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Title: Compilation - qmi
Rating: up to NC-17
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun
Warnings: sexual situations

Summary: 22 various qmi prompts


Prompt: qmi based on this~?


Kyuhyun groaned, and then instantly regretted it when it seemed to echo around in his head. If his bladder hadn’t been screaming louder than that, he’d have just buried himself in the pillow and hoped he just slid right back into whatever weird rabbit dream he’d been having. Rows of rabbits. So weird. He blinked, blinked again trying to get moisture into his eyes and peered at the boat, white-clad back in front of him. They’d been partying. Check. They’d drank, they’d danced - they’d mocked him mostly - and Kyuhyun was fairly sure that Zhou Mi had twisted something just trying to get sat back down. It took a hangover-second of elimination to figure out who was in front of him. Not Donghae, who’d he’d been rooming with, or Henry. Definitely Zhou Mi, and on Kyuhyun’s bed no less. Or maybe Kyuhyun was on the other bed. He didn’t know.

He looked over his shoulder, hissing at the thin beam of light through the curtain and that was enough to get him up, shoving the curtain together and standing over the toilet for what seemed like twelve blissful eternities. The water bottles on the counter proclaimed they were $4.00 each and they could’ve been forty because he was drinking one like it or not. He actually felt human when he was done, albeit a grumpy, achy human who wanted to be unconscious again.

He tried to get whatever was stuck around his finger off, and peered at it a little longer. It was a sticker of some kind. It had words on it. He strung the letters together first, sounding them out when that didn’t help.

“Just…Just married.”

Word A met definition B and he almost burst out laughing before he remembered his head was still attached. Some kind of Vegas advertisement. None of them were in the market to get married. Sure, they’d stopped in to gawk in a chapel, but that had been—

He remembered laughing into Zhou Mi’s shoulder and drinking something fizzy and saying yes, yes, of course, and almost falling on his ass and comparing his sticker ring with Zhou Mi’s. A souvenir maybe. He abandoned his water, going out to yank Zhou Mi’s arm from under the blanket. It got him a grumble like from a hibernating bear, but there was a second sticker ring, half peeled off of Zhou Mi’s finger but there. None of their luggage was in the room, nothing but an envelope that Kyuhyun tore open.

Certificate. Of. Marriage.


“Did we get married last night?” Kyuhyun asked.

Zhou Mi squinted at him, not having had the luxury of being awake as long as Kyuhyun had. “What? Married? No. There weren’t even real rings. Just pretend.”

“/Why/ would we get pretend married?”

“It looked fun?” Zhou Mi offered. “You said, good photo opportunity I think. Souvenir.”

Sure, fake marrying his friend was a great souvenir. He’d laugh forever.

If it was pretend. The signatures on the document seemed to indicate otherwise. Married to Zhou Mi.

“We got married,” he said. And Zhou Mi, already almost half asleep, mumbled his agreement.


“How was the honeymoon?” Henry asked, a grin on his face that had every muscle in Kyuhyun’s back seizing up.

Honeymoon. How funny. How funny for this practical joke that they were living. Zhou Mi was sort of a lumbering, walking hangover, but he was up and that was a start. It had taken five minutes of gesticulating, waving the certificate in the air as though it would put the scent of truth into it, and very pointedly peeling the sticker ring off his finger and making Zhou Mi read it aloud. And then his own sticker. He didn’t even have his phone, or his laptop, which was a cruel, cruel fate, but by the time he’d gotten Zhou Mi moving, he was pretty sure he’d know where to find the others. And he was right, because they were all huddled around a table stuffing their faces in the buffet’s seating area while Zhou Mi grimaced and tried not to look at the heaped plates.

“I almost fell for it,” Kyuhyun said, stepping up beside the table and pulling Zhou Mi with him. They’d have tea, at least, and find something inoffensive to eat. “It’s a good thing they don’t actually let drunk people get married. The rings were a nice thought, though.”

“You saw the paper, though,” Donghae said. “You signed it.”

“Yeah. I’ll laugh about that for a long time. I mean, it’s not like you guys would let us get married in Las Vegas. I mean, really.”

“We were kind of drunk, too,” Henry said. “We woke up and thought it was a joke, too, but…”

He looked at Donghae, who looks at Hyukjae, who looked at Henry.

“We took a video of it?”

Kyuhyun had felt prepared. And he was not prepared at all.


And pictures, too, apparently. He and Zhou Mi holed up in a corner with all five phones, with tea, fruit salads, and soups, and idly flicked through the pictures that showed a flushed and drunk Kyuhyun laughing at an equally flushed and unsteady Zhou Mi. They shared earbuds, one each, bracing themselves with a strong cup of tea.

“I always wanted to marry you,” Zhou Mi said, his voice shouting admiration to all of the continents.

“I am pretty great,” Kyuhyun agreed, and laughed uproariously when Zhou Mi pouted at not having been complimented in return. “But you’re great, too. So great. So nice, and. Pretty. And weird. I want to marry you.”

The officiant behind them looked blandly between them, and that was what stood for marriage vows apparently, and they said their yeses.

“By the power vested—“

The officiant droned, but Zhou Mi knew what the next part was, leaning in and pressing a smacking kiss to the corner of Kyuhyun’s mouth, laughing at him as the other three snickered and stood in as their witnesses. It was like it was some kind of game. Get married in Vegas, ha ha. So funny.

Zhou Mi looked, if anything, a little greener.

“You mean, that was real.”

Kyuhyun looked over at him. “Hi, husband.”


They ate their weight in dessert. Soup wasn’t cutting it. If they didn’t tell anyone, no one would know. That was the best thing. Probably.


Prompt: Some more of the Vegas wedding? It's really good!


No one jumped out of bushes to declare that they were married, and they kind of had the legal thing already taken care of short of taxes or whatever, but they weren’t even close to something like that. Zhou Mi got this weird look when they were alone when Kyuhyun would greet him as “pretend husband” and Kyuhyun didn’t know what that was about. If they couldn’t joke about it, then it was just some big ridiculous thing hanging over their heads.

“Annulment is a thing, right? If a marriage isn’t consummated?”

Zhou Mi squinted at him for a moment, and Kyuhyun wondered if it was the words or the sentiment but then Zhou Mi said, “Or was it?”

“What do you mean? Of course it wasn’t.”

Zhou Mi shrugged a shoulder. “Neither of us remember much about getting married, so maybe we wouldn’t remember after.”

That made a certain amount of sense. But an almost-kiss at the wedding didn’t a wedding night make.

“We probably just giggled ourselves to sleep. Besides we were still dressed, right?”

A good point, from what Zhou Mi’s face told him. “And really, who could prove what we did anyway? It’s not like one of us could’ve gotten pregnant.”

Zhou Mi actually snorted at that, and Kyuhyun felt moderately better having banished the tightness around Zhou Mi’s eyes.

