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Do you remember this? When everyone sent in all their hearts for Zhou Mi~  XD That was a little over a year ago! Click through to see an update~

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Everyone looks fantastic. Even the ones who look comical. For the most part the English is adorable. (For Donghae, it's incomprehensible. Have come to terms with this.)

Zhou Mi is a magical sparkly unicorn of cuteness. And at 1:28. His English will always be the cutest English. (This could also read "His everything will always be the cutest everything." Have come to terms with this, too.)

Kyuhyun the little old man. Naughty or nice indeed.

And Siwon. Need I say. Siwon. Siwon, Siwon. I think we'll keep you.
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See, I am not crafty at all. My sewing is rudimentary. My hands are not steady. I cut with scissors at a very low level. And yet when it was decided that I would trek to NY for another SMTown, I was inspired by a sign I saw from another concert. So I thought...Maybe I can do that! Even though I was pretty sure I wouldn't make it look nearly as nice. And that was partly true, since there were pencil marks, glue smears, fold lines... And I also learned a lot about the process along the way, like that it was easier to make a vector for my silliness instead of resizing, and— Yeah. But the important thing was having something with me to take along.

I was a little pessimistic that he would see it at all - especially before we got seats. And okay, even after. But we ended up with the most amazing spot, and he DID see us - all of us. So many fans and people holding things for him and cheering! It was heartwarming, exciting, and tear-jerking in person, and also in retrospect seeing the pictures of all the fans. And of course, Zhou Mi himself is a sparkly unicorn....

So I wanted to make a sparkly sign for him!

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Gorgeous. Teaser.

I mean. I would. Zhou Mi. That hat, I don't. I was all "And Siwon's...WAIT WRONG FACE."

That was not a wheeze I just emitted, it's okay. I'm breathing like a normal human.

Pink. Mimi. Long legs. Tight pants. Hair flip. And all of this in 26 seconds.

Not to mention how a;dkfja;f gorgeous Kyuhyun is, and Siwon is being all, well. Siwon. And Donghae/Eunhyuk/Henry dance break, and them in their lineup, and Sungmin being small, and Ryeowook's fierce eyeliner, and Henry's face (is he singing right there, ide... How is so cute and then also hot, and then also terrifyingly young)...and...

And all of this in 26 seconds. :D
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Who's the flawless, perfect piece of gorgeousness with a sunshine smile now, hm?  (Oh, right, yes, SJM comeback soon, etc, etc. \o//)  Ahem.  Zhou Mi~~~

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Tonight's spam is brought to you by the letter...New Year's Eve, and Zhou Mi being inadvertently caught faces. (This post had no actual merit besides...well. Zhou Mi. And his face.)

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I don't even know what to say. I've spent the last.......many hours admiring first pictures, then the gif, then O.O-ing at the video, and I still don't even know what to say. The preparation going into that performance is so obvious. How hard he worked. The charisma of it. And gracious knows, I all but bleed my bias for him, but holy wow. The outfit, which is great. The dancing, which broke my brain. The vocals, which...adlkfjad? Hello, Zhou Mi. Now all he has to do is make sure to take care of himself. >( Really, really well, please. He can be limbs flailing to the four winds, and it doesn't diminish my admiration one iota. <3

Zhou Mi Day, all the way. <3


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