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Title: First Dates
Pairings: Xiumin/Baekhyun, Xiumin/?, Xiumin/Lay, Xiumin/D.O., Xiumin/Suho, Xiumin/Kai/Suho, Xiumin/Kai
Rating: up to NC-17

Summary: 29 various prompts, see prompts for content.


Prompt: minseok with a fetish for baekhyunnie's small bulge >.< sorry if thats too much


Minseok had a thing, and he didn’t even know when that thing began. Size had never really mattered to him, it was how it was used that was important. But he loved getting Baekhyun hard. It didn’t matter if it was skin to skin, or sliding his hands over the front of Baekhyun’s shorts and feeling him pulse to life as they sat together. He loved to feel Baekhyun squirm as he rubbed, loved to see how quick he could get Baekhyun to beg, how good he looked as Minseok popped buttons on his pants, or kissed against Baekhyun through his underwear.

There were advantages. Nothing obscene to be seen in public, for one. Though it was to Minseok.

And it made it so very convenient to swirl his tongue and swallow Baekhyun down. In the shower, on the couch, in the kitchen, or Baekhyun riding his face on their bed, it didn’t matter. It let him to so much more, moaning around Baekhyun, sucking him, urging him. Baekhyun couldn’t be still, gasping, squirming, tugging at Minseok’s hair as he tried to get even deeper into Minseok’s mouth. He tried to muffle his moans, the way he cried out when he came, but Minseok liked when he didn’t, liked the rush of all different types he got.

Baekhyun rubbed his face against Minseok’s shoulder as he napped, worn out. And Minseok didn’t mind at all.


Prompt: Hot single daddy xiumin balancing work and his family matter. Then comes along a blessing in a form of a helpful but shy young man as his new neighbor that maybe escalates to something more. Tq 💜💜💜


Having a child was a tiny bit like having a pet. Minseok never would have said that out loud, but when he had a tiny human begging him to go to the park he thought back to dogs he’d had in the past that had begged and sat with their leashes. There were some small similarities. Dogs just didn’t have words to go with the cute pouting faces.

“Swing, Daddy!”

He was fairly sure his daughter would have lived on the swing, squealing as she pumped her legs and stared up at the sky. He’d have stayed out for hours, but all he had were precious weekends when he had that time, coming home from work with just enough energy to feed them both, play a little, and read to her before bedtime.

And there was his neighbor, too. They’d been halfway out the door to go to the park when she’d latched onto the man’s hand and implored him that he ought to go to the park, too. Apparently all humans were missing out if they weren’t playing. They’d shared a smile, he and Minseok.

“She’s adorable.”

Minseok kept a sharp eye as she dropped down to examine a pebble.

“Thanks,” he said, and tried not to be completely obvious for admiring a handsome face.

Minseok couldn’t just invite a stranger to go to the park with them. Though she didn’t seem to notice or to mind when they stood and talked a while, content to introduce her doll to the pebbles as her father got just a little wrapped up in an adorable smile.


Prompt: Yixing is so excited for his baby first word. He just didn't expect that the first word is mama instead of baba. One of the most adorable moment in minseok life (xiulay)


She babbled so much even the doctor had been amused.

“She’ll start rattling off sentences before you know it,” they’d been told and Yixing could not wait. He’d been there when she was born, held her in her first seconds of life on the outside as she started screaming as she was rubbed down and welcomed.

“She has your lungs,” he’d said, which was possibly a bad thing as Minseok had socked him in the hip. No, he’d just been grateful that Minseok had been okay, that the baby had been born healthy, that within days they’d gone from two to going home as three. There was this precious little girl who ate and pooped and slept, and pretty much did nothing but those things.

Then there had been the smiles, and Yixing had felt like they were all truly connecting then. This little peanut was becoming a real human. They were going to have conversations, and watch movies together, and go to see the elephants.

Yixing to food sputtered right back at him off of the spoon, and he laughed.

“You don’t want Baba to feed you many more of that, huh? Can you say Baba? Baaabaaa. Baba.”

But little girls were not parrots. Minseok walked into the room, and there was a coo, and—

“Mama!” Yixing’s precious daughter cried.

The adults in the room froze even as the baby bounced and rocked in her seat, trying to get to Minseok.

“I think she wants you,” Yixing said. Minseok was delighted, absolutely delighted, scooping up the baby and kissing and cuddling her.

Yixing admired both of them, proud, so glad for the first step, that first word. Baba was surely going to be her second one.


Prompt: Domestic xiusoo at film festival with one of them winning an award. Maybe with some domestic scenes afterwards. Actor!Xiusoo 💜


They weren’t up for the same awards most times, so there was that. Of the two of them that year, only Kyungsoo was up for an award. It was a little disappointing for Minseok, but it still gave him a reason to dress up, to walk the red carpet, to be the proud husband. He also caught some of Kyungsoo mumbling to himself with his planned speech, just in case. Not enough to jinx himself, not enough to be overly prepared, but just keeping it in mind in case.

Kyungsoo was more surprised that Minseok when his name was called, not seeming to get it until Minseok was hugging him hard. Kyungsoo’s grin was immediate, kissing him, jogging up onto the stage, and taking the award with some kind of reverence.

“I wouldn’t be here without a lot of support,” Kyungsoo said. And he began listing staff, mentors, his agent. “And I definitely wouldn’t be here without Minseok. I love you!”