“So, divorce is the other option,” Kyuhyun said. “We’re friends. It can’t be that hard.”

“Or we let it go for now and just take care of it later.”

“Later like when? When one of us really wants to get married? I’m not going to be cheating on my pretend husband for who knows how long.”

“Not pretend,” Zhou Mi said. And when Kyuhyun frowned. “Pretend to you maybe, but everything else says we’re real. I’m not your pretend husband, I’m your husband.”

Which was why Zhou Mi should’ve wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible. He was right, though. They weren’t just playing house and calling it a day. All the paperwork said it was real, and until they ended it that was how it stayed.

“Then divorce,” Kyuhyun said, and Zhou Mi stood.

“Bring me the papers and I’ll sign them,” he said, and left Kyuhyun there wondering just what was going through his head.

He grinned a bit, remembering the silliness of Zhou Mi’s face in the wedding video, how sweet and sincere he’d been declaring that he’d always wanted to marry Kyuhyun. He thought of sitting next to Zhou Mi on the plane ride out, laughing at him as Zhou Mi had kicked him out of bed some mornings and cooked for him. He thought of the times he’d looked at Zhou Mi and thought him impossible, that everything they were or could be was impossible.

Kyuhyun let himself stew on it for almost a week, gently ribbing Zhou Mi and feeling his own lightness return when Zhou Mi leaned into him, laughed for him. It was Kyuhyun who made the reservation, the invitation, and when Zhou Mi sat across from him, Kyuhyun smiled.

“Is this a divorce celebration?” Zhou Mi asked, his voice light.

“No,” Kyuhyun said. “But if you want it to be…it’s a date.”


Prompt: Qmi's first time in the Vegas wedding au? :)


How many dates went by. Half a dozen, ten. They were like outings, but every time he asked, every time Zhou Mi asked, he knew they weren’t just friendly. The kisses had been so slow, not tentative but inviting, bring Kyuhyun into him until he was surrounded by Zhou Mi’s scent, and his arms.

He’d had to promise Zhou Mi that tearing them apart wasn’t what he wanted any more, so that they could begin to build something together instead.

Want was like a living thing, tingles bursting across his skin as Zhou Mi’s nails scraped up against his back. And he moaned for Zhou Mi, for himself, hissing as Zhou Mi chuckled for a moment.

“Where have you been hiding these moves?” Kyuhyun asked.

“Can’t advertise or there’d be a line,” Zhou Mi teased, and Kyuhyun scoffed at him.

It wasn’t like they’d been in love before the wedding - half in love, Zhou Mi said, but sometimes the way that Zhou Mi looked at him made Kyuhyun wonder if that was denial.

It made him hold on to Zhou Mi, pulling Zhou Mi’s hips into him and making Zhou Mi’s breath stutter.

“You’ve already got the paper. Now time to get the guy,” Kyuhyun said into Zhou Mi’s neck, and grinned at Zhou Mi’s purr. And the grin turned into a grimace as Zhou Mi rocked their hips together, turing into some tug of war battle that left them both breathless and hard.

“What are you asking?” Zhou Mi asked, being ridiculous.

That made Kyuhyun leer. “Want to get laid, handsome?”

Apparently, Zhou Mi thought he’d never ask. And Kyuhyun wondered if Zhou Mi had a past life as a stripper because what he was doing was really working, leaving Kyuhyun staring with his pants half undone as Zhou Mi stretched and bared his torso, and his legs. Kyuhyun had barely tossed his shirt aside, and he moaned as Zhou Mi kissed him, taking over where Kyuhyun had left off, touching him through his underwear before shoving he cloth down and all but whining at Kyuhyun to get on the bed. And he did, nestling in face down and looking over his shoulder. He’d have started waggling his butt, too but Zhou Mi got the picture, pressing over him, breathing compliments into Kyuhyun’s skin that had his skin burning against the cloth. Zhou Mi stroked against his back with his lips, his hands, and he slicked his hands, too, moving Kyuhyun’s hips to the rhythm of his own as they rocked together - until Kyuhyun was desperate, begging for Zhou Mi to stop teasing, to do what they both wanted and get push inside of him. Not just his fingers, but yes, that, Zhou Mi rocking down against him as he slid deeper, grinding Kyuhyun against the sheets getting slick from his own body.

Zhou Mi moaned for him, over and over and Kyuhyun could hardly breathe, bracing against the pillows, his mouth dry as he moaned and felt Zhou Mi shudder, the curse, the way Zhou Mi said his name. It was Zhou Mi’s hand on him that undid him, stretched out under Zhou Mi and exhausted.

It was admission, a different kind of beginning, the way Zhou Mi loved him.


Prompt: Zhou Mi is a high class escort/protitute who wants to get out but doesn't want to become poor, Kyuhyun is a chebol son in an arranged engagement who sees Mi to fulfill a relationship fantasy. Over time they develop real feelings for each other and help each other get out of their bad situations.


Kyuhyun keyed into Zhou Mi’s apartment, a new number texted to him each time. The door chime was gentle, and the door had just barely started to swing closed when he caught sight of Zhou Mi’s head, popping up over the edge of an overstuffed chair.


The tingles were immediate at the joy, the welcome in that, the way that Zhou Mi set aside his book and was on him just after he’d stepped into his slippers, wrapping his arms around Kyuhyun and enveloping him in a sweet, slow kiss.

“Welcome back,” Zhou Mi said, his smile spreading a welcome even bigger than his words. “I have dinner keeping warm. Come on.”

Kyuhyun actually laughed a little, letting Zhou Mi link fingers with him and pull him into the neat little dining nook. He could smell dinner, scents he very much liked, and Zhou Mi got him seated and fussed over him, pouring him wine and bringing out steaming plates of food. It wasn’t arranged like a restaurant but it was arranged with care, and Zhou Mi didn’t take a bite until Kyuhyun had, until Kyuhyun nodded his approval of the food Zhou Mi had provided for him. He watched as Zhou Mi sipped his own wine and ate, the animated way he talked and waved his chopsticks as he described a traffic jam downtown when he’d been out to shop.

“Did you buy anything fun?” Kyuhyun asked, and couldn’t hide the smirk when Zhou Mi looked affronted that Kyuhyun might doubt his buying prowess.

“It was wonderful. Just the right kind of weather to be out, not too hot, but still warm enough to enjoy carrying around a warm cup of tea.”

“Wish I could’ve been there,” he said, and he meant it. Wandering and talking and enjoying the weather sounded infinitely better that being holed up with his father as they listened to a board drone.

“I’d have loved that. Next time, maybe,” Zhou Mi said, his eyes on Kyuhyun.

It was just nice to relax, to finish eating and slide his dishes into the sink. He leaned back when Zhou Mi came up behind him and purred as Zhou Mi squeezed along his shoulders and nuzzled into his neck.

