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Title: Mate
Pairings: Suho/D.O.
Rating: up to NC-17

Summary: 14 various prompts, see prompts for content.


Prompt: Joonmyun was not expecting his next door neighbor to go into rut so soon after moving in nor was he expecting to find out that the tiny alpha Kyungsoo is his perfect mate.


Joonmyun knew his neighbor well enough. He knew Kyungsoo was an alpha, knew he liked singing along to music when he did what Joonmyun was assumed was cleaning. They greeted each other, if they were in the hall together, but they had never hung out. It wasn’t unusual, since they were both unmated.

But Joonmyun woke from a nap, hard and aching. He didn’t remember dreaming, just that his body was alert only to need itself. Joonmyun moaned, coming in a few quick strokes, rung out and only half satisfied. It puzzled him, because as wet as he was, it wasn’t his time. But if he eliminated himself, that meant it was someone else, an alpha in rut.

And there was only one unmated alpha on the floor.

Joonmyun shuddered, looking toward the wall that he shared with Kyungsoo. It was possible Kyungsoo had already left to go find an omega. It was possible Kyungsoo wouldn’t want him. But Joonmyun pulled on a shirt, grabbing his keys and slipping out into the hall.

The smell was stronger there, but there were no omegas furtive in the hallway. There was no one other than Joonmyun, nearly in front of Kyungsoo’s door and wondering. He wanted, but he didn’t know if it was wise. That he wanted was all he knew, really.

The door being yanked open had Joonmyun falling back a step, gaping to see Kyungsoo sweaty, his hair a mess, smelling of come, and wrapped in a half-tied robe.

“Are you just going to stand there in the hall and spread your smell around?” Kyungsoo demanded.

“I didn’t— I thought—“ Joonmyun shut his mouth, inhaling, letting out an involuntary moan that made Kyungsoo’s eyes widen.

“Come in, or go home,” Kyungsoo offered, his breath forcefully controlled.

Joonmyun licked his lips. He could go home, smell Kyungsoo’s rut, writhe around on his own. Or, he could go in as Kyungsoo suggested. Engage in some mutually beneficial pleasure. He was sweating already, and when Kyungsoo closed the door behind him, the smell of alpha was everywhere, enveloping him as he left his sandals, pulling at the shirt that was suddenly like sandpaper on his skin.

“I could smell you,” Joonmyun said, following Kyungsoo as he walked, shivering, almost tripping out of his pants, his underwear left in a separate pile as his cock was finally released.

“I could smell you. But I wasn’t going to—“ Kyungsoo turned, looking him over, watching as Joonmyun got on his knees in front of him. “I thought of knocking on your door.”

Joonmyun would’ve let him in. Kyungsoo’s robe parted, and Joonmyun reached, Kyungsoo’s cock feeling almost hot to his cool fingers and it dripped against Joonmyun’s tongue as he sought to wrap his lips around it. Kyungsoo needed no readying for him, but Joonmyun needed to taste him, needed the moans he got, his skin breaking out in goosebumps as Kyungsoo’s fingers tugged against his hair. His hands smoothed along Kyungsoo’s thighs, wriggling because he was so wet, aching with it, sensitive, and empty, and hard. Joonmyun tilted his head and Kyungsoo thrust into his mouth, filling him, and Joonmyun moaned for him.

“I thought you’d be that hungry for it,” Kyungsoo moaned. “I can hear how wet you are. Fuck.”

Joonmyun gasped, suddenly bereft of the cock in his mouth and pulled upward until Kyungsoo’s mouth could cover his. They were almost of a height, kissing against each other, cocks rubbing together, and Joonmyun sucked on Kyungsoo’s tongue instead, letting Kyungsoo taste himself. Joonmyun’s legs almost buckled as Kyungsoo teased two fingertips into him and nearly made him come right there.

“Please,” Joonmyun whimpered, and Kyungsoo almost echoed him, gripping Joonmyun’s thigh, helping him onto the bed, kneeling behind him.

Joonmyun’s moan was muffled into the blanket as Kyungsoo’s cock pressed into him. Just like Kyungsoo said, he was so wet. His body gave so easily, hitching in a breath, widening his thighs, pressing back against Kyungsoo and urging him to take more.

“Smelling you turned on just made it worse,” Kyungsoo said, and the last inch slid home, Kyungsoo rocking against him. “I’ve been able to smell you since I moved in but today—“

Kyungsoo grunted, pulling back his cock and sliding it fully in again. Joonmyun gasped, his whole body shuddering and his eyes rolled back as Kyungsoo continued, sliding deep, stimulating him, fast and steady. Joonmyun came, the sound strangled, and Kyungsoo almost laughed, some kind of triumph.

“So responsive. Need more.”

Kyungsoo’s hands were pulling Joonmyun’s hips back against him and Joonmyun was caught in Kyungsoo’s search for pleasure. Over and over, the bed rocking under them, Kyungsoo’s moans, until the effort it took stretched him, and Kyungsoo’s hands tightened on him.

“Do you want my knot?” Kyungsoo asked, bending low, speaking so close it made Joonmyun shudder. It gave Joonmyun a choice. They could go on without it.

“Please. Please,” Joonmyun gasped. And he moaned, “Yes, please, more.”

Joonmyun could almost feel Kyungsoo’s moans as he teased Joonmyun with the growing knot. Kyungsoo pushed it into him, and it swelled, and Kyungsoo pulled it back, pushing, pulling, stretching him almost to the point of pain as Joonmyun clutched at the blanket. But Kyungsoo’s hips shifted forward, battering deep, the knot swelling rapidly, filling him, tying them as Kyungsoo moved, moaning, coming with the throbbing of his cock inside of Joonmyun. Joonmyun shuddered, still blindsided by the orgasm that had swept through him from the nudging of Kyungsoo’s knot, and trembling as Kyungsoo draped against him, relaxed against him.

“My knot lasts a lot longer during rut,” Kyungsoo said, sighing, and he cupped Joonmyun’s cock with his hand until it throbbed for him again, Joonmyun’s moans strangled in his throat. Joonmyun saw out of the corner of his eye, Kyungsoo licking at his dripping fingers, before he offered them to Joonmyun. He sucked his own come from Kyungsoo’s skin, sucking on Kyungsoo’s fingers as Kyungsoo sighed and relaxed a little further. They’d be tied a long time, is what Kyungsoo said. And if Kyungsoo wanted more after, even longer.

Everything Joonmyun had wanted, right next door.


Prompt: i loved your sudi abo could you do another maybe?


The last thing that Joonmyun had anticipated was spending part of his afternoon on his back with an alpha’s knot throbbing in him and an alpha half dozing on top of him. He’d had plans. Errands. They’d had a bit of an agreement, helping each other out in the absence of having any other kind of partner. But Kyungsoo hadn’t been the one to seek out Joonmyun. Maybe it was pride, or maybe he hadn’t wanted to make Joonmyun think he was being pushy once he knew how to turn Joonmyun into a throbbing mess. But Kyungsoo hadn’t ever turned him away, and when Joonmyun was wild to suck his cock, he got hard readily enough in Joonmyun’s mouth, and came just as hard. Joonmyun got off a few times in between those encounters remembering Kyungsoo’s lips wrapped around him as well, Kyungsoo’s fingers filling him. But Kyungsoo didn’t seem to mind when he got Joonmyun bent over the couch or kneeling on his bed. Joonmyun tried to clean up his come afterward, at the very least.

