Oct. 26th, 2011 10:59 pm
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Heading east for October is apparently Becoming a Thing. That painting in my icon? I saw that!

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I live! Again. (...Wow, Gargoyles flashback.)

I've been away on vacation, and am just now trying to collect my life again. (Work is another story, whoo baby.)

There are a number of things I need to catch up on and accomplish.... Such as....

* Replying to comments for the last chapter of Someone Like You (doing that right after I post this entry, I swear)

* Finishing the SJM request fics. Now, I have a good reason and a bad reason that I'm not done with these yet. Or maybe they're both good or bad depending. They just about all got longer than I intended, so just about everyone is getting twice the length I said... (good?)... And I got distracted writing a long QMi fic that has just collapsed past 40k and keeps on crawling. (hopefully good?) Then there was vacation and life and all. 8| Anyway. You all get my sincere apologies and I am absolutely working on them. <3

...There are other things, but most of them go like "and doing this and doing that and writing and" whatnot.

But since I posted it locked and forgot about it, in case someone didn't see, here's a crack QMi photo story. :D
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So, while in Shanghai, we ran across a Semir store. Now, I knew where it was, and we were supposed to be sightseeing, but I was like "HEY, let's go check out the Semir store!" lol... *bad* Poor them. My bias.



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We had...lots of chicken today, lol. We ate at this apparently famous noodle restaurant in Beijing, and had chicken with chilis and peanuts, and rice, and noodles (which we tried but weren't immediately fond of...maybe next time), sweet potatoes in hot toffee (very easy to eat in the first two minutes and then impossible as the toffee hardened) and also something called "crispy milk" which kind of like a dumpling filled with sweet, thick white goop, and served with like a banana cream sauce. Um. We ate good. I eat with people who Do not like pork, and Do not like seafood, so we are eating a lot of chicken.

We took the train from Shanghai to Beijing last night, and got stuck (as was my worst fear) with the Snorer From Hell. Only earplugs saved me, let me tell you. So we're all still swaying after a night in a train compartment with a strange man, and me in the upper bunk going "Omg, I'm going to fall. XD XD XD"

...The traffic in Beijing seems about 25% saner than Shanghai (so far... after a day). Shanghai's drivers, bicycles, pedestrians, all have this sort of death wish that includes swapping lanes, walking without care, merging without care... It makes even California wackadoodle drivers look like careful old grandmas. You could not drive in Shanghai without utmost concentration. I'd have an ulcer in a day.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply to people's comments... I have had about enough brain power to check lj and keep track of things in SJ land and look at my email... I'm being epic fail, I know. Sigh. I am reading everything though. I might get a chance to start backtracking over the next couple of nights.

...I don't think we've decided if we have the courage to visit Han Mama's restaurant given, um. Lack of Mandarin skills. But, in Shanghai we ran across a Semir store accidentally. XD;;;;;;; I got my pic taken with epic large Siwon poster and made pawing hands at Zhou Mi who was hidden in the dressing room that I didn't go in. No Kyu. :( They probably thought we were teeheeing over cute Asian model boys and not "OH HAY, we saw them in concert last night, teehee." Siwon, ILU forever. :(

...That and I have this zip file of Super Girl album scans uploaded and have as yet to work up the brains to figure out where I should post it ( to, in the case of SJ World.... and guts to actually ask how I should do it haven't yet emerged...maybe by the time I'm home.) So... Yeah.

I miss everyone. :( But we are having a good time... New experiences. Tons of new fic ideas. Sigh. I am in Kyu and Mi withdrawal. (Which means I'm working on the HanKyu... explain that...)

ETA: Also, I "lost" my passport and waist pouch today. Lost as in, I remembered taking it off when we got to the room but not where I had put it. Which led to the dismantling of my suitcase and my bed... We found it in Heather's bag, because I had set it on her bed and it had gotten stuffed there accidentally.

So when I say don't listen to me when I'm trying to sound rational and give opinions, I really mean "don't listen to me, I'll get back to you on that." Because I can't keep track of my own belongings right now...
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Don't really have a brain right now...