“You want to relax?” Zhou Mi asked.

It was an offer. Zhou Mi would get him comfortable with the TV, or maybe they could get relaxed in a different way.

“Let me show you how relaxed,” Kyuhyun said, and turned, kissing Zhou Mi all the way into the bedroom, kissing him until he was against the wall and he could rub against Zhou Mi’s erection. He’d waited for that, waited for Zhou Mi’s moans and the way that Zhou Mi’s lips slid against his neck.

Skin against skin, pulling on clothes and tumbling onto sheets, laughter sputtered between kisses and his still, held breath as Zhou Mi slid into him. Zhou Mi’s hips rolled over him and Kyuhyun was moaning, gripping at him, staring at the ceiling awed as they seemed to race each other. The pleasure burned when Zhou MI moaned his name, and he was undone, holding on as Zhou Mi moaned against him.

But even if Zhou Mi had come second, he was asleep, effortlessly, after sleepy smile, a sleepy kiss of thanks as Kyuhyun pulled the blankets over them. His hand was sprawled on Kyuhyun’s chest, like there was nowhere on earth more secure than that bed, with Kyuhyun.

It was a part of the fantasy that he’d never thought to experience, something he didn’t even realize he’d wanted. And Zhou Mi hadn’t asked, it was just there.

Kyuhyun listened to Zhou Mi sleep on the mattress he’d bought for Zhou Mi. He paid extra so that Zhou Mi didn’t take any of his other clients home, so he didn’t have to worry about picturing some other man getting off in Zhou Mi’s room. The extra money was worth it, knowing he was the only one to have slept on that bed. Whether Zhou Mi rented a room to get other people off, he didn’t much care. What happened when he came in Zhou Mi’s door was an illusion. A relationship built on the facade of Zhou Mi’s capability of responses that were so genuine that Kyuhyun had a hard seeing through them. But it was those moments of almost believing that kept him coming back, that and Zhou Mi’s body. He felt his consciousness slipping into the warmth they’d generated together under the blankets. Zhou Mi had told him once that a pretend relationship wasn’t the weirdest thing he’d been asked for.

When Kyuhyun thought of the reality that was outside of Zhou Mi’s apartment and Zhou Mi’s arms, of his fiancee that he’d have to see and find it even harder to pretend with than he did with an escort he was paying to pretend with, and somehow managed to feel even more broken than before he’d arrived.


Prompt: *_* more Qmi escort AU? They are more honest with each other... I'm interested to see where you will take this story....


One thing that Kyuhyun wished that he could do in their moments of pretend was to take Zhou Mi out. It didn’t matter where - a convenience store, clothes shopping, an amusement park. They could have shared taxis, taken pictures together, eaten street food, and bought horrible souvenirs. And all of it, all of it, was too dangerous. Someone could recognize Kyuhyun, and if they were out, holding hands, Zhou Mi looking at him like he looked at Kyuhyun in the apartment, it could only be interpreted one way.

But it made him obsess over something different entirely, of taking Zhou Mi to his apartment, the one he’d be expected to share after he was married. To see Zhou Mi in his home, to sleep beside him in his bed, talk together in his kitchen. To leave, knowing Zhou Mi was going to be there when he got back instead of half a city away.

It made him shudder in Zhou Mi’s bed, stirring Zhou Mi from his half sleep.

“Kyuhyun?” Zhou Mi murmured, turning further toward him and touching Kyuhyun’s face, turning it toward him so that he could see Kyuhyun clearly. “What’s wrong?”

He asked like Kyuhyun was going to truly tell him, like he cared about Kyuhyun’s fears and his disgust with himself and his life.

“Just thinking,” he said, kissing Zhou Mi’s palm and stroking along his arm, thanking him for asking.

Zhou Mi was smart enough not to press, and he stroked Kyuhyun’s face again, staying close like he knew Kyuhyun needed it.

He just didn’t know why it couldn’t be real. He hadn’t known he needed it to be so much.


Prompt: ...qmi escort au. Maybe a little from Zhou Mi's perspective?


Zhou Mi had been asked a number of things over his year of being an escort. Some had been on the spectrum of kinks, and one lady had hired him to sit there and hold her hand while she slept. People naturally sought intimacy, at least many he had met. So being asked to pretend to be a loved one, to pretend to be in passionate love, to pretend to be someone else, he was used to it. Kyuhyun asked only part of that. He asked not for Zhou Mi to be someone else, but to be himself - or himself, as he would have been in love. It was easy enough to imagine, because if he hadn’t been in that many relationships, he knew how he was with people and how he wanted a relationship to be. It was a conceit, perhaps, because if some of his clients sought intimacy, he found he did as well. He could not touch or cuddle the clients who wanted him only as a body, and the ones who wanted more typically wanted to be held, and not to hold. There were some who wanted to touch him, but it wasn’t him they touched: they were cherishing a lost love, or perhaps an imaginary one.

When Kyuhyun curled in his arms, and murmured his name, he had forgotten a couple of times. He had leaned into that touch and felt a smile begin because he was at home there, in his bed, with Kyuhyun beside him. They’d wake, and shower, and perhaps they would—

No, they would not dress from a shared closet and share stories as they descended the elevator. If they ever left to go to a different place, it would not have been to a restaurant to share an intimate meal, but to a hotel room for some imaginary getaway, like a vacation in the oasis of the city. He half wished that Kyuhyun would ask him to go away, to find some lazy beach town and tuck themselves into the alcoves of rocks for lazy kisses. But if he could forget, while they pretended in town with Zhou Mi’s life stark around him and his collection of toys and condoms tucked under the bed, then he didn’t want to know how he could forget somewhere else.

Only once did Zhou Mi search for Kyuhyun on the internet. He found a story of the best dressed from an event, and the woman on Kyuhyun’s arm had been serene amidst the bustle.

He knew the pin on Kyuhyun’s tie, knew because he’d taken that tie off of Kyuhyun’s neck that very night, after he’d left her, his fiancee, to lose himself in Zhou Mi’s bed.

The key was still being able to find themselves in the morning.


Prompt: qmi escort au...Kyuhyun lets slip he has true feelings?


It felt awful to leave, like Kyuhyun was leaving a place of safety and acceptance and going out to face an onslaught of arrows. It was a terrible way to look at it because his life was not a war, but it felt like it. He wanted sympathy, he guessed, which was why he started bringing up things outside of them. He didn’t normally, because they couldn’t keep up the charade of a couple if Kyuhyun kept referencing his real life.

“I have a dinner with my fiancee and her parents. I needed a little extra…” Kyuhyun sighed, searching for the word. “Strength, I guess. It’s been harder and harder to face them. I wish I could just stand up in the middle of it and say that isn’t what I want.”

Zhou Mi had taken in all of that, his eyes dark as he searched Kyuhyun’s face. “What would be the consequences of that?”