But there was Kyungsoo at his door, smelling like lust in slouching sweatpants. They did little to conceal Kyungsoo’s cock and Joonmyun had a hard time walking as he pulled Kyungsoo back to his bed. He was uncomfortably wet by the time he shook off his pants and got on the bed, clutching at the pillows over his head as Kyungsoo gripped his hips and pulled him as Kyungsoo’s cock filled him.

He got to see the desperation, the pleasure/pain written all over Kyungsoo’s face as Kyungsoo began to move. Maybe it was the same for him, relaxing, trying to squeeze Kyungsoo tight as each rock of his hips made pleasure flutter inside of him.

“Half hard for this since I woke up,” Kyungsoo moaned. His hips rolled faster and Joonmyun didn’t know if it was his words or that that sent the tingle through him and made his thighs begin to tremble.

“You should’ve come over th-then!” His words ended almost on a squeal at the quick press of Kyungsoo’s cock.

“What if you’d been. Asleep?”

A pause for breathing.

“I wouldn’t have been if you’d been here.”

He’d have been feeling like that, writhing, caught between heaven and pain, spurting onto his belly in little orgasmic shocks as Kyungsoo filled him faster, grunting, moaning. His knot began to stretch Joonmyun open and Kyungsoo slid it deep before it could hurt, working fast, moaning higher, moving so fast he was almost shaking as he jolted and ground his knot against Joonmyun and came in him. Joonmyun was delirious with it, each nudge of the knot shooting through him, just spilling onto himself in rolling waves of pleasure as his whole body reacted to watching Kyungsoo come. Kyungsoo all but draped over him and Joonmyun for a moment Joonmyun wrapped his legs around him, biting his lip as his cock rubbed against Kyungsoo’s skin and he came again, harder, shuddering under Kyungsoo.

He relaxed like he was dead, the knot causing a pleasant ache as they relaxed. When Kyungsoo seemed to rouse, Joonmyun’s heart rate had slowed.

“Are you going into rut again?” Joonmyun wondered.

“I don’t know. Jerking off wasn’t cutting it.”

What an image, Joonmyun thought as he closed his eyes. Once the knot softened, he’d see what food he had. He wouldn’t send Kyungsoo home hungry.


Prompt: sudi abo au where joonmyun's brother's jongin's mate stops by to talk with joonmyun about a surprise party for jongin and once he leaves kyungsoo comes over in a snit and asks if joonmyun is ready to be his yet (smut obviously ensues lol)


When another knock sounded, Joonmyun almost thought his brother-in-law had forgotten something. He knew before he got to the door that wasn’t the case, though. It was the smell an alpha hotly aroused, and when Joonmyun opened the door, a little irritated.

“Do you entertain a lot of alphas?” Kyungsoo asked, when Joonmyun let him in.

It had Joonmyun’s eyebrows rising. “Only you of late. The one who left was mated, surely you could tell that? He’s my brother’s, planning his birthday party.”

The explanation didn’t seem to matter as Kyungsoo paced tightly. That energy could be put to better use, and Joonmyun led him back toward the bedroom. Kyungsoo’s want had been bleeding into him from before he opened the door, and he was going to soak through his shorts if he wasn’t careful.

“Are you—“

“Are you ready to be mine yet?” Kyungsoo bit out. “I wouldn’t have to wonder about other alphas around you.”

“I smell like you. No one doubts I have an alpha keeping me satisfied,” Joonmyun said, discarding his shirt and working on the button of his shorts. “I’m not going to take up with an alpha while you’re knotting me.”

Even the idea seemed to tick Kyungsoo off as he mirrored Joonmyun’s actions, shedding clothes with an intensity that had Joonmyun throbbing. He eased onto his back, his knees wide, offering. Kyungsoo licked a line up Joonmyun’s twitching cock as he climbed onto the bed and settled between Joonmyun’s legs.

“Were you stewing about this the whole time he was here? Wanting to scent me up?” Joonmyun asked, gasping a little as Kyungsoo’s teeth closed around a nipple.

“Think of how often you get turned on, and you know how often I want to knot you,” Kyungsoo told him. He squeezed Joonmyun’s ass with both hands, lifting his hips. And all Joonmyun had to do was relax and moan as Kyungsoo’s cock filled him. Kyungsoo watched as his hips rolled, admiring how his cock disappeared as Joonmyun moaned for him.

That was why he smelled like Kyungsoo, why everyone knew he had an alpha. He had no collar, no mark, but he carried proof of their frequent matings from Kyungsoo’s kisses, from the smell of his come no matter where it had fallen. Joonmyun moaned, wrapping his legs around Kyungsoo as Kyungsoo lowered down and the angle of his cock changed, too. Kyungsoo was so hard for him, and he whimpered as he tried to pull Kyungsoo in, deeper, panting up at him and moaning as Kyungsoo kissed him. He kissed like he could claim Joonmyun from that along, kisses both urgent and just short of too hard. Joonmyun cried out against Kyungsoo’s mouth as he felt the knot begin. It slid and it stretched and Kyungsoo groaned and braced himself as his hips flexed. Each thrust, the knot swelled. Each thrust, it slid deeper until there was nowhere else to go, Kyungsoo’s body flush to his and still rocking desperately. Kyungsoo’s whole body jerked as he came, the knot almost seeming to expand again and each moan shooting right through Joonmyun. He’d smell like Kyungsoo again, the alpha who needed his knot in him, the alpha whose eyes were dark as he licked his lips and met Joonmyun’s eyes.

Joonmyun’s lips parted against Kyungsoo’s and his whole body tensed as Kyungsoo began to stroke his cock. He could not want any more, shuddering with it, moaning desperate as Kyungsoo kissed him and worked him. There was no tease in it, only need. Kyungsoo’s tongue curled against his, pumping Joonmyun’s cock urgently with his fingers. He moaned as he orgasmed, pulsing in Kyungsoo’s hand and gasping away from the kiss, arching as Kyungsoo kept stroking him. He sobbed against Kyungsoo’s neck as peak after peak buffeted him, helplessly squeezing around Kyungsoo’s knot, his thighs working urgently at Kyungsoo’s sides. He shuddered again, clutching hard around Kyungsoo, his cock giving one last helpless throb, and he was wrung out, soaking with sweat and wheezing under a sharply panting alpha.

“I want to have the only knot you ever want,” Kyungsoo said.

Ever. Joonmyun breath caught a little and he tightened around Kyungsoo’s knot a little more.


