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Every once in a while I get a need for shepherd's pie. I've written about it here every so often.

So I took a few pics.

And decided I needed cake. So I made that right after. Cake and pie. (not together. :P) And this was most of my yesterday afternoon.

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Chicken nuggets.

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The weekend's cooking accomplishments, sigh.  lol~

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Siwon is exceedingly proud of himself... He just won himself back his spot as default icon. XD

I had to literally hide the bread on top of the microwave to keep someone from cutting into it while piping hot. I explain to him again and again that cutting into the bread is releasing all the moisture, fweee, into the air, but someone can't resist the smell of hot yeasty bread. Sigh. ...And of course then I have to go get a piece, because it's required. Haha. I really like the crumb I'm getting on this bread. It's very lovely and slice-able despite the fact that I'm using all whole white wheat flour. I think I want to do a mix of 2/3 whole white with 1/3 regular whole wheat next time, just to see what kind of flavor it gives it. And you can make sandwiches with it without feeling like your teeth are trying to saw through slabs of petrified cardboard. _-_ Finally got pics up below~

Cut for writing blather, pictures... food, swag, and... Batduck~ )

Ooh, ahh...

Nov. 5th, 2009 05:08 pm
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This is like the post of posty posty doom. Forewarning. It is full of random and incoherence and wangst and whatever.

...Meaning, I had three drafts of a post saved with about three days worth of me being random. However. lol. :| Pushing the post button is too much for my delicate sensibilities.

Wangst and...stuff )
...Animal!verse part three is 10k. Heaven help us all. I don't know if I regained my brain cells. I...yes. Quantity =/= quality. Though I'm semi-satisfied.

Prince!SiHan with the invasion of Kyu and Mi (so...both combined...) is...17k. >.>

I'm "doing" NaNoWriMo in that I am trying to write the minimum of words on my fics per day... Which means when these hit the "ready" stage people will be ready to kick me into the stratosphere to stop my cluttering of their flists. Sigh. I made my goal three of the first four days, but I made up for the missed goal with some excess. I've written about...18 words today, and I'll be out of the house for an hour and a half. I'm not too worried, since my Geng scenes rolled quick last night. *stares at Jun* Cooperate. I contemplated working on the novel for about...1.5 seconds. But. If I take my eyes off these fics, I'll never come back as I should. It's a sad truth. So it is the month of fic progress, for yay~
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Hm, I just ranted for 500 words on my relative failings at people interaction and wistfulness and discarded it because... bulleting it is easier. And sounds less deranged.

  • I am involved.  I write.  Wangsting about achieving a grand total of six posts in six months and feeling like a speck is counter productive.  Deal, please. 
  • I am okay with who I am... rinse and repeat.
  • I heart you all, okay?  I wish I were more forward and less whatever or you know, not be sort of mousy, but HEY.  I'm the same breed of dork as everyone else, and it's okay, I promise.  XD
  • I just bought four romance novels and ordered five more from the library.  My heart.  <3  Speaking of... I need to get rid of some.  Umm.
  • Also getting Dan Brown's new book to read.  He may have the most obvious formula known to man about figuring out who his villains are (in the books I've read), but is quite a bit more readable than some I could name.
  • ETA:  Also the 30 versions of this icon I've made are still not working.  A big :P to the pic, but NO, I will overcome!  Bad lighting or no, I will have my icon.  *determination*
  • 4k on the KyuMi basebally AU is done and I will ogle them forever and be happy about it.
  • I also caved and joined twitter.  Ruh roh.
  • Did I mention ogling KyuMi forever?  Yes.
I'm also cooking this interesting chicken dish that has salsa and pinto beans and onion and pepper and stuff.  Well.  The crock pot is cooking it.  :P  I cried all over my red onion this morning.  It called for chipotle chilies which I I bought (in adobo sauce) which is... I've never used them before.  Opening the can sort of smelled like... smoky kechup.  I am attempting to expand my cooking horizons.  So we'll see if it tastes at all decent.  ...Why doesn the envious mood look like it's angry and swearing?  -_-

I also have lemon merenge pie.  The world cannot possibly be too bad.
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What food did I make with those dirty hands?

Oh wait. No. That was just from the brakes I helped change today.

Drum brakes are from the devil.
Food is food is food is food is... )
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Work will drive me crazy. :D We will not focus on that. But did finally have the chance to be productive for the first time in a few days, which was nice.

Not a lot of writing over the weekend. :\ But did get a chance to expand on a few stories, and more over the past couple days. I keep posting things, and feeling like I'm posting way too often, but the bank of screaming stories waiting to be finished never seems to drop in number. Should I be concerned by that? Disenchanted? I need a magic wand. XD; But any progress is progress. Progress is good. <3

I am slooooooooooooooooowly attempting to push myself out of my nest. As in. Make a comment, reply to a thread, something... Something more than once a year. I feel it should not be this hard to do this. I have absolutely no desire to be a social butterfly, and couldn't even if I did, hah. But somehow dragging me away from my "nooo, someone will see me D:" mentality which has melded with my bone deep gratuitous laziness can, with hope, only end well...