“I don’t know. Not having a family any more? I think I’d be happier, but could I be happy with throwing my whole life away. I don’t know.”

“Sometimes decisions have to be made by facing them,” Zhou Mi said. “As long as you have time to think them through.”

“I don’t even know if they know I don’t want marry her.” And Kyuhyun exhaled, drawing comfort from the hands that Zhou Mi was smoothing along his shoulders. “I wish it was you.”

“Wish it was me, what?” Zhou Mi asked, fussing, getting Kyuhyun’s collar perfectly straight. “Wish it was me… that you were marrying?”

Zhou Mi’s voice faltered, and Kyuhyun’s spine stiffened. Unlike his advice, so carefully delivered, Zhou Mi’s face had gone a bit wild, and Kyuhyun wondered if it was fear he saw there.

“What a ridiculous thought,” Kyuhyun muttered, brushing away Zhou Mi’s hands and picking up his bag. He didn’t let Zhou Mi hug him, kiss him, as he normally did when they parted. That sham suddenly felt even more ridiculous when he realized that he hadn’t just said he’d wished to marry Zhou Mi in the confines of their imaginary world, but as though it were true. If Zhou Mi hadn’t been worried that Kyuhyun’s feelings would become real after all their pretend, he had to have then. There would have to be a wall there, then, to make sure that Kyuhyun didn’t endanger Zhou Mi by getting possessive. He’d made himself a liability, to both of them.

Kyuhyun sat through the dinner and wanted to run back to Zhou Mi, to lose himself in that apartment, in his world, and knew he couldn’t. Knew maybe even that he shouldn’t, ever again.


Prompt: Qmi escort au... Zhou Mi's response? Maybe Zhou Mi confessing he wants to run away from his life too?


There hadn’t been any playing house when Kyuhyun came back. Zhou Mi had smiled. Zhou Mi had welcomed him. Kyuhyun had tugged him back to the bedroom, immediately. And Zhou Mi rested beside him in bed, satisfied but oddly on edge. Probably because Kyuhyun, instead of going lax and cuddly, had gone tense, and silent. It felt more like a call with a different kind of client than it ever had with Kyuhyun.

“Sorry about last time,” Kyuhyun said, and Zhou Mi turned his head.

“You don’t have to worry. I wouldn’t have brought it up.”

If Kyuhyun knew the alternatives, he wouldn’t have been worrying at all.

“It was my fault. I was the one who set the rules.”

That had Zhou Mi pushing up until he could catch his breath, get himself level.

“Everyone has dreams,” Zhou Mi said. “Even if they are based on a fantasy. You bought me this bed so that I wouldn’t be with anyone else in it. But there are a lot of days when I wish I didn’t have to be with anyone else outside of it.”

He could feel Kyuhyun struggling up beside him. “Don’t I give you enough—“

Zhou Mi laughed, sitting up straighter as he cut Kyuhyun off. “Yes. But that only lasts as long as you’re interested. I have to keep connections for when you get bored, when you get married, or else I have to start all over again. Maybe you’ll call up once or twice a year if it gets too much, or maybe you find someone who doesn’t know you at all. I can’t count on you so I have to continue like this.”

“Did I tell you I was going to stop?” Kyuhyun demanded.

“They always do. The fantasy is going to fade, for you. The less you can pretend, the more you’ll need someone else to fill that role. I promise you. I can forget. This can be your safe place.”

It could be something he could give to Kyuhyun at least. Kyuhyun couldn’t take the facade of him and marry him, but he could pretend at least a little longer. And he sealed that promise with a kiss, leaning into Kyuhyun and being glad that Kyuhyun kissed him back.

“How would you kiss me if you weren’t pretending?” Kyuhyun asked.

“The same way I always have. That’s the way you deserve to be kissed.”

Sometimes pretend wasn’t all pretend.


Prompt: *_* more Qmi escort AU? They are more honest with each other... I'm interested to see where you will take this story....


It was as though Zhou Mi knew, somehow, that they needed to get back on solid footing with each other. Zhou Mi pulled him to the soft chair, but the lap that Zhou Mi pulled him into wasn’t quite as soft, and the kiss was only the promise of it. Kyuhyun traced the shape of Zhou Mi’s jaw, his neck, his ears, kissing, teasing, nudging as Zhou Mi stroked along Kyuhyun’s back and held him close. When Zhou Mi hummed, Kyuhyun knew that he was doing something right, skimming his teeth against Zhou Mi’s lower lip and kissing like they were both fragile. There was something almost sweetly erotic about it, a trade of touches and breaths, nudging noses and the press of their foreheads together.

Some of the tension that Kyuhyun had been carrying drained out through the stroking over his shoulders and the melting against Zhou Mi’s body.

“Can you still feel your legs?” Kyuhyun asked, pressing his cheek instead against Zhou Mi’s neck.

“I have legs?” Zhou Mi teased, and Kyuhyun snorted, pressing a kiss there against Zhou Mi’s skin. “I could kiss you all day.”

“Flattery,” Kyuhyun said, tilting his head back again. Of course, that just invited them to lean in again, losing themselves in a series of kisses that ended with Kyuhyun’s sharp inhale through his nose - because of the hand that Zhou Mi was slowly sliding up his thigh.

“Come on, darling,” Zhou Mi said, nudging him onto his feet and letting Kyuhyun lead him to the bed. Zhou Mi crawled right on after him, their clothes catching together as Kyuhyun draped himself over Zhou Mi’s side. A few more kisses and Kyuhyun’s head lowered, nosing against Zhou Mi’s neck and inhaling. Zhou Mi smelled like his home, like something comforting but a little mysterious. It made him almost purr when Zhou Mi’s hand stroked through his hair, and he reached for Zhou Mi’s free hand, their fingers linked, clutched together over Zhou Mi’s heart. He didn’t know how Zhou Mi had known what he needed, the worry he was carrying. He pushed all of that away, letting their breathing sync and wondering if Zhou Mi would let Kyuhyun buy him dinner after. But even that he pushed away, warm. Somehow, more home than the place he had to go back to.


Prompt: could you please write more of the qmi escort au please? dying to know what happens between them! c:


Zhou Mi’s voice on the phone had been pleasant, and then surprised when Kyuhyun had made his request. He didn’t wonder why Zhou Mi had seemed hesitant for a moment before agreeing, telling Kyuhyun to wait for him there. He was on a bench by the river, and he kept glancing over until Zhou Mi actually appeared, coming down the path with two cups in his hands and a pair of sunglasses obscuring his face. Still, Kyuhyun would have recognized those shoulders, that walk anywhere. The drink that Zhou Mi handed him was hot and just barely sweet, just the way he liked it.

“You have a good memory,” Kyuhyun said, and Zhou Mi’s smile flashed.

