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The last of the request fics was posted today! <3 I just want to thank everyone who participated again, and I hope that what I was able to do for you was what you had hoped for also~

I do apologize again for how long it stretched out, how long it took me to post them all. I said the fics would be no less than 500-1000 words. Because I got six requests, that would have made the final word total around 6,000 words or so. But I just counted today, and between the six requests, the total word count was 27,405, the longest of which was the one posted today (8,200 words) and coming up close second, the MBA fic with 7,500. So, it sort of was not my fault that it took so long, it's your fault because you came up with such great prompts? XD;;; Okay, no, I'll shoulder the blame. I just can't shut myself up. XD

Working hard on another fic now, which will be a chaptered QMi. So I'll be back spamming shortly~
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I have not forgotten the fics for the SJM post. <3 I am busy conjuring away... and I wanted to get the HenHae going out with the fire of a thousand suns because I've put it off waaaay too long. <3 So I''ll be writing on those fics while editing the HenHae and shoving it out and poking at the other projects I have, lol. Also now that I don't have to angst about titling or summarizing the HenHae, I can focus on other things. It's not like I'm some kind of Crime Knowledge 'R' Us, so that's a lot of the reason it took so long. And it just kept growing. Anyone who's expecting some kind of L&O out of this is going to be a smidge disappointed, because, well... It is what it is! I'm doing my best, though~ I think I wrote that QMi scene for it a million years ago, haha. At least before last May. I know that when I was writing "Forever," and this other thing I'm poking at, that's what I used as reference. 8)

....Iiii...am excited for baseball season to start, lol. Four days! No matter how many games I do or do not watch or get to see live, there's always that held breath of anticipation before the first pitch, this whole bright and shiny season stretching out full of possibilities. Miracle season, mediocre, or dud? We will see...

I am also blissfully watching Siwon's drama, "Oh! My Lady." (the theme song for which gets ridiculously stuck in my head as I bounce around cooking to it)...and Ella's new TW drama, "Down with Love." Apparently I am weak to cute goofballs (and kids)! ...Who knew. :D I love both dramas so much that I almost need to make myself two people to contain it. Siwon's face... Ella's adorable...
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It's funny how fandom changes... And I do mean, reaching back into the realm of way, way back, when the Internet was young (to me).

Newsgroups...mailing lists...message boards...fic archives... fic archives from mailing lists, haha. It took me years and years to get into the habit of typing "yahoogroups" instead of "egroups." Migrating from those mailing lists to communities... <3

Those once in a while fandom chats that would leave people breathless in anticipation to just gather and be fans and stalk the people they admired, and then track people down by IM and pretend to be smart while not fangirling.

...Okay, maybe that was just me. XD I remember messaging people and mentally flailing around that I was an amazing specimen of dumb and should never log in again. I'm fairly certain that was only me. x.x It's not fair, other people get to be more confident on the internet. XD Oh LJ, I love you so. <3

Anyway. I am not dead. Just, life has been kicking my butt, and if I could just keep a sleep schedule for one week straight...! I could get stuff done. (That and I got absorbed by the Olympics, so back to the regularly scheduled distractions. XD)

Next thing to post is the last chapter of the SiHan which I haaave been working on. ;____; So sorry it's been so long. I failed my goal. But onwards and upwards~ And then to post other things~
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This is probably interesting to no one but me for posterity, but I had these screen caps, so why not, haha.  XD  Just a walk through my writing organization, because it's the only part of my life that I have at all organized~  Tried not to blind with huge pics, but they're all clickable.

Writing, writing, more writing... pics of writing... )
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I find it interesting how my searches correspond to the diversity of my fanfic. Both of these have come up in the past few days: "spirit binding rope" and "singing while pregnant." (Let this latter search demonstrate my KyuMi withdrawal, when the genderswitch continuation is being clung to like a lifeline, all so far 5,600 meandering words of it.) That being said, SiHan is in danger of being finished in the next couple weeks, amazing considering how fractured my concentration is. Haha. Halfway through chapter 5 and 18.5k right now.

AFI's new song "Medicate" was released yesterday... Let me just say the guitar makes me wiggle in glee how that will look performed. *sits on my bias* The fact that it starts and ends with a very Davey "Oh~h" makes me laugh. XD Considering there was talk of how the album would be more "rock" and I've always been a little squeamish about their harder stuff so... "Medicate" is kind of a nice surprise. I feel it will probably grow on me.