Prompt: sudi abo with ksoo going w joonmyun to his brother's party and minseok (jongin's mate) is like SO THIS IS WHO I SMELLED THE OTHER DAY and then maybe car sex? thx for indulging me me in this au and all the lovely sudi <3


Kyungsoo’s possessiveness had struck a chord that Joonmyun didn’t really want to spend all that much time thinking about. He knew the direction they could go, and really from the first rut he’d known that was a possibility. It was hard to come home, to pass Kyungsoo’s door when it seemed like that doorway smelled of home more than his own did. No, he definitely set that to the side. Joonmyun had been a little unsure about the whole thing, but Kyungsoo had seemed pleased to be invited to go along with him to his brother’s party. Minseok had hinted deeply that he could bring someone if he wanted, being completely not subtle at all.

It was nice to have someone at the party itself. Obviously Joonmyun was familiar with Jongin and Minseok, but he could hardly monopolize them and most of the other people there he was either unfamiliar with or very vaguely acquainted. But with Kyungsoo there, he could tell tales on his brother, have someone there who was “his.”

Though not like that, no matter how many times Jongin waggled his eyebrows at him, or when Minseok came up while they were eating cake all, “So this is who I smelled the other day!”

Nothing like almost choking on raspberry filling while Kyungsoo was introducing himself to Minseok. The epitome of rudeness, calling that out to an omega who wasn’t mated. But he couldn’t even be angry, not with Minseok grinning like that.

All Kyungsoo had to say when they were left to their cake, “Glad it was me he was smelling.”

They were horrible, all of them. Still, they left as things were winding down, Joonmyun hugging those he knew and escaping to the quiet of Kyungsoo’s car and the short drive to their building. It made him relax in Kyungsoo’s scent, smelling arousal too. They’d keep each other busy at home, it seemed.

“I know that was kind of a long thing around a bunch of strangers, but I’m glad you were able to go,” Joonmyun said.

“I’m glad I went, too,” Kyungsoo said. “Do omegas run in your family?”

“It seems like,” Joonmyun said, getting his stuff together as Kyungsoo parked. He was further back in the garage than he had been, in some corner intended for expansion. Joonmyun was about to ask why when Kyungsoo unhooked his belt.

“Get in the back seat,” Kyungsoo said, and swung out of the car.

“What?” Joonmyun asked. He got out too, confused as Kyungsoo opened the door to the back seat and got in. Yes, that was the arousal he’d noted but he hadn’t expected it to be so urgent.

“We’re an elevator ride away from our apartments,” Joonmyun said, a little scandalized even as he got into the back seat, too. “Someone could see.”

What Joonmyun could definitely see was Kyungsoo’s cock, straining as he released it.

“Blame it on me, then. Take off your pants.”

Heat flooded through him at the simple, quiet command. It could have been a request, too, but Kyungsoo was tugging on his cock and watching in such obvious anticipation. He began to throb, glancing around outside of the car before doing as Kyungsoo wanted. His shoes fell to the floor, and his pants got laid onto the seat. He felt exposed, planting a leg on either side of Kyungsoo’s hips. The front seat, the doors, they kept them from being able to be seen if someone had been looking, but if someone were close enough—

Kyungsoo pulled Joonmyun right against him, kissing him, wrapping his arms around him. Joonmyun moaned against Kyungsoo’s lips as Kyungsoo’s fingers teased into him, testing how wet, how ready he was.

“So wet.”

“I can’t help it, when you smell like that,” Joonmyun said. And he couldn’t. His body reacted to the lure of an alpha’s lust for him and he would not have wanted to stop it, not when Kyungsoo wanted him, too.

Kyungsoo guided him and Joonmyun moaned as he sank onto Kyungsoo’s cock, his body stretching but so wet and so ready. Kyungsoo gave him only moments to adjust before he was grasping Joonmyun’s hips and jostling him, urging him to lift, to ride as Kyungsoo’s hips flexed up against him. The scents of the party faded, and Joonmyun gasped into Kyungsoo’s neck as he braced himself and tried to take Kyungsoo deeper.

Kyungsoo’s hands were all over him, urging him, moaning as Joonmyun tightened around him. It was like Kyungsoo hadn’t knotted him just that morning, like he had something to prove as Joonmyun labored for breath and filled himself with Kyungsoo’s cock. Someone could see them any time, and that had his belly tightening, breathing in sharply, drowning in Kyungsoo’s scent and the rumble of his moans.

“Kyungsoo,” Joonmyun gasped, and Kyungsoo groaned set his teeth against Joonmyun’s neck.

It made him keen, writhing in Kyungsoo’s arms as he shot right over the edge, coming all over Kyungsoo’s shirt as Kyungsoo desperately still tried to fill him. Kyungsoo’s hands grew tighter on his hips, his knot swelling as he pushed Joonmyun down against him as his hips raised. Alpha, so desperate for him that he couldn’t wait. Alpha, marking him with his scent.

“They all thought I was yours,” Joonmyun groaned, and Kyungsoo hissed, driving his knot in deeper as his moans filled the car. Kyungsoo’s head fell back, his hips pumping, and Joonmyun felt Kyungsoo’s knot throbbing as Kyungsoo jolted against him, coming in him. Joonmyun shuddered, filled and held as Kyungsoo’s arm slid around him. His exposed skin was noticeably cooler, and it made him intimately aware how vulnerable he was in a place anyone could see. When pulling his shirt down didn’t help, Kyungsoo laughed a little, dragging over Joonmyun’s pants and draping them around Joonmyun’s hips as a small help, but Joonmyun still relaxed, pleased.

“You might have to carry me up,” Joonmyun said, rubbing his cheek against Kyungsoo’s neck and humming at the throbbing of the knot.

“I could. Stay over tonight?”

Joonmyun nodded. They’d thought Kyungsoo was his.


Prompt: suho has a talk with jongin about FEELINGS in abo sudi verse pls aka jm finally admits he wants ksoo as his mate


“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were about to take a mate,” Jongin scolded, walking around Joonmyun’s kitchen like it was his own. “I know you’ve been busier lately, but you didn’t even hint!”

“I’m not? We haven’t even talked about mating.”

Jongin stopped and stared at him. “You smell of each other like you’re around each other a lot.” Among other things that Jongin was delicate enough not to mention. “Besides, once intimate contact starts, everyone knows an alpha has declared his intention. So even if you haven’t talked about it, he’s telling you every single time.”

“He didn’t exactly pursue me,” Joonmyun pointed out. “He went into rut, and I couldn’t stand it. I was the one who offered myself up.”

“But he didn’t send you away! Even in rut an alpha isn’t brainless. Plus, neither are you! You must have sensed something compatible in him.”

“His lust,” Joonmyun said.

Jongin looked mildly scandalized, like his own mate wasn’t knotting him with frequency. Joonmyun winced, not wanting to think about that.

“Surely you don’t think he just wants to have a little fun with you,” Jongin said, sitting down across from him. “Do you want more than that?”