“There are definitely things that are easier to remember,” Zhou Mi said. And he tucked his sunglasses into his pocket so they could see each other better, something Kyuhyun appreciated. “How are you?”

“They want to have a big engagement party,” Kyuhyun said instead of answering. Or maybe it was an answer, because it explained just why he was knotted up so tight inside. “They’re not okay with me putting things off any more. They’re starting to put together guest lists so that invitations can be sent out.”

Zhou Mi made a sympathetic noise, indicating Kyuhyun could continue if he wanted.

“I feel like, if that happens, then there’s nothing I can do to stop it.”

“You can always stop it,” Zhou Mi told him. “There isn’t a point of no return.”

“If I want my parents to ever speak to me again. But… no, it doesn’t matter when that happens because they will never understand.”

“Even if they never understand, would they still…?”

Love him? Accept him? Kyuhyun wished he had an answer for that. Maybe it would’ve made things easier.

“Let’s walk,” Kyuhyun said, standing up and throwing away his empty cup. Zhou Mi walked easily, his sunglasses lowered again as they passed by people, walking easily, and Kyuhyun trying to shake off his nerves. They talked of other things instead of his troubles, the wind on the water, buildings they knew across the river. Zhou Mi’s laugh carried, and it buoyed him up somehow, catching sight of Zhou Mi’s swinging hand and wanting for the first time in such a long time to just reach out and take someone’s hand, to not care who saw, or who was expecting it of him.

It made him look away, leaning against the rails with Zhou Mi as they watched birds fighting over some kind of garbage. Zhou Mi was doing him a favor, coming out like that with him.

“Are you hungry?” Kyuhyun asked.

And there was regret in the twist of Zhou Mi’s mouth. Other plans.

A client, maybe, though Zhou Mi was vague.

There were tourists, other people around taking pictures. He could’ve pulled Zhou Mi in. Everyone would’ve seen, and known, and—

Zhou Mi rested his hand on Kyuhyun’s shoulder for a moment before he left, squeezing hard. “You deserve to be happy.”

Kyuhyun was surrounded by the chatter of people, living their happiness. But he didn't have his yet.


Prompt: escort qmi. Kyuhyun decides to break his engagement?


It felt like every cell in Kyuhyun’s body was shaking when Zhou Mi let him into his apartment. He didn’t know how scary he looked, that Zhou Mi reached, steadied him.


He’d texted, begged to come over. Zhou Mi had agreed instantly.

“I broke it off. I broke it off,” Kyuhyun repeated, like he couldn’t believe it himself. “I told her first. And…I told my parents I didn’t know if I want to marry a woman.”

He made a sound and Zhou Mi squeezed both his hands. “You did it.”

“I had to. We were walking, and when you left, I realized that was what I wanted. Something like that. I wondered if I just kissed you, and had that get back to my parents, so they could just find out that way.”

Zhou Mi didn’t seem surprised, but then again he didn’t seem pleased by the thought of it, and Kyuhyun hadn’t been either.

“It would’ve been the coward’s way out. I thought of holding your hand, I— I want you to know that no matter what happens, you’re going to be taken care of,” Kyuhyun said. “The money’s legal and everything. My parents wouldn’t be able to touch it.”

Zhou Mi blinked, his head tilting. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh. Oh.” Kyuhyun dug into his bag, pulling out an envelope of papers. “Everything is here in this. The balance, the account information. It’s set up so you can make transfers, any or all of it, but the account it’s in will draw good interest for you.”

“You don’t have to give me money,” Zhou Mi said, pausing with the envelope in his hands. But Kyuhyun waved him on, waiting until he’d opened it and pulled out the papers. The balance was right there, on the first sheet, and Kyuhyun could almost see Zhou Mi counting zeros before he looked up. “Kyuhyun, I can’t.”

“Yeah, you can. I won’t touch it. You said— You said you wanted to be able to know that if I got tired of you, that you’d be secure. So, now you are. If you want to drop your other clients, you can. It isn’t a payment for your services, but for making me realize what I was about to give up in my life. The chance to be happy. And the chance to be you, without us thinking we’re faking it.”

Zhou Mi’s mouth worked, trying to get out words that weren’t coming to him. “And if your parents cut you off?”

“I have another account, for myself. I can try to get another job. Even if it doesn’t pay as well, at least I can say I did it for me.”

Not just for him, and Kyuhyun was unable to speak as Zhou Mi stepped up to him, wrapped an arm around him and kept him close.

“Stay here tonight,” Zhou Mi said. “I don’t want you going home and having to worry alone.”

It was an offer not as a lover, but as a friend, and Kyuhyun wrapped both of his arms around Zhou Mi and held on. He’d reconciled that if Zhou Mi turned him away, he would not regret what he had done. Because it was his chance to live without lying, without fearing. It was a decision not made in a moment, but over years. It was his chance.


Prompt: escort qmi. Mi decides to dro his clients and build a different career. the first time they spend the night together as real lovers, not as prositute/client


Kyuhyun was like a shadow for the first couple of days. And then, he straightened up like a plant bent down by a storm and decided he couldn’t hide any more. He went to work, and he came home strained, but not broken, and Zhou Mi listened to him breathing in bed beside him. They didn’t touch, not in bed, and didn’t kiss. But that hug, when Kyuhyun got home, that might have been the longest hug of Zhou Mi’s life. Which was funny to think about, home. After a few nights of that, Zhou Mi actually expected it. After a week, he didn’t wonder if Kyuhyun was coming back.

“I think they’ve retreated into pretending I never said anything,” Kyuhyun mused after they’d finished eating.

“But they’re not pressing you about the engagement?”

Kyuhyun shook his head. “No. Maybe…Maybe they just want to pretend she was the wrong one for me.”

“It might take a while,” Zhou Mi murmured.

“It might be never,” Kyuhyun shrugged. “But thanks, you know?”

Zhou Mi tilted his head. “For what?”

“For…being here. For listening. I know you didn’t sign up for me just staying indefinitely when you invited me that one night. You didn’t have to, so thanks.”

“I wanted to, and I’m glad I could be. It’s a lot to work through. Here. Look what my calendar has planned for tonight,” Zhou Mi said, sliding his phone over to Kyuhyun.

“There isn’t anything.”

“And tomorrow?”

Kyuhyun swiped to the next day, finding nothing, and to the next day, and the next, until he found a day the next week that Zhou Mi had scheduled a trip to the hair salon.

“So, you’re telling me you have time?” Kyuhyun asked.

“I am. Some of those days, I’d have had clients scheduled. and I don’t now. Because of you.”

Kyuhyun’s fingers had frozen on the phone, staring at it with new understanding. “Oh. Oh. You quit. I noticed you were free, but—“

He seemed almost embarrassed, and Zhou Mi smiled. “It’s okay. That night, that first night you came back. I’d put everything on hold before then, but it was final, then. I can’t— I can’t take that money. But the interest, I can use it to bridge until I find a job.”

