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...I do not like this pairing on "House." I'm going to just close my eyes and imagine that it doesn't exist. They haven't given me a reason to like it. I don't think that the other option is necessarily better for her. But it'd sure be better for him.

Also, my baby, my laptop, my life, got fixed and shined and spiffed up, and now no longer sounds as though it's trying to take flight.  Considering I spend, I think.... upwards of 15 hours a day with it at my knee, it's nice that it's silent again.  I was asked how I knew I was getting mine back, but I was all, I think having Batduck in my IM tray is rather unique.  XD  I think not seeing me on IM is stranger than seeing me on...

Mouse is trying to get me to watch an anime, which makes me laugh. XD But it does look cute. *_*  Goodness. The last thing I had the attention span for was Hetalia, and they were 5 minutes long. And the only thing I came back from Japan with anime-wise was a Hetalia keychain, and I blame that solely on the "Delicious Tomato Song" because all I saw on the keychain was the tomato and hearing Romano sing about "buono tomatoes" and bemoaning his brother.

I am so behind on that series even with eps being 5 minutes long. /downloads it all and catches up hour? /end history geek  Oh, yeah, and the cell phone strap:

*steals Feliciano's pizza* )

I want pizza now.  _-_  Why am I cooking tonight.  Maybe I'll make Chinese...

And, AFI released their latest music video, which is, obviously, social commentary as their whole album is.  But there was one scene in it that made the whole video for me, mostly because Jade's expression owns all. He would prefer not to, thank you very much. XD

You're touching me? )
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*stretches and yawns*

Bahhh. I went to bed earlier than usual last night, because I got a flu shot yesterday. For the first time ever. And I was a little like. _-_ About it all night. And then woke up early too. And today, I'm just a little dozy. Well, that and I kept rolling onto the other arm which is like "OWIE" from the tetanus one. Mmm. I'm surprised my arm muscles haven't just curled up and died. In terms of discomfort tetanus > Hep A > Hep B > flu shot. But for all I whine, it's not really all that bad. I am like the immune queen right at this moment. I almost hope I do get a prescription for doxycycline, because even if my stomach hates it, at least my face might clear up a little. >.>

My coat gets here today. ;_; I hope it fits, haha. It's sad that having it shipped here and shipping it back if it doesn't fit, is actually cheaper than driving to the store.

I did get clothes yesterday... I'm still wearing clothes from high school...eight years later... that I need to get rid of because of their sad condition. :| I may make a swag post later on. Definitely, if the coat fits. ;_; Also got necessities. Will blather about that later.

...And I swear lately, when I open my mouth, my brain falls out. It's messy and not very attractive.

But my muse is just as sleepy as my brain is. Was reading over the Henhae this morning, and was just kind of like, hm, oh that's nice. *snore* I did have a Big Brain Wave on it the other day, so just got to fill that scene out... Just as soon as I am not languishing in defeat from vaccinations.

...I probably need a Crash Love icon. ...I probably need to finish listening to Crash Love.
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I find it interesting how my searches correspond to the diversity of my fanfic. Both of these have come up in the past few days: "spirit binding rope" and "singing while pregnant." (Let this latter search demonstrate my KyuMi withdrawal, when the genderswitch continuation is being clung to like a lifeline, all so far 5,600 meandering words of it.) That being said, SiHan is in danger of being finished in the next couple weeks, amazing considering how fractured my concentration is. Haha. Halfway through chapter 5 and 18.5k right now.

AFI's new song "Medicate" was released yesterday... Let me just say the guitar makes me wiggle in glee how that will look performed. *sits on my bias* The fact that it starts and ends with a very Davey "Oh~h" makes me laugh. XD Considering there was talk of how the album would be more "rock" and I've always been a little squeamish about their harder stuff so... "Medicate" is kind of a nice surprise. I feel it will probably grow on me.

And...ridiculously excited for the new tv season to start. I am going to be bleeding tv, and it will be fantastic...

Inane love

Jul. 8th, 2009 12:47 pm
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Added about, oh...5,500 words to the Tiger!KyuMi in the last couple of days (you would think it didn't have a title, but I think all three do, now). It's a couple hundred short of 19k now. So it's decent progress... four chapters at probably 98% completion, and a couple chapts at 30%. There are a couple things I've intended for chapter five, so we'll see how that goes. Right now there's a lot of chattering and exposition. Talk talk talk. Can get them to talk then can't shut them up. Sigh. It'll be 6-7 chapts, I think. I keep thinking of things I'd forgotten, so the fic will probably be mostly finished by the time I post, so as not to make myself want to beat myself up.