Minseok had a hand over his mouth when Kyungsoo said that, and he blew a kiss, trying not to tear up. Kyungsoo wasn’t always demonstrative, not in public. Looking proud wasn’t a problem, but keeping it together when people were pushing his shoulder to congratulate him for Kyungsoo’s accomplishment weren’t helping.

Minseok was all wrung out when he got in bed once they finally made it home, about two hours before dawn. Kyungsoo was snuffling a little, arching his neck as Minseok squeezed and stroked along it.

“You didn’t want to bring your award to bed?” Minseok teased. If Kyungsoo had been in a position to bite him, he would’ve. Instead he just slid his hand over Minseok’s.

“Don’t need to,” Kyungsoo said.

Their phones were far, far away. Even people who wanted to congratulate Kyungsoo would have to wait until they got some well-deserved rest.


Prompt: femme xiuho w minseon pegging junhee


A sound left Junhee’s throat as Minseon’s hips moved.

“I have a surprise,” Minseon had told her, three of her fingers inside of Junhee and their lips brushing. They hadn’t had a new toy in a while, their old one had been so effective, but Junhee had watched as Minseon showed her, let her feel the extra curves along the toy. It wasn’t any longer, but it was wider in places and Junhee squeezed around it desperately as Minseon had slid it slow into her. They both got used to it, how it moved, how it made Junhee’s thighs twitch against Minseon’s sides.

Junhee would have scowled at the way that Minseon grinned at the sounds she was helpless to make, but she moaned instead as Minseon slid the toy deep and ground against her. Minseon settled closer, her breasts resting against Junhee’s, moving with the rhythm of their bodies.

“Hold on,” Minseon advised.

And Junhee keened as Minseon’s pace increased, having lulled her to gentle pleasure and then overwhelming her as she tried to squeeze around the toy and keep it filling her. But it felt so good sliding inside of her as her head rocked side to side, trying to hold on, basking at the edge of pleasure and trying not to give in too soon as she inhaled and trembled. Junhee whimpered, jerking as orgasm raced through her, holding on to Minseon, trying to breathe as MInseon rested on her, smiling against her.

“I liked your surprise,” Junhee said, her voice almost cracking.

MInseon kissed her neck. “I could tell.”


Prompt: het xiuho with jm going down on his minseon noona


Minseon’s breathing was desperate and shallow, her shirt unbuttoned between her breasts, faint pink marks left by his mouth on her skin. Joonmyun could still taste the faint sticky sweetness of her gloss, feel the tightness of her nipples against his tongue. She’d been writhing in his arms as he kissed her in her favorite chair, when he’d gotten his hand under his skirt and rubbed against her through her panties.

But those panties were clutched wetly in his hand as he nuzzled down her thigh. She lifted it for him, letting him support one of her legs over his arm. It opened her for him, bared her for him.

The first slide of his tongue against her had her moaning.

“Joonmyun,” Minseon groaned. Her thighs widened even more, and Joonmyun licked his lips, utterly enchanted by her need and the way she said his name. She was so wet for him, and Joonmyun was eager as he licked into her, feeling her trying to clutch around him as he fucked her with his tongue. He glanced up, teasing against her and found himself teased, to see Minseon fondling her breasts as he ate her out. It made him grin as he went back to pleasure, sliding up against her, tugging with his lips, letting her feel him everywhere as her thighs were restless, and her breath caught.

Joonmyun kissed against Minseon’s clit, feeling her twitching against him as he rubbed his mouth against her. He kissed, and kissed, dragging his tongue against her, humming. He snuck his free hand up, slipping three fingers into her. He didn’t even move them, just giving her something to squeeze around. Even then she tried to move, to press up against his mouth, so tight and wet around his fingers. She tasted like his every wet dream, moaning for him. He wondered if she was still playing with her nipples, if that was what was making her wiggle and gasp, too. Minseon whimpered as Joonmyun sucked against her, so swollen, so stiff against his tongue, and so desperate to come.

Minseon was going to come for him. Joonmyun was going to give her that pleasure, so she’d think of him, want him, fantasize of him. Minseon made a sound, her thighs jerking, and Joonmyun moaned, doubling his pace, not caring if his tongue was getting tired, if his lips were swollen.

Minseon hips lifted, shook as Joonmyun’s tongue flicked against her. He didn’t stop as she gasped and stopped breathing for a long moment, a sound curling out of her throat and he licked her right over the edge.

Her whole body jolted as she came, some kind of luxurious moan leaving her as he eased her through it, the little shivers as he continued to rub against her and draw her pleasure out. He rested his chin on her belly, smiling to watch her gathering herself, breathing. When she opened one eye and focused on him, he leaned into the hand she stroked against his hair, pleased for both of them.


Prompt: beta suho and his boyfriend alpha minseok in rut <3


“You smell so good,” Minseok hummed, nuzzling against Joonmyun’s neck.

“That’s what you always say,” Joonmyun teased. Though his stomach tightened as Minseok began to roll one of Joonmyun’s nipples. It wasn’t just the cute little tweak he did sometimes, but with intent.

And his eyes rose as he realized Minseok had begun to grind against his hip.

“Oh. I smell good like that.”