“With him? I…”

Joonmyun didn’t require thinking about it. He’d maybe pushed the thought away a few times, but having to sneak into the building in clothes stained with come, laughing into a shower, and waking up surrounded by Kyungsoo’s scent had helped to maybe take away some of his denial.

“I could see him as my mate. If he wanted that, I’d want that, too,” Joonmyun admitted.

“Tell him. Minseok would’ve never known if I hadn’t, so don’t make that mistake. Be honest. You’re most of the way there already!”

When did his brother get so wise. Joonmyun grumbled and drank his tea, and was mildly glad that Kyungsoo was gone so he couldn’t accidentally hear through the wall. Though maybe it would’ve been easier that way if he had.


Prompt: I too want sudi to finally mate but feelings needed to be talked about or i'd feel like a fraud - sudi abo anon


Kyungsoo “summoned” him sometimes, knocking at a particularly thin spot between the walls. Joonmyun inevitably looked up when that happened and sighed, because they had perfectly good phones to use. Kyungsoo could call. Or even do the unthinkable and knock on Joonmyun’s door. Joonmyun had only had to say no once, because he was going out with friends, but he’d still ended up in Kyungsoo’s bed afterward with Kyungsoo extra interested in scenting him. Most times he stayed on purpose, since Kyungsoo had all but tucked him in. Even when he intended to go, when they were all coiled up together watching TV, he passed out and woke up halfway through the night with Kyungsoo sleeping nearby and having no reason to go. It wasn’t like he’d be late, considering he didn’t have far to walk home and get dressed.

Though one morning Kyungsoo had woken him up, and—

He’d just had to run for the train was all.

He tended to borrow Kyungsoo’s clothes, if he needed something to sneak back to his apartment in. That, or Kyungsoo’s robe. He always returned them freshly laundered, though Kyungsoo always seemed amused by that like he was a laundry service.

It was a Friday, he knew that because Kyungsoo had picked him up at work and taken him to a restaurant he’d introduced Kyungsoo to. Then Kyungsoo had melted him in Kyungsoo’s bed, aching with Kyungsoo against his back and knotted to him. He was surrounded by Kyungsoo’s smell, and pleased with it, when Kyungsoo got back into bed after. He tugged Kyungsoo in, humming as Kyungsoo breathed against his hair.

“How many nights have you stayed over this week?” Kyungsoo asked.

There was Sunday night, because he’d been dead the next morning, and he was pretty sure Tuesday, but also Wednesday because it was movie night, and Thursday because there was a drama—

“Most of them?” Joonmyun realized. No wonder he’d felt so loose. He’d been getting a lot of awesome contact, and awesome orgasms, and—

“If you’re staying over here most of the time anyway, maybe it doesn’t make much sense for you to keep your apartment,” Kyungsoo said, his thigh sliding against Joonmyun’s.

But Joonmyun’s eyes opened. “You mean…me moving in?”

“Yeah. We can fit your stuff in somehow. Then I won’t have to knock on your wall.”

It had all the air backing up in his lungs just at the suggestion. Moving in. That was one thing, but there were so many other layers to that. “Just moving in?”

“Yeah? Why?” Kyungsoo asked.

“I don’t know if… I don’t know if I’m that kind of omega. My brother already thinks I’ve given you too much without a commitment. Moving in is kind of big without, uh.”

Though he’d been sleeping over. He’d been straddling the line, so maybe he was presenting himself to Kyungsoo as that kind of omega after all. He’d have sat up had Kyungsoo’s hand not been on his hip.

“To an alpha, just knotting an omega is intention, so you know that,” Kyungsoo said, his thumb smoothing against Joonmyun’s skin. “We already know we’re compatible in bed. It was always an option to have more, but we don’t have to rush.”

Translation: it’s fun fucking around, why bother making promises.

Joonmyun did sit up, then, wriggling until he could get onto his feet.

“Even if I did just move in without a commitment, you don’t know how I live. I can be a slob, and you might— You might hate it. Besides, if all you need is sex, knocking on the wall is hardly a big effort.”


“I need to think if I need a commitment first, if I’m ready. Don’t ask me over for a while, okay?”

Kyungsoo’s answer was lost as Joonmyun carried his clothes out and dressed near the door. He just needed to clear his head of Kyungsoo’s scent, and the confusion, and the lure of Kyungsoo’s warmth. Not even sitting in the shower brought him a lot of answers, nor did tossing and turning in bed. Moving in together could have been a huge next step, if their destinations had been the same. He’d started to admit to himself that he wanted a mate, stability, home. And Kyungsoo had been there, and all Joonmyun had thought about for a while. But it wasn’t someplace he could get to alone.


Prompt: abo sudi au with jongin reading the riot act to kyungsoo about using his brother only to find out that kyungsoo is miserable without him too


The last thing an alpha wanted was a grumpy omega on their doorstep, but Jongin was persistent, knocking until he heard movement. At least he knew he was looking at the right person when Kyungsoo answered the door, looking him over once before recognizing him.

“You’re Joonmyun’s brother.”

“I am. Invite me in.”

If Kyungsoo looked bothered, Jongin didn’t care, he took the space that Kyungsoo offered, and closed the door behind himself. He didn’t worry about Joonmyun knowing - he was at work, after all.

“I know there are a lot of traditions, and people get to choose the ones that suit them best, but you met his family, and seemed to be courting him. Of all the nerve, then to invite him to live with you. He’d be a laughingstock to anyone who knew! An alpha only wants him that much and no further. At least he could argue you were still working that way if you were living separately, but someone would wonder if you were paying him—“

Kyungsoo’s lips got thinner the longer that Jongin ranted. He didn’t bother with pleasantries, because there wasn’t need for it.

“Is Joonmyun okay?” Kyungsoo asked, when Jongin paused for a breath.

“Of course he is. Maybe now that you can’t even find the decency to contact him, he’ll open his eyes and find an alpha who will appreciate him and cherish him. You—“

“He told me not to contact him!”

“That’s not what Joonmyun told me. He said he told you not to invite him over so you could use his body or confuse him from what he’s finally come to his senses about. Does that mean you couldn’t call him? Or text him?”

“I wasn’t using him. He didn’t think I was using him!”

“Oh, and I just told him that? He realized you didn’t want him as a mate, that you were just using—“

“Stop saying that! I never told him that. I needed him here. He was too far away.”

Jongin stopped, stumped. He’d half expected Kyungsoo to sneer that he could find any omega anywhere, any day, who’d be willing to take his knot. Instead Kyungsoo was highly uncomfortable, his posture defensive instead of hostile.

“I can smell him on you,” Kyungsoo said, sitting down and shaking his head.

Kyungsoo had thought he’d been honoring Joonmyun’s wishes, and they had thought he’d been pouting about having his pleasure denied.

“Do you want him as your mate?”

“That’s something for him and I to discuss, when it’s time,” Kyungsoo said.

Jongin agreed on part of that. “It was long past time. I can’t speak for him, but either figure out what you want or let him move on to someone who will.”

Kyungsoo’s eyebrows rose. “You’d accept me?”