September 29th!!! *ahem* We actually have a day? I can't believe it. It won't get changed beforehand, will it? >.> I apparently missed the announcement at the forum (which I haven't been to in 275,000 years) but Jade's updates, as usual, keep me informed. <3 New AFI album in September, which is a very, very long way away. :| The need to start purchasing earplugs and worrying about what he'll do to his hair commencing... now.

...And my internet time in the next week just went from nil to negative nil. :| On the road again... (My life, the rest of it, is a lot of watching tv shows about people in trauma centers and babies being born, seriously. Not a lot going on here.) Now to the grocery store because an evil someone just sent me an amazing looking recipe. :o
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I... What? I plead innocence. For Always will be the death of me, I am 98.5% sure of this. (this has nothing to do with Gargoyles, but I do take the opportunity when I can.)

In the process of wrapping up 18 so I can post it today...

Cut because no one really enjoys seeing me spasm at my muse )

Semi-unrelated, but exciting...

AFI is blasting from my record (as in vinyl) player. Because I can. And I have the house to myself. We may yet get a new album... Jade has begun talking about finishing touches on the album and tours. Wow. Getting new stuff before I'm 30! (And writing new Blaqk Audio songs... that makes me 275% excited... Maybe when that comes out, they'll pop by closer to me? :D) Hopefully this does not go the way of the Never Heard From Again, Might Have Imagined the News EP. I think they mentioned 100 Words just to make people flail, and then let everyone be satisfied with Carcinogen Crush. (Which I was. But. EP!)
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I just found my English grammar notebook... I forgot how much I loved that class. And feared it. Editing past English 101 papers with rather... appalling sentences. I'm reading my notes like, ah, comma splice, my old friend! Too bad I enjoyed you so thoroughly and forgot your terminology so easily. Diction error... Yes. I've made my own grammar rules. And yet still, I get my point across at least 50% of the time with epic failure...

Also, I have a whisk. It finally got used today. It is red, and it is a Kitchenaid whisk and it matches my mixer. Words cannot describe my love for my whisk. I had a twirl whisk, but not a balloon whisk since the lat one died, so my kitchen is now semi more complete. \o/ Since I just finished making a recipe and a half of corn muffins for a get together than I have no desire to go to but have to anyway... Yeah. It made my life easier. And if I start texting people at random tomorrow afternoon... you know why. (I also have new tongs, but that's not quite as exciting as a WHISK.)

Also, teaser MV rocks not only my socks off, but rocks all the clothes out of my closet. I kind of desperately needed to love it, and was thrilled to spend more than a few seconds today seeing my reflection in my computer screen like ":D" as the video faded to back. Would that the entire song and video will do that as well.

Gracious, AFI, where are you so I can do this for you too? >.> I swear, they've been recording for the last six months (well, not quite...)...

I could go on, but snoozy, that is my life. That is all...
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Anecdotal… I am such a spaz about organization… clutter clutter, piles of things, pretty singers and horses and gracious knows what all. *pauses to make my eyes cease burning from the onion I just cut up* Ahem. But the kitchen is oddly different… There have been… talkings-to to people when someone puts away the spatulas in the spoon drawer, or, kitchen forbid, putting the can opener in the wrong spot. I am surrounded by piles of books and papers and empty plates, and am frowny-attentive about kitchen organization. Fabulous.

But as I sit enjoying a piece of bread I wore my hands out kneading last night with my chai latte, I can’t really complain about the complexities of my cleaning abilities. :P

While we’re on the topic, I particularly hate the sound of the vacuum cleaner, and always have.

And to segue from doodad to another… I’m not a particularly fail gamer… excepting anything that requires guns or first person anything… but Eternal Sonata is kicking my behind. I’ve had two game over screens. I’m not fighting bosses. *taps fingers* Are you supposed to have to start heavy-duty leveling up less than two hours into a game? Apparently I’m going to, anyway. I’m getting a little tired of seeing half my party die off while I flail.

…Yesung and Sungmin are singing a song for a charity album for abandoned dogs? You all suck in such a fantastic way. ;_;

And because I had nothing better to do, I was watching music videos this morning and a few of things struck me… I’m always amused by the total ninja appearances of Hankyung in “You Are the One” vid…. They must seriously have included all of his ninja appearances from the whole ep for it to feature him as much as it does. Hankyung falls on his behind? Check. Hankyung’s head materializes over group shot? Check. Hankyung waves, snowboard in hand? Check. Hankyung and Sunglasses? Check. I’m tempted now to go watch the ep to see if he appears more than I thought. *_* (We’ll ignore the part where I teared up.) Also, struck again by how much Yesung looks like he just stepped out of the pages of D.Gray-man in his jacket. -_-

And in M’s “U”… in the same scene that tickled me with Boy Wonder’s “I have my hands on two of them and ain’t nothing you can do about it” part (and apparently the only person I had watched before today in that scene :P) I was taking note of people’s hands, which are pretty uniformly on hips or each other or just hanging, and then Kyuhyun is like *thighs* which is an image a month or two ago that would’ve made me run away screaming “Not the baaaaby” (and in the interest of full disclosure, I admit that I still do the cute-and-vocal “Oh, baby <3” at him sometimes… not sure what that says about me.)… Until I sort of gave up fighting the tide, especially after having watched 2700 hours of M interviews and shows, and then I actually watched Henry during that scene in “U,” and I’ll be exiting from under the couch in about a decade. Thank you.

