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Title: Impressions
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chen
Rating: up to NC-17

Summary: 22 various prompts, see prompts for content.


Prompt: het!baekchen. baekhyun has spent all day teasing jongdae to her frustration and near tears but he rewards her generously in their bedroom when they get home that night


Baekhyun had a way about him. It was wrong that he could touch Jongdae in public, and with just a flick of his fingers, he had her breaking out in goosebumps, her nipples going painfully tight. He could follow that up with a word that had her indignant, in endless cycles of near-moans and jabbing him in the ribs until she was pressing her thighs together desperately and flushed with laughter and arousal.

She couldn’t even tell him he was cruel. He’d get off on that.

Baekhyun’s hand were under her skirt and pulling off her panties right when the door had closed, and he guided her to the bed, making her inhale as he bent her over the mattress, clothes and all. All he did was lift her skirt and open his pants, and Jongdae was moaning, grasping the blanket as he covered her up, filled her.

Jongdae screamed into the mattress within the first ten strokes of his hips, squeezing impossibly around him, coming so hard her vision blurred as he kept moving against her, refusing to let her catch her breath. The bed rocked with them as Jongdae came in little waves, keening his name as his hips jolted and he came for her.

“That’s one,” he gusted against her.

“I’m going to get you back for this,” Jongdae promised, wriggling under him and feeling him moan against her. His little chuckle told her he’d enjoy her trying.


Prompt: het!baekchen. jongdae sneaks into the boys' college dorms to give her boyfriend the best birthday present ever (ft. new lingerie he hasn't seen before)


Jongdae wore a hoodie and an old pair of jeans, and caught the door when someone was going out.

No one looked twice.

Baekhyun did a double-take when he answered the door, though, ushering her in and looking up and down the hall.


She didn’t let him finish, tugging him in, kissing him until Baekhyun was trying to put his hands on her.

“Ah-ha,” she said, pulling back. She popped the button on her jeans, wiggling them down a little. Baekhyun’s attention was rapt, his eyebrows raising as he saw the red lace she’d just started to reveal. Jongdae watched him lick his lips and she smirked. “Now watch.”

She took the edge of the hoodie and worked it up. Up, over her stomach, up until he realized she had no shirt underneath. Up, until the bottom curves of her breasts were revealed, cupped in the same red lace. She pulled the hoodie over her head, releasing her hair from the tie it was in. And that time, Jongdae let him reach, to push down her jeans and leave her in nothing but red.

“Wow,” Baekhyun said. “I— Wow.”

Poor man. All the blood was in his cock, as she stroked him through his pajama pants.

“Are you just going to leave me standing here?”

Jongdae laughed into the kiss, but she didn’t laugh at Baekhyun’s wandering hands, stroking over her thighs, the lace over her butt. He kissed her, hungry, cupping her ribs, moaning as his fingers found her nipples hard against the thin fabric.

“I could just come all over you,” Baekhyun gusted, staring down at her body.

“You could,” she offered, sly, pinching against his side. He seemed to half consider it, before shaking his head, and Jongdae squealed as he hauled her up, carrying her and setting her on the bed. Baekhyun made her moan, her back arching as bit her nipple through the cloth, worrying, wetting with his mouth. His arm kept her from sagging, aching sharply with each tug of his teeth. It was impossible to stay still as Baekhyun squeezed her breasts with his free hand, and he finally did her in when he caught the upper edge of lace and tugged it down until he could suck against her nipple, skin to skin.

“Baekhyun, please!” Jongdae gasped as his tongue flicked against her, and he growled as her nails pressed into his skin. She needed him. She needed him right then, in her, immediately.

Baekhyun tugged her panties down as she scooted back, until all he held was a scrap of soaking red lace, staring at her with her thighs parted, her chest heaving. Jongdae magicked a condom from the band of her bra, waggling the packet.

“Come on,” she said and his pajamas and underwear dropped, his shirt being shaken off of one arm as he got on the bed and took the condom from her. Her legs started to wrap around him before he barely got set, laughing, rolling the condom on, moaning a little, moaning a lot as her hips lifted and he slid into her faster than expected. Jongdae fought the urge of her thighs to widen, wanting to feel him in her, barely able to focus on his face as he thrust in fully, bending over her, covering her up and kissing her.

“Move, damn it,” she whined, tugging on his hair and trying to lift her hips to encourage him. “I bought this to get laid, not for you to— Oh! Fuck!”

Baekhyun’s hips rolled, causing her to ripple around him. So turned on from the way he’d looked at her, his mouth on her, and now, finally, him inside her, that she hardly knew where pleasure began and ended. Her whole body was tight, her toes curling, feeling him sliding into her, filling her, the pressure undoing her. Baekhyun was kissing against her neck, against her moans.

“You’re going to get us caught,” he said, not displeased.

“Just— Get me off,” Jongdae said, clutching at his back. Nothing else right then mattered, nothing else. He ground against her with every movement, her breasts in the lace rubbing against his chest. She thought she couldn’t endure it slow, but as his hips picked up speed, it had her whining, trying to muffle herself against her fingers as everything inside of her wound tighter, and tighter. Jongdae gasped, the pleasure just out of reach, and then it spiked, flooding through her, making Baekhyun hiss as she came around him. He tried not to give in, tried to hold out, but he hug his head and groaned, not even lasting until she’d remembered how to breathe, and there was not one person more pleased than Jongdae as Baekhyun began to mumble.

“I request this for all future birthdays. And holidays. And—“

“Okay, okay,” Jongdae laughed, patting at him.

Definitely a success.