“You wouldn’t be my mate. Joonmyun saw something in you.”

They would see. Maybe Kyungsoo would figure it out, or maybe he wouldn’t. Joonmyun just deserved someone who wouldn’t string him along. But if Jongin left with knowledge of one thing, it was that Kyungsoo had felt Joonmyun’s absence deeply. And he had even when they’d nearly been living together. If he had one thing to comfort himself with, there was that. He was maybe a little glad that Kyungsoo suffered. Considering when Joonmyun was going to go home that day from a group of omegas and prospective alphas, maybe they’d both have found some perspective.


Prompt: SUDI ABO ANON HERE woops sorry about the caps but please continue the story how you see fit (though I do hope there is epic mating sex in their future)


They’d avoided even a glance of each other, but Joonmyun was somehow unsurprised that Kyungsoo came out his door before Joonmyun could get to his own. There was no avoidance there, Kyungsoo’s eyes sweeping over him. He could’ve just swept by, but he didn’t want to. Everything felt so open, so lacking of closure. He’d just left, and Kyungsoo had let him. There were no pleasantries. Joonmyun didn’t know what to say, even. Hello? How have you been? Have you found an omega to satisfy what I couldn’t?

“You don’t smell like me any more,” Kyungsoo observed, his back pressing up against the wall, getting no closer to Joonmyun.

“Scents fade,” Joonmyun said.

Especially impermanent ones. He smelled like an omega without a mate.

“You met with alphas tonight.”

One had hugged him, another touching his neck. He wasn’t surprised that Kyungsoo could smell it on him, but the tightness in Kyungsoo’s jaw surprised him. It wasn’t anger. That surprised him most. It meant he couldn’t even flaunt it.

“It was an informal meeting, to test compatibility,” Joonmyun said. He knew he didn’t have to explain himself. But having Kyungsoo in front of him, he wasn’t explaining so much as wanting to talk to him, wanting to see what Kyungsoo was thinking. Wanting maybe more than he ought to even still.

“Was there compatibility?”

Joonmyun shook his head. “Not tonight.”

At some point though, there could be. That hung there between them, too.

“You told me not to invite you back. For sex, I assume? You didn’t say if we could talk still.”

It was a night of surprises. He tried not to trip out an answer too quickly.

“Talking is fine.”

“I was going to watch a movie tonight. It’s movie night. If I promise not to— Would you come over?”

Not to what. Hopes needed to be very low.

“Sure. I’ll just put my things in my apartment first, then.”

Kyungsoo nodded, standing there as Joonmyun passed him, and Joonmyun unlocked the door, throwing down his bag, hanging up his coat. He blew out a slow breath. If Kyungsoo tried to proposition him, he would come back, he told himself. He believed Kyungsoo, he did. He just had to have a plan for himself, or else he’d be adrift.

But walking through Kyungsoo’s open door and closing it behind him, it closed him in with the scent he caught only hints of as he passed. Alpha, a hint of sweetness, the smell of dinner not long eaten. Books, leather, a burst of something acid and fresh. Joonmyun sat on “his” spot, and Kyungsoo was a good eighteen inches away and felt like he was almost in Joonmyun’s lap. He’d missed the closeness, missed it because he couldn’t just lean in and feel Kyungsoo warm against him. It smelled as home to him as his own apartment did, and Kyungsoo checked he was ready, and started the movie. It had been one they’d talked about wanting to see, and Joonmyun sank back a little, trying to relax.

Relaxing had its own challenges, because once he stopped focusing on Kyungsoo and his proximity and his nerves, he realized the air was cooler than he liked. He wished he’d kept his coat, rubbing at his arms for a few minutes until even Kyungsoo noticed.

“Are you cold? Just a second.”

Kyungsoo came back with an oversized sweater, one that all but enveloped him in Kyungsoo’s scent when he put it on.

“Thanks,” Joonmyun murmured, and wondered if Kyungsoo had put it on within the last few days, for it to smell of him so strongly, but also faintly. When Kyungsoo wasn’t looking, he tugged the edge of the sweater up to his nose and inhaled. It made him want. Not sex, though he missed that closeness, that connection. That trust, that he put into Kyungsoo’s hands to take care of him when he’d given his body to be knotted. But he missed— He missed being able to laugh at a movie and be able to look at Kyungsoo when he was doing it instead of trading comments with so much distance. He missed Kyungsoo grinning at one of his stupid jokes, and knowing when to squeeze him a little tighter.

Watching a movie together wasn’t talking, but as Kyungsoo paused it after the credits, talking wasn’t so much happening then, either. Normally by then they’d have been cuddled together, Joonmyun’s body growing warm because he knew Kyungsoo would smell his want and take him to bed. Not that night.

“I should—“ Joonmyun struggled up off of the couch, his chest aching a little.

“It’s been quiet, not having you around,” Kyungsoo said, and Joonmyun found the frozen text on the TV very fascinating. “I’m glad you were free tonight.”

Nothing about why they’d been apart to begin with, then. He began to tug at the sweater, but Kyungsoo caught his arm.

“You can take that with you, if you want.”

He did. And smoothing it back down gave him something to do, knowing he needed to give something back. “I’m glad I was able to go come over, too.”

They walked together, wary of each other, toward the door. Joonmyun stared at his shoes, turning and looking as Kyungsoo.


His whole body flushed as Kyungsoo leaned into him, their lips pressing together for one moment, two, before Kyungsoo pulled away. Not touching him, and not even trying to.

“I’m sorry about before, how I said some of the things I said. I don’t want to just live with you or be your neighbor who knots you,” Kyungsoo said, wincing as though the thought was distasteful. “If we can try again, please, don’t— Don’t meet with any other alphas until you’re sure you don’t want me as your mate.”

It sent a shiver through him, the quiet words. Not a command, more of a request.

“I won’t,” Joonmyun said.

“I’ll text you, then?”

Joonmyun nodded, and the smile felt strange as though he wasn’t really sure he was smiling, but he was certain he was. And he couldn’t have described the expression on Kyungsoo’s face if he tried.

It was hard to leave the scent of Kyungsoo’s apartment, the warmth of him, but Joonmyun did.

He slept in Kyungsoo’s sweater, and slept better than he had since the last time he’d been in Kyungsoo’s bed. Maybe because he felt lighter, too, because they were no longer at an impasse. A way to possibly move forward had opened up.


Prompt: sudi abo with suho finally moving in and mating with dks


Joonmyun liked being courted by Kyungsoo when he knew that was what it was, possibly even more so than when he’d wondered if Kyungsoo’s only interest in him was the convenience of his body. They chose restaurants to go eat at together, taking walks together after sometimes. Kyungsoo guided him with a hand that touched without possession, and when Kyungsoo offered, he pressed against Kyungsoo’s side as they watched a movie. He hadn’t needed a sweater to be warm that night, not with Kyungsoo rubbing against his arm and squeezing him close.