Minseok hummed an agreement, nuzzling against Joonmyun’s neck. Nonverbal usually meant that things were getting serious, not just with the lust, but his hormones. Not just Minseok being horny, but in rut.

They’d been dating for a couple of months the first time, and it had necessitated a couple of vacation days. One had been for recovery and to learn to walk feeling a bit bowlegged The first of those days, he’d really intended to go to work, but strangely it was difficult getting out of bed to get ready with a knot inside of him.

“I want you on my cock. Coming all over me,” Minseok said, mouthing against his neck.

He all but led Minseok to the bedroom by his cock, his knot already beginning to swell. They had lube, and extra lube, for moments like those. The first fuck wasn’t going to take long, it never did. All he had to do was strip and brace himself on the bed once Minseok was set, on the bed, on his knees with Minseok behind him. His fingers weren’t gentle, getting Joonmyun ready the only necessity. If it was a courtesy, then the press of Minseok’s cock was pure need, a groan leaving Minseok as he slid swelling knot and all into Joonmyun. The stretch had Joonmyun gasping, but Minseok wasn’t trying to pull away, just to grind deeper, faster, his knot hindering him, promising. He needed to come, needed to mate, needing so much that Joonmyun wanted to give him. Joonmyun reached back, grasping desperately at Minseok’s hip, trying to pull him deeper.Minseok moaned, hips pumping as he came, his knot tight and stuck fast as Joonmyun panted. Maybe he wasn’t an omega, but Minseok in rut made his eyes roll back and his toes curl, all that lust, that desperation, and all of it directed at him.

His parents had always warned him about alphas, that if one came sniffing around he should be cautious because they were just killing time until they found their omega. It was an old fashioned idea. Sure, some alphas kept moving on, but he knew of a few couples that were mixed, omegas and betas, alphas and betas. It hadn’t been like it was back when his parents married, where betas only married other betas.

“Mine,” Minseok mouthed against his back, his fingers wrapping around Joonmyun’s cock. He came within moments, squeezing around the knot that held him and smiling in rapture against the blanket. He was at Minseok’s mercy, and loving it.


Prompt: If you still accepting prompt, can i have a xiuho's bestfriend-turns-boyfriend awkward first date? Tq dear


It wasn’t supposed to feel like a held breath. Hanging out together Before, before Minseok had asked Joonmyun out, had been effortless. Joonmyun had been occasionally high strung, keeping people on their toes. Minseok liked that, his laugh, the way he went pliant when he relaxed, how good they were together.

So Minseok wasn’t expecting the nervous laughter, and the I’m Very Pleasant mask that Joonmyun adopted, and the concern flirting in his eyes like Minseok was going to label him an impostor.

Or the fact that Minseok nearly choked himself on a piece of bread, courtesy of the too-fancy restaurant he’d chosen.

Then there was the part of the meal where the water had almost tipped because of someone bumping the table, and there was all this nervous laughter. Minseok had told a story he knew Joonmyun had heard at least twice, and Joonmyun nodded along like he was very interested.

“That was…fun,” Joonmyun said, when they finally got to the street.

They met each other’s eyes, and started giggling.

“It’s too much to expect perfection, right?”

“That’s boring,” Joonmyun agreed. “I think we’ve met. Can I buy you an ice cream?”

“I’d like that,” Minseok said, and they linked arms. He could almost feel Joonmyun breathe.

He wasn’t Joonmyun’s boss that he had to be perfect for, just his best friend, and the chance for more.


Prompt: sukai are v happy together but one of jongin's seniors in the dance club catches his eye and it just so happens to be minseok, suho's first love (pre ploly sukaixiu)


If Jongin was worried about admiring the form of another dancer, he’d have had to have been worried most of his life. There were all levels of skill in the club, and he was still learning, too. But that didn’t keep Minseok from catching his eye. Dancing was like singing or playing music, only with the body as an instrument. There were a lot of things dancing could say, and when Jongin looked, it was for enjoyment in someone else, idly cataloging suggestions for form or technique. It was fun, fulfilling. Certain movements, they made him look. They made him watch. Minseok was one of those people, sometimes coming up to stand close while they watched the others, touching Jongin’s arm in emphasis. His laugh had Jongin turning his head. It was appreciation.

“It was a good day,” Jongin said, all pressed up against Joonmyun’s back and breathing into his neck as Joonmyun sliced cabbage to steam.

“Smells like you showered,” Joonmyun teased.

“Just for you,” Jongin said. “We’re working really hard up to the showcase. Do you—“

“I have it in my calendar,” Joonmyun said.

“Good. One of the senior dancers, he’s really— Really dynamic? He really plays with expression, so it’s hard to look away. I almost forgot to leave today.”

Joonmyun laughed. “Someone new there, or…?”

“No, he’s been there a while. I don’t remember where he was living before. He’s cute though.”

“Should I be worried?”

Jongin nipped at Joonmyun’s neck. “Minseok is just nice. I don’t know if he notices I exist though.”

“Impossible,” Joonmyun started out, standing up for Jongin’s self-esteem. But Joonmyun paused cutting. “Kim Minseok?”

“Yeah,” Jongin said. “You’ll get to see him too in a week.”

He made his way to the fridge to get a drink, leaving Joonmyun to the vegetables. He was excited, a little nervous. He was tired, but also ready to dance again.

“Do you have a picture?” Joonmyun asked.

