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I have not forgotten the fics for the SJM post. <3 I am busy conjuring away... and I wanted to get the HenHae going out with the fire of a thousand suns because I've put it off waaaay too long. <3 So I''ll be writing on those fics while editing the HenHae and shoving it out and poking at the other projects I have, lol. Also now that I don't have to angst about titling or summarizing the HenHae, I can focus on other things. It's not like I'm some kind of Crime Knowledge 'R' Us, so that's a lot of the reason it took so long. And it just kept growing. Anyone who's expecting some kind of L&O out of this is going to be a smidge disappointed, because, well... It is what it is! I'm doing my best, though~ I think I wrote that QMi scene for it a million years ago, haha. At least before last May. I know that when I was writing "Forever," and this other thing I'm poking at, that's what I used as reference. 8) excited for baseball season to start, lol. Four days! No matter how many games I do or do not watch or get to see live, there's always that held breath of anticipation before the first pitch, this whole bright and shiny season stretching out full of possibilities. Miracle season, mediocre, or dud? We will see...

I am also blissfully watching Siwon's drama, "Oh! My Lady." (the theme song for which gets ridiculously stuck in my head as I bounce around cooking to it)...and Ella's new TW drama, "Down with Love." Apparently I am weak to cute goofballs (and kids)! ...Who knew. :D I love both dramas so much that I almost need to make myself two people to contain it. Siwon's face... Ella's adorable...
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My baseball team is actually winning lately. How did that happen? XD I think we're only two games back. Hmm. That's almost cause for celebration as it is, especially this close to mid-season. If we can hold that up... Take that, doubters. >( My optimism will rule the world.

Last of my bouncing 24k fanfic baby was sent off today. Considering I got the idea on what, the 19th of May? And was traveling around not writing hardly beans for two weeks, that's not a bad month's achievement.

Must must go to grocery store and post office tomorrow. Must. I've been putting pants on long enough to go to the mail box, but this comprises a very small portion of my day. (The rest is spent writing, reading, eating, and trying not to eat. *ahem*) Construction noise is at least somewhat less. Except that this morning before my second round of sleep, a jackhammer made it sound like someone was knocking on the door. I would prefer that not occur again. Though, it's better than the woodpecker mistaking the stove pipe for a tree.

Cause, you know... That echoes.

Also, yum. French toast. If I whine about being hungry later, a graham cracker and milk. That's it. :|
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Chapter 17 is the spawn of Satan Junior (downgraded from Satan). That is all. (What a whopper of a chapter. -_-)

My "Let's Do Baseball SuJu" has been more or less ironed out. Only have one story with a plot, but it could be worse. _-_ It'll be three stories, three pairings (maybe some minor ones), and that'll probably be SiHan/KyuMi/KiHae. KyuMi is the one with the 100% locked in plot... or any plot at all. I know, I'm honestly shocked by that as well. :P Poor Boy Wonder, he's wondering where he went wrong. SiHan has positions though... the pitching/catching battery of course. (Heather: lols). Not doing it that way would've been a clear failure on my part. Ah, the connection between the pitcher's rubber and the catcher's home plate. *tries to get that out with a straight face and fails* KiHae... second base/shortstop? We'll see.

And in real baseball news... One win down, how many to go? And a Griffey homer for garnish. Yes, please. Welcome back!
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Things I am excited and/or desperate about:

A. Pre-season baseball. On my tv. Yes, ma'am. In three days.

B. That does not mean I will write baseball AU SiHan. No, it does not.

C. I want a job? I kind of don't want a job. But I kind of want money? I have fifteen (or 20) money sucking leeches with really cute faces...

D. I need my muse back. I did not ask to stall out at 95k and sit and twiddle my thumbs and whistle at the ceiling when there's things to do. It's in about 10% working order. Should I have waited to post? D: Whoops. Time for the Pocket Muse.

E, F, G. What?

I just spent 30 minutes word counting my fanfic. Because I am absolutely that insane (there's a spreadsheet and everything). Despite the fact that I keep padding these chapters (Eight just broke the 7k mark. Wait. What?) The absolute inequality in time between pairings from chapter 10-16 is shocking. No wonder those chapters are so short! And if by short I mean, two chapters are under 4k. (by 150-200 words) And KyuMi runs away with 84% of the story in those seven chapters. (I even looked up a website that told me how to calculate percentages to find that out! Take that fail math brain!) UM. So. My bias, let me show you the reverse of it? Imagine that. All that time I spent angsting in January that SiHan had stolen the story was apparently wasted >.>

H. Which means I need my muse back. If I'm going to get back to at least a 2/3 to 1/3 split...? What's a few thousand words between friends, muse...?