Prompt: baekhyun is afraid to be more rough during sex bc he doesn't want to hurt jongdae but jongdae reassures him that he wants it, can handle it (restraints, orgasm denial, breath play)


Jongdae had been on the bed for thirty minutes, having already been hard when Baekhyun enclosed his wrists in the soft cuffs. They’d only started once Jongdae had convinced him, once Baekhyun too had been convinced that Jongdae would be able to let him know to stop, if it went too far. And it had been lovely, to see Jongdae sprawled out, desperately hard and moaning as Baekhyun fingered him, his thighs widening like Baekhyun was going to crawl right there and fuck him like he wanted. Jongdae moaned against his kisses, squeezed around his fingers. And Baekhyun moved his fingers quicker, filling Jongdae. Just the erotic feeling of being bound had Jongdae throbbing as Baekhyun began to jerk him off as well.

“Yes,” Jongdae moaned, lifting his hips. He had to be aching, so swollen, so tight. Baekhyun stroked him faster for a few moments until Jongdae was keening.

And then Baekhyun stopped. He pulled both his hands away, leaning down and nibbling against Jongdae’s nipples, feeling him squirm.


Baekhyun grinned a little and got off the bed entirely, going and washing his hands and humming as he got a drink. Jongdae was a different shade of frustrated when Baekhyun returned, unable to get any relief the way he was bound. Baekhyun happily climbed back onto the bed and stroked himself a little as he admired Jongdae again. Jongdae eyed him, eyed Baekhyun’s enjoyment of his discomfort and need.


“All right,” Baekhyun agreed. And he began again, with the kisses, three of his fingers pumping slowly into Jongdae, feeling him thicken again as Baekhyun stroked his cock.

And again, he stopped, Jongdae’s head popping up, panting.


It was a more anguished admonition.

“You know what you have to do if you want me to stop,” Baekhyun said, biting his lip as he met Jongdae’s eyes.

Jongdae just grumbled, his head resting back, and his hips lifting occasionally like he was responding to touches that couldn’t be seen. That had been four of those cycles, and Baekhyun had just ended the fifth, with Jongdae’s cock dripping onto his belly, flushed and sweating, shuddering as Baekhyun pulled his fingers out of him. He’d been so close that time. So close.

“I can’t,” Jongdae wheezed. But he stared in fascinated horror as Baekhyun lazily got his own cock hard, getting himself ready. It wasn’t just Jongdae he was denying then, but himself, and he was reaching the end of his own control.

Jongdae moaned as Baekhyun slid into him, so loose and ready that he just took Baekhyun in, lifting his hips to meet him. He fucked Jongdae, slow, watching Jongdae’s cock twitch, hearing the way that Jongdae pulled against the cuffs. Jongdae moaned almost like Baekhyun was trying to kill him, and he kissed Baekhyun back like a hungry man as Baekhyun gave up some of his own control to how tight Jongdae was around him.

One of his hands wrapped around Jongdae’s cock, watching Jongdae’s eyes almost roll back from the rocking of Baekhyun’s hips. Jongdae was throbbing for him almost immediately. He leaned over, knowing Jongdae couldn’t last. Jongdae stared at him, eyes wide, needy, but never once did he try to stop Baekhyun as Baekhyun began to cut off his air. It took only a press, almost gentle, almost an illusion of it in a way, but so very real as he stroked Jongdae’s cock faster, watched desperately in case he had to stop. But Jongdae bucked, tried to gasp as Baekhyun rocked into him harder.

And that was all it took. He felt Jongdae begin to come, saw ecstasy dawn over his face, and Baekhyun snatched away his constricting hand, Jongdae pulling in noisy breaths as he came over Baekhyun’s fingers. It was too much stimulation, he knew, but he kept moving inside Jongdae, and when Jongdae made a sound closer to pain, Baekhyun pulled out, tugging only a few times before he came on Jongdae’s belly. He liked that. Marking him, almost.

He let Jongdae’s arms free, but they just flopped down, Jongdae’s eyelids all wonky.

“That’s what I was talking about,” Jongdae warbled. And they laughed a little, curled up together.


Prompt: Their fight never last this long. Jongdae also never walk out the door after any of their fight. Baekhyun feels guilty afterwards and miserable because of course he cant sleep without jongdae's beside him. (domestic baekchen)


It started as bickering, escalating to little barbs being flung, punctuated room-leaving and swinging back in for just one more final word. Most of the words weren’t all that bright, like kids arguing on the school grounds, “You said!” or “no, you said!”

But the closing of the door behind Jongdae after he put on his shoes, that felt very final. There was no flouncing back from that, and Baekhyun’s demand that Jongdae not go until they were finished died on his lips. Jongdae would be back. He’d go get something to drink, walk it off, and he’d be back.

Baekhyun lasted ten minutes soaring on a cloud of indignation until he was contrite, until he wanted to laugh everything away, pull Jongdae into a hug. He lasted 30 minutes before he was actually kind of worried, and another ten before he pulled out his phone.

“Sorry,” Baekhyun typed. “I love you. Come home soon?”

He pressed send, and then nearly scared himself to death as Jongdae’s phone went off across the room. So much for that. He half thought of deleting the text, but Jongdae’s phone was locked so that wouldn’t work. It was dark out, though. Maybe Jongdae was picking up something to eat. Maybe he’d gone for a drink.

Baekhyun refused to get ready for bed at first, daring Jongdae to come home. Then he was in a rush, turning out all the lights to get into bed so he could show Jongdae he just didn’t care, and that he’d gone to bed anyway. He fretted in the dark, glancing off the glowing red numbers of the clock and the occasional light on the ceiling cast by passing cars. He strained for every sound, wrung out. Finally, finally he heard the sound of the door unlocking. He forced himself to relax, seeing a light turned on, hearing movement. Jongdae was back. Jongdae was back, so there was that. He wanted to rush out, and he was frozen there as the lights turned off and Jongdae entered the bedroom. He barely breathed, listening to Jongdae undress on his side of the room. At least he wasn’t grabbing clothes and leaving. Baekhyun’s stomach was trembling as the mattress dipped and Jongdae pressed himself against Baekhyun’s back, kissing agains this neck.