I just made mac and cheese from scratch. Hm. The recipe was probably fine, but I think it heated too long, because it came out a little more texture-y than one would care for. Win some, lose some. I really should have halved the recipe. XD;;;;;; Better than that cake mix out of the box that turned out... ...*shudder*
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Oh good, I have family hanging off of my elbows, and my muse is all HAY, HOWDY. *breathes* I was going to make a long post about Adventures in Bread from yesterday, but I'll save that for another time. I will one day make more interesting posts...

...I'd like to know how the genderwitch continuation crested 2k yesterday. No really. Where is it going? It has lots of fragments is a bit directionless in the beginning. :| ...But it does have SiHan, which makes my little heart happy. Poor Geng. Poor Hae. ...Also, poor Kyu. The things I put him (her) through... It was not supposed to want to grow a plot or back stories, okay. This is what the power of suggestion does to me. I am made of putty.

The SiHan proper is 7k, though. I've got mental plans for three scenes in chapter two, so now just gotta sit and do it. I've been poking at it through the day. I think it may need one more scene to round it out, but we'll see what smacks me. ...And then to plan chapter three.

Things To Do This Weekend No Matter What:
1. Write
2. Write
3. Talk to people who are not related to me. *throws myself at AIM with every ounce of my soul*

Gotta go rescue my shepherd's pie. -_-
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Tomorrow is Friday. I'm so excited. x.x I had a productive meeting today. I know! Who knew they existed...

There will be spaghetti for dinner tonight... I'm proofing the last of my dough for rolls, so those are going into the oven shortly~~ What type of dough to make next? Olive oil dough? Sandwich bread?

I think one thing I would love very much to try is to make spaghetti sauce from scratch (like from tomatoes), at least once... It would absolutely be less of a chore than that French Onion soup. :| Just has to cook... I just thought of something else I wanted to try and it ran away. Oh! Pasta. Like, tortellini or something... I think that would be a neat thing. *does a little internal fistpump*

...I would also trade something quite valuable to be able to make a decent fried rice. _-_ Oh, to be a fly in the wall of my favorite restaurant... Also a better replication of that Chinese corn soup we had in Japan... My try ended up a little far from the goal. Better corn next time...

What else... Writing on the SiHan. I think that about sums up today...
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So, not to count chickens before they hatch but...

Might have a job? :D? Even if it's not a long one, it's $$ that can be put toward living and, say, flying a truly insane amount of hours to go see however many boys in concert. Just saying. Potential networking and reminding people I exist is also potentially worth more than the job itself. I'll have to chat up my accountant soon...

Pizza, of course, will be required when it's all confirmed. I almost (almost) decided to go see a movie today, and I am glad I didn't, because the email came not too long after I would have left. Might have to go tomorrow then. XD

Definitely will mean my schedule will need to get turned around and my (not well utilized) free time will be shortened, but... One cannot rule the world on free time. XD

I made some kind of Asian chicken crock pot thing yesterday, with red pepper and onion and carrot... There was a design flaw in there which made the chicken come out a bit drier than one would intend. It's still edible, but taking a bite and thinking "Hmm, you could powder this" is not an optimal outcome. I was awake when I stuck it in there, I swear.

...But dangit, do I want to make a Boston Cream Pie. The recipe, however, calls for 8 inch cake pans and... I have 9 inch. So, I could increase the recipe by about a sixth. Which, thanks to this site I can. XD XD I <3 that site. Boston Cream Pie, incidentally, reminds me of the olden days in college, going to the cafeteria and getting the "still slightly frozen on the inside" version. Oh, good times.

Still on the hunt for the red velvet...

And now to rope myself back into the smexy times. Sigh.
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I said I would! And I'm ignoring reality and my aching... -_- Anyway. Pics of some of, though not all, my baking/cooking projects the last few weeks. :)

And my redecorated Super Junior wall. One of them. _-_

The oven temp is slightly wonky... )
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I'd like to know why I can buy interesting amounts of goat cheese, blue cheese, and mascarpone (!), but the store cannot stock shelf date-current sliced mozzarella? Why? And I couldn't find my cheese slicer. And me + a knife + a block of cheese = no uniform widths that's for sure. And that was a lot of cheese to cut. Sigh.

But the lasagna was fabulous!

I would gladly give up the sliced mozzarella if they just started stocking gruyere. That is serious cheese, people.

On the writing front...

When I hit 70k and the plot hit me like a bat out of a belfry at dusk, I knew there'd be problems. I said, oh plot. 20k more? 25k? Someone (:P) mentioned, oh hello, you'll reach 100k. I whimpered. Anyway. 42k later. :| Can't begin to guess how much more it'll be. Can't even start to guess.

