Dec. 11th, 2009 09:57 am
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It felt like a unicorn kind of morning...

I woke up earlier than usual to try and... get used to getting up earlier than usual, and I have to say I do not find this morning thing to be much my scene.

The thing I hate most about having to go to sleep at a certain time without being 9 parts dead, 1 part sleepwalking the next morning, is that almost without fail I tend to have some random burst of inspiration going on, and I have to put a lockdown on my brain so that I'm not laying there thinking for the next hour and a half about what I should be upright writing down. -_- And worrying about people and...random things.

Slowly catching up on comments. If I got comments all bunched up like that in real life, my eyes would probably fall out of my head. I could kiss lj for getting it fixed. ...Not that I am counting my chickens before they hatch.

Back to writing, sigh.
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10 days.

brb, brain making a dash for the hills.

(Is it even remotely possible to keep up this pace? I sit and wonder, what will I write tomorrow? Right at this moment my brain feels like a well-wrung sponge. I stare at the wall and I get a lot of white noise.)

...Time to fill up with banal tv. Today is clearly That Kind of Day. Mostly...I'm just glad I don't have to travel on Thursday.

I wonder if I should make meatloaf that day. I think I will. Those are the memories I cherish...
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Is the Star Trek movie not available for purchase?

I just read like, seriously one fanfic, and got the itch to watch again (since it's been a whole week since I saw it...)

And was like, I should buy~ *trips to amazon* ..... *looks at date* *wibbles* Should buy writing tutorial book while I'm there...

But. I cleaned my room today~ Haha. I can see 75% more floor now. Need to go to the bank tomorrow and spend 300 years getting money converted back/depositing money. Oh the bills. Not having income is making those look a little. Less than pretty.

Will write for money? _-_ haha

Have typed about 4500 words of #3 animal!verse with the creeping Kyumi, and have pages more to type... I like this launching point but wow, getting to the end is going to be a trip. Mommy?
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I think... With my complete lack of certainty... That the baseball AU may be titled "Rundown."

Which, if you consider the definition from here, is a tidy metaphor for the broader themes of the story.

So the second definition for rundown there is:

"2. Baseball A play in which a runner is trapped between bases and is pursued by fielders attempting to make the tag."

...While I get over the mental image of Kyu and Mi getting chased down by the team...

Anyway. Yes. So yes, Kyu being the one in the rundown, I guess... Caught between where he should be (the company/his father) and where he wants to be (his dreams/Mi)... And being chased by both. More or less. Stubborn Mi.

Anyway. That's 21k right now. I will hope and hope and hope some more that it's finished before I leave. I haven't really started to try and partition it. The first chapter is sort of blocked out, but I need to add flesh to it. I'm trying to be a good girl and listen to that voice that says I need to add things and do it right. See: Why FA ended up so long and why everything after it did not.

Incidentally, during softball practice (Athlete, me? not so much. I could run though.)... Another term for rundown is "pickle." So we'd play pickle to hone our...skills. So to practice this...not that we were allowed to steal bases!... We'd set up orange traffic cones and practice running between them while two others tossed a ball between them trying to catch us. Sigh. Oh, sports practice.

Today my goals are... to do some work, to scan the Super Girl booklet (were there really big scans? I saw medium sized ones and they had watermarks which makes me somewhat crazy. The time it takes to scan those 9 or 10 combined pages must have been really insane.), to write, to reply to comments... To try and keep my arm from dying... And figure out what I'm buying tomorrow (industrial sized Dramamine...).

...Must remember to take immunization record to the doctor.

I feel like it should be bedtime, and it's still morning. :( Time for breakfast~
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New season of "Top Chef" starts next week... That'll be exciting! Though, I really have been enjoying "Top Chef Masters"... The new season will fill my food competition needs. Yes, I am that person. It is not even a guilty pleasure. If it has "food" and "competition," man, I am usually all over it. I don't care if it's "Hell's Kitchen" or "The F Word" (the two completely opposite sides of Gordon Ramsay) or "Chopped" or "Top Chef" or "Ultimate Cake Off" or "Food Network Challenge" (Cakes!!) or... Yeah. About the only thing I don't watch is "Iron Chef America"...Though "The Next Iron Chef" I will have to watch. The Japanese version of "Iron Chef" got me through many lonely hours of writing history papers in college. <3

...The rest of the tv schedule is generally filled with shows like "Maternity Ward" or "Trauma Center: Life in the ER" and all variations thereof. It's amazing I write AT ALL. I should detail all...54 timers on my DVR that are set to record some day. XD XD;;;;;;;;; Though I think a couple of those shows are canceled. :( (I do watch fiction, too. :| It's just not that season yet.)

...I am also Ultra Excited because I just realized that "Project Runway" begins in eight days. Um. Um. \o/ I'm super curious to see how the production values will change with the switch from Bravo to Lifetime. *__* I haven't sewn in ages...

And now that I've finished my tea and eggs, off to make some bread dough~ (Soon as this episode is finished...)(And after that, MonsterQuest. Hmm, Thunderbirds.)


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