“Not on my phone. I know we’ll take a group photo oat the showcase?”

“That’s fine,” Joonmyun said. “I’ll look forward to it.”


Joonmyun felt a little like he was walking on slick ice as he strode forward. There was Jongin, his head tilted forward, a smile on his face that was so familiar to him. He was sweaty and so pleased after the showcase, but the smile was for the person he was talking to. On Jongin’s arm, a hand, a connection. All of his wondering had come true, and he’d spent the whole of the showcase with his eyes riveted on Jongin and trying to keep his eyes away from— Away from Minseok, who danced with Jongin, looked at Jongin while they danced like he would eat him up. It was a show, a performance. But there, after, Minseok was touching Jongin, close to him. Two people he had— Two people he—

Jongin spotted him, and held out his arm, welcoming Joonmyun in immediately. Minseok’s hand fell from Jongin’s other arm, and his eyes widened, smiling as he recognized Joonmyun. Minseok reached, and their hands clasped, Joonmyun inhaling.

“Joonmyun,” Minseok marveled.

“You know each other?” Jongin asked, surprised.

They had. They did.


Prompt: oh my god the poly sukaixiu was perfect??????? please continue if you want to <333333


Jongin had had at least a dozen questions. Maybe he’d have had more if Joonmyun hadn’t felt like he was suffocating. When had they met, how long had they known each other, why had they broken up. It wasn’t like the stretch of time before he and Jongin had begun dating was a mystery. Joonmyun had talked about his past, his heartbreaks, while they were sharing, getting to know each other. Jongin hadn’t been some type of rebound. Minseok had been several years before, and Joonmyun had dated on and off in between. He hadn’t felt himself lacking, but there was always healing from loss. It didn’t just heal up and disappear.

Nothing had been right for them. Family, school, their work hours. Everything had been working against them. He hadn’t been less in love with Minseok, but they’d been exhausted with life itself it seemed, one more obligation staring themselves in the face.

It had always reeked of failure, though. When he’d cried, the times he’d let himself mourn, it had been words of apology.

“I saw the way he looked at you. He used to look at me like that sometimes,” were words Joonmyun couldn’t say as he explained to Jongin how they’d known each other. The guy Jongin had been fascinated with. It made his lungs feel tight as he tried to assure Jongin, or himself. It had been a long time ago. It didn’t explain why he’d floated through that brief reunion like some out of body experience, talking, tucked against Jongin’s side as his only anchor. He’d been afraid to look Minseok in the face, afraid he couldn’t stop looking, but it would’ve been rude not to, telling not to.

He’d seem them dance near to each other on stage, and it made his eyes slam shut to try and block it away. The ridiculous coincidence of it. Maybe Minseok was there, trying to steal Jongin away. No. Not Minseok. It had Joonmyun silently groaning as he ducked his head against his pillow and tried not to disturb Jongin who was deeply asleep, exhausted and elated after the performance and their celebratory lovemaking.

Joonmyun wasn’t yet ready to admit that there had been a third person lingering in their thoughts after the conversation about him was complete, no matter how far they’d tried to push him away. Joonmyun remembered Jongin’s eyes as he’d spoken of it, the understanding, the heartbreak for him. Jongin had seen him and Minseok together, too. Maybe it would’ve been easier if they hated each other.

But no, Joonmyun realized, as he tried desperately to sleep, it wouldn’t have.

When Joonmyun woke, Jongin was draped against his back.

“Do you still love him?” Jongin asked. And there was no reason to ask who.

“I don’t know him any more,” Joonmyun said.

It wasn’t, and was, an answer. Jongin likely knew him better than Joonmyun in a number of ways. And Jongin held him, silent, until Joonmyun slept again.


Prompt: Omega! Jongin with the pack of alphas male chase after him? , please ♥ any paring is fine , thank you :3


The alphas began to thin, fewer of them coming by, fewer of them glaring at each other when Jongin agreed to meet with them. It had been ten, sniffing around, posturing, trying to make jokes, trying to make sure Jongin got a good smell to see if he’d want their knot. He didn’t have to run away, because all he had to do was tell them no and they were gone, just like that. It helped that there were other omegas around to keep them honest.

It became five, and then three, and the third to last walked out the door with a twisting smile and left him alone with the last two.

Joonmyun, he was drawn to his smile, and his scent of home. Minseok, the sound of his voice, a scent that challenged him. It made him swallow hard, comparing, contrasting, trying to choose. He had to, he knew. Alphas wouldn’t share.

“Do you want a kiss?” Joonmyun asked, offering a way that could help to solidify his choice. There was a hand on either side of his waist, and he pressed his lips against Joonmyun’s, shivering at the warmth. Home, want.

He turned his head and there was Minseok, soft mouth, and that want hit him with a second thrum.

He just…wanted.

“I want you both,” he said.

“Okay,” Joonmyun agreed.

“That’s okay with me,” Minseok said.

And they wanted him.


Prompt: jongin is five months pregnant and horny as can be so he asks his best friend minseok if he will fuck him, smut and confessions of love ensue. >3


Jongin hadn’t been warned that hormones were going to destroy him. He’d gotten through feeling sick at odd hours and at odd things, and that had mostly faded. It had felt like he got turned on at the drop of a hat though, which seemed backwards since he’d already gotten himself knocked up. He took care of it himself like some kind of penance but he missed getting hot and sweaty with a guy, all that skin and not being in control.

