Dec. 21st, 2009 02:29 pm
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At what point does thinking, "When I move something on my table, 9 things fall off," does that mean I have to clean? Apparently that's today. XD I can see empty space, it's amazing.

Also, feeling rather industrious writing wise. Word processors, fear my power.

I want to make a video of something interesting, guys... What should I do? XD
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Things today, woe is me:
  • Clean my room. Oh wait, I've started. Oh wait, it's a disaster. It's obvious I spend no time in there whatsoever, because I just did a massive -_- at it. Upside, I can see the floor. Downside, where the heck does everything GO? Why do I have this much junk? *flails about uselessly* But I am getting rid of some books I never will read again/didn't like/whatever. I know. I know it's shocking. Deep breaths.
  • Send junk. Again. Oh joy. Done
  • I made yesterday's word goal! ...This morning! But still! Now all I have to do is make today's word goal. I have a very lovely file open just for that. 920 words down...
  • I need to title this utter mess of a story. I think I finally got one. It makes me happy anyway. Even though my mental conversations go like so: Me: I should start posting prince!SiHan tomorrow Brain: Sounds good. Let's write animal!verse. Me: ...Not helping.
And because I seem to enjoy inflicting random images on people... This is the mug I bought myself as a "calm down, you'll survive" gift, before the trip. Mysteriously, the cup was made in China! Also you can see my WIP screen back there, with paragraphs. Hmmmmm. Should get back to that.

...There is no one online talking to me. The room is silent. .___. *crickets*
*types away*
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I'm going to clean my room.

No really. Right now.

As soon as I lever myself off of this couch.

And after I put on socks.

And maybe after a glass of water.

Can I eat lunch first?

Maybe someone needs me to go to the store. Or to the moon?

...Being born without motivation to clean and tidy is a severe trial in life sometimes.

But I wrote a couple hundred words this morning, and am on target so far.

So I guess there's a trade-off for everything.

...I guess I'll clean now. :{
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Is the Star Trek movie not available for purchase?

I just read like, seriously one fanfic, and got the itch to watch again (since it's been a whole week since I saw it...)

And was like, I should buy~ *trips to amazon* ..... *looks at date* *wibbles* Should buy writing tutorial book while I'm there...

But. I cleaned my room today~ Haha. I can see 75% more floor now. Need to go to the bank tomorrow and spend 300 years getting money converted back/depositing money. Oh the bills. Not having income is making those look a little. Less than pretty.

Will write for money? _-_ haha

Have typed about 4500 words of #3 animal!verse with the creeping Kyumi, and have pages more to type... I like this launching point but wow, getting to the end is going to be a trip. Mommy?
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I'm getting Epic Signals. Not too epic. Gracious. I implore you. I couldn't sleep for hours last night, my mind going over and over things. I have twelve scenes that are all like "Heeey, how are you?" and I'm getting nothing done.

But I'm reading a really great book... XD

Also. In the RL front. Why are men so crotchety and weird? I swear. We write them most times as though they have common sense but I think it'd take a hundred of them before you could gather enough of it to be visible. Okay. So maybe one or two of them has more common sense. I just don't live around any of them. :|

And...I need to clean out my suitcase. And post more pictures. And clean this epic fail of a room. Gracious. Sigh.

But I am baking salmon in butter and lemon, and making rice pilaf, and broccoli, and whole wheat biscuits for dinner. Come on down...
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Said breakfast may be why I should shed five pounds...

It... was 70 degrees in Shanghai when I checked.

And it was 40 here.

Let's give that a thought.

I'm trying to reconcile this in my head. Um. XD

Ramble about Super Girl MV and Me and M and... )

...And random, Bruce Harwood on "Supernatural." Me: I know that man... I know I know him... I know... *looks it up* :o Byers?! *rewinds* :o lol *x-files geek moment*

I....really need to clean the house today.  :(  :(  I should be ashamed, and all I really feel is lazy...
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I have so much to do... All I did yesterday was lay on the couch, eat, read the whole of a book, and surf the internets.

BUT. Eee. So excited. *does a half YMCA version of "So excited, and I just can't hide it"* Tiger!KyuMi went from about 8,500 words to 12,200 last night. Progress, OMG. :D :D :D :D :D And most of that written is the fleshing in of chapters one and two. *breathes in the afternoon air with triumph* I need tiger icons. :o I'll go run some down after this.

Also need to stop looking at cake recipes. I have like 20 I want to try. _-_ If any family does come for the fourth of July, and it looks like they will be, I'll be like, behold! I have cakes! ...I have to clean. D: I'm trying to make a sort of list of things to do before this weekend.

Lisa Kleypas is my new hero? I found a book underneath a pile of papers the other day that I hadn't read, which is always a big find in this house (and then a second one a day or two later!). It was a Regency, of course, but that's okay. I've got a couple of books on hold from the library coming, one contemporary, one Regency. I also need to... get a new library card as I seem to have misplaced mine. Nowhere to be found, despite looking in my bookbags. Yikes. Oh, library card.

...I just cut out me wangsting about being a "strangely made person who is incapable of leaving comments to people for fic even though I want to"... Sigh. No one needs paragraphs of wangsting on a hopeless subject. This is not a good Better Explore a Life Failing day for me. -_-; So, onto the happy.

I was laying here staring at my SJM poster and thinking of a few recent convos and got to thinking about how much these guys mean to me, especially now that I am a hermit who rolls out of bed in the afternoon. And I don't mean just SJM, but all 15 of them. Super Junior as a whole without boundaries. I have as yet find a single entity that can make me go through so much as they have. Crying with laughter, crying with sorrow, glee and amazement. They are a melting pot of love to me.