Of everything, of Kyungsoo wanting to begin again, to the way that Kyungsoo didn’t press, it was no surprise to Joonmyun that he still wanted. Sometimes when he was pressed against Kyungsoo’s body, when he wrapped his arms around Kyungsoo’s shoulders and kissed him after a date, there was a spark that refused to cool. Joonmyun been half hard once, when Kyungsoo had left, and Kyungsoo had kissed him and left without asking to stay. He’d known Kyungsoo had known. He could smell it on him, too. Kyungsoo knew so much about him. They’d spent time in Joonmyun’s apartment more, too, so that Kyungsoo could see Joonmyun in his natural environment, clutter and all.

Kyungsoo didn’t stop asking him out, even after he saw the state of the living room after a slovenly weekend, so there was that.

Joonmyun was laughing at first when Kyungsoo pulled him into his lap and pressed noisy kisses up his neck and all but reeled him in to they could kiss, and laugh, and kiss. Joonmyun wanted to purr almost, the way Kyungsoo stroked through his hair and held him, the warmth of his lips.

Kyungsoo nuzzled against his face, and his voice was quiet. “Have you gotten closer to deciding?”

“Deciding what?” Joonmyun asked.

“I asked you not to meet any alphas until you were sure or not If you wanted to be my mate,” Kyungsoo said. “So I just wanted to know if you were… If you were sure. If you need more time, that’s fine.”

The atmosphere, and Kyungsoo’s ease was retreating, and Joonmyun blinked at him.

“Kyungsoo,” Joonmyun said very slowly. “You’ve never asked me to be your mate. We’ve talked around it, but you never actually asked.”

Joonmyun grunted as he was lifted and then rather unceremoniously deposited back on the couch, without Kyungsoo’s warm thighs to cushion him. But that was okay, because Kyungsoo was in front of him, kneeling, taking his hands.

“Will you be my mate? Will you stay with me, be part of me? I’ll help you carry out your dirty dishes, and let you tell me terrible jokes, and support you in whatever you want to do in life, and be proud that you smell of me.”

One second, kissing. The next, he was being insulted, and told he would be cherished, and asked the question he’d been waiting to hear it seemed from the first moment that Kyungsoo had kissed him.


“This is about love, not just about knotting,” Kyungsoo insisted, as though Joonmyun was going to try to argue back at him. And he was so fierce, so serious about it, when Joonmyun’s heard had always just about wrung dry just because of the fact that Kyungsoo had heard him, had asked him, and hadn’t assumed that it would just happen naturally, accidentally somehow.

“I love you, too,” Joonmyun said, laughing. “And yes, I do want to be your mate. As soon as you want.”

“My next rut?” Kyungsoo asked, and Joonmyun could see the relief in Kyungsoo when he nodded. “I hope it’s tomorrow.”


It was a scold, but secretly Joonmyun agreed. He leaned over to where Kyungsoo was still kneeling, kissing him, hugging him, shivering in pleasure as Kyungsoo stroked along his back and pulled him closer so they were against each other, connected. Joonmyun had wondered, maybe if Kyungsoo would decide that Joonmyun wasn’t who he wanted, and there he was, realizing what weight it had lifted from Kyungsoo. He would have sat on the floor for hours, if Kyungsoo kissed him just like that, like he’d been unlocked, and waiting, and given the permission of his life to kiss Joonmyun and show him how he had wanted.

Their legs got the best of them, eventually, easing back onto the couch.

“I need to tell my brother,” Joonmyun said. He tapped in a few words on his phone and hit send.

30 seconds later he got back a text that read, Finally!!

Joonmyun just snorted and pressed his face against Kyungsoo’s shoulder.

“Will you really help me carry out my dirty dishes?”

“As long as you promise that you’ll try to see them before you walk past them sometimes,” Kyungsoo said.

Joonmyun sighed. “Deal.”

Though even if it took some nudging to get Joonmyun out the door, and they made faces at each other as the door closed. And then… then, nothing changed. There was the feeling of a held breath, anticipation instead of worry. Kyungsoo still texted him and took him out for spontaneous dinners, showed up with breakfast for weekend morning drama marathons. Joonmyun did Kyungsoo’s dishes with determination after a dinner in, and they sat and gossiped, and kissed a little waiting for their laundry.

And then of course a night out with Minseok and Jongin, though Jongin was unbearably smug for reasons Joonmyun couldn’t figure out.

Joonmyun liked that they could look forward to Kyungsoo’s rut, but the unknown nature of it also had him frustrated. Mostly because Kyungsoo had a will of iron. Joonmyun wasn’t sure how he’d missed that before, but he was definitely not missing it then. With an understanding between them, he had nothing left to hold him back. Kyungsoo had nothing at all against helping Joonmyun out, when Joonmyun wiggled up against him, or teased him into kisses on the couch. But no matter how hard that he could feel that Kyungsoo was when he had Joonmyun pinned to the wall, or any other surface, Kyungsoo wouldn’t give. Not even when had slept over. Kyungsoo had just gotten an arm around him, and then slept while Joonmyun sighed and rolled closer.

“Not until my rut,” Kyungsoo had told him each time Joonmyun had offered. He knew that Kyungsoo wanted it to be special, or even thought it had to be, but waiting was a special kind of pain.

Though Kyungsoo also egged him on when Joonmyun was all worked up. “You want me to slide into you, and fill you up, and knot you tight?” Kyungsoo asked, and Joonmyun was gasping at the thought, pressing against Kyungsoo’s hand.

“Yes. Yes, please.”

“Soon. As soon as my rut comes.”

The denial nearly had his eyes rolling back. “What if your rut never comes?”

“It will,” Kyungsoo promised him, and Joonmyun came against him.


Joonmyun was watching up after eating lunch, and adjusted himself in his underwear absently, not noting the throbbing begin until another minute later. He was getting wet, like he was— Like he was smelling an alpha who—

A knock sounded clear from the other side of the wall, and Joonmyun gasped, stripping right where he stood and then running for his robe. He was aching, when the door of Kyungsoo’s apartment flew open, and Kyungsoo was there in nothing but a towel, his hair damp.

“I was in the shower, and I almost started fucking the wall,” Kyungsoo growled, pulling Joonmyun up against him and inhaling deeply. “You’re wet for me.”

“I need you so much,” Joonmyun said, and he was shaking with it. If Kyungsoo didn’t fuck him soon, he was going to combust. He was so hard, and so empty.

“Finally. We’ll start moving your things in tomorrow,” Kyungsoo said, squeezing Joonmyun’s ass and nearly making his eyes cross.

“Will we be out of bed tomorrow?” Joonmyun asked, and Kyungsoo moaned.

“I don’t know, but I want you on your back now.”

He’d had Joonmyun on his knees first, that first rut. Joonmyun was too hot, too cold in the cool room, but Kyungsoo threw aside his towel and climbed onto the bed. He parted Joonmyun’s legs, looked over him all spread out, wet and flushed and needy.