Siwon popped up right. I do mean right. In front of us.
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Seriously, way image heavy. Way way image heavy.

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What a week.

So, can has job. \o/ Then can has vacation, which is more exciting.

But, that also means I am cramming Mandarin into my head with only moderate success. I am learning numbers. I've got 1-99 down with making frowny faces at my remembering skills. Next lesson, to 9,999 and beyond~ I can imagine, the first time someone asks me for ___ amount of money verbally, that I will look at them like, ?_? because even in Japan, I was buying postcards the first day, and got asked for 400 yen... yon hyaku, not exactly the most complicated thing, and I still gave her too much. Haha. So yes. Listening comprehension, go.

...Of course, if we are truthful, the most important phrase at this point is "Gimme my concert tickets, please."

...Really glad I decided to next-day that package, since it wouldn't have gotten there till Tuesday otherwise.

Now that I'm 98% complete with the land of girls, almost fully back into boys, huzzah. The KyuMi baseball AU burgeoned from 8k to 11k in...the last day. Which is exciting, though I think the HenHae will get some love at some point. >.> It's so hard for me to keep focused with the 313924036412390 fics that I have started. (or, you know, 9)

"I hate myself and want to die" doesn't quite cover that. "I find myself questionable and need six more hands" is a little more accurate.

I had to go find the translation of "7 Years' Love" on some random site and.... Hmmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm.

*icon in honor of Ichiro being ejected from a game for the first time in his career. I... Probably should not laugh as hard as I did.
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Aloha from our last full day in Japan. ;_; We did Shinjuku, Akihabara, Harajuku...umm... Both Kinokuniyas...

After going to 3000 bookstores in Japan, I still am amused by the reaction I get when I ask for Korean language magazines. (Jen: Uhhh... Kankokugo no zasshi? Info desk person: :D???? Kakokugo no zasshi? *looks at Heather to make sure they didn't mishear me* Heather: *nods* Them: Um. No. Oh, but these two tv mags.) We found mags in English, French, Spanish, and some of the teen mags from Taiwan, though! I'm sure Korean magazines exist somewhere in Japan. I'm just glad I finally found an (expensive) source for Korean magazines online. Now all I need is to be able to find Chinese magazines online. ;_; Sometime before M comes out with album two.

It's almost shower and bed time, then we get up, breakfast at our 345th buffet, scoot to our bus, and toddle back toward Narita.

Then there's the 13 hour flight to Newark.

Then the five hour flight home that starts about an hour later.

I will be so done with planes by the time I get home, lol.

Missing being in Japan on my birthday by a little less than half a day! I'm hoping I'm conscious/not jet lagged/not crabbypants because I just got back from vacation, etc, enough to actually enjoy my birthday once I get home. Should be arriving at my actual house.... oh, an hour or two before the midnight my birthday starts. So I'll probably sleep part of it away, and then? I have no plans. No friends there. Maybe dinner out somewhere.

We've really been having such a good time... It's hard to say goodbye. It's an experience I hope to repeat some day, hopefully preparing a little bit more on the Japanese vocabulary portion of the entertainment.

I am looking forward to my own bed... to curling up with my laptop... writing. Definitely looking forward to writing. I feel like I'm full up to the top with things of no determinate direction. I am bleeding ideas and questions and thoughts and plans. More plans than I have hands and feet, though hopefully not more than I have muse. I'll look forward to having a keyboard at my fingertips, able to race away and dream...

Dreaming of so many more things. Next time, maybe also Korea? Maybe China? Scarier, because I know -.5% of the languages there, but... one can dream...
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Wait, is it morning? Is it night? I hardly know any more. lol

So, we got on a flight...Yesterday? May...20? And walked off of the plane on May 21st, 13 hours after boarding in Newark, out of Narita airport. Hello Tokyo! Hello Japan!

Only took a while to get here. But holy buckets, that's a long flight. O.o I think I will only ever fly from the west coast from now on should another flight be required, like say to Korea. (AHEM, I'm looking at you Super Junior.)