“I’m sorry. I love you, too,” Jongdae said, and Baekhyun knew he’d seen the text.

He turned, and they squeezed each other, not talking, but holding, until nerves calmed, warmth saturating them. Baekhyun didn’t fall asleep angry, but he also didn’t fall asleep alone.


Prompt: jongdae taking care of a sick baekhyun


Too many parts of Baekhyun were hanging out from under the blanket every time Jongdae wandered by. He would whine that he was cold, and then there was a leg, or most of an arm arm.

“You need to stay covered up, stay warm. And you need to drink more,” Jongdae said, nudging the half-full glass of water closer to Baekhyun.

Granted Baekhyun looked miserable, his hair a bit sweaty and spiky, but he’d been miserable for a day and a half, and Jongdae’s sympathy had devolved to a bit of exasperation.

“Can I have beer?” Baekhyun asked.

He actually seemed hopeful about that, like Jongdae was going to say yes, that was a great idea.

“You can have tea. I can brew up some more of the medicine your mom dropped by,” Jongdae offered, and Baekhyun’s nose wrinkled. He carefully poured the water down his sore throat, coughing delicately as he covered himself up fully under Jongdae’s watchful eye.

Jongdae wasn’t heartless though, he put on a movie that they’d seen a few times, one that was a little slower and without a bunch of explosions. He had a feeling that was going to work, and sure enough, fifteen minutes in, Baekhyun was fast asleep. The things he did for love.

“Just don’t get me sick,” he muttered, and went back to reading.


Prompt: jongdae works up the courage to talk to baekhyun about moving from a fwb arrangement to a proper relationship


Jongdae didn’t want it to be in the middle of something, like he was trying to trick Baekhyun with pleasure. He didn’t want to have to hold Baekhyun back and say wait, we need to talk, either. It was a risk, but everything was a risk. Maybe Baekhyun said no, and they stayed doing what they were doing. Maybe Baekhyun said no, and everything ended.

He felt stupidly nervous, first night of the play, first day of work nervous, just sitting across from Baekhyun. They’d known each other a long time, longer than before they’d started fucking around, and there they were.

He did wait until their food got there, until they’d eaten, because at least it wasn’t something they had to talk about on an empty stomach, or to rile them up so they weren’t hungry at all. He’d still managed to eat, somehow.

“I was thinking… I know we hadn’t talked about it, but I was wondering about maybe being more exclusive. You and me.”

Baekhyun considered him over his water glass. He didn’t look upset at the idea. “I’m not fooling around with anyone else, so that doesn’t bother me. Have you been?”

“No,” Jongdae said, and Baekhyun shrugged as though to say, well then, that was what they were already doing. But that was only half the question. A good first step. “We’re practically dating anyway, but what if we really were?”


Baekhyun did sound surprised then, and Jongdae fought the urge to squirm, to look away.

“Unless you have better prospects,” Jongdae teased, half just to have something to say, half fearing maybe it was true. But he watched Baekhyun laugh. “It’s not just because it’s convenient. I think we’re good together.”

Baekhyun tsked at him. “I can think up a better date than this.”

It seemed Baekhyun was going to prove it.


Prompt: baekhyun has a private office at his company. when jongdae visits him after work, baekhyun's distracted by how good he looks in baekhyun's shirt and those jeans (desk sex, jongdae riding baekhyun)


It was habit, to lock the door when Jongdae came in. Not that anyone came bursting in anyway, but if they got caught up kissing, there were things some people didn’t need to know.

The blinds were down. There was lube in his desk drawer.

It was the serene landscape that Jongdae’s moans were echoing off of, and it was a damn good thing most everyone was gone as Baekhyun groaned and tried to thrust up as Jongdae sank onto him. But Baekhyun remembered the feel of the lock, as he stared at the way that Jongdae’s pants fit him.

He’d seen the shirt, a shirt he’d left at Jongdae’s place that Jongdae was flaunting wearing in front of him. He’d had to get his mouth on Jongdae’s cock, then, because one mark of Jongdae being his wasn’t enough. Jongdae all leaned up against his desk.

That didn’t explain how he ended up on his back on his desk, or maybe it did as Jongdae had kissed wet against his mouth, with his filthy tongue, and whispered, “I need you to fuck me. Now.”

Jongdae’s jeans were somewhere on the floor, Baekhyun’s tie somewhere else. Jongdae rubbed against Baekhyun’s dress shirt and sank onto his cock, and Baekhyun was lost. He was aching, moaning, wincing with how good it felt to have Jongdae riding him like Baekhyun’s cock was his only chance at salvation. It felt like his whole sense of reason was getting swallowed whole, his eyes rolling back as he tried to breathe, the desk almost as hard under him as he felt driving into Jongdae’s ass.

Jongdae took Baekhyun’s hand, wrapping it around his cock, and moaned, his head hanging as he kept moving, sweat beading, dripping down into his open collar.

“Maybe next time, I can—“ Baekhyun had to breathe for a few moments and Jongdae laughed just as breathlessly. “Bend you over this desk. Won’t stop until you—“

It had been meant to destroy Jongdae, but he ended up hurting himself instead, his thighs jerking, his back arching as Jongdae squeezed and slid along him.

“You like me in control,” Jongdae taunted, and cried out in a tone that shot straight through him. Baekhyun moaned, hips working desperately as he came in Jongdae. Jongdae’s hand closed around his, making him keep stroking, and he watched through dazed eyes as Jongdae used him to get off, coming in Baekhyun’s hand, coming on him like he was saying Baekhyun was his.