It was a whim, and a desperation.

“You’re not dating anyone right now?” Jongin asked. “No friends with benefits?”

Minseok’s eyebrows rose. “No?”

Good. That was good. He didn’t know how he got through babbling out his request, making a fool of himself with descriptions of how desperate he was, and if Minseok would just please, if he wanted. Jongin thought he would just combust if he didn’t get a real cock into him, and most guys saw his belly and it turned them off. He couldn’t even get sucked off any more.

It was how he ended up on his back with his legs spread and Minseok’s mouth on his nipples. He was sucking them, lathing them, and Jongin’s cock was rock hard and jerking, moaning and not understanding how he wasn’t coming when it felt that good. His cock was just dripping and his hips were lifting and Minseok’s hands were all over his chest, the curve of his belly, his thighs. He was pretty sure that much desperation was bad for the baby. Minseok had met the father, some guy Jongin had fucked a half a dozen times, and Minseok hadn’t liked the guy. The guy hadn’t liked the thought of being a father, either, so there they were.

“Please, fuck, I’m going to die,” Jongin moaned, and he didn’t think he was being too dramatic. And maybe Minseok finally believed him, because Jongin took in Minseok’s cock like he fucked a dozen cocks a day.

“Fuck,” Minseok cursed, swallowing hard as Jongin squeezed tight around him. He felt warm, his cock wide and real. And best of all, Minseok knew how to fuck, holding onto Jongin’s hips and grinding against, driving deep and rubbing against him and Jongin’s cock throbbed like a breeze was going to get him off as he tried to drag Minseok against him and push against Minseok’s hips. He reached for his cock but Minseok got there first, and Jongin gurgled, going tight so fast that MInseok moaned, but Jongin didn’t have the air to. All he could do was inhale, and inhale, and come, his hands trying to clutch at the sheet as he came in Minseok’s hand and listened as Minseok grunted and moved and spent himself, too. He was aching, and Minseok was panting, and staggered almost as he let himself rest down beside Jongin.

“You weren’t kidding when you said you needed it,” Minseok said, smacking against Jongin’s hip.

“Right,” Jongin groaned. “Why didn’t we do this months ago. Would you have done this months ago?”

He expected some kind of flip answer, some questioning of how horny Jongin really was, but Minseok was just on his back, breathing.

“Probably any time you asked,” Minseok said, finally.

Jongin nodded, resting his head back. “I was being stupid then. I didn’t expect to be left pregnant and horny.”

“I was glad he was gone,” Minseok said, his voice something other than pleasant. “He didn’t deserve you.”

True words of a good friend. Though he guess he had to agree.

“Probably not. But who’s going to date me now and take care of my needs?” Jongin asked, patting his stomach.

“I would.”

Jongin almost laughed, ready to call him on his bullshit, or on trying to make himself out to be a good person like he was just going to go find himself a pregnant guy and date him.

But Minseok was looking back at him so steady, no hint of tease or anything grandiose. He just leaned in and pressed his lips against Jongin’s, lingering there until Jongin’s heartbeat started to pick up.

When he pulled back, Minseok said again, “I would.”

Jongin couldn’t even process it. “What, like dating me dating me? Like love and everything?”

“Yes, like love and everything,” Minseok said, and he couldn’t keep the amusement out of his voice as Jongin huffed at him.

“Wow.” And Jongin felt the need to point out the obvious. “But I’m pregnant?”

Minseok looked at him, shaking his head. “I noticed.”

They shoved at each other a little. But Jongin was too tired to really process it more, to have that conversation. But putting his head close to Minseok’s, Minseok’s hand along his arm, it kind of made him afraid how much he wanted that. Assurance. Someone to be close to. Someone to share his fears with. Minseok covered them both up with the blanket, and stayed there. Minseok stayed.


Prompt: holy frak on a cracker thank you for the mpreg xiukai besties, it was perfection! maybe a follow up where jongin and minseok do talk about feelings and maybe get off again ;) (from tumblr)‎ Coley


Minseok wasn’t just humoring him. That was the point that Jongin finally got. Minseok wasn’t feeling sorry for him, or feeling like Jongin just really needed support because of the baby, but he really did want to date Jongin, and was attracted to him, too. Even with the belly he was getting. Minseok knew him better than anyone, and when Minseok reached out for him, curling a hand at Jongin’s neck and pulling him close, Jongin was almost overwhelmed. They hadn’t done much after that, though Minseok had kissed him with permission, letting him get used to the idea.

Minseok brought him carefully prepared fruit, and his favorite drink, sat and snuggled with him. They went to a movie, and Minseok didn’t make fun of Jongin as he huffed and puffed a little more than usual.

Minseok had kissed him after, letting him know it was a date, yes, but letting Jongin kiss him back, letting Jongin control it. It felt like a lot of things that had never made sense before were beginning to, having Minseok close, depending on him in new ways.

And Minseok knew that he wanted.