Anyway. Paying a premium price for internet service in the downstairs of our hotel because we don't trust ourselves not to get lost. I haven't said a word in Japanese, and I think I took it longer in college than Heather did.

Still, we accidentally managed to order not two but three meals tonight at the restaurant, two chicken tempura type things and a curry dish and we wondered why the waiter was staring at us funny. He was probably wondering why I was giving him puppy eyes, because I'm not used to having to ring a buzzer (?!) to order food. Oh, first experience ordering food in a restaurant all on our own. Heather did a good job!

And that drabble prompt I got foisted about childhood SiHan, somehow grew from drabble to full fledged "Will be a fic" one shot. And all that other fic. Good times. I will have fic galore to type when I'm not paying a buck for five minutes of computer time. :P So if I'm not responding to comments, that's why. <3
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Not in need of an ego boost or any "You're fine the way you are, I'm like that too" cause goodness knows I've whined about this in the past, but seriously... I've given the cold, snobby, detached impression before... *rolls eyes* Yeah, I'm cold. Frozen. Anyway. I think it struck again, lol.

In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea to go to a meet up for an online place I barely lurk at, much less participate in, since for me the meet up was an exercise in being mostly invisible. It's like being there, and then again, not really. Go say hello to people. I was excited to meet people... You can tell I write and don't interact with human beings. I'm allowed to be eccentric, right? XD XD That always does tend to make things difficult.

So hi, I was the one off on the side who barely talked or got talked to. Nice to meet you, too? I was, as ever, the quiet one. "Who was she?" The quiet one. In the blue shirt. Pretending. Oh, social skills, why must you desert me? I didn't stand up to be in the pictures and this had me in tears in the middle of a raucous Korean-music-blaring pre-party, and it was my fault and no one else's since I had super glued myself to a stone bench. So that's my biggest disappointment for the weekend. But, it could have been worse! So, anyhow. /end pity party

Spent another hour or so in Disneyland today after having spent about 12 hours there yesterday. Somehow managed to come away with no sunburn, and the weather yesterday was just awesome. :D Decided I'll just take the one pair of shoes to Japan, because if I need shoes... I'll buy some there. I just have no desire to lug an extra set around in my relatively small bag. (Also, will not buy heavy Disneyland mugs to lug around over there. :P Those things are heaaaavy.) But bag is working fabulously, so I am quite pleased. Without my gigantic pair of jeans, I should be able to fit everything in there I need. Including the hair spray which I will send you the information on, Heather. XD I never appreciated the power of anti-humidity hair spray until the Los Angeles humidity made my hair expand beyond proportion. Bought tons of Disney junk, and will have to detail the rest later. (I also took like, 800 concert pics. No, I'm not kidding. About 20 of those are actually decent. But Hyunjoong aka Korean Rui, was literally like, 5/6 feet away? My heart. XD)

(I'm currently being bored in LAX, just so we know. _-_ Waiting for boarding.) My puter is about to die though. XD Will probably be online tonight. Am dying to get back to writing. \o/ Home again, home again jiggity jig...
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Absolutely the best part of the Monk holiday episode was the "Monk, p.i." commercial set to the "Magnum, P.I." theme. I had a few lol moments... I miss having more tv shows that give me an anticipatory feeling. :( Right now, I have "House" and that's it... The rest are kind of "And I watch because I have nothing better to do..." I never watched any of the new shows this year... After both my picks bombed last year, I was a little wary. :( Someday... Oh, no I guess I have "Bones" too...

It's 10 degrees and snowing here. Brr. What's a healthy foot or two? :|

...I just realized I'm supposed to be on vacation for the next two days. Excited Jen is excited! Except... I think my boss expects me to work tomorrow. I think she forgot I was on vacation. Sad Jen is sad. I'll probably juggle the vacation day to the day before or after Christmas or something.

...I need to finish these scarf fics before they become irrelevant. My goal in life! Go me, go.