He couldn’t really refute it. Jongdae had taken him on his own desk. His head rested back on the wood, and he watched Jongdae breathe. It was just going to make the ride home a little more interesting.


Prompt: baekchen (with fem!chen) body worship


Baekhyun’s hands kneaded the blanket as he held himself steady between her thighs. Jongdae bit at her bottom lip, her breasts still enclosed in her bra and heaving as she swallowed back a sound. Baekhyun had not asked for anything, helping her out of her clothes, nuzzling between her thighs. His tongue slid into her, sliding against her, teasing, swirling. That she could endure quite well, except when he stopped, pressing kisses against her, a tiny moan leaving him with nearly each press of his lips, everywhere. Jongdae loved his appreciation, but at a certain point, arousal overcame her and throbbing overrode her enjoyment of his kisses. Some days it took as little as a squeeze to her knee for him to roll over, to guide her over him, to let him guide her down against his mouth so all she had to do was steady herself and let him go.

But Jongdae shuddered that night at the press of Baekhyun’s tongue, gripping the blanket herself for a different reason as her thighs wavered and he moaned against her. Every slide of his lips and flick of his tongue had her gasping.

“Please, now. Please, you can—“ Jongdae babbled.

She didn’t know how long Baekhyun could have gone, but she wasn’t that strong. She began to whimper, her hips tightening, lifting as Baekhyun’s tongue grew more desperate. It slid all over, settled as he began to suck, and moan, and Jongdae jolted, a startled moan echoing out of her as Baekhyun’s tongue kept moving. Baekhyun eased her through as she shook, and began to kiss against her again, soft, soothing little kisses. And she sighed, her head lolling to the side as Baekhyun’s tongue slid into her again. It was only a matter of time before she began to throb again for a different reason.


Prompt: het!baekchen. after classes, baekhyun de-stresses his girlfriend by getting her off on the subway


Baekhyun had seen firsthand how awful one of Jongdae’s teachers was, and he commiserated as Jongdae ranted, her whole posture tense as they got onto the subway to go toward home. He couldn’t make the teacher better, but there were things he could do like helping her with her homework, and listening. And then also hugging her from behind, and slipping one of his hands into the pocket of her long coat.

The inside of the pockets were a bit like silky mittens, and he was able to pop the button on her jeans and feel for the zipper.

Jongdae’s head turned immediately. “What—“

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you,” Baekhyun said, looking like he was just giving her a hug. Instead, he found her clit through her thin panties, rolling his fingertips against Jongdae as the subway car swayed and Jongdae grasped the pole in front of her hard. If she didn’t know his plan, she did then.

He wished he could see her face, wished he could slip his fingers inside of her and feel how wet she was getting, but all he could do was rub her clit to the clicking speed of the train, pausing as they pulled up to a stop and people shuffled in and out and Jongdae’s breath came a little labored as they held their position and waited for the doors to close. He thought he heard her whimper as the train began to move again and so did his fingers. He stroked her like he’d been teasing her for hours and was deep inside of her and eager to feel her come around him. He stroked her like she woke him up horny in the middle of the night and needing him to touch her. And then he rubbed even faster, until she gasped, and her thighs convulsed, the arm he had around her middle helping hold her up as she came for him.

His fingers were gentle then, as Jongdae panted, and he was fairly useless but he tried to get her pants hooked back together.

“Just wait until we get home,” Jongdae muttered, her cheeks flushed. Baekhyun just grinned at her.


Prompt: baekhyun may be king with important duties but it's jongdae, his servant, who has him wrapped around his finger


Somehow when Jongdae used his title it sounded not quite as respectful as when everyone else did. No one else nearly winked at him in the throne room, or nagged at him to eat, or all but shoved him out of his bed in the morning. When Jongdae said go, he went. When Jongdae said eat, he tried. Sometimes he argued back, or pouted, but he mostly did what he did for Jongdae. It was tiring, sometimes thankless work, but Jongdae refused to leave.

Still, Jongdae was there, a smile curving his lips when the crown was carefully put on Baekhyun’s head for state dinners, staying near him in case he needed anything.

Like, occasionally, to go scream into something soft when politics were destroying him. Jongdae always left the room after that remarking to people about how loud the cats were that time of year, which had Baekhyun snorting.

Though for his relative lack of reverence, Jongdae was also very careful. No one touched Baekhyun’s food between the kitchen and Baekhyun but him. No one. Jongdae was insistent on that, no matter how early he had to get up, how late he was woken.

“If you get poisoned, I don’t want to have to regret it because I wanted to sleep in one day. I’ll know then I did everything I could,” Jongdae insisted.

“How comforting,” Baekhyun said, leaning back in his chair and watching Jongdae gather his clothes to be washed.

No king was a man alone. He had his council, and his friends. In some ways, Jongdae was more important to him than both, having an insight into so many facets of both Baekhyun’s lives, and the lives of people outside the castle walls. So he didn’t mind, at times, when Jongdae bullied him, cajoled him, laughed at him. Jongdae, more than any other, made him feel real.


Prompt: chanyeol and kyungsoo have liked the same girl, baekhyun, for the longest time - only to find out that she's been dating her girlfriend, jongdae, for the past year


They’d discussed a few times who had met Baekhyun first. Chanyeol was fairly sure it was him, Kyungsoo had a meeting that maybe superseded it, so that was a draw. It wasn’t as though they were arguing who had more right, though… It was a little like that. They had an agreement, anyway, that if Baekhyun showed preference toward one of them, the other would back off. They’d shook on it. Nothing else was out of bounds. They could get to know her, ask her out if it came to that, and there were no hard feelings.