Jongin moaned, grasping at the arms of the chair, gasping at the ceiling as he tried to process, tried to keep some modicum of control. He knew Minseok wanted him, and maybe he’d fantasized, but somehow Jongin hadn’t been prepared for Minseok on his knees, humming happily as he licked along Jongin’s cock and sucked on him like a pleasing new toy. He watched Minseok’s lips wrap around his cock, stretching, plumping, darkening, and he struggled not to come right then as Minseok hummed around him and lived up to his declaration that he “loved sucking cock” and that Jongin should “sit back and enjoy.” He’d also said something about Jongin needing to take it easy because he was pregnant, and if being pregnant meant having a gorgeous guy sucking him off then he would consider trying it again if the first time went okay. He imagined Minseok sucking him hard and grinning as he slid his cock into Jongin, promising that would be the night that he’d knock Jongin up, and Jongin came right then, shuddering, moaning as Minseok gentled, still working on him.

Jongin felt like he was going to dissolve, Minseok rubbing along his thighs.

“That seemed intense,” Minseok said, wiping his lips and getting up closer to Jongin. “What were you thinking about?”

Jongin didn’t answer right away, embarrassed, but Minseok didn’t let up, poking at him. “Jongin.”

“You…” Jongin cleared his throat, leaning into Minseok. “You getting me pregnant.”

He could tell he’d just about knocked Minseok on his ass, and Jongin chuckled, rubbing at his stomach.

“I’ll get through this one first.”

In moments, he had Minseok cuddling him, kissing him, telling him how gorgeous he was, and Jongin was so very content with that.


Prompt: bff xiukai where jongin is insecure about his body after giving birth to his child and afraid that minseok does not want him anymore. Contrary to his concern, minseok the ever considerate lover just thought jongin need more healing time for himself.


Having a baby caused a lot of changes. That wasn’t a surprise. Obviously he wasn’t going to be shaped quite the same, though at least once the baby had been born he’d been able to see his own feet and the ability to stand up without feeling like he needed a crane to help him. Minseok had certainly wanted him during the time they were forbidden by his doctor, but he’d been so good and so supporting. After, though, Minseok still hadn’t made a move. At first it made sense, because Jongin had an incision, and he’d been sore. Minseok had still held him, and been so good and understanding with interruptions by a growing baby.

Maybe he’d thought Jongin would look more like he had back when Minseok had met him. Maybe the difference was just too much for him to get over, and he was being what he had always been: a good friend.

“Do you ever… When we have a chance, do you ever want to do all those things we talked about when I was pregnant?” Jongin asked. He was stroking Minseok’s arm, needing that connection, hoping it would hurt less if Minseok told him no.

“I do,” Minseok said. “But I want to make sure you’re healed enough. It’s exhausting having a baby, I want you to be ready.”

“You— But? The doctor gave the okay?”

“Just because it’s medically okay doesn’t mean you’re ready or that it’d feel good to you. I didn’t want to push you before you were ready.”

“I’m ready,” Jongin declared. He didn’t bring up his concerns about Minseok not wanting his body as it was. Minseok had not been unclear, and somehow Jongin had been the one taken off guard and dissolved. In fact, he was ready—

A cry interrupted his thought before he could be tempted to crawl right into Minseok’s lap. They smiled at each other. When it was right, they’d be ready.


Prompt: biffs xiukai pregnancy au follow up with minseok crying as he cuts the baby's umbilical cord and maybe proposing to jongin who accepts


Minseok stayed near to Jongin’s head through the surgery, all suited up and clean and Jongin demanding that he be able to stay. He didn’t know if he could stand to watch Jongin be cut into, didn’t know how squeamish he really was in those kinds of situations. Maybe if it was someone he didn’t know, something he could rationalize away. He was staying calmer being near Jongin anyway, watching Jongin’s faces. He wanted to ask if it hurt, but Jongin had already told a doctor earlier that all he could feel was pressure. He could hear the doctors, the nurses talking, but he just kissed against Jongin’s cheek and tried not to hear the weird, wet, squishy sounds.

“I’ve got him.”

Jongin met his eyes, both of them a bit wild, and then, then Minseok had to look, popping up, looking over the draping, watching as the baby’s head and shoulders appeared, face all scrunched up.

“Oh,” Minseok said, gripping onto Jongin’s shoulders. There he was, the baby, all of him. He didn’t look at the wound that the baby had come out of, but at the waving arms and legs, accepting the weird looking scissors from the nurse and officially separating the baby from Jongin.

“He’s perfect,” Minseok said, croaking a little before he even realized it. The baby started to whimper and wail, and Minseok pressed his face into the hollow of Jongin’s shoulder, tears dripping down onto his gown as Jongin kissed against his hair. “Just wait until you see.”

The nurse brought the baby, swaddled, a green cap on his head, and they laughed together, admiring him, Minseok reaching to brush his fingers against the blanket as the baby was whisked away to be checked further.

“Your son,” Minseok murmured. Though, possibly more. “Will you marry me? Will you…?”

Jongin’s strangled, “Yes,” came through his tears, and they were a mess, sniffling together as Jongin was patched up, and the baby announced his displeasure to the world.


Prompt: het xiukai. when minseok sees jongin breastfeed their baby he felt warm and hot at the same time.


The baby’s cries started to quiet down, and Minseok heard Jongin soothing with her voice as she got ready to feed the hungry baby. It was not, he realized, the most fascinating endeavor. They’d bought her a little e-reader so she could have something to do while the timer ticked down, but when he was awake, he tried to provide a little distraction. Normally he didn’t touch much, at least not during feedings, because she was already so overflowing with touch from the baby. But he could talk to Jongin at least, giving her a soft kiss sitting close to the gently rocking chair.

