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Dairy Queen was the fast food of my childhood. Before I knew Taco Bell and Subway existed, before Wendy's was a gleam in my eye. Before Jack in the Box seduced me into giving away half an artery for every ultimate cheeseburger, and... Yeah. All those other places. It was the one place that was close. Now, see. I lived in a big city. But all our fast food places were in a different part of the city. So we had a Dairy Queen, for all those special occasions, occasional cravings, and Sunday afternoon sundaes. (Actual Big Time special occasions warranted a trip to A Real Restaurant aka Denny's, but I digress.)

There was the dipped cone, and the chicken sandwich, the hot fudge, and the fries that you put salt on. And after salt? You dipped them in your milkshake. It was the law. Salty, crisp, hot, cold, and sweet. Excellent. It was great. And then, the holy grail of "this is SO MUCH MORE than just a sundae!"...the peanut buster parfait.

I'm not sure how that's held up through the years. I still like it, but I don't secretly look down the drive through menu and mourn driving away without it, so. (And oh, if only their brownies were good.)

I'm not sure that Dairy Queen location exists any more, giving way to city expansion and need for extra lanes. But! We have one near where we live here. And it is...what it is. My experience goes from Very Positive! To Not Very Positive.

Like the time we went for two drinks, and came away with two FREE drinks...twenty minutes later. And it's not like they are slammed, okay. The five people who would be at Dairy Queen at 8pm in this town are not exactly racing down at will. There was one person ahead of us in the drive through, and there was a very chatty conversation happening between whoever was at the window, and whoever was in the car. Occasional food came through the window. No one moved. We waited, we stared, we glowered, we...probably should have left. At McDonald's, they send you ahead to wait in line if you've ordered 47 chicken sandwiches, so the guy behind who ordered a small pop to go doesn't eat his steering wheel in frustration. The guy was still at the window, and someone came through the side door with our drinks... and told us to have a good night. We stopped at the window with a ?_? but they waved us off. At least they knew we'd been waiting for freaking ever for some coffee-tasting glop in a cup.

Or there were the time(s) we went for milkshakes, and their mix wasn't quite cool enough so...banana milkshake, er.... banana milky glop that's mostly melted! Uh. See, have gone to McDonald's for that, too, and they're like, our mix isn't cold enough. :( Try something else?

And then tonight, I pay and get handed my drink, with the caveat that...sorry, the base is a little watery (i.e. runny, i.e., not cold enough?) so... It should still taste good!

....Can I have a more watery price for my not-quite-to-standard food? Seriously, is it 20% runny, so can I have a coupon with that? How do you ask that? I mean, I am me, so I tend to smile, nod, agree. Confrontation isn't exactly in my genetic code. But I have no idea what I could have said. I came home and was like, oh it's not like it should be? Can I get something different then? What does everyone else say when they get shafted by their drive through orders? >.> I mean, it's not like she was like HEH HEH can pass off junk, but...shouldn't you get what you pay for? >.>

On the plus side, I got actually HOT fries, like...recently fried and everything! Which is almost a miracle. So it was a trade-off, I guess. Get decent fries, and get not-quite-frozen drink. Yay, coffee-flavored runny glop. \o/ (and it does taste good...just not as good for as long because it's half melty before it ever got into my car :( )
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I love potatoes, really. My hips, they love them even more, but such is the result of Sit on Butt While Working and Feed Face.

How many times did we have a meal without potatoes, if it was some kind of protein? Fish sticks? Probably fries or tater tots. Roast chicken/turkey? Probably potatoes. I don't remember what sides we ate with pork, so I can't expound there.

Steak, though. That Required some kind of potato. People struggling to live on the plains? That was my family at one time. So it was a Thing. Usually mashed, sometimes baked. And a veggie, too, probably. (If it was my preference, that would've been corn, and even more ideally creamed corn, every time. I was fickle against green things. However, beet juice made wild pink mashed potatoes!)

We didn't ever "do" baked potatoes. You know, with cheese, sour cream (D:), etc. It was potato (nuked), some substance of a butter type, salt and black pepper.