It wasn’t like they wondered why they were both interested. There were times she just about dripped mischief, and then she went all thoughtful, touching her fingers to her lips, and—

They had some definite appreciation going on.

Chanyeol tried his best. “Maybe you want to go out for a movie tomorrow? We could go as a group, or…?”

Or just the two of them. It was a nice leading statement.

“So many movies are out this last month I’ve been wanting to see. Is it okay if I bring my girlfriend along?”

“Sure— I— Your…? Your girlfriend?”

“You met her the last time everyone met up. Jongdae. Cute haircut.”

The girl that Baekhyun had been sitting next to at every group outing Chanyeol could remember.

“Oh yeah,” Chanyeol said, his mind blanking. “Have you…very long?”

“Almost a year!” Baekhyun said, and grimaced. “Anniversaries are worse than Christmas! What kind of movie did you want to see?”

Chanyeol wandered away afterward, sitting beside Kyungsoo with a thud. “She’s dating someone else. For a long time. Jongdae.”

Kyungsoo blinked at him, matching the name to an identity.

“I—Wow. Really?”

Well, there was regret, and there was some happiness that she was happy. And at least, at least they knew.

“You have to come to the movies tomorrow so it’s not just me and them,” Chanyeol said, and Kyungsoo agreed.

They bought each other a drink in commiseration.


Prompt: fem!baekchen lazy morning sex


Baekhyun wiggled back under the blankets, shivering a little and pressing herself against Jongdae’s already-warmed back. Her nipples were ridiculous hard as she tried to merge with Jongdae’s body.

“Brr,” Baekhyun complained. “How long is it going to take to heat up?”

“The heater’s already on.” Though on Baekhyun’s protest, Jongdae turned around, making Baekhyun hum as they kissed. “I can warm you up, though.”

“Oh?” And Baekhyun’s eyebrows rose as she felt something smooth rub against her thigh. Sure enough, there was the harness stark against Jongdae’s skin. She’d put it on while Baekhyun had made her treacherous trek to the bathroom. “Oh.”

Baekhyun hitched a thigh up over Jongdae’s hip and cooed as their favorite toy rubbed against her. Jongdae kissed her, rubbing over her skin, the toy still teasing as Baekhyun began to throb and wiggle closer. She reached between them herself, tilting it, until the movement of their hips had it sliding into her. Baekhyun moaned as Jongdae gripped her leg and kept her close, sliding the toy into faster as they wound together side by side. There was the heat that Jongdae promised, surrounding both of them.

“I wish we had a- a private island so I could wake you like this every morning,” Jongdae gasped, her hips working to the thought.

Waking for pleasure every morning. Sunning on the beach. Pulling Jongdae against her. Baekhyun squeezed around the toy, rubbed against it, and pleasure washed over her. Jongdae slowed, kissing against Baekhyun’s neck. Jongdae slowed, but she didn’t stop, holding on for Jongdae’s promise of more.


Prompt: baekchen first time with hair pulling?


Jongdae was kissing him almost all of the way onto the bed, humming with him, making him shiver as Jongdae pulled Baekhyun’s shirt off of his arm and all but covered him on the mattress. He’d been half hard since they’d gotten to Jongdae’s apartment after their date, and Jongdae was demonstrating why as he rocked their hips together.

“What do you want?” Jongdae asked, kissing against Baekhyun’s neck. Jongdae’s fingers ran through Baekhyun’s hair, tightening, tugging.

“Want,” Baekhyun gasped. “Want you. Fuck.”

When did Jongdae discover it? When Baekhyun shivered in his arms as they were making out in a deserted alley, or when Baekhyun had leaned into a touch. He didn’t know how Jongdae’s grin could get more satisfied, or at least, he didn’t know until Jongdae had slid into him, all slick and hard. Almost every roll of Jongdae’s hips was punctuated by a tug to Baekhyun’s hair, and Baekhyun squirmed, tingles rolling from his scalp, down his arms, his chest.


“Can’t you,” Jongdae breathed, and Baekhyun nipped at his chin, moaning as they kissed, as Jongdae moved both of them, the mattress rocking as well. Jongdae was watching, listening, adjusting to how Baekhyun was reacting. Learning him. Jongdae tugged his hair at random, every two thrusts, every three, every other thrust, each one. And Baekhyun was glad he was on his back because he’d have been flat on his face if he’d have had to hold himself up. He couldn’t even lift his hands to hold onto Jongdae, or give him a taste of his own medicine.

“So good,” Jongdae moaned, and he was stroking Baekhyun, moving, hips taking a sharp series of thrusts punctuated by three sharp pulls of Baekhyun’s hair.

Baekhyun didn’t even get to move before he was coming, his whole body arching in reflex after it was all over, squeezing around Jongdae, moaning as the throbbing began, as Jongdae hissed above him. Jongdae shuddered as he came moments later, short, sharp little moans accompanying the movement of his hips, and the slowing of them.

Jongdae pulled out of him, and that was a different kind of tingle altogether, lifting his head and getting Jongdae to kiss him. Jongdae’s eyelids were low and satisfied, and that, that had been everything he’d been hoping.

“Do you make a habit of destroying men on your first night together?” Baekhyun asked as he panted.

“Only easy ones,” Jongdae teased, and laughed as Baekhyun bit his shoulder, rolling Baekhyun with him.


Prompt: coley nim I am craving baekchen smut. :x can I have blue hair baek getting a morning ride from his boyfriend chen?


Baekhyun’s fingers scrabbled at the pillow, his head rolling as Jongdae stroked him, teased him. All he had to do was lie there, staring, gasping as Jongdae settled and the unbearable pressure eased as Jongdae opened for him. He had to freeze his hips as Jongdae worked Baekhyun deeper, his face tense and moans leaving him as he fucked himself down on Baekhyun’s cock. Jongdae paused, breathed, as skin settled against skin, and Baekhyun allowed himself to breathe as well.

