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Finally. Finally in my hands, I have the subtitles for all of The Rose. Shocking to me, in the middle of working my rear off, I didn't run off to immediately watch the last three episodes. But the fact that I know it's there when I get to it? Is precious.

It does go some towards the sting of knowing that the TW Hana Kimi 2 looks to be forever be a precious gleam in our eyes. Just the thought of more adorable togetherness, well... It cut the other sting that was the ultimate disappointment in the jdrama.

And while The Rose does cut the sting of mourning the HK2... It doesn't quite cover it all. Only three episodes... but it'll be three episodes more of Ella. :) ...And Joe. But I wasn't going to miss him in HK2 anyway. I'm going to knock on wood here.
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I need to, like today, watch my dramas within a day, to preserve what smidgen of hope the last week's ep had sprung for a nice period of time. It feels so good.

Japanese Hana Kimi-esque drama episode 10 )

And oh look, without spoilers!

Next week on the Hana Kimi in My Head: Will Nakatsu act on his forbidden emotions? Will he convince Mizuki that they should spawn a love child so she can then cheer for Sano twice as much? Will he inform Sano of this future plan, only to get a Birds and Bees lecture? Will Sano show Nakatsu how to use his Firsto Condom?

And most of all... Will Sano's attending the lamaze classes come in handy when Nakatsu is out cold on the floor and Sano has to deliver the baby on his own on a yacht in the middle of the ocean?? Will we ever know why they're on a yacht??

Tune in next time for Hana Kimi: All Nakatsu, All the Time edition.

And my initial affection for Nakatsu, that I suspected would not last forever with the same fervor? I'm so glad I am an oracle unto my emotions.
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Hana Kimi Japanese drama ep 9. Please skip away if you're all atwitter for the jdrama.

Oh, and those reactions go after a cut. Here, have a cute icon to preface this. And to sum it up.

3 more... 3 more )

Now that I've significantly raised my blood pressure, I need some chocolate milk.
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So far today, I've talked on the phone for hours, read one and a half books, and ate pizza. And, my existing Gargoyles angst has been fulfilled.

All in all a satisfying day.

Checked D-addicts about seven times for subtitles for The Rose. And when I said "Don't hold your breath" about me getting the subs on Wednesday, I really apparently meant it.

I'm also itching for my Kim Sam Soon dvds to get here... I'm declaring a moratorium on Me!Spending after this week's concert goodie buying (impulse buys left and right, especially when you count in the concert tickets *_*). Ebay is not good for me.

ISWAK has beat Hana Kimi in the re-watch debate momentarily, by just a hair of Joe Cheng's head. Good money says ISWAK2 will appear first. Good money also says I'll probably keep up this until I just read another book tonight after being fully caught up on Why Why Love. Clearly the way into my heart is to sweep a girl off her feet. I'm way too easy. And yet, I'm still rooting for the other guy.

...I have 2007 pennies. They are very shiny. Interesting.

And despite my futile hope of work being less brain-grabby this week, I still have a two hour music practice Monday.... and again on Friday, and let's not forget the actual performance on Sunday. x.x Right, I'm going to have looots of time this week. With any luck I'll be able to take my recorder and get a snippet of us playing so I can share.
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Long day it seems.

Got quite a bit of work done... trained someone, and ran all over creation it seemed. I don't know why it was more exhausting than it should've been... Probably because I tossed and turned like mad last night.

Got a little bit of writing done on one of those insidious little projects that have me, though I would spawn a second of me in a second, in my closed little writing world rereading what I wrote, feeling the suck, and becoming bitter. Woo. Hoo. What the hell though, since it's only me!

Ordered Gargoyles issue #5, and am terribly excited in my fandom of one. Seriously, the fandom is alive enough, and yet deader than the moon. It's exciting to *me* anyway, if it is to no one else. No use wasting any more moolah though. It's enough that I can have it myself.

Which goes to show you can't make anyone *want* anything, not to read anything whether you wrote it or bought it, not fandom. It's a lesson slowly, and obviously badly, learned. The point of that? None.

Haven't had any of those pity parties before, no way, no sir.

(I love Nakatsu. It is a love that was against the odds (and well, obviously I love Sano, too, but the novelty here being I love Nakatsu since I could never honestly say that 100% before. He's adorable, and funny, and the touchstone I have in the midst of "Whaaat is this?"))

Certain videos are making my old computer lag due to excess CPU usage. It's probably a codec thing, but I haven't had a lot of issues with video lagging since pummeling my old computer when it lagged in the best parts of the second ep of Gravitation. Me: Nooooooo. It's almost what, five years old? Grandpa computer. I figure if I can wait till January or so, I'll be happy. (Well, and I am avoiding Vista like the PLAGUE. OY. And no sanity could persuade me to get a Dell, which is about the only commercially made computer you can buy with XP still.) I might be psyching myself out about Vista but. *squishes classic view of XP* I like being set in my ways...

Heyyy, go King Felix! *cheers on the Mariners*
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The fact that I still think Nakatsu is adorable after episode four of Hana Kimi speaks either to Toma's ability to be quirky and cute and Japanese, or the fact that Jiro Wang just really rubs me the wrong way. I think it's... a little of both. Sano is a leetle bit of a jerk sometimes. /end Hana Kimi

I bought the "Bones" season 1 box set (less than $30, a deal!) and watched arguably my favorite episode of the first two seasons. I know you're in suspense. It's episode 15, "Two Bodies in the Lab" and not only is it my favorite episode but it came with *commentary.* I love commentaries! With Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. And they are *adorable.* (They introduced themselves as each other, lol.) And not only that... they're totally shippers. David especially. They are shipping my ship! I have utter love. I'm totally excited for season threee noooow.

And songs...

Orange Range (Has done a song for Bleach and Naruto respectively) - Ikenai Taiyo Ikenai Taiyo
Also the opening theme song of Hana Kimi.

And for your edification, a song that we used to play when I played choir chimes... Bizet's Faradole: Farandole
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I am weak.

I watched the extras on ep 8 of Hana Kimi (which is weeks old, and I've seen it before, just not subbed), and... Ella starts crying. Me: *bursts into tears with her* Not even the ep itself, but the extras! And I know if I pulled it up right now? I'd start crying all over again. Why?

Primed me for watching HYD2 ep 8 (days late, but that's what working over Saturday night/Sunday does to you) to which I, again, turn on the faucets for.

And then I bought things. Because everyone needs a Pocket Muse, and a "best things in life" calendar, and Ever After.

No one should let me shop while I'm hormonal.

And then I ate a Cadbury creme egg, and consulted with the brain that even if I don't have someone to teach me my job, someone will help so please do cease having nightmares about waking up and fearing that "OMG, it's all on me now." Because nothing has happened, and everything will work out. (Otherwise the job is fine, great, spectacular, tiring, satisfying, and definitely not yet boring. Even if I did spend no less than an hour today trying 300,000 different things to make my Word table of contents do what I wanted. Feh. Word. Finally got it to work, but. Feh. Word.)

I'm going to sit through a three hour workshop on poetry. Because my favorite community college teacher is teaching it. ...Seriously. (and it's like 10 minutes away) I may come home with a lot of bad poetry, but at least I'll get out of the house. Two of my favorite poems I may have shown before: The Redwoods, Shiloh, A Requiem

Also. Spring training. Seasonal allergies. Baseball. Can't have one without the other, and... hurrah! Time to break out the icons.


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