Their baby, eagerly suckling, tiny precious fingers pressing against Jongin’s skin and absolutely making the most of the meal provided.

“Am I like that when lunch was a long time ago?” Minseok asked, and Jongin snorted, smoothing the baby’s sparse hair.

“Sometimes worse,” she teased, and he probably deserved that.

Minseok smiled back down at the baby and, ah. He’d admired those breasts quite a bit himself, but there they were with the rest of Jongin’s body, being champions and providing nourishment for their baby.

“You’re amazing,” he said, kissing Jongin’s shoulder. She leaned her head against his, and they kept each other company for a while.


Prompt: biffs xiukai had just taken their son dresses as a pumpkin around the block when grandma kim shows up and demands time with the baby and xiukai decide to use their alone time "wisely" as in fucking like rabbits


They had been ambushed. They were left standing inside of their apartment with a bag of emergency supplies - cereal, hand wipes, bandaids, a lollipop - and a child-sized blank space, courtesy of a child-whisking grandma.

“How many pumpkin costume pictures are we going to wake up to tomorrow?” Minseok wondered.

“Don’t even say that.”

The whole world was going to wake up to pictures of their son dressed in orange and smeared in chocolate. Would he sleep for another week after he was returned, that was the question. There were no pleas for them to play, no sticky hands to wash off, no bedtime stories to prepare.

Minseok raised his eyebrows.

Keys, bags, jackets, they were all abandoned on the race to the bedroom. Minseok was trying to get his legs open and his pants off at the same time, and Jongin was laughing, kicking off his own pants, his shirt landing on some other continent as Minseok pulled him down into a kiss and fizzled his brain. It was slow and wet and dirty, and he could’ve gotten off just like that, at least until Minseok guided Jongin’s hand between his legs.

“Come on,” he urged.

It took only moments to get slick, but MInseok nearly ripped away his control when he squeezed hard on Jongin’s shoulders. They were in a cocoon. No responsibility. No worries. Just Minseok, impossibly warm and tight, and him, aching for it fiercely. He was going to give Minseok his treat.

And Jongin almost burst out laughing just thinking it, and Minseok squirmed and moaned at the urgency, arching his bank, inhaling sharply, shuddering as he came against Jongin’s fingers and wrested all of Jongin’s remnants of control away from him.

He thought he was pretty pleased with himself, too, at least until Minseok nipped his ear. “Just wait until I get you in the shower.”


Prompt: post Halloween parental xiukai and lil joohyun are cuddling in bed watching some cartoons


It had been cold out, and they’d all gone back home with drippy noses and more candy than the three of them needed for a month, much less when one of them was still tiny. But Joohyun had bounced through the whole thing, not once being shy and actually making Jongin a little bit surprised at the sudden burst of confidence. On consulting Minseok, maybe it was the costume. Joohyun wasn’t just Joohyun that night but something more.

But also very, very cute. They made it a bit of an event, too, with costume ears going on the next morning and breakfast being made. First part of that was Jongin’s task, and Minseok had finished up as Jongin had gotten Joohyun into the space of honor. They were absolutely going to have to wash the blanket, but no one cared as they all got piled in, Joohyun giggling and secure between them as cartoons started playing. Breakfast in bed, the promise of candy later, fun things to watch on TV.

They made it through breakfast, and another half an hour of cartoons. But when Minseok glanced over, Jongin’s head was on a pillow near Joohyun’s, and they were both fast asleep. Minseok muted the TV, and snuggled in to join them.


Prompt: selkie jongin is tended to by the kind fisherman named minseok


Minseok didn’t know, until he saw the pelt. It was a dozen or more feet away from the injured man, drag marks going toward it like he’d been separated forcefully. The tide had gone out, and it seemed like the selkie had been tumbled in with it. He whimpered a little but did not wake when Minseok lifted him, carried him out of the wind and looming rain. Minseok went back for the pelt only after he’d settled the man, throwing it over a bale of straw to dry. Wounds, those he cleaned, wrapping the deepest cuts and gouges. Minseok covered him with all the blankets he owned save one, to warm him. He wrapped himself in the other.

Jongin woke after days of delirium, fed broth of fish and seaweed, and he woke scrabbling, trying to find something essential to him.

“Your pelt is in the barn,” Minseok said. “It’s safe.”

He’d heard tales of people trying to hide it, of trying to avoid fate. It was not meant for two people to have eternity. Some were ended by sickness, or war, or a different desire. He’d thought of it, watching Jongin sleeping. But he’d decided he did not want to live his life in fear. He gave his help without expectation of return, as it should have been. And he would not take advantage of a man who would not have made the choice to stay if he’d been well.

Jongin gave his name, and sipped more broth, eyes drowsy as he considered Minseok over his cup.

Neither of them knew, just then, how long it would be before Jongin could not resist the call, would find the barn, and his pelt. At least for then, they were content with that.


Prompt: can we have selkie jongin coming back one day to minseok?


The net of wriggling fish was set on top of the net that Minseok was mending, and Minseok looked up, startled. The dock was not abandoned on mornings like that so he’d paid no attention to footsteps. The man who crouched nearby wore pants a little ragged at the edges and little else, and Minseok’s breath caught as he recognized Jongin.