Kyuhyun scoffed. “As long as it’s being used for something. The money’s yours one way or the other. Find something that makes you happy.”

“Being with you does. So you don’t have to thank me, Kyuhyun. Pretending to love someone isn’t hard when you’ve already started to,” Zhou Mi told him.

He took the hand that Kyuhyun was holding his phone with, brushing his lips against Kyuhyun’s knuckles.

“You can stay as long as you need, but at least you’ll know that now.”

The phone, it was left on the table. Kyuhyun hugged him first, an encompassing, full-body hug that left no doubts in Zhou Mi. And Kyuhyun gasped, almost shuddered as he pulled back.

“It wasn’t all pretend with me, either.”

“I know,” Zhou Mi told him, and when Kyuhyun frowned, not believing. “I suspected, but you showed me more than you know.”

Even before that moment, that time where Kyuhyun had revealed that he had wished he was going to meet a different fiancé. When he wished that Zhou Mi had been that person central to his life.

Even a little bit in love, it could still shock how much that he wanted that, too.

“I want to do everything we’ve done again, so we know it’s real.”

“Everything,” Zhou Mi said.


It wasn’t like the kiss after a first date, tentative, but of two people who had kissed before, who knew what they wanted out of each and every touch. Kyuhyun groaned, melting into him, kissing him, only him, not some illusion. Kyuhyun kissed like he was pouring every want from all his fear, every wish for someone else to be at his side. He had someone else. He had Zhou Mi, and Zhou Mi eased him, soothed him, stroked through his hair and drew the purrs from his throat.

“Come to bed,” Zhou Mi muttered and Kyuhyun nodded, grasping for one of his hands and following to the bed that only they had been in. It wasn’t new, but it was them, together, slipping off clothing, fingers sliding along skin.

“Kyuhyun,” Zhou Mi breathed. And he slid back onto the bed, pulling Kyuhyun with him, pulling Kyuhyun over him until his arms were full and Kyuhyun was kissing him. “Kyuhyun.”

More. It wasn’t enough, and Kyuhyun was shuddering at Zhou Mi’s lips skimming his neck. Gorgeous, the way that Kyuhyun grinned and kissed him, the way that Kyuhyun touched him, something cherishing in the hunger. But he ate up Kyuhyun’s moans, the ones when Zhou Mi raked his nails up Kyuhyun’s thighs, the way that Kyuhyun ground desperate against him.

And Zhou Mi soothed the marks on Kyuhyun’s neck as Kyuhyun rolled them, wrapped around him. Kyuhyun moaned for him, lifting their hips together, urging Zhou Mi into him, urging him. It was like any one of a dozen other times, but when he gripped Kyuhyun’s wrist and Kyuhyun looked at him, Zhou Mi was swept away.


“Yes,” Kyuhyun moaned, and again into his neck, babbling broken things, his name, pleas. Kyuhyun came against his belly, fast and hard, shuddering as Zhou Mi kept moving, caught on the edge that it was Kyuhyun with him, Kyuhyun pleading for him, Kyuhyun who was not just sleeping in his bed but living in it.

It broke him apart, his hips desperate before stilling, only the sound of their labored breathing above the ticking of the wall clock.

“Glad that hasn’t changed,” Kyuhyun said, and Zhou Mi chuckled. Most of their times together had been as a pretend couple, sweet, intense. It felt good, but also true, and he nibbled on Kyuhyun’ shoulder before they took turns in the bathroom, flopping back into bed and Kyuhyun reaching for him in the new darkness.

“You don’t have to go,” Zhou Mi told him, and Kyuhyun murmured, nudging closer.

“Not going to.”

He didn’t think that Kyuhyun quite understood, but it was all right, because Kyuhyun was there with him then.


Prompt: qmi. Kyu swears a lt and zhou mi doesn't like it. So, Mi make up some rules: every time Kyu swears they have to give Mi a little, cute kiss. Bonus: kyu is embaressed by cutesy things & he has to do it in front of friends



Kyuhyun twisted around, looked, turned the other way to see if his almost-slip had been noticed. Zhou Mi was like an elephant, he swore. He heard everything, remembered everything, and he was staring right at Kyuhyun with some pious little expression. Kyuhyun was going to argue that he hadn’t actually said anything. He’d stopped himself! It was a win!

But Zhou Mi puckered his lips, and Kyuhyun moved in, resigned, and gave Zhou Mi a series of quick, light kisses like that was going to somehow erase the profanity away.

“You’d better be glad you’re cute,” Kyuhyun muttered, as he went back to his computer and hissed through his teeth instead of swearing for at least another hour.

Not that he didn’t like kissing Zhou Mi, but there were times when he’d ended up doing more kissing than anything else.

If that had been Zhou Mi’s intention, it was backfiring, because if there was one thing Kyuhyun wanted, it was to win.

Of course, when he lost, he lost epically, like when they were out with friends, and one sneering little sentence had Zhou Mi elbowing him.

Zhou Mi didn’t call him out on it, no. He didn’t make Kyuhyun feel conspicuous. But Kyuhyun flushed a little anyway as he first resisted and then leaned in, and somewhere around soft kiss number five, the others were jeering at them. Kyuhyun just slumped under Zhou Mi’s arm and sneered back at them. Yeah, so what, they loved each other. And Zhou Mi squeezed him a little tighter.


Prompt: Qmi "Sex on bubble wrap = best decision ever."


It slid and stuck to his skin and the first time he’d sprawled back on it, there had been a succession of pops that had made Zhou Mi almost laugh his head off.

“This is not a good substitute mattress,” Kyuhyun argued, and more bubbles snapped as Kyuhyun’s head rolled as Zhou Mi teased him with his mouth.

It sounded like some kind of a war going on as Zhou Mi eased into him, began to move him. His body rocked, his spine, his shoulder blades, and every move of Zhou Mi’s hips sent off a new flurry of pops and crackles. Some were snapped by his elbows, some by Zhou Mi’s bracing hand. Some by the arching of his body, accompanied by the rustle of plastic moving with their frantic pace.

There was a flurry of pops when Kyuhyun came, like an exultation with him, and Kyuhyun thought that was the end as he panted and wrapped his arms around Zhou Mi’s shoulders. Zhou Mi sank down slowly, pressing their chests together as the breathed, and letting their weight settle.

One pop. Two. Three. One last wheeze of air. And then silence.

Zhou Mi’s giggle was almost inaudible, and Kyuhyun was snorting at the ceiling.

“We killed it dead.”

“We did,” Zhou Mi laughed, and indeed, the plastic had given up. Zhou Mi didn’t even have to tell him that he’d told him so.


Prompt: Hi, Coley! Smut QMI, please? The first night of love Kyu and Mi. Thank you! Luv U and your fics.