“Were you planning this?”

“Why, did you have something better to do?” Jongdae teased, licking his lips and letting his hips roll.

Baekhyun’s moan came out a bit like a growl, and Jongdae grinned, bouncing and making them both urgent.

“Your hair looks good like that agains the pillow,” Jongdae said. Jongdae had said he’d liked it but there he was, riding his heart out and Baekhyun— Baekhyun very much liked being shown. Jongdae was— Jongdae was evil, Baekhyun decided. Complimenting him, bracing himself with a hand and stroking his own cock with a hand as he ate Baekhyun up with his eyes. Not like the sight of it helped Baekhyun in any way except to

“Are you just using my body to get off?” Baekhyun cracked. Though he wasn’t laughing as Jongdae tightened around him. He shuddered, lifting his hips and gasping as he reached, braced a hand against Jongdae’s knee to center himself. “You know you want to come on my cock.”

“That close, are you?” Jongdae teased.

“Fuck you,” Baekhyun retorted, but any heat in it was lost as he moaned, and moved with Jongdae.

To see Jongdae touching himself, to feel him getting closer. Baekhyun gripped the pillow again, trying not to lift right off of the bed as Jongdae cried out and came around him. Jongdae worked him, worked them both, and Baekhyun was lost, trying to breathe, trying to move, gasping, his moans cut short as he came for Jongdae. He wheezed, head rolling on the pillow, Jongdae slowing at last and listing forward like a falling building. He nuzzled under Baekhyun’s chin, sighing.

It was morning, but apparently not quite yet time to get up.


Prompt: continuation of king baekhyun/servant jongdae au? baekhyun begins to notice things about jongdae that he never had before and wonders what this strange feeling in his chest is


Baekhyun hated traveling, hated the monotony of it. He hated being enclosed more, which was how he argued his way onto a horse the moment they were out of sight. He didn’t care if he had to wear the outfit of a solider to do it, as long as he wasn’t shut up in some swaying little box. It was like a coffin, and for all his power he was also powerless inside of it. At least on the horse, he could flee.

And Jongdae seemed to eye him sometimes from his own horse as though he were in danger of wheeling right around and running off to live in a field. Baekhyun just raised his chin and pretended to very interested in the road ahead. At least he didn’t have to travel alone. There was that. Jongdae was willing to engage him unlike the others, and had no pause at all to start rattling on about birds, or the rumors he’d heard from this village or that.

He thought though maybe Jongdae took too much pleasure in shuffling Baekhyun out to be displayed as they went through this village or that. Their king. No, he didn’t mind that. They were people who worked hard, who needed hope in times there were little.

And Jongdae would accept food from no one. He had his own packs, setting up by a fire and making rudimentary food that he’d learned in the kitchens for just that purpose.

“Not poison,” Baekhyun said, eating his fill as Jongdae sniffed at him.

The soldiers stood watch, making their own camps with him protected in their midst. Jongdae stayed near him, settling when all was done.

He didn’t even have the courtesy to stay awake until Baekhyun was asleep, Baekhyun realized, scowling. He’d not much more put down his head and he was asleep. And yet, there was a quiet on Jongdae’s face in the firelight that he didn’t often have awake. He was always so determined. Still Baekhyun could see his grin, and hear his whine. Jongdae had always known him best, and yet— He tried to imagine traveling through those woods with someone else, and it felt lonely, made him ache.

“I forbid you to leave,” Baekhyun murmured. And his eyes were on Jongdae until they grew too heavy, and the warmth of the fire lulled him to sleep.


Prompt: king baekhyun/servant jongdae au? they slowly begin to realize each other's feelings towards the other, and one of them ends up suddenly confessing


Jongdae did a good job of averting his eyes. Most times, anyway. Sometimes looking up and seeing Jongdae’s eyes dancing meant more to him that all of his advisors combined. And Jongdae’s eyes going hard as someone argued back at Baekhyun. It was like all the indignation leaped forward that someone would dare. It made Baekhyun feel a little more like a king, which was a strange thing for a servant to make him feel. But he’d always known Jongdae was different in many regards.

“I think if you and I were able to run the country on our own, we’d get more accomplished,” Baekhyun said.

It made Jongdae stall in his path to put away Baekhyun’s clothes.

“Someone would advise you to have me tossed to the pigs if I were to speak,” Jongdae said, moving again.

“You give me your opinions here, though. I value that.”

It was something, to have the ear of the king. Most servants wouldn’t, and Jongdae had never abused it. Many times his admonitions were attempts to keep Baekhyun himself safe.

“You’re like my secret consort,” Baekhyun said.

He expected Jongdae to fire back, amused. But Jongdae’s head had lowered, and he was still. Too still.

“Your Majesty—“

It could have been a tease, pulling away from the times they had approached the edge and stared beyond it. The innocent touches Baekhyun shouldn’t have allowed, the way he let Jongdae speak to him.

“I’d prefer you above all others,” Baekhyun said. But he did not rise, did not go to Jongdae, or try to touch. Jongdae was bound to the rules of his position, and so was Baekhyun. What Baekhyun could say, and what he could do were two different things. If he reached out, if Jongdae did not feel the right to pull away, Baekhyun was betraying both of them.


His name, said only for Baekhyun to hear. But the hand that Jongdae rested on his shoulder, that he touched, covering Jongdae’s hand with his own. Jongdae had reached for him.