I vote that chapter 17 is skipped entirely. It is 6,000 words of thinky-thinky, run-aroundy, gobbledygook. When I titled it "Nightmares and Discontent" I didn't mean that those terms would relate to ME. Apparently my muse brought the sledgehammer to work that day. *sniff* One minute it looks like I can pull it into cohesion, and the next it's... see above. So I'm going to go take a shower and drown myself, and then watch "Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" and that will either be A. Fabulous or B. Make me think my writing isn't so bad after all. /end whiner mcwhinyton

Cooking picture post o' doom to come one of these decades when I'm not lazy. :D;;;
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What have I functionally done today...

Typed up some stuff.


Cooked. Need to post my bad quality cell phone shots of all the stuff I cooked over the weekend. Ambition, thy name is getting away from the muses.

Finished chapter 11 pre-editing and the "Wow this sucks I need to add more" read-over. I laugh when people apologize for long chapters, because there's this eye-rolling "Duh" moment because chapters are usually not long ENOUGH, much less TOO long, unless it's just of the mentally-exhausting-reading type. So I won't apologize. But it's the longest chapter yet. Um. If I had, say, around chapter seven, when my blissful 3100-4500 word chapters mysteriously jumped to verging on 7000, stepped back and went "Oh, I could partition these out a little better..." I wouldn't be having this "if I look at this chapter wrong it would be 8000 words" problem, so much. But if I had cut each of the past five 6-7000 word chapters in half, the end of chapter 11 would've been chapter 16(?), and I'd be posting the end of the story like in June or something. So sorry ain't coming out of my mouth. Or something.

Otherwise, I'm a useless slug-type couch potato. Yep. That's me.
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I just found my English grammar notebook... I forgot how much I loved that class. And feared it. Editing past English 101 papers with rather... appalling sentences. I'm reading my notes like, ah, comma splice, my old friend! Too bad I enjoyed you so thoroughly and forgot your terminology so easily. Diction error... Yes. I've made my own grammar rules. And yet still, I get my point across at least 50% of the time with epic failure...

Also, I have a whisk. It finally got used today. It is red, and it is a Kitchenaid whisk and it matches my mixer. Words cannot describe my love for my whisk. I had a twirl whisk, but not a balloon whisk since the lat one died, so my kitchen is now semi more complete. \o/ Since I just finished making a recipe and a half of corn muffins for a get together than I have no desire to go to but have to anyway... Yeah. It made my life easier. And if I start texting people at random tomorrow afternoon... you know why. (I also have new tongs, but that's not quite as exciting as a WHISK.)

Also, teaser MV rocks not only my socks off, but rocks all the clothes out of my closet. I kind of desperately needed to love it, and was thrilled to spend more than a few seconds today seeing my reflection in my computer screen like ":D" as the video faded to back. Would that the entire song and video will do that as well.

Gracious, AFI, where are you so I can do this for you too? >.> I swear, they've been recording for the last six months (well, not quite...)...

I could go on, but snoozy, that is my life. That is all...
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You know those pics of kittens clinging to tree limbs? This is me during "Emergency LJ Maintenance." Me: Don't leeeeeave meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I go a little crazy. I even started working. >.> Hurrah, site maintenance.

I also spent a good deal of time eyeballing a picture I really want as an icon. I spent 30 minutes tinkering, called it good, uploaded it, took it right back down. Apparently making an icon I really want is totally different than tinkering with a random image. I could hardly be accused of being an icon maker under the best of situations. -_- Will try again tomorrow.

I'm doing a negative amount of writing due to the fact that Coffee Prince is playing on my tv. Since I finally got the courage to restart the computer. \o/ Hurrah for being lazy on the couch. Finally split Fics Posted, including the one from the other day, from Fics Not Done. I was tripping over what I'd finished, since they were all in the same Word doc. -____- (behold, organization)

I also cooked brown rice today in the cooker for the first time... Hmm, kind if mis-estimated the amount of water needed. Oh well. Five minutes with more water in the microwave and it was edible. Will know better next time. -_-;

*toasts the world with Oreos and goes back to work... albeit late*
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Crock pot owns me soul. Just finished extracting creamy chicken and potatoes and it is, lo and behold... good! I finally bought more buttermilk, so will make more soda bread tomorrow.

She cooks, she bakes, she hides under the couch when she posts fic to a new fandom.

...Someone just walked in with three... Three!... boxes of chocolate covered cherries. What do I do with him?

Ugh, did I mention this was good? So good. I could make myself ill on this. (Thank you, recipe makers! Even I can make it!) It wanted me to add peas, and I said "Nahhhh" because peas and I, not so much. And the only thing I had in the freezer was a pea/carrot combo... There were carrots in it already, and while I do love me some carrots... Yeah. The peas thing was a no-go. (And in my defense, I did not buy that pea/carrot blend... That would be the same person who bought THREE boxes of chocolate covered cherries after moaning about needing to drop 10. He has all the impulse control that I do. Impressive.)

Well, I think that takes care of Monday.


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