They knew what each other felt like, they knew the curve of skin and dip of cloth. But it had all been in snatches, stolen kisses, embraces, and the night that Kyuhyun had climbed onto Zhou Mi, on his back on the couch, and kissed him until they were both all too sure of how much they wanted. Kisses after dates were sometimes a little more knowing, a touch bringing a glance or a bit of coy laughter.

But Kyuhyun was lost to kisses far before any clothing was removed, Zhou Mi’s hands smoothing along his back as they stood together near the bed. He was being drawn in, every touch, every press of Zhou Mi’s mouth, the warmth of Zhou Mi’s body. He stared at the wall of his bedroom, so familiar as Zhou Mi kissed along his jaw and to his neck, and he didn’t see any of it. He could have been anywhere, soft moans as Zhou Mi made his skin tingle. And Kyuhyun sat on the bed, hard, as Zhou Mi tugged first Kyuhyun’s shirt over his head, and then his own. He worked his pants free, letting them drop and his eyebrows rose as he wigged back and made space, getting himself fully on the bed and taking a lazy ogle from Zhou Mi’s belt to his collarbones.

And he grinned, patting the bed beside him. “Pants are optional.”

Watching Zhou Mi divest himself of those pants was definitely not until he was just as bare as Kyuhyun, nor was the naughty little grin as Zhou Mi joined him on the bed, reaching for him, pressing against him, skin sliding against skin as Zhou Mi kissed him, tangling fingers and thighs as they turned together, humming. That was more like it.

“You think you’re up for it?” Kyuhyun challenged, and Zhou Mi snorted, nipping at his lip and settling just right between his thighs.

“I’ve been practicing,” Zhou Mi said, and it made Kyuhyun laugh, delighted.

“Without me?”

“With you in mind,” Zhou Mi assured him, and kissed him, letting Kyuhyun moan against his mouth as Zhou Mi got him slick. There was no teasing in that, it was necessity, and Kyuhyun was squeezing across his shoulders, kissing against his jaw. And he inhaled, his body giving, waiting, and he almost shivered at Zhou Mi’s moan as he slid in fully.

“Better than your hand?” Kyuhyun asked, and Zhou Mi’s laugh as gasping, slapping at Kyuhyun’s thigh.

“You haven’t even let me compare yet,” he gusted, and Kyuhyun grinned, keeping himself hard with his own hand as Zhou Mi found some kind of rhythm. Zhou Mi could compare all he wanted, as long as he wanted. As many of those brushing kisses, hands against his skin, moans of his name - as many of those as Zhou Mi could endure. And even with that, even with the teasing, it was Kyuhyun who started frowning, his concentration shaken, what little of his composure that he had left slipping. The sounds Zhou Mi made were filthy, lapsing into syllables Kyuhyun didn’t understand.

“Zhou Mi.”

Zhou Mi. Zhou Mi. Kyuhyun shuddered, and Zhou Mi moaned - for him, coming for him.

“I’ll keep you,” Kyuhyun said fervently, and Zhou Mi leaned harder.


Prompt: (someone) walking into qmi “experimenting” with whipped cream and strawberries and they just give them the smuggest grin in the universe.


Kyuhyun’s fingers were stained red, but he thought Zhou Mi’s were worse - so much worse, that when Kyuhyun sucked two of Zhou Mi’s fingers into his mouth, they wouldn’t come clean. Though Zhou Mi’s moans had been all that Kyuhyun had been wanting, kissing whipped cream from the corner of Zhou Mi’s mouth and shivering as Zhou Mi swirled more, cool, down his chest.

“Apparently I taste better with a little seasoning,” Kyuhyun said, smug, as Zhou Mi worshipped down Kyuhyun’s skin. And he let that joke sink in for a moment before Zhou Mi snorted and lifted his head.

“Just a little?” Zhou Mi wondered.

He took a berry, offering it to Kyuhyun and Kyuhyun took it, ate it, slow, as he ran his hand down Zhou Mi’s abs. He was going to lick Zhou Mi’s stomach clean in a moment, just as soon as Zhou Mi stopped making those eyes at him.


They were filthy, stained, and smeared in red and white, and they both stared at the figure paused in the doorway. Not a word was said, just a grin like someone had just won a bet or a jackpot. They both heard the door distinctly being locked before it was closed again, but they didn’t see it because they had started laughing into each other’s shoulders.

“Yum,” Kyuhyun murmured as he slid Zhou Mi’s pants a little further down his hips. He had a goal, and it seemed with the door locked, that Zhou Mi had no objections.


Prompt: could I please ask for some qmi smut? :3 maybe with them being continuously interrupted before Zhou Mi has enough and locks the door and maybe barricades the door closed behind them? c:


Life with roommates was especially difficult, when trying to get alone time. Especially if those roommates were thinking that everyone was as free as they were. Zhou Mi had gotten Kyuhyun most of the way into bed and halfway out of his pants when the door burst open.

“Hey, Kyuhyun, do you have—“

There were no other words, just trailing sound and a retreating back.

Zhou Mi turned the lock.

“Hey, Kyuhyun, you got a package?”

Again, the door flew open and Zhou Mi nearly choked as Kyuhyun covered his head with a pillow and half smothered him while he breathed through his nose and, as a kind of mean touch, swallowed around Kyuhyun.

“Just put it— Anywhere!”

“Oh! Sorry!”

“Close the door. Ugh,” Kyuhyun said, lifting the pillow off of Zhou Mi’s head. “I thought you locked it.”

“I did,” Zhou Mi said, or his closest approximation of it as he could with his mouth full.

But he locked it again, that time, settling back between Kyuhyun’s thighs and doing his best to get more of those strangled little moans from him.

They both startled at the loud pop jangle, the vibration of a phone going off on the bedside table.

“My mom,” Kyuhyun said, laughing helplessly. But he didn’t answer, letting it go to voicemail.

But Zhou Mi, Zhou Mi had had enough. He took his phone, Kyuhyun’s phone, his laptop, every electronic short of the alarm clock and deposited them into an orderly pile in a corner of the living room. Then, he locked the door when he got into the room, turning the knob, pulling it, seeing if it could jiggle free. It couldn’t, but Zhou Mi wasn’t taking any chances, wedging the back of a chair under it for good measure.

Kyuhyun was laughing at him when he got back to bed, but the curl on Kyuhyun’s lips told him that Kyuhyun knew he’d be doing more than laughing soon.


Prompt: qmi - they've been dating in secret for so long they accidently forget that not everyone knows


It was hard to say who had found out first. There might’ve been a debate about that, which lightbulb had lit, which one of them had let a secret meeting slip. They were dating in secret, to be sure, in the sense that the greater population knew. When they were in private with those they trusted, those who had figured it out or had been told, there was no reason to disguise it. But apparently, remembering who and when and how much was something too much for them - when they gave each other a quick peck in the apartment with company over.