Then his eyes went back to the fish, and realized they were for him, for helping Jongin.

“Oh, you don’t have to give me anything,” Minseok protested. It was enough to see that Jongin was healthy again, able to move easily, and to swim.

“I wanted to. You helped me, and you let me go, and you asked for nothing.”

“What is there to ask for, for helping someone?” Minseok asked. “You didn’t ask me to. The only profit in it was your health.”

Jongin’s lips twitched.

“Yes. If you have no need to sell or eat them, perhaps there are families who need to eat.”

Minseok moved quickly, when Jongin shifted, words tumbling form him.

“Do you come back to this cove often?”

“Often enough,” Jongin said.

“When you left, I didn’t think you’d remember. If you do come back, you don’t have to bring anything. But you’d be welcome.”

Jongin nodded. “I can make no promises. But it may be.”

Jongin slipped into the water, and slipped away, not long after. But Minseok finished with his net, storing it and taking Jongin’s gift with him to share the bounty of the sea with his neighbors.


Prompt: selkie au from minseok's pov


There was a promise. It was everything, shuddering through Minseok as his pants flopped cold against his legs. He stripped from those, taking shelter under the rock as the storm opened up and water began to pour down. If he’d gone home as he’d planned, his little skiff would not have made it. He’d have been lost, without a doubt as fog rolled in. Dashed on the rocks. But he had a fire starter in his bag, and it took a few tries but he soon had a fire crackling. The warmth cut through, helping to dry his wet pants and keep his teeth from chattering. He wriggled back into his pants when the worst of the wet was gone, sighing and trying to get some rest. Beside his head, on the rock face, he lifted his hand and ran his fingers along a crude carving. It was a circle that seemed to have a tail almost.

“They say it was left by two lovers parted by the sea.”

The sound of a man’s voice had Minseok jolting, looking to the opening of his little cave and seeing a man duck in fully, dressed to shed the water of the storm.

“By death or by choice?” Minseok asked, caught by the sleek dark hair as the man tipped back his hood. “Please, warm yourself here.”

“Thank you. Not by choice. The lure of the ocean is too great for those who swim as seals.”

Minseok’s fingers slipped down out of the carved tail, a tingle along his spine. The man spoke of a selkie as though it were not myth. A legend, then, of the locals, of which this man, Jongin, was one.

“Who told you that tale?” Minseok asked, wincing at a gust of wind that made the fire flicker.

Jongin smiled. “My father. Though, that carving was there long before he was born.”

An old story, as he’d thought. Minseok dozed, eventually, dreaming of lashing waves, the press of soft fur, warm fingers clutching his. He dreamed the mark on the wall burned hot into his chest. He woke to misty dawn, to Jongin asleep beyond him, and the sea calming. The carving was still stark against the wall, and Minseok tore his eyes from it. A story, that was all. A story that followed him to his skiff, and into the waves.


Prompt: femme xiukai with jungah finally asking her pretty neighbor out and maybe eating her out too :)


Minseon was gorgeous when Jungah met her, even if she’d been sweaty and rumpled from moving in. She’d been gorgeous when Jungah had finally muddled through asking her out, and even more so when she’d gleamed when she realized Jungah was asking for a date. Jungah hadn’t wanted her neighbor to think she was weird, hadn’t known if Minseon was even interested. But Minseon had dated a girl before and Jungah’s heart had soared, and she’d dissolved utterly at the way Minseon had stepped up against her after the date and kissed her. A knee-dissolving, head-spinning kiss that had Jungah taking a very, very long shower afterward.

And it turned out that Minseon was gorgeous there on Jungah’s couchwith her shirt half unbuttoned and her soft bra undone. She wasn’t sure where Minseon’s underwear ended up, actually. All she knew was that Minseon was molten around her fingers, one of her thighs caught over Jongin’s arm. Minseon’s clit twitched and Minseon strained for more of Jungah’s tongue, her moans musical as she shuddered and came. Jungah was panting against her, squeezing her thighs together. After a minute of soft kisses press against her, Jungah stroked gently, tantalizingly with her tongue. Instead of arching and trying to push her away, Minseon cooed. If one was good, two was better, and Jungah had gotten nowhere near her fill.


Prompt: Ahh..i dont realize you wrote so many xiukai fic au. Any of your choice maybe? Pardon my indecisiveness, i just love your every xiukai work.


There were a lot of long nights in winter, which required something to fill them. Jongin could only read so many books before his brain began to hurt, and as fun as getting naked was, even they had only so much stamina. There were places that had fancier things, they could get TV signals. Minseok made noises about getting a TV maybe one day, so that at least everyone could watch something now and again. Jongin kind of liked it without, getting to nuzzle up to Minseok and wonder what to do. If it was just the two of them, it was easier anyway.

Sometimes they pulled out games, trying not to knock over stacks of wooden blocks, or take their game pieces around the board. Minseok had eyes like a hawk, strategizing like he was going to war, when all he had to do was throw around some dice.

“Do you strategize in bed?” Jongin asked, propping up his chin and studying Minseok’s face.

Minseok blinked at him. “What?”

“Stroke here, get moan. Press there, get shudder and golden ring,” Jongin intoned like he was some kind of manual.

His knee got shoved