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Today was a day of failures... More failures... Triumphs from the failure of being a moron...

Where to begin. Dropped my phone in the store. Shattered the living daylights out of the stone horse cell phone strap that was on there. Phone was fine though. >.> Then later dropped the phone down our front steps. Phone's still fine. Wee bit scratched. But it was a wee bit scratched before today anyway because I tend to do that. Sigh. Phone of nine lives. ...I have other phone straps (heather, shhh)...and more horse ones. So the world is not all lost.

The bank won't change back my currency because I don't have big enough bills...despite the fact that what I have is what they gave me. Will have to check out banks to do that for me. And it took 10 minutes to fax paperwork as I'm like, all I need is to do is get to the grocery store...

Oh, I got a magnet... Where is that magnet. It's a XD From the artist's site (picture links to the store):

"The Dream Creates the Journey." <3 I love her art...It's so simple and clean, pretty...fanciful even. It's just...gorgeous. <3

And...I had been whining and moaning about my remote not working. ...Well. I got a lap protector because of the computer's heat... And since I bought that, I hadn't really used the remote. Ummmm. The infrared receiver is in the front of the computer...where the wrist rest of the lap protector blocks it. So. It works great! As long as I'm not a moron. Good thing I didn't take it to the store to be fixed. :|
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Shopping today for the last of the supplies. I hope. Getting poked today (and most expensively but hopefully for the last time >( ). I got my socks ordered and need to unearth my suitcase from the back of beyond. ...I think I know where it is. I also got ink all over my hands. Stupid pen.

Need to edit/finish chapter two of the KyuMi, and post chapter one, and finish scanning the booklet.

A week before everything gets set in motion. I need two more months. Just two more.

...I think I may be ill.


*consoles myself with pop tarts and SJM* _-_
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*stretches and yawns*

Bahhh. I went to bed earlier than usual last night, because I got a flu shot yesterday. For the first time ever. And I was a little like. _-_ About it all night. And then woke up early too. And today, I'm just a little dozy. Well, that and I kept rolling onto the other arm which is like "OWIE" from the tetanus one. Mmm. I'm surprised my arm muscles haven't just curled up and died. In terms of discomfort tetanus > Hep A > Hep B > flu shot. But for all I whine, it's not really all that bad. I am like the immune queen right at this moment. I almost hope I do get a prescription for doxycycline, because even if my stomach hates it, at least my face might clear up a little. >.>

My coat gets here today. ;_; I hope it fits, haha. It's sad that having it shipped here and shipping it back if it doesn't fit, is actually cheaper than driving to the store.

I did get clothes yesterday... I'm still wearing clothes from high school...eight years later... that I need to get rid of because of their sad condition. :| I may make a swag post later on. Definitely, if the coat fits. ;_; Also got necessities. Will blather about that later.

...And I swear lately, when I open my mouth, my brain falls out. It's messy and not very attractive.

But my muse is just as sleepy as my brain is. Was reading over the Henhae this morning, and was just kind of like, hm, oh that's nice. *snore* I did have a Big Brain Wave on it the other day, so just got to fill that scene out... Just as soon as I am not languishing in defeat from vaccinations.

...I probably need a Crash Love icon. ...I probably need to finish listening to Crash Love.


Sep. 30th, 2009 06:22 pm
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_-_ Fic, finished posting~ Good heavenly gracious. 21,950 words later. Twice as long as the first installment. As was said, I think the shop is closed. So...there.

...Besides. Boys. *is totally there*

I slept, literally, about forever and a half last night. It feels AMAZING. I am all for this sleep thing. Of course that means I haven't been productive today because I've been like "ENERGY, WHEEE."

Also... I was taking a pic of my new sweater (shuuush, I know it's teal, okay) and am amused by the color changing properties.

...I took it with the food setting on my camera. And my hand is shaky.

Pink jammies are my work attire )


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