And, AFI is starting to ramp up for new album release if they're preparing to bring in people for the studio by asking for videos. Yeeeeees. I wish I were not totally insane, as I'd be tempted to send in a video myself (Smith comes to get you? Are they serious? lol. Just for that alone.), but I am, so I will not. (Because this would totally how my video would go: "Hi, I'm a Jen. I'm a fan. I'd like to molest your guitarist. I sit on my couch all day. I like Korean boys. Pick me!")

Accidental computer consultant who is still angsting about scarves, over and out. -____-
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A long time since an update here it seems. I don't know that I have much to report. I don't know that I am wildly and amazingly happy, but I'm not wildly and amazingly not, either. I'm just kind of rolling along. Of course, there's nothing of note happening *now* but there will eventually be. :) *foreshadow foreshadow* There are things that make me go *RAWR* but they're more choices, and what can you do.

Got my taxes in, and confirmation the moolah was extracted from my account. I am significantly poorer. I have also officially set up my first retirement account. So I am likewise "poorer" and yet with the expectation that I will one day be "rich." I can't imagine why I'm not including Social Security into my retirement outlook. HMMMM. Clearly I need to pop out a few babies so they can support me in my dotage. Or marry a really rich man. Where *are* all of those, anyway?

My life still revolves around tv. New episodes of Bones just restarted last night, and thank gracious. I was beginning to think my fiction watching was coming to a close once again. One can only take so much reality programming before ooky corpses and storylines need to be introduced. (And I love you Sam, the Cooking Guy, but I need me some dose of non-reality) Back to Netflix and Frasier!

I am also redecorating in here. Pictures of that transformation (hah) coming soon. I really need to post the other pictures, too. Good goal for myself. And I can see my floor again! I am amazed. I'm not sure I can see one of the corners of the room, though. Um. That'll be fun to go through one day!

In musical fronts... AFI's new EP now has an official track listing, though no official release date. This has made me quite pleased, and there are officially five songs. One of them, of course, is "Carcinogen Crush" so I know 1/5 of the cd will be much adored. But also included on it is "100 Words" which apparently has mythical proportions of "that song we have heard about for ages but never appears." And yet, it seems it will this time. I'm putting together stuff to make a picture post of my AFI swag, the multitude of it, when we actually *get* a release date. This will be of interest to about two of you, and for the rest it will demonstrate my insanity. Happy days.
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*packs socks*

*remembers hair brush*

*walks past dvd pile*

*eyes Jade's behind*

Case in point, I could not make it out of the house without the "I Heard a Voice" dvd in my bag. Oh, AFI. What you have done to me.
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If I ever profess the desire to own Guitar Hero 3 (plus expansion) so that I can fiddle with Miss Murder and Carcinogen Crush, do brain me. I watched a couple of videos on youtube and I'm 1000000% sure that on Level Troglodyte I would not get past the opening chorus. Okay, slightly overstating that. I'd probably at least get to the end of the second chorus on Easy before passing out from holding my breath. That stuff requires far too high of a level of concentration for me to actually exist in it.

But whatever mode I saw it on, Hard? Expert? Dude. Jade would have massive carpal tunnel if he were out there strumming that often. If that's even the right... term. Clearly where art --> harder than life. Cause there are some technically difficult pieces in the song, but nothing near that. I guffawed at the appearance of the singer in the game though, cause Davey's voice coming out of that? Ahahaha.

Let's rewind that back to Carcinogen Crush here for a moment, because just yesterday I was emo-ing about no new tracks for the concert cd, while internally emo-ing at the prospect of the concert cd taking the place of an Actual EP with new stuff, but I see one optimistic report that Carcinogen Crush will be on the new EP, ETA December or so? So concert cd this month, EP next month? Not holding my breath, cause that seems almost too close to release cds, but seriously now. But the new song sounds amaaaazing, and the guitar part, well. Like I really have to detail how much I like that. :P Jade really outdoes himself sometimes.

...And I think that much fangirling will take me into sleepy-time. Yup.
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Oh my eyeballs. -_-

A lady who is really nice at the library (a favorite of mine) had recommended Diana Gabaldon's Outlander to me many moons ago... probably 5 months or so. I'd gotten it from the library and promptly and accidentally returned it. Chuh.

Anyhoo, I bought it when I was in Texas - when Rose was not entirely certain she was Ever Ever going to get me out of Barnes & Noble. It was a close call, but she managed to get me out before I had to take up the plea to buy another suitcase to bring all the books home. I still have a fantasy book running around that I haven't read. *pinpoints it on the shelf* I went through about two and a half Nora Roberts trilogies in the meantime (and a few besides, with the books I'd bought, and the books we got free). When I can't write, I read until my eyes fall out.

Which is not really an overstatement. So it took me a couple of months to get to it. I started about 4:30 yesterday. ...I stopped reading at about 12:40 because I knew I'd hate myself in the morning if I didn't. I was at page 440. I just finished... 9:00pm, and the last of the 850 pages. And that with that I actually did some work today. The romantic, historical geek in me fawns in glee.

Seriously. I need new glasses. I am my own worst enemy.

Tomorrow's goals for LJ land: Make a Huge Ginormous "Go Listen to these Blaqk Audio/AFI Songs Please" post for the two (or 10) of you I haven't pulled in by a line. I've forcibly tripped it into the ears of three of you, and snuck in a couple on a fourth, but there are some of you on the edges that have escaped My Musical Clutches of Dooooooom.

What you can expect: Links to listen to the songs, and My Super Reasonings as to why I like them - usually a bit of lyric or a tune, but each one is unique! I'll divvy them up by My Super Favorites, and by type - super awesome dance sort, amazingly gorgeous ballad type, oh baby this song is awesome kind, just listen already!!! variety, etc. I'll try and hold down the "And Jade sings in this and he's the most awesome guitarist in the Entire Universe - not that I know any other!" babbling (which really only applies to the AFI songs, really, unless you need my commenting on his synth and keyboard skills, or his goofy dancing. Or the vest.). I've already burned a few ears with that. ... I won't promise that there will be no pictures for posterity, however. *ahem*

And since, regarding my last post on TV, Heather is the only one who watches tv and/or is on lj watching me ramble... I hope that has more success. I am building you up! I can be surprisingly annoying! And no one is reading any more anyway!
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Me: *stresses over dentist* (Hey it's a woman! Never had a woman dentist before.)
Dentist office calls: Medical emergency called her out of town. We have to reschedule. How's November?
Me: ....Okay.

Now, in theory I could get in earlier if there was a cancellation but, given I can only go to certain dentists due to my insurance, the one who is most easily accessed is two hours away. So it requires a bit of notice. Not a lot, but you know, at least two hours. :P So, fairly sure none of my teeth will fall out before November. That's my big stress relief of the day.

Otherwise, I've been watching and listening to AFI interviews and performances... and Blaqk Audio interviews. Basically, someone had better be taking some good videos of the Blaqk Audio performances. I'm not so insane that I'd fly to gracious knows where to watch them perform, but California's the closest venue and uh. No. (but oh, would I with incentive? Yes.)

Blaqk Audio, for those of you who do not know, is the name of the electronic music project being done by AFI's Davey Havok and Jade Puget (aka singer and guitarist). Not an AFI project, but something they're working on between AFI tours and albums. Their first, new cd is called CexCells. Go listen to the single "Stiff Kittens" at the web site Or on youtube. And if that's not incentive enough, or if that doesn't tickle your fancy, search for "Semiotic Love" on youtube. No, really, go anyway! Even if you think AFI sucks. I <3 Semiotic Love. I like almost every song on the album for one reason or another. It's catchy music. Sad for me. Good for me, though, since I bought and got the album in my hot little hands having only heard one song. ...It's kind of made of win. That or the synths just ate my brain. No really, it's awesome. If you need more song recs, come tickle me. ("Where Would You Like Them Left?" and "The Love Letter" if you're asking) And if you hate it, I'm off here in synth-land singing "La la la I can't hear you."

...And one would think I was a rabid AFI fan, but in fact, AFI, I barely knew ye. At least, not before last year...ish. Regarding the album decemberunderground, I knew "Prelude 12/21" due to the awesome Tsubasa music video, and I love Prelude 12/21, but I got scared away by "Kill Caustic" I believe (screaming makes me go O.O after pretty Prelude). But now that I know better and got past the second song, I love, love "Miss Murder." Screaming and all. The fact that the Prelude 12/21 music video leads into Miss Murder is also made of win. I got a crash course with interview videos today between working. ...The video for "Silver and Cold" just about made me wibble.

...Of course, "Love Like Winter" and "37mm" from that album were originally Blaqk Audio songs. Which, considering the amount of play the Blaqk Audio cd is getting (a LOT), explains a lot, esp in "Love Like Winter"'s case. I wanna see the "Stiff Kittens" music video now. ;_;


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