The one set round eyes tipped them off first. For a moment Zhou Mi wondered if he had something on his face. That seemed like something overly much for a friend to be surprised over. But he looked, puzzled, to Kyuhyun and Kyuhyun was starting to laugh and then Zhou Mi was really confused.

“Wait, did you not—“ Kyuhyun started, and then he tipped his head back and really laughed and everyone at the table started laughing, too. And he was almost crying when he turned back to Zhou Mi. “They didn’t know about us.”

About…? Oh. They’d kissed. Zhou Mi finally got the joke as Kyuhyun’s arm slipped around him.

“Surprise, we’re dating,” Zhou Mi said, and that surprise was already out. But at least it was to someone they trusted.

Apparently they were doing this secret thing wrong.


Prompt: >> something Qmi from this song/music video


Above, the table was set with artful square plates, glasses etched and shining. The air hummed with music, something light, a concerto, and the scent of meat caramelizing on a grill pan on the gas flame. A cork was tucked away, vegetables tumbling stiff and fresh into a wooden bowl. Not a drop of wine was wasted, not a scrap of food was left, but the music stopped before they did, before fingers twined and the meal was almost at its inevitable end. Zhou Mi touched a drop of vinaigrette to Kyuhyun’s lower lip and watched him lick it away.

Below, it was the scent of a burning candle, beeswax, and the lingering smoke of an extinguished match. It was for light, not pain, and that gleamed on skin, on supple leather. Gloves were put down, bottles, criss-crossing straps meant to arouse. It was laid out just so, a measure of control in the doing of of it, a layer of seduction in the display. There was no music there, just the sounds of deep breaths, shallow, the slide of skin on slick cloth and the tug of braided rope. Zhou Mi kissed Kyuhyun’s fingers and smiled at him.


Prompt: Qmi period!au: scholar Zhou Mi seems immune to fox spirit Kyu's magic, but they fall in love anyway.


Kyuhyun tried in several forms. First, he was a woman, one many men had fallen for, that had claimed for him many riches and the pieces of many souls, had he been inclined to take them. His magic alone was enough to get him fine places to sleep, and more food than he could ever begin to eat, and beyond the urge for amusement.

But when he failed as a woman, he tried again, a different form. And again, he failed. He thought this scholar, this Zhou Mi whose hands were never far from books, his fingertips stained with the remnants of ink as he ran his fingers up and down pages, was perhaps maybe made of paper and not flesh. But no, he followed the man to see him sup with his friends. That focus he put into the bound books was as equally put to his friends, but instead of notations and the swirl of brush in ink, it was to drink, to laughter and shared stories, something even more convivial for Zhou Mi’s arrival than it had been before.

Kyuhyun’s final shift was into a form he had been in more than any other, a form of a man that felt more like a second skin, and as Zhou Mi did his best not to sway on his way back, Zhou Mi nodded at him, glancing.

Kyuhyun wanted to know what was behind those smiles.

He approached with food, and it worked better than silk had, but when he tried to charm, Zhou Mi’s interest only rose when he spoke of travels, the things he had seen. It made him only try harder, intrigued by a challenge who did not give at a twinkle of his eye. While Zhou Mi slept, Kyuhyun read through the books on Zhou Mi’s desk, Zhou Mi none the wiser. He treated himself to the sight of long, bare thighs as Zhou Mi shifted for more of the cooling night air.

He’d posed as worse than a traveler collecting stories, but a remark upon the book that Zhou Mi read had Zhou Mi in his palm, eager to talk, to ply Kyuhyun with food. It was more satisfying than with magic. He got those laughs, the fascination, Zhou Mi leaning closer, pointing out a passage, watching as Kyuhyun took the brush from his fingers and wrote down stories he had told, and some he had not. He wrote for Zhou Mi, strokes against rough paper, and watched Zhou Mi’s fingertips move slowly over a scar in the wood of the desk. His lips were parted, eyes focused.

To many, a smile was seduction.

“Zhou Mi,” Kyuhyun said, and Zhou Mi’s head turned, his breath warm for a moment against Kyuhyun’s cheek.

“I forgot a character,” Kyuhyun said, urging Zhou Mi to take the brush, only for Kyuhyun then to cover his hand, sliding their fingers together. He heard Zhou Mi’s breath catch, as Zhou Mi guided both their hands. But instead of letting Zhou Mi’s hand go, he turned his head, his eyes on Zhou Mi’s lips.

It was Zhou Mi who kissed him, and it was Zhou Mi’s indefinable magic that had caught him, kept him.

The table bore the stain of the forgotten brush for years, as their fingers tangled and held. They ate at that table, loved, read together. No more need for tricks, or to wander.


Prompt: Hi, Coley! QMi smut, please? After leaving to drink, they end up spending the night together on Zhou Mi apartment. Thank you. You write very well!


It was hard to think with Kyuhyun’s hands all over him. Zhou Mi had just been too wrapped up in kissing when they all but slid onto his bed to think about other things that they might need, things that required movement when he already had Kyuhyun right where he wanted him. Kyuhyun had been happy the whole way home, his arm around Zhou Mi, and right then, he was just impatient, splaying himself against Zhou Mi’s back as Zhou Mi reached and groped and smacked at his table to give up the lube Kyuhyun had left the last time, and the box that seemed to have disappeared further back than Zhou Mi had ever put it.

“Did you use it all up?” Kyuhyun asked, grinding down against him, his breath hot just before he decided to nibble on Zhou Mi’s ear.

It made his brain, and his hands stop working for a moment, until he realized that unless he hurried, Kyuhyun was just going to get off against him and then he’d have a Kyuhyun in a pleasure coma.

“Got it,” Zhou Mi exulted, and he was pretty sure a lot of the lube ended up slicking his back instead, because moving wasn’t happening and Kyuhyun’s control was shot, but he groaned down into his forearm as Kyuhyun slid into him, slick and full.

“You know what you wrapping your lips around that bottle does to me,” Kyuhyun groaned, and oh, did he. The blame in Kyuhyun’s eyes after, the way he’d kissed Zhou Mi when they got home, the urgency of his hips. Zhou Mi got a hand beneath himself, stroking, but mostly letting Kyuhyun do the work for him. Maybe he’d have to wake Kyuhyun up that way, because feeling Kyuhyun go hard for him made him happier than any drink.

Kyuhyun began to groan, the short, unselfconscious sounds of a man nearly there, and Zhou Mi pushed back against him, nearly there himself, squeezing Kyuhyun tight and using the moans and urgent thrusts he got in return to drive himself over the edge, hissing Kyuhyun’s name. Kyuhyun was frantic, hips moving, nearly silent except for his gasping breaths and satisfaction of a different kind bled through Zhou Mi as Kyuhyun moaned and came and stilled. And then he collapsed, like a souffle, heavy and warm on Zhou Mi’s back. They’d move, eventually. But not quite yet.

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