“Kyungsoo, please!” Joonmyun begged, dripping onto his belly and staring at Kyungsoo’s twitching cock. Kyungsoo was desperate, too

But Joonmyun underestimated how it would feel. He gasped, his back arching as Kyungsoo pressed into him. He was so wet, and his body gave, but he hadn’t been fucked by more than his own fingers since— It had been so long, and Kyungsoo felt so good. Every inch Kyungsoo slid into him, against every desperate nerve, had the head of Joonmyun’s cock throbbing violently, making him gasp again, shivers wracking him. Kyungsoo grunted, thrusting deep, and Joonmyun’s thighs spasmed as he orgasmed, sobbing, squeezing around Kyungsoo’s cock.

“You really were hungry for cock,” Kyungsoo admired.

“I kept telling you,” Joonmyun said, huffing, his head angling and his face flushing under Kyungsoo’s stare.

Kyungsoo just hummed, rubbing against Joonmyun’s thighs and angling his hips as he seemed to be luxuriating in Joonmyun’s body. He leaned in, and Joonmyun could feel Kyungsoo’s breath as they stared at each other.

“Omega,” Kyungsoo said, and it was no insult, no generality. He was speaking to Joonmyun, to Joonmyun alone, and it felt like Kyungsoo was looking straight into his soul. Yes, he was Kyungsoo’s omega. He watched Kyungsoo moan, as Kyungsoo pulled away and slid back into him, deep and slow. Kyungsoo smirked as Joonmyun swallowed hard, his cock twitching with each deliberate thrust.

“Doesn’t it hurt to go so slow?” Joonmyun babbled, grasping on to Kyungsoo’s shoulders. Deep in his rut, Kyungsoo’s body had to be in overdrive, frantic to drive himself deep and seal his knot.

“So good,” Kyungsoo moaned. Joonmyun parted his lips as Kyungsoo kissed him, meeting his tongue. He was utterly open to Kyungsoo, his need. He wanted, gave, took. His hips lifted as Kyungsoo pressed against him, moaning against Kyungsoo’s cheek as he felt the knot just stretching him as Kyungsoo pace for a moment refused to quicken.

Joonmyun’s body was so attuned to Kyungsoo’s lust, and he didn’t know if he would scream if Kyungsoo took him faster, or if he would scream if he didn’t. And then Kyungsoo’s hips met his harder. It drove all the air from him, the short, sharp thrusts, the tug and push of Kyungsoo’s swelling knot. It felt like Kyungsoo would never be able to press it back into him, but he did, and every time had Joonmyun’s head rolling.

“Kyungsoo,” Joonmyun moaned and it was so drawn out, shuddering off of his vocal cords as Kyungsoo took him.

“Yes,” Kyungsoo said, and pushed deeper.

Joonmyun had never— The knot was rubbing inside of him, pleasure spiking with every quick tilt of Kyungsoo’s hips. The knot was in him, filling him, and Kyungsoo wouldn’t take it from him until they were done. Until Kyungsoo had come, until—

Joonmyun turned his head, bared his neck, his shoulder as Kyungsoo kissed against his skin, moaning even as his hips kept moving.

“Mine,” Kyungsoo growled, and Joonmyun nearly came right then, frozen against Kyungsoo’s teeth. If there was pain, it illuminated him, basking as Kyungsoo moaned, and surged. “Joonmyun.”

The knot was tight, the throb like a fluttering inside of him, the mating done, and all that was left—

Kyungsoo’s hips jolted as he came, and Joonmyun squeezed around him, aching. Kyungsoo was all over him, filling him. It felt like Kyungsoo’s moans, Kyungsoo’s pleasure bled into him, and Joonmyun’s hips lifted as his body shook with orgasm, and was lost in it.

When Joonmyun opened his eyes, his thighs had fallen open, slack, and Kyungsoo was still, and warm, and panting over him. It felt like his whole body throbbed, a skim of pain against his shoulder, Kyungsoo’s knot desperately tight inside him. Kyungsoo. Finally. Kyungsoo’s lips were so soft as they pressed against Joonmyun’s, trading soft kisses for a moment while they breathed. Bits of hair clung to Kyungsoo’s sweaty forehead when Joonmyun really got a look at him, and there was a smile in Kyungsoo’s eyes unlike any Joonmyun could remember.

Joonmyun’s hand was still trembling when he lifted it, but Kyungsoo gripped his hand, steadying it as Joonmyun cupped Kyungsoo’s cheek and met Kyungsoo’s eyes again. Joonmyun smiled.



Prompt: can I request some suho/d.o.? suho thinks his boyfriend looks super hot with his reading glasses on and kinda jumps his bones


Joonmyun wasn’t sure what about the glasses did it for him. He already knew Kyungsoo was smart, but it was some kind of accentuation to his face, his eyes, his mouth. It made Joonmyun wanted to ruffle him up and undo him. And luck was with him, because there was room in Kyungsoo’s lap for both him, and for Kyungsoo’s phone, though the phone was displaced as Kyungsoo blinked up at him. And he might have blinked again, but Joonmyun was already kissing him, teasing Kyungsoo into kissing him back, feeling those lips get more insistent against his. His hips circled, sucking at Kyungsoo’s tongue and hitching a moan as Kyungsoo gripped over his back pockets.

“Glasses,” was all Joonmyun said, nipping at Kyungsoo’s jaw as he laughed, their hands bumping and impeding each other as they tried to get their pants open. He wanted to get off but he wanted to touch first. He thought about going for the lube, thought about wriggling down on Kyungsoo until Kyungsoo was almost begging but he didn’t want to let go. Not with Kyungsoo moaning like that, not with Kyungsoo fingers on him and his lips against Joonmyun’s neck. He wasn’t laughing then, not with Joonmyun urgently rocking against his hand, feeling Kyungsoo hard against him and his chest flushed against his collar.

“Come on, come on,” Joonmyun urged, skimming his teeth below Kyungsoo’s ear and feeling him moan and the wet against him as Kyungsoo came and bit out Joonmyun’s name. It was almost like a curse and it sent a bolt of lust through him as he pressed into Kyungsoo’s hand. He got Kyungsoo off just by jumping him on the couch and those glasses. Those glasses. He moaned against Kyungsoo’s neck and his thighs shook as Kyungsoo stroked him.

Kyungsoo made a sad sound as Joonmyun pulled back, but it wasn’t at him, but at the state of his shirt.

“I’ll get that,” Joonmyun said, grinning as Kyungsoo pouted a bit. He’d get that, gladly. And if Kyungsoo had his shirt off anyway… Maybe he’d get something else, too.


Prompt: joonmyun the vet get's a rather snarly but efficient Rottweiler hybrid named kyungsoo as an assistant


On any given day, Joonmyun saw a variety of animals. Mostly dogs and cats to be sure, but there was the occasional rabbit or hamster or bird. Memorably once, a box full of rats. They’d been cute though, bright and curious and curling into his pockets. He’d laughed, and then had been sad when they had gone home, well again. Sending the animals home again to be loved, that was why he was there.