Roasted potatoes, au gratin, hash browns, things made with potato flour... Potatoes in burritos, hey. Though, full confession, our family meals of burritos were called "tacos." We have lettuce for tacos? Okay. Let's do it. ("tacos" = tortilla, beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato. basically a hamburger sans bun. and taco sauce for the spice lovers of which I was not as a child. occasionally refried beans in later years.) I forget when I figured out that tacos =/= burritos. I was quite aged when I stepped into a Taco Bell for the first time, so maybe I got my education outside the bun, who knows. Or maybe in a book. I seem to recall reading a few of those. XD;

Anyway, I digress. Food is wonderful. And of art.
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Said breakfast may be why I should shed five pounds...

It... was 70 degrees in Shanghai when I checked.

And it was 40 here.

Let's give that a thought.

I'm trying to reconcile this in my head. Um. XD

Ramble about Super Girl MV and Me and M and... )

...And random, Bruce Harwood on "Supernatural." Me: I know that man... I know I know him... I know... *looks it up* :o Byers?! *rewinds* :o lol *x-files geek moment*

I....really need to clean the house today.  :(  :(  I should be ashamed, and all I really feel is lazy...
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I got the funniest thing at the grocery store yesterday... Hershey Milk Chocolate with Crunchy Corn bits. ...I put corn small there because it was Very Very Small on the wrapper. When I think crunchy bits in chocolate, I think...rice. You can't taste the corn when you're eating it. It tastes like...crunchy milk chocolate. The aftertaste is a bit like a sweet corn flake though. I like corn flakes. It's an interesting thing. They did their best to hide that corn thing, cause sure didn't see that at the store... Still! I am happy beans.

I had Other Things to Discuss and Make People Very Bored with My Uninteresting Life and Times Of but I can't think of it right now. Right now I am too busy bumming paper off Becca (or will in about .5 seconds) because I just found my pen and traveling away from a computer without paper is disaster waiting to happen.

...In other words, concert tonight! And I have a bad habit of getting inspired when music is tossing all around me.

Please sing "The World I Know," David. Please. Cookie? :D?

I am still doing a \o/ over the violin idea, Kei. You have no idea. Poor Hae has no idea. *psyched even if it is a little thing*
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What food did I make with those dirty hands?

Oh wait. No. That was just from the brakes I helped change today.

Drum brakes are from the devil.
Food is food is food is food is... )
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The danger of having a song you know too well as your ringtone: I was happily in the kitchen today, imagining the status of the fondant inside of my Cadbury Creme egg that I was fetching (my 12th of this fine season, glorious hips I have), and was humming happily along to "Sorry, Sorry" when I went "AHH! My phone is ringing!" *slaps forehead*

Also, felt a case of the guilts when I did not care to go spend All Day sitting in someone's house that I haven't seen since I was two or three and therefore Do Not Recall. It shames me to think that the only reason I was considering going was because that would have put me within 30 miles of Sonic. But would I have been lazy-less enough to go sip at the grail of cherry limeade and behold the glorious hamburgers? We will never know...

Tires are so much quieter without studs! Even if I had to call the next day to have them come air up a tire, and then take it back to fix cause one of them was flatter than a pancake. Anyway. Hurrah, all four tires are aired and whole. Also had to put another serpentine belt on today, so I'm still getting the grease off again in a completely literal way.

My muse has been slowly tiptoeing back. Clearly was freaked out by plot progression. Anyway, 2000 more words of non-plotty plot will not make me cry. Even if that means the plot gets pushed back another chapter. >.> So another 2, 2 1/2 scenes and chapter 17 is out the door. \o/ I even had a glimmer of an idea for a HenHae scene... or two. :o Clearly something is going well in my head.

And though it took me 30000 tries (Grrrr, you Pure trophy >:( ) I finally have 100% of the trophies for Flower. I've been kind of working on that more than writing today. I did an "OMG, it's 5 p.m. and I was going to post a chapter todaaaay?" Okay, tomorrow, then. :| Finish chapter 17 and write the HenHae for 13 \o/ tonight. Kick me if I do not.

*kicks myself as that was several hours, a House episode, and someone chattering incessantly in my ear ago* But more plotting, I have done it. (105,000!!)
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I'm not sure what it says about me, that the two things that I just bought myself (and being a good girl and not touching my rather copious wishlist) are cookbooks and video games.

Next plan of attack is Lush. And a couple of ponies.

And then, maybe a couple more AFI t-shirts.

Is Jade not going to show up in my non-existent stocking? No? Sigh. I'll just have to find a place to hang him up on my wall that won't make my dad twitch.

And I'm counting calories (not limiting, counting just for curiosity). Never a bad thing when I am tempted to chow nine hours of the day.


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