like melodramatic tripe you couldn't even pay me to read. And if I can roll my eyes at my own summary, then we have problems. The good news, that's kind of necessary for it to post, so... Yup. That'll be sorta necessary.
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I am home! I have been for the past two days, give or take, but my brain is waiting to catch up with me. I have approximately a quadrillion pics, of which about 30 will probably be post-able. But that is in my "goal in life" sections.

AIM just dinged at me, and I got ridiculously excited... But no, it was the connection resetting and not an actual human.

I am going through "human contact" withdrawal, and my dad is going through "You're back so I can gripe at you about your suitcase sitting in the living room for too long" syndrome. Yes, I know I couldn't care less about the house. I am happy in my apathy. Five hours later, I moved the suitcase. Now, it will sit on a pile of clothes on the floor of my bedroom until I decide I need something out of it or decide to do something about it, or until he gets tired of seeing it there as well. That is a fantastic slice of my life. You'd think I'd come home happy after a break from it, but no, same old, same old. He probably felt abandoned. And I feel like I had every right. So, what can you do.

Zutara fic numero tres is currently writhing its way out of my head. Chapters six (1,600 words) and seven (1,200 words) are kind of being simultaneously crafted as I pare off some content that is going into the newly formed chapter eight (600 words). I also have some untyped content that will likely be chapter eight, and a scene that has no home, which may end up padding the hips of chapters four or five (or eight or nine). I have no idea what's actually in those chapters, and somewhere in there, plot is needed. Currently, it's being added subtly, like someone sticking in hair follicles. The end goal is, of course, to have a full head of hair, and not a mohawk. Depending on how much content I'm adding to eight, we may begin the ramp up to the finale as soon as late eight/early nine with nine ending at a wonderfully evil spot and ten hosting the climax and wind-down. Maybe eleven if the thing runs away. If I got creative, maybe one or two more, but we'll see how it looks... adding filler doesn't always add goodness. And I'm not sure how much of that would be at that point... Clearly, five rounds in my head to go.

And, while at the doctor yesterday, the chain of my favored jade necklace broke. D: Thankfully where I could scoop it into my pocket. So, new chain time. Thus ends the post of random.
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Up to the moment update. :)

As per my icon, David Cook is now not only the one and only American Idol (hallelujah!)... he is also my pants-less Guitar Hero. The man has a fantastic voice, a great smile, sexy legs... In fact, the only thing he doesn't have... is me. Le sigh. I have done my appropriate amount of happy weeping over subsequent finale-watchings. I have sympathetic tear ducts, and the second he got emotional, and then his mom, and then his brother, and then he sang, and smiled... What was I supposed to do? Needless to say, I'm thrilled. I feel like my baby is all grown up and saving China taking the music industry (or iTunes at least) by storm. Can't wait till he has a single that's not the songwriter's winning song, and see how far he can go. Is it too much to hope that Lionel Richie will put a bug in someone's ear and we'll get a full single of "Hello"?

In similarly exciting news, albeit in a more tangible way, sometime around this time give or take a day or so next week I'll be living it up in a place called Washington that is not the state. I.e.... D.C. I.e. whatever chunk of Virginia got carved out to be said joyful spot. Living up our nation's past and present and seeing all the places I've never seen before except in pictures. Monuments! People! Things! And that's only leg one of fabulouso trip o' vacation and birthday. Clearly, more updates and things to come. I'm a little fuzzy on the geography of the area, having never been.  More exciting than the places and things is the company, as our own wondiferous  [personal profile] crystaltear will be shepherding me and living up said vacation with me.  Later on, we will be joined by [profile] miakamouse to explore the wilds of The City.  And trains.  And cool things.  Here's hoping my flabby, tub of couch potato physique stands up to the urban hiking. 

To that end I've been playing with my Wii Fit the past few days to see if I can't build some (minute) stamina over the next five days.  My thighs feel the burn, which considering I'm playing a Nintendo game and frequently get ultra SMASHED by the super hula hooping is a sad thing.  Seriously.  It's like three minutes straight of zooming your hips around in circles.  By the end of that, I'm hanging on by a thread to remember which way my hips are twirling.  I do that firmly with my door closed.  No one needs to see my rear making revolutions.  Perhaps I should do it without pants?  No, no.  Just Mr. Cook.  Could he do his concert without pants?  If I said pretty please?  Right.  Back on subject.

Also, excitingly, my Kyou Kara Maou fic is doooooooooooone.  Posted, out the door, edited, finito.  I'm so excited.  That was a long labor and delivery, but it was worth it.  And because Loyce has big, fluttery eyelashes, I have been of late immersed in writing fic for "Avatar."  Yes.  Yes, I know.  I know.  Zuko, say hello to Katara.  Katara, say hello to Zuko.  Muses, start your engines.  I don't really understand my brain, but as the fiction is rolling, I do not question.  Any fiction rolling anywhere is fiction rolling.  And bless me, that's a good feeling.


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