Mar. 1st, 2009 10:47 am
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How a country girl decides spring is on its way:

1. No snow covering the peeking winter wheat!

2. Fields freshly plowed!

3. Baaaaby cows! Seriously, those calves are still in the wobbly stage. So cute. I think I squeed out my window. I wish I had had my camera. Might have to carry it with me just in case we pass them again next time. <3<3 Sweet babies.

Not that I'm all about babies in various forms right now, shush. >:(

And in PS3 news, I bought "Flower"... I had played "Flow" and enjoyed it, but Flower was gorgeous in a "AHHH, chills" sort of way here and again. They say it was supposed to be relaxing, but I was very tense like "Must get flowers, omg." I think it'll be less tense the second time through. Still... So worth the $10. Flowers and spring... and baseball. *smells the air* So close I can taste it. And sneeze. Ah well.
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Another work week finished, another fun, fun weekend stretched out ahead of me. If by fun I mean "absolutely boring." I don't know why I spend more than a minute of my Monday wishing for Friday night, because I get to Friday night knowing I'm going to sit in my room, for two days, and do nothing. Except tonight I might take a bath so I can sulk appropriately while lavishing myself in expensive bath products that smell like heaven, while sipping sparkling cider and hearing Josh Groban croon at me. Tonight I'll do that closer to bedtime, cause Wednesday's bath just about knocked me down and out.

The one current drama I was watching is Slow as Dirt in regards to subbing, and I'm downloading another. I could rewatch Reaching for the Stars... I'll have to think about it. I haven't watched any anime in weeks. Gracious I'm lazy. I don't even know what's out and good this season... Except that I have less than zero interest in RomeoxJuliet. I'm not above taking suggestions. Elsewise I'm watching Ducktales, and scattering in some Darkwing. And reading 375 million books. (see below)

I was just telling someone the other day that it doesn't bother me chained to the house and never seeing a soul that I'd like to see (when going to the library to chat with the librarians makes your day, I'd think that the state of existence is a little less exciting than some, and I've gone two days in a row)... of course talking about it then made me think about it. I used to sulk about it at school, because there were actually people there that I could see, that could come, so sulking at least made some piddly amount of sense. Here, I can sulk till the day ends but it's not going to help.

...The fact that the Mariners are battling back against the Yankees does make the whole situation look brighter.

And tomorrow's Derby day! With any luck it'll be a good day. I can cry at "My Old Kentucky Home" though I have no connection to Kentucky beyond, you know, horses, and being a sap, and watching a few minutes of gorgeous muscle run their with their hearts. Yep. And given it's the first post-Barbaro Derby, or big race in general on tv, I'm sure there will be a tribute or something that will make me sob. Or even when they do the little stories on the other horses, I sit there and weep. SAP. BIG SAP.

...I love the Mariners. No trouble with the sticks tonight. *coos at baseball and hopes they don't make me regret it*
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I am weak.

I watched the extras on ep 8 of Hana Kimi (which is weeks old, and I've seen it before, just not subbed), and... Ella starts crying. Me: *bursts into tears with her* Not even the ep itself, but the extras! And I know if I pulled it up right now? I'd start crying all over again. Why?

Primed me for watching HYD2 ep 8 (days late, but that's what working over Saturday night/Sunday does to you) to which I, again, turn on the faucets for.

And then I bought things. Because everyone needs a Pocket Muse, and a "best things in life" calendar, and Ever After.

No one should let me shop while I'm hormonal.

And then I ate a Cadbury creme egg, and consulted with the brain that even if I don't have someone to teach me my job, someone will help so please do cease having nightmares about waking up and fearing that "OMG, it's all on me now." Because nothing has happened, and everything will work out. (Otherwise the job is fine, great, spectacular, tiring, satisfying, and definitely not yet boring. Even if I did spend no less than an hour today trying 300,000 different things to make my Word table of contents do what I wanted. Feh. Word. Finally got it to work, but. Feh. Word.)

I'm going to sit through a three hour workshop on poetry. Because my favorite community college teacher is teaching it. ...Seriously. (and it's like 10 minutes away) I may come home with a lot of bad poetry, but at least I'll get out of the house. Two of my favorite poems I may have shown before: The Redwoods, Shiloh, A Requiem

Also. Spring training. Seasonal allergies. Baseball. Can't have one without the other, and... hurrah! Time to break out the icons.


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