And...ridiculously excited for the new tv season to start. I am going to be bleeding tv, and it will be fantastic...
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Remember to breathe... haha. So, while I am currently overdosing on the absafrackenlutely gorgeous/adorable/amazing multiple SiHan pics from the fanmeet....yesterday, and I spy KyuMi standing next to each other, and you know, it's not like it's just one pic, right.

And I get this stray thought and then explode on AIM. Hahaha. (Concurrent to SiHan Spazzing)

Someone has to write kyumi smexing backstage with kyu in the gee getup okay

LOL and mi's face

I was like, oh if only Zhou Mi was there

My caps lock got stuck. I'm writing the SiHan right now, okay? And musing for genderswitch part three. Got no time, baby baby. Also smex = not my forte. ...What?

...And did I mention the SiHan pics? I had no idea they existed till I opened my flist, and bam, hello! And then went to find the rest and. And. *_* My heart, she trembles.

...Also, I am feeling better. <3 Thanks for all the well wishes. Clearly I am not yet sane, but considering that's been a long time leaving, no cause for concern...
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Oh, fic writing. Boys. Sigh.

I love "SyFy" channel's show "Eureka." A tiny bit of that obviously is Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Ah, Gargoyles), but the rest of the cast as well. I just finally caught up on it, and it's all making me happy. Two of the characters are expecting babies, and though it is no big epiphany...
Because I just go on and on )

Most of the emotional scenes in the "The Life I Live" were written listening to the instrumental tracks from "The Lion King." Go figure... And some random erhu music. I'll probably use it again... It's... the air I breathe. :3 :3 :3

...I forgot how this song makes me cry. ;_;
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Tiny, minute post. Tired. X.x

Got so much done yesterday, and.... Not a lot today.

Partially weeded two flower beds, washed a load of laundry (still in the dryer), washed a million dishes (98% put away but with a million more dishes to be washed still), baked a cake (yum!), watched hours of tv, went to the grocery store twice, ogled Siwon, and wrote and chattered on phone and IM.

Today? Put away said dishes, cooked a hamburger, ate chips, ate cake, had tea, wrote... chattered on IM. Watched a lot of tv, still trying to catch up on tv recorded while I was gone. I'm making slight headway. The end?

Must investigate laundry in dryer later, er... today.

However, progress in writing world has been made... I won't begin to detail how many scenes are borderline (actually, actually) smutty, because between tiger!KyuMi, the AU SiHan, and the FA first anniversary trip sequel, I have more getting it on than three fics have any right to have. :| :| :| That kind of guarantees the word counts will fall slightly, because... Because. Edits in a last fit of prudery. Yes. That's a word. :o I think these things are cyclical. No writing about getting it on, writing all getting it on all the time. *shrug* I won't psychoanalyze it if you won't.

The new AU SiHan has crested the 10k mark! So I've written (and typed up some previously written stuff) about 4,900 words on it since... Two days ago. Not a bad number. Not the most I've written, but not the least either. Right at 10,700 at the moment. I'm not going to guess on how long it'll be. Not even going to start. I'll settle on "more than two chapters."

Tiger KyuMi got a little progress as well... It's actually about 1,500 words despite me kind of pinging off of it randomly the last few days. I wander in and flesh out a smutty scene, wander back and write a cute bonding note, wander back...repeat, repeat. The SiHan sequel? Has about 88 words. XD All of which are KyuMi. My SiHan muse is otherwise occupied, clearly.

And... I'll try and post some pics tomorrow? After the laundry. And maybe a little more weeding. And dishes.
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Hello from first night with a house to meself. Nothing of note, except I paid a high school kid to mow front/back lawns for $15 today. My sinuses and eyes thank this kid, like whoa. (The grass was getting a little... out of control.)

I need to clean out our front flower beds... Kind of a lot. There are weeds higher than my knee and I can't see which of the roses are A. Totally dead or B. attempting to grow and getting choked out. Not to mention the OTHER side of the house, where we're getting an invasion of maple tree seedlings. Anyone need maple trees? We got 'em. Dunno what kind they are. These are destined for mulch, though. They'll be growing up the foundation if I don't go rip them out soon. _-_ But the lilacs are fiiiinally blooming. Finally!