I wonder if I should unearth my ramekins and try a molten lava cake... We'll have to check ingredients first. Exciting! *does the baking flail*
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Up to the moment update. :)

As per my icon, David Cook is now not only the one and only American Idol (hallelujah!)... he is also my pants-less Guitar Hero. The man has a fantastic voice, a great smile, sexy legs... In fact, the only thing he doesn't have... is me. Le sigh. I have done my appropriate amount of happy weeping over subsequent finale-watchings. I have sympathetic tear ducts, and the second he got emotional, and then his mom, and then his brother, and then he sang, and smiled... What was I supposed to do? Needless to say, I'm thrilled. I feel like my baby is all grown up and saving China taking the music industry (or iTunes at least) by storm. Can't wait till he has a single that's not the songwriter's winning song, and see how far he can go. Is it too much to hope that Lionel Richie will put a bug in someone's ear and we'll get a full single of "Hello"?

In similarly exciting news, albeit in a more tangible way, sometime around this time give or take a day or so next week I'll be living it up in a place called Washington that is not the state. I.e.... D.C. I.e. whatever chunk of Virginia got carved out to be said joyful spot. Living up our nation's past and present and seeing all the places I've never seen before except in pictures. Monuments! People! Things! And that's only leg one of fabulouso trip o' vacation and birthday. Clearly, more updates and things to come. I'm a little fuzzy on the geography of the area, having never been.  More exciting than the places and things is the company, as our own wondiferous  [personal profile] crystaltear will be shepherding me and living up said vacation with me.  Later on, we will be joined by [profile] miakamouse to explore the wilds of The City.  And trains.  And cool things.  Here's hoping my flabby, tub of couch potato physique stands up to the urban hiking. 

To that end I've been playing with my Wii Fit the past few days to see if I can't build some (minute) stamina over the next five days.  My thighs feel the burn, which considering I'm playing a Nintendo game and frequently get ultra SMASHED by the super hula hooping is a sad thing.  Seriously.  It's like three minutes straight of zooming your hips around in circles.  By the end of that, I'm hanging on by a thread to remember which way my hips are twirling.  I do that firmly with my door closed.  No one needs to see my rear making revolutions.  Perhaps I should do it without pants?  No, no.  Just Mr. Cook.  Could he do his concert without pants?  If I said pretty please?  Right.  Back on subject.

Also, excitingly, my Kyou Kara Maou fic is doooooooooooone.  Posted, out the door, edited, finito.  I'm so excited.  That was a long labor and delivery, but it was worth it.  And because Loyce has big, fluttery eyelashes, I have been of late immersed in writing fic for "Avatar."  Yes.  Yes, I know.  I know.  Zuko, say hello to Katara.  Katara, say hello to Zuko.  Muses, start your engines.  I don't really understand my brain, but as the fiction is rolling, I do not question.  Any fiction rolling anywhere is fiction rolling.  And bless me, that's a good feeling.
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I was a mixed bag today regarding the Preakness, knowing the Belmont could be a Huge Deal. By the end of the race I was on the edge of the couch with the cushions in my hands, yanking and "riding" along, lol. Behind that is the wish that in my lifetime (which with any luck will be a few more years :P) to see a triple crown winner. Last year, with Barbaro, I was all in. I was so all in. And leading into the Preakness this year I was all but sick with apprehension because, again, I remember leaping off the couch saying "Something's wrong!" That's a pretty big imprint in my head. But I survived. ^^ What more do you ask for? That's some exciting stuff. I think I'm going to watch me some Cigar racing. Let's hear it for the gorgeous bays. ^__^

It's funny how some are canon purists (*gestures to the LOTR outcry*). When you have two versions of anything, it's natural it seems that one becomes less than the other. Usually in order of creation. We were kind of lucky in Gundam Wing to have no canon that superseded anime canon. Whereas many have a definitive manga canon, and a later anime canon. At that point I guess it's up to a perceived "purity" of canon. Obviously the biggest bit to this is most every fanfic is AU, while some are "AU" by design. Still it's an interesting thought.

And it looks like I'm finally getting my trip to Seattle! *grins* It's been ages since I've been to Seattle without a con to go to, probably since the last time I went up the Space Needle at the tender age of, what, 8 or so? Those were some tiny people down below.

Might put up the pics of my Con Swag and something my sister brought me later on. ^_^


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