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2011-01-27 02:57 pm
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Ask me a fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general. Questions can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fanfic in general, fandom issues/meta, anything about any of my stories specifically.

(boredom is a tricky thing. or wait, I'm not bored...just playing escape XD)
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2010-02-11 11:55 pm
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K- ten things

1. comment and I'll give you a letter
2. list ten things you love that begin with that letter
3. post it on your journal and fill out letters of your own.

Heather gave me the letter "K"...probably because she knew what she'd be getting with the letter "S" but hey! This turned out not so hard.

1. Kyuhyun - Well. Where to start. I knew him as the baby, and immediately felt protective of him (and swore I would never write smut for him when I started writing, whoops!). Got to know his face, and that thinking of his wellbeing made others cry. And then his voice... His voice. <3 It's milk chocolate to me, and that is saying very much, lol. Smart and witty, gooftastic and adorable, he's a package of compelling. He has flaws, but they make him a person, more than just that voice (and that smile...and the dark eyes. <3). ...And that really doesn't even blow the dust off the surface.

2. KyuMi - (and thus..kangaroos and koalas (do you notice these two are both marsupials? they're all but begging for it. XD)) - Okay, I'm totally cheating here. XD I love them... I love them as friends. I love seeing them beside each other, talking, laughing, touching, interacting. It's that genuine feeling you don't get many places, and it's quite startling in its beauty sometimes. Of course, on the fictional flipside, I also love to read them, and have had the pleasure of doing so from many talented writers. <3 And, obviously, I love to write them. They have a dynamic that is very fun to me, because there are so many ranges that it can go, and it's so rarely flat and static. Kyuhyun is Kyuhyun, and Zhou Mi is Zhou Mi, and them just being together is a catalyst for possibility. <3 I feel like I am always learning for them, and that makes them very interesting to write for.

3. Kpop - Super Junior, what can I say? Korean music was a mystery to me when I mostly knew Japanese music. Of course, knew of BoA and S.E.S. but was blissfully unaware. So many different emotions here... So many good times. <3

4. Kitchen - Cooking, baking. Organizing. Theorizing. Printing out recipes and drooling over cookbooks. Honing knife skills. Chowing down. It's a happy place to be. Even when the results are bad~

5. Kanji - *cheating* I don't think I really enjoyed learning kanji so much as I loved learning Japanese. Despite the fact that second year was ridiculously a steep climb, I've never found a language that was quite that intuitive to me. Well. I mean, besides English, lol. Spanish was like trying to stab myself in the eye, comparatively, and I didn't even have to learn a new writing system. That difference probably had to do with a different book/instructor for Japanese, because such things cannot be discounted. But the term irregular verbs regarding Spanish still haunts me.

6. Karaoke - while wearing kimonos? hahaha. We saw plenty of places we could've tried in Japan, but. XD Have done it with in-home party, and also via Karaoke Revolution. Interesting college parties where the girls would liberally slaughter the boys.

7. Knitting - Heather's fault~ I have projects started but alas... One scarf in a gorgeous orange-y red that I want to finish sometime before I die. But I get enough repetitive motion just typing without adding clacking needles into the picture, too. However, I do quite love it. And loved writing about it. XD

8. Kaiser rolls - Sandwiches. I love sandwiches, lol. A little bit of special spread, some turkey, and I'm having happy memories.

9. Kilts - *desperation sets in at this point* I love to read things set in Scotland, and have ancestors from there, vaguely. Best book involving kilts, Diana Gabaldon's epic, "Outlander."

10. Kisses - Okay, it's been 20 years, but still. XD My poor classmate, I hope he was not scarred for life. They're fun to read and write about in any case!
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2009-12-31 09:24 pm
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Fic 2009 roundup

Seriously, oh my word, my opinions on this...?  ?_?  I felt like I needed to set up a poll, like, how do I choose...?  ?_?  Haha.  I'm not qualified to make these decisions!  I just wrote them! 

...Oh writing, how you move me.


2009 Fic Meme
I...what? )
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2009-12-06 11:17 am
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Four glasses of what?

State o' the fanfic...Read more... )
And for random...
For two little enter your username things that made me lol... )

Wow, my life! They got it...right. And a romance in a hiis~tory~

Haha. _-_
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2009-08-26 05:23 pm
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Good for time a-waistin'...

This is when you get to ask me anything. I mean anything, this time -- fandom things, real life things, things you think you should know, things you think I should have told you a long time ago. Anonymous posting is permitted but screened. This post is unlocked, so anything that is too personal will not be answered.