I wanted to go see a movie... Now that I'm alone, apparently I have great capacity to do... stuff. I kinda wanted to see "Angels and Demons," but having researched online, the closest theater showing it is...*drumroll* 70 miles away. Which is a touch further than I care to drive. Not like I don't know what happens. :P They're showing "UP" at the one closest to me... and Star Trek? I'm going to have to see what comes out this weekend, in case I should go next week instead. Watch me quibble. I have no burning desire to watch "UP" despite the foaming raves from the flist, but I do kinda sorta want to go grocery shopping...? I may just pick up what I can here and wait for something additional that I want to see more for the $$ it takes. A $50 trip for one movie for one person is a tad excessive, no?

Tomorrow, think I'm going to try making a cherry upside-down cake with cornmeal. I just unearthed a cast iron skillet from the depths of the closet... Still may go with a cake pan instead though.

But! Yesterday, had a fantastic plotting session. XD (thank you~~) I think the HenHae more or less has an ending. No. REALLY. *ahem* Also the "Let's toss some extra worlds around, and some shapeshifting and tigers and dimension hopping and voila, KyuMi!" Oh, I always wanted to write a fantasy fic. But... Not while I'm writing the current SiHan and plotting out the baseball KyuMi AU though. Not to mention the two FA KyuMi sequels. OMG, too many fics, not enough hands. Definitely not enough brain cells.
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Weird couple of days. Had a good day-of birthday... Thank you all for your good wishes. <3 Woke up about 7:45am, did not finish up the fic I was supposed to. (Behold, today's offering.) Did have pizza! And it was good. No cake though. Will have to contemplate what I should make in the next few days to make up for that. There's this amazing cake I've been eyeballing a while, and I haven't made a good, actually-turned-out chocolate cake.

Went to bed about 2:30 this morning... Tried to sleep until this insidious little fic kept sneaking in and waving its arms. Dimples. Sniff. Anyway, dragged myself out of bed, wrote a thousand words, and tossed myself back into bed a little after three. Woke up at 6:45 because the phone rang (ugh) and then slept until about 9, at which point the phone rang again. Should have gotten up at that point. Instead, the sun was annoying me, so I wandered through the house, got my eye mask (which I love, love, love) and... slept until 3pm? >.> Wut? I had some kind of long involved dream in there, but under that mask, I wasn't waking up for beans. I'm heading to sleep within the next half hour and tying myself there if I have to. Seriously. I need to get back on schedule. Not getting enough sleep and getting too much sleep are both kind of detrimental to my mental wherewithal.

Between the new SiHan and the new KyuMi (and spinoffs and sequels), which are sitting on my shoulders all bright and smiling and beautiful, I will literally need to tie myself. Count sheep. Listen to the rain. The imaginary rain. Anything. Where is Kyu when you need him? Come say goodnight. Need to type what I wrote while gone, too.

Because I wax long on my writing, as usual )
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Wait, is it morning? Is it night? I hardly know any more. lol

So, we got on a flight...Yesterday? May...20? And walked off of the plane on May 21st, 13 hours after boarding in Newark, out of Narita airport. Hello Tokyo! Hello Japan!

Only took a while to get here. But holy buckets, that's a long flight. O.o I think I will only ever fly from the west coast from now on should another flight be required, like say to Korea. (AHEM, I'm looking at you Super Junior.)

Anyway. Paying a premium price for internet service in the downstairs of our hotel because we don't trust ourselves not to get lost. I haven't said a word in Japanese, and I think I took it longer in college than Heather did.

Still, we accidentally managed to order not two but three meals tonight at the restaurant, two chicken tempura type things and a curry dish and we wondered why the waiter was staring at us funny. He was probably wondering why I was giving him puppy eyes, because I'm not used to having to ring a buzzer (?!) to order food. Oh, first experience ordering food in a restaurant all on our own. Heather did a good job!

And that drabble prompt I got foisted about childhood SiHan, somehow grew from drabble to full fledged "Will be a fic" one shot. And all that other fic. Good times. I will have fic galore to type when I'm not paying a buck for five minutes of computer time. :P So if I'm not responding to comments, that's why. <3
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Things I am excited and/or desperate about:

A. Pre-season baseball. On my tv. Yes, ma'am. In three days.

B. That does not mean I will write baseball AU SiHan. No, it does not.

C. I want a job? I kind of don't want a job. But I kind of want money? I have fifteen (or 20) money sucking leeches with really cute faces...

D. I need my muse back. I did not ask to stall out at 95k and sit and twiddle my thumbs and whistle at the ceiling when there's things to do. It's in about 10% working order. Should I have waited to post? D: Whoops. Time for the Pocket Muse.