Prompt: baekhyun is track star of his school. jongdae, studious and not easily impressed, gets under his skin in an exhilarating way


Jongdae did not wear glasses, so he at least escaped cliche. Though, it was kind of a shame because Baekhyun liked glasses, and it would’ve given him something else to focus on. They shared two and a half classes, the half being gym for which Baekhyun got pulled away for track things. The other two, Jongdae didn’t smile like he could be seen doing in the cafeteria or hallway. Instead he was the guy who almost never got called out for sleeping, or goofing off. Jongdae did get in trouble sometimes for not paying attention, but that was kind of like scolding a kid for eating his vegetables because he’d gotten distracted reading the textbook.

Between the textbook and the teacher, and Baekhyun almost hurt to say it, Jongdae had made the better choice. So he wasn’t some stick in the mud, he just really cared about learning. Which was cool. Baekhyun learned pretty easily, so he did fine. He wasn’t top of the class, but solidly above the average. That wasn’t going to call him out. People knew him for track, and the ridiculous shirts they wore sometimes to remind people to sign up. People knew him because he won. Because he flew.

He cocked his hip against Jongdae’s desk and just stood there, waiting before class, until Jongdae looked up. He wished for glasses again. A barrier.

“I have a competition tomorrow, so I won’t be here in class. Can I borrow your notes when I get back?”

Jongdae blinked at him. “I can make you a copy.”

Not as fun, but definitely helpful.

“Thanks,” he said, shooting what he thought of as his Winning Grin.

“Good luck!” Jongdae called back to him, just before the teacher swept in.

Not as winning as that grin had been.


Prompt: king baekhyun/servant jongdae. after a long day, they relax together in baekhyun’s private baths


It was nice to relax, out of the eyes of people who had expectations. Baekhyun maybe more than him in ways, but there was always scrutiny on him, how well he represented his king. The guards made sure the room was secure, the attendants waited for Baekhyun to test the water and give his approval, and person by person they exited the room, leaving Jongdae to tend to Baekhyun on his own. To help him from his clothes, and hold his arm as he sank into the water. To admire him, though that wasn’t part of his duties.

“Aren’t you going to scrub my back?” Baekhyun asked, putting on his best royal and haughty face. And then he sputtered as Jongdae splashed his chest. “How dare you!”

“How dare I,” Jongdae gently mocked.

Yes, he would scrub Baekhyun’s back, once they were sure that all was secure and he’d received the answering knock from the guard outside. Maybe more than that as well. He well and truly relaxed when the knock came. Jongdae made sure the cloths and dippers were near and stripped off his own clothes. He’d only begun settling down near Baekhyun and promptly was splashed in return.

He didn’t whine, which made Baekhyun pout.

“Maybe we should wash you first,” Jongdae said.

Baekhyun took his arm and dragged him close, getting Jongdae’s hand just where he wanted it.

“I enjoy all your washing,” Baekhyun said, his eyelids half closing as Jongdae’s hand curled around him.

“They I’ll make sure you’re very clean,” Jongdae promised.

The sounds that Baekhyun made were for him alone, as he touched, as Baekhyun pressed his mouth against Jongdae’s neck and tried to muffle himself. He was achingly hard beneath the water, feeling Baekhyun against him, hearing him. And his king shuddered in pleasure against him, molding to him, relaxing for him as Jongdae breathed against his hair.


Prompt: fem!baekchen. on a spa getaway, baekhyun and jongdae finally take the leap to becoming a real couple


It was supposed to be relaxing. A weekend away from the stresses, and responsibilities. It was. Jongdae felt appropriately made into putty by the end of the first half day, and yet still her nerves were on high alert as she dressed for dinner. She’d made sure Baekhyun packed one nice outfit, so they could splurge at the nice restaurant on site, she’d said. Oh, Jongdae had said a lot of things, most of them in writing so Baekhyun couldn’t get an idea of what she was thinking from her tone of voice.

There were little private dining rooms split off from the main room, and Jongdae made sure Baekhyun was walking ahead of her, to step in first so she could have the full effect. Candles on the table, a bottle of wine waiting to be poured, lilies carefully arranged by one of the plates.

Jongdae smiled at the hostess, and they were left alone as Baekhyun gawked.

“Are you sure this is the right room?” she asked, laughing a little.

“Why? What does it look like it’s for?”

“For some kind of romantic…”

Baekhyun stopped, looking at Jongdae.

“It could be,” Jongdae said. “If you wanted it to be anyway.”

They’d started as friends, that ease making it possible one night to make out, and when that hadn’t ruined things, more. But they’d never had a date, not a named one anyway. It had been casual, physical, good in the best of ways, until Jongdae realized she wanted more than only calling Baekhyun her friend. More of everything.

“Want to be my date?” Jongdae asked, trying to be saucy, trying to hide that sliver of worry that Baekhyun’s feelings hadn’t kept up.

“For tonight?” Baekhyun asked, letting Jongdae take her hand and take her closer to their table.

“As many dates as you want,” Jongdae said.

Jongdae tried not to hold her breath as she watched Baekhyun’s fingertip trace the edge of a lily.

“Be careful what you promise,” Baekhyun said. “I might want a lot.”

“Maybe I do, too,” Jongdae countered.

They considered each other for a moment before Baekhyun nodded, brushing her lips against Jongdae’s.

“Then I’ll pour the wine,” Baekhyun said.

When Baekhyun grinned at her, Jongdae decided that the candles had definitely been a good choice. Taking the risk had been, too.


Prompt: jongdae may have asked baekhyun out first back in college but it's baekhyun who seals the deal with a ring


It was a large, flat, velvet box the size of a small envelope. Jongdae had been a little suspicious because Baekhyun had been so nervy about the date, wanting to go to the place they’d met at, triple checking that Jongdae wasn’t going to have to cancel on him because of work. He got that little tickle that had him expecting something else, wondering maybe. They’d been together for four years, their families knew, their work knew. Jongdae had been the one to suggest the restaurant to begin with, wanting to impress Baekhyun back when it had meant not eating very health for the week after. But it had been worth it, to see Baekhyun’s wide eyes when they went in to the white table cloths and gleaming glasses.