And just speaking in song terms, from the utter happiness of Miracle, to the simple beauty of It's You, the fierceness of Don't Don, the cheer of Me and Ai Ni Ai Ni, and the energy of Dancing Out... *list goes on and on and on*

The fans might make me unhappy sometimes, but they...they make me happy. They've got me right here *lays hand over the correct part of my chest*

And of course, waiting for SJM with all my heart. <3
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Tiny, minute post. Tired. X.x

Got so much done yesterday, and.... Not a lot today.

Partially weeded two flower beds, washed a load of laundry (still in the dryer), washed a million dishes (98% put away but with a million more dishes to be washed still), baked a cake (yum!), watched hours of tv, went to the grocery store twice, ogled Siwon, and wrote and chattered on phone and IM.

Today? Put away said dishes, cooked a hamburger, ate chips, ate cake, had tea, wrote... chattered on IM. Watched a lot of tv, still trying to catch up on tv recorded while I was gone. I'm making slight headway. The end?

Must investigate laundry in dryer later, er... today.

However, progress in writing world has been made... I won't begin to detail how many scenes are borderline (actually, actually) smutty, because between tiger!KyuMi, the AU SiHan, and the FA first anniversary trip sequel, I have more getting it on than three fics have any right to have. :| :| :| That kind of guarantees the word counts will fall slightly, because... Because. Edits in a last fit of prudery. Yes. That's a word. :o I think these things are cyclical. No writing about getting it on, writing all getting it on all the time. *shrug* I won't psychoanalyze it if you won't.

The new AU SiHan has crested the 10k mark! So I've written (and typed up some previously written stuff) about 4,900 words on it since... Two days ago. Not a bad number. Not the most I've written, but not the least either. Right at 10,700 at the moment. I'm not going to guess on how long it'll be. Not even going to start. I'll settle on "more than two chapters."

Tiger KyuMi got a little progress as well... It's actually about 1,500 words despite me kind of pinging off of it randomly the last few days. I wander in and flesh out a smutty scene, wander back and write a cute bonding note, wander back...repeat, repeat. The SiHan sequel? Has about 88 words. XD All of which are KyuMi. My SiHan muse is otherwise occupied, clearly.

And... I'll try and post some pics tomorrow? After the laundry. And maybe a little more weeding. And dishes.
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Anecdotal… I am such a spaz about organization… clutter clutter, piles of things, pretty singers and horses and gracious knows what all. *pauses to make my eyes cease burning from the onion I just cut up* Ahem. But the kitchen is oddly different… There have been… talkings-to to people when someone puts away the spatulas in the spoon drawer, or, kitchen forbid, putting the can opener in the wrong spot. I am surrounded by piles of books and papers and empty plates, and am frowny-attentive about kitchen organization. Fabulous.

But as I sit enjoying a piece of bread I wore my hands out kneading last night with my chai latte, I can’t really complain about the complexities of my cleaning abilities. :P

While we’re on the topic, I particularly hate the sound of the vacuum cleaner, and always have.

And to segue from doodad to another… I’m not a particularly fail gamer… excepting anything that requires guns or first person anything… but Eternal Sonata is kicking my behind. I’ve had two game over screens. I’m not fighting bosses. *taps fingers* Are you supposed to have to start heavy-duty leveling up less than two hours into a game? Apparently I’m going to, anyway. I’m getting a little tired of seeing half my party die off while I flail.

…Yesung and Sungmin are singing a song for a charity album for abandoned dogs? You all suck in such a fantastic way. ;_;

And because I had nothing better to do, I was watching music videos this morning and a few of things struck me… I’m always amused by the total ninja appearances of Hankyung in “You Are the One” vid…. They must seriously have included all of his ninja appearances from the whole ep for it to feature him as much as it does. Hankyung falls on his behind? Check. Hankyung’s head materializes over group shot? Check. Hankyung waves, snowboard in hand? Check. Hankyung and Sunglasses? Check. I’m tempted now to go watch the ep to see if he appears more than I thought. *_* (We’ll ignore the part where I teared up.) Also, struck again by how much Yesung looks like he just stepped out of the pages of D.Gray-man in his jacket. -_-

And in M’s “U”… in the same scene that tickled me with Boy Wonder’s “I have my hands on two of them and ain’t nothing you can do about it” part (and apparently the only person I had watched before today in that scene :P) I was taking note of people’s hands, which are pretty uniformly on hips or each other or just hanging, and then Kyuhyun is like *thighs* which is an image a month or two ago that would’ve made me run away screaming “Not the baaaaby” (and in the interest of full disclosure, I admit that I still do the cute-and-vocal “Oh, baby <3” at him sometimes… not sure what that says about me.)… Until I sort of gave up fighting the tide, especially after having watched 2700 hours of M interviews and shows, and then I actually watched Henry during that scene in “U,” and I’ll be exiting from under the couch in about a decade. Thank you.

And, AFI is starting to ramp up for new album release if they're preparing to bring in people for the studio by asking for videos. Yeeeeees. I wish I were not totally insane, as I'd be tempted to send in a video myself (Smith comes to get you? Are they serious? lol. Just for that alone.), but I am, so I will not. (Because this would totally how my video would go: "Hi, I'm a Jen. I'm a fan. I'd like to molest your guitarist. I sit on my couch all day. I like Korean boys. Pick me!")

Accidental computer consultant who is still angsting about scarves, over and out. -____-


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