E, F, G. I...lol. What?

I just spent 30 minutes word counting my fanfic. Because I am absolutely that insane (there's a spreadsheet and everything). Despite the fact that I keep padding these chapters (Eight just broke the 7k mark. Wait. What?) The absolute inequality in time between pairings from chapter 10-16 is shocking. No wonder those chapters are so short! And if by short I mean, two chapters are under 4k. (by 150-200 words) And KyuMi runs away with 84% of the story in those seven chapters. (I even looked up a website that told me how to calculate percentages to find that out! Take that fail math brain!) UM. So. My bias, let me show you the reverse of it? Imagine that. All that time I spent angsting in January that SiHan had stolen the story was apparently wasted >.>

H. Which means I need my muse back. If I'm going to get back to at least a 2/3 to 1/3 split...? What's a few thousand words between friends, muse...?


Feb. 14th, 2009 10:06 pm
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This is going to stop soon, right? This is the state of the union as of this moment, with obligatory blanked out spaces that I forgot to take out before I took a screen capture. :P That's sensitive material, there. I just finished sort of blocking things out... Not finished in there by any means. 55,000 words so far. Yum.

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I was supposed to work today? I kind of did. A while. I'm paying for that now, as I'll be working for the next hour+ instead of sleeping. Why? Let me tell you.

1. I watched the first episode of Hankyung's drama. Raw. Well, the parts he was in at least. Anyhoo, despite knowing probably less Mandarin than I can fit on my fingers... Could not help myself. I find him particularly edible. I think it's the laugh. Or something. (Him in general.) I had a moment where, unless I was hallucinating or my ears are off, I heard him calling the wrong person "bao xiong di" which immediately sent up warning flags which in a split second were all, "Whoa, back up, wait, danger, calling someone else this, my heart, wrong person!" And then immediately realized = fiction, chill. So that was my two second moment of shock. My Mandarin knowledge, so in direct correlation with whatever it is I'm fascinated with.

2. Watched the subbed ep of "A Date With LuYu." Was going to work during this. Could not, as I was too busy laughing, and wanting to squeeze Henry's cheeks, and staring in fascinated horror at Siwon's pants, and or, you know, goggling at what was being said. Like the following dialogue:

"He doesn't move. All day, he doesn't move." (also a phrase I can recognize. Siwon. HMM.)
"He doesn't let me move."

I feel that this is punishment for the HanKyu. I have no other explanation for why they would do that to my heart.

3. Finished watching "New Heart." Only had three eps left, so that wasn't shocking. Only took me forever. Ah, puppy. You are such a cute puppy.

4. Wrote 2,500 words on the KyuMi on and off all day... during New Heart, during House, during this and that, during nothing. During working. If I'm not mistaken, that takes it up, up and away over the SiHan. Frantic mental flags from Camp SiHan. (see: above dialogue.)

5. And lest I forget, Japan planning, which... \o/

Anyway. I'm sure there was other stuff in there. But that's the main stuff. Good times. Now actual work. Shush, KyuMi muse. >:(

Fic babble

Jan. 6th, 2009 03:22 pm
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Oh gracious. Never let me discover fanfic in the middle of the workday. I just spent two delightful hours immersed in a Very Long KyuMi chaptered fic that has just sent me into spasms of delight, because OMG LONGFIC MAKES ME SO HAPPY. *ahem* And well written longfic. It's like... my heart. So happy. The father wandered past and I had this ridiculously big grin on my face waving him away as he tries to talk to me because I was still reading. Do not interrupt the glow. And it was so good. Seriously a kitten inducing moment or twenty. *runs off flailing for a moment before returning* *sits on self to keep from going to reread*

The Kyu muse is being a little put out because on one hand you have SiHan cuddling pictures, and on the other hand amazingly awesome KyuMi longfic, and there I am staring between the two pairings with stars in my eyes while the HanKyu fic performs neat tricks in the background. It decided it wanted the end worked on before I fell into reading KyuMi fic land, and I was never good at keeping my fingers from where they shouldn't be. Now to rein it in before I let it descend into soppy mind-suckingly happy melodrama. (That totally makes sense.)

Speaking of, Geng wins the monthly "best line ever" award for "Then let it be true" because even if I'm the only one who knows why that's the best line at the moment, I slapped the couch and almost jumped off of it when that blurted out of my brain. Sometimes, muse, you are the best to me. I hope I still like it that much by the time I've written to that point. (But I think yes... I am a little self-congratulatory, but lines like these do not come every day. *eyes muse*)

So it's okay, on the other end of epic SiHan, there are pinstripes and a vest and a tub. A tub. It's called sweet torture, and I like it. A lot. Poor baby.

I also worked "high in the instep" into a fanfic... A contemporary one. At the same time, that amuses me and also tells me I've been reading a tad too much Regency over the past. Um. Year. Or five.

*wanders off with Ai Ni Ai Ni lodged into my head* There is no melodrama around this. -_-; Mostly it's me going ":D" when I hear the opening. Every time I hear the opening. Thank you, Mr. Sunshine.
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I bought eight 12-packs of Jones "cola in a can" today because that's all the store had, and I haven't seen it anywhere else and I am on my last five cans at home. Seriously, the store had mountains of it a couple months ago... and only 8 of them left? I was so not walking out of that store without it, and at $20 for the lot. If you want "cola in a bottle" off the Jones soda site, it's $18.99 for 12 bottles. Vs. $20 for 96 cans. Pretty sweet deal, eh? ...No, I'm not an addict, shut up.

Why do men have "buying blindness" sometimes? I say, we need ketchup. I get handed reduced sugar ketchup. I want Ranch dressing. I get handed fat free Ranch dressing. I ask for Pepsi. I get handed diet. There are extra words on the label... should this not concern you when purchasing? I ponder this.

I've just spent hours reading fanfic. Long fanfic. My heart, it is happy. And the fanfic was so much better than the romance novel I bought today. Ugh, writers, get it together.

So far today I've had a very nutritious meal of hot dogs, now chasing that with lemonade and chips and salsa. And Prince of Persia... Someone stop me. I need to finish a game before I buy another new one after this. Bless you, PS3, I would otherwise be terribly alone.

Hail 2009.
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I've written the end of the epic fic #1! YES! Of course, I've written scenes to go back later and go... uhh... that needs to not be there. And, ah. Now I have to go back and fill in the middle. But seeing as how that scene just crested it over 10,000 words and nary an end in sight, I am cursing the fact that my MUSE IS NOTHING BUT EPIC. Ugh. Okay, fine, I did write several one shots. But whyyyyy. But there ARE three piece suits. That counts for something.

At least the SiHan muse came back. \o/ I was beginning to think I had been kidnapped by leprechauns or something, when I'm like "Wait, did I just split up my OTP? Whoa, back up there, partner." You can imagine me doing that with cowboy boots that I don't own, and, ah...

I tried to warn the little muffin away from my muse before I had to stick a fork in him, but alas, it did not work. He makes cute faces, and within 48 hours I'm writing him inappropriately making out with people. *facepalm* I see how this is destined to go, and it is not in my favor. The sooner it's over, the better. I'm going to close my eyes and imagine this will mark the end of the insanity.

I'd claim it's not my fault, but... it kind of is.

(I just emailed myself a link and two heard my email ding and went "Ooh, email!" and then went "Oh, from ME, dork.")
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Absolutely the best part of the Monk holiday episode was the "Monk, p.i." commercial set to the "Magnum, P.I." theme. I had a few lol moments... I miss having more tv shows that give me an anticipatory feeling. :( Right now, I have "House" and that's it... The rest are kind of "And I watch because I have nothing better to do..." I never watched any of the new shows this year... After both my picks bombed last year, I was a little wary. :( Someday... Oh, no I guess I have "Bones" too...

It's 10 degrees and snowing here. Brr. What's a healthy foot or two? :|

...I just realized I'm supposed to be on vacation for the next two days. Excited Jen is excited! Except... I think my boss expects me to work tomorrow. I think she forgot I was on vacation. Sad Jen is sad. I'll probably juggle the vacation day to the day before or after Christmas or something.

...I need to finish these scarf fics before they become irrelevant. My goal in life! Go me, go.

I wonder if I should unearth my ramekins and try a molten lava cake... We'll have to check ingredients first. Exciting! *does the baking flail*
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Title: Eeteuk and the Scarf of Many Colors
Author: Coley Merrin
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: ninja!KangTeuk, Super Junior (OT15)
Rated: G

A/N: When the idea for this came to me... Had to be done. So, a warmest wish for the new year to everyone. <3

Read more... )
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Title: The Last Song
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Pairing: K.R.Y
Rating: G

The Last Song )


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