But, apparently his expectations were wrong, because Baekhyun had just slid a necklace box at him, a smile whisping at his lips. It seemed like such a production for an anniversary date, for a gift. He had three other necklaces Baekhyun had given him, and some bracelets.

Though he was determined to like whatever was in the box as he looked up to Baekhyun.

“Go ahead,” Baekhyun said. It was his Trying Not To Sound Eager voice, which meant he was anticipating Jongdae’s reaction.

So Jongdae opened the velvet top, waiting for his own reaction. It was a pendant, a gold chain draped over dark blue cloth. At it’s lower curve, the pendant was not gold, but silver, something that stood out stark as Jongdae touched it. A silver circle. A silver—

A silver ring. His finger almost jolted off of it, his eyes widening as he looked up to see Baekhyun’s grin almost overtaking his face.

“You can wear it around your neck if you want, but I’d prefer to see it on your hand,” Baekhyun said. He got up from the table, coming around and crouching by Jongdae’s chair, taking the box and slipping the ring off of the chain. It wasn’t quite getting down on one knee, but it was less conspicuous and so much closer. “Will you marry me?”

The ring fit, and Baekhyun looked up at him with such expectation.

“Yes,” Jongdae said. He wasn’t going to let Baekhyun off for tricking him, but he suspected Baekhyun knew that too, as they laughed.

And Baekhyun’s fingers curled around his as Jongdae kissed him.


Prompt: baekchen. for baekhyun's birthday, jongdae offers himself as baekhyun's present


Jongdae didn’t wear a bow, much as that might have been cute. The red robe was stolen, though. It was Baekhyun’s and it had been a funny gift years before, but it suited Jongdae.

Baekhyun had half thought Jongdae had been joking, whispering in his ear and laughing with him. But no, there was Baekhyun uncomfortably hard in pants, and there was Jongdae, the red cloth slithering down as he got on his hands and knees on the bed and showed Baekhyun just how slick and ready he was.

“I hate you,” Baekhyun cursed, and Jongdae laughed as Baekhyun struggled with his pants. His present had just unwrapped himself, and there he was left alone to strip as he watched Jongdae lazily stroking him and widening his knees.

“Are you waiting for Christmas?” Jongdae asked.

“Why?” Baekhyun asked, annoyingly out of breath. He got up onto the bed with Jongdae and accepted the offered packet and lube. “Is there going to be an encore?”

“I could be convinced.”

It was teasing, half purred because of the way that Baekhyun had squeezed against his hips. And Jongdae’s hips arched as Baekhyun pressed into him, bitting back a groan because Jongdae was so tight and he was moaning for him.

“Finally,” Jongdae gasped. Like it was his present, not Baekhyun’s.

Their hips slipped together, nudging, Jongdae meeting him, pressing back against him. Baekhyun was sighing, great gusty sighs because it was too good, and he hadn’t been mentally ready. He’d never have been mentally ready as he increased his pace and heard Jongdae whine. Jongdae was hard. He’d been hard when Baekhyun had been undressing, and he reached, meeting Jongdae’s hand, replacing it and the moan from Jongdae shot tingles down his spine. Warm and stiff and throbbing in his hand, he wanted that as a gift just for existing.

“I love your hands,” Jongdae said, words labored as Baekhyun rocked them both. “Yess, just—“

More. More with Jongdae going tight around him, and moving for him, trying to fuck into his hand. Baekhyun listened to the sound of Jongdae’s voice, how it pitched as Baekhyun stroked him faster, trying to get him off before Baekhyun couldn’t hold back any more. From the choked sound, it was only a surprise to Jongdae when came, his whole body jolting as Baekhyun stroked him, moved in him. It had him grimacing, angling his hips, bracing himself, getting deep, moving fast.

“Baekhyun, Baekhyun,” Jongdae moaned, and Baekhyun let go. Every moment, he enjoyed it, panting, his hips slowing as he stroked against Jongdae’s thigh. When he pulled away, he thought of flopping right on Jongdae’s back, but instead he moved a bit and pressed into the cool blanket beside him. He was never moving again. Jongdae patted at him, relaxing too.

“Wake me when it’s Christmas,” Jongdae said, and Baekhyun grinned.


Prompt: king baekhyun/servant jongdae au? it's not like they're trying to keep their relationship a secret but there is something exhilarating about stolen gazes and kisses in hidden corridors


Baekhyun was going to dissolve of boredom any minute, from what Jongdae was seeing. There was the droning of the official accounting, numbers that had been given to Baekhyun and reviewed already, and so he was only there to bear witness to the reading of it. Jongdae had sympathy, a little, but at least while Baekhyun was sitting there, he got to admire how Baekhyun looked in his finery, dressed to hold court, official and a look of near condescension on his face. He saw Baekhyun’s eyes flicker, stood a little straighter as he realized that Baekhyun’s eyes were on him. On him, in a way, the slow slide of his eyes down Jongdae’s body, and back up until he met Jongdae’s eyes.

Baekhyun was looking back at his advisors before the flush burned his face fully, and he didn’t think he imagined the tensing of Baekhyun’s lips.

That look, instead of making the time pass more quickly, made it even more interminable. When the last words were droned, Jongdae slipped out with relief to prepare for Baekhyun’s exit. It was quick from there, following behind Baekhyun and his guards. They’d slipped away before, no guards following, no eyes on them as Baekhyun pulled him close. But they had only moments after the guards swept the room and left them, Baekhyun’s lips against his. There were times anyone could have seen, but not then. And Jongdae had a grin on his face when he eased past the guards. Baekhyun would be expecting him back.



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