But he couldn’t do it alone. Not only his office staff, but his assistants. Someone to hold down a dog to keep him from biting, or soothe an anxious cat. He’d chosen Kyungsoo out of the twenty or so applicants, not just because he was a hybrid but because of the way he was with the animals. He was almost terrifyingly efficient, which was good because Joonmyun could get caught up and needed someone to nudge them both along, and very, very good at getting dogs to behave. Cats, not so much, but even they seemed to relax under Kyungsoo’s touch.

“If you talked less, we’d get through this faster,” Kyungsoo said, putting aside tools to be sterilized.

“They needed extra encouragement. It think he’ll be fine, though,” Joonmyun said, of the dog with the leg wound they had cleaned and stitched.

Whatever got the animals the best care at home, that was what was important.

Still, when they sent home a litter of puppies all wagging tails and new shots, Kyungsoo grinned at him. They were a good team, and they knew it.


Prompt: abo suho/do


Everyone knew when Kyungsoo left home because Joonmyun stood a little straighter, and he got, if anything, a little more bossy. But when he was back, Kyungsoo accepted Joonmyun wrapping around him the moment he arrived, the audible sigh as Joonmyun pressed his face against Kyungsoo’s neck and breathed him in like he hadn’t been able to inhale while Kyungsoo was gone.

Joonmyun always tried for such control, but his fondness showed over everything, sending glances to Kyungsoo and flushing when Kyungsoo deferred to him. He was Kyungsoo’s omega, but he was the one who led the house, the one who kept them together and leaned on everyone to stay closer and calm.

Kyungsoo could leave because he knew Joonmyun was there, and Joonmyun pulled Kyungsoo into their room, arching his neck and gripping at Kyungsoo’s shirt.

“Did your fingers treat you well while I was gone?” Kyungsoo asked, and Joonmyun laughed, sputtering and pulling Kyungsoo over him.

“See how fast you can make me come, and maybe you’ll find out,” Joonmyun challenged him.

Like it was going to be a challenge, with their bodies in sync, Kyungsoo able to read Joonmyun’s pleasure like it was written down for him, a book of ecstasy to pull from. And Joonmyun was still quivering under Kyungsoo when they heard a shout and a slam from outside their room. They paused, listening for a moment.

“No one’s bleeding,” Joonmyun determined. And that meant neither of them had to move.


Prompt: single dad suho is caught staring at his son's teacher's mouth yet again (sudi pls)


Parent/teacher conferences were typically good. It was always fun to sit down with the teachers and discuss progress reports. Joonmyun had been lucky that way, to have had a son who was more like he was. He could have well imagined sitting down with dread to talk about classroom disruptions and failing grades, but no, they were discussing trajectories of grades and possible high schools suited to someone who was eager to study.

Which was great. Joonmyun enjoyed that. He’d been there at the start of school to introduce himself, and had been back for various class trips, and several more conferences, so it wasn’t the first time he’d really been alone in a room with Do Kyungsoo. It wasn’t like Joonmyun had never seen a hot man before in his life, but he’d been caught by Kyungsoo’s mouth the first time they’d met, sometime around Kyungsoo asking about his wife, the wife he no longer had. It was just pretty. It looked soft, like it would be nice to kiss, or nice to—

“Are you waiting for me to speak?” Kyungsoo asked. “Because I asked you a question.”

Joonmyun’s eyes snapped up from Kyungsoo’s lips, to the eyes that were considering him. He’d asked Joonmyun a question? Oh right, the extra classes to take some of the studying pressure off of Joonmyun’s son. But in the process of generating a response, his face flushed bright red, and he could feel the heat of it radiating.

“Classes. Yes, those are a good idea.” It’d take a little time out of their break schedule but it’d be worth it.

Kyungsoo smiled, nodded, and that was really all they had left to talk about as Joonmyun grumbled at himself for losing focus. But instead of reaching to shake his hand, Kyungsoo tapped a card into the pocket of Joonmyun’s shirt.

“There’s a couple of weeks left in school,” Kyungsoo said. “Give me a call after, if you want.”

Kyungsoo wouldn’t be his son’s teacher after that. When Joonmyun fumbled the card out of his pocket, after he’d gotten to the parking lot, and found Kyungsoo’s cell phone number written there. It’d go in his phone, and he wasn’t going to go so far as to mark the day on his calendar. But it was close.


Prompt: sehun moves into a new apartment, his next door neighbors are really loud in the bedroom and one day he can't take it anymore so he marches over to tell them off. his long time college senior crush joonmyeon answers the door and sehun's heart is a bit crushed. (sudi pls and no requited seho)


Sehun nearly leaped off of his bed at the sudden moan he heard, like it was coming from the same room he was in almost. He was just trying to relax with his computer, and all of a sudden the next door porn show was starting up again. It wasn’t every night, and the first few nights had been bliss. But then, the noise. Every other night or so, he wasn’t even sure what they got up to. Once, it had sounded like hands thudding against the wall and then an endless cycle of moans. Two voices, both obviously male, which flustered him a little in a different kind of way. But he just wanted to sit in his own room and not have to think about whether a headboard was going to come crashing in because his neighbors were too enthusiastic.

And that was it, really. He could talk to the landlord, and say the neighbors were being too loud. Or he could do something about it. Maybe a little shame would go a long way. He rolled right out of bed, shoving his legs into his pants. He’d knock on the door for an hour if he had to.

But it only took a couple of minutes, and he got what he was expecting, a man answering the door in haphazard clothes, breathing hard.

He was ready to snap, when the moment of recognition caught them both.

“Sehun!” Joonmyun said, tugging at his shirt to straighten it. “Wow, it’s been a while!”

He’d followed Joonmyun around like a baby duck for about half a year until Joonmyun had graduated, and had admired him from afar before that. The fantasies he’d spun. By the time he’d started to work up the courage, Joonmyun had been gone, and it had been too much to try it.

“Yeah, I— I just moved in.”

“Oh, you’re the new neighbor! Oh, you…” Joonmyun seemed to catch on to what might be happening as a man started lurking in the background. “You weren’t just coming over to say hi.”

Sehun kind of wanted to sink through the floor. “The walls are a little thin.”

Joonmyun winced. “I don’t know if you met Kyungsoo when…? No? We’ve lived here a few months now. We should catch up sometime. We’ll try not to disturb you.”

Sehun mumbled an agreement, locking himself back into his apartment and pounding against his chest to be sure his heart wasn’t going to beat right out of his chest. How mortifying. How awful. He’d built so many fantasies about Joonmyun, even about running into him after, or getting his phone number from someone and texting him. Instead, there he was next door having fabulous sex with some guy that Sehun was half glad he hadn’t gotten a good look at. They were probably laughing about it, or maybe a little embarrassed. Catch up? When all Sehun would be able to think about were the moans? He knew suddenly which ones had been Joonmyun’s. He wanted to take comfort that Joonmyun had remembered him. It just wasn’t for any of the reasons that Sehun had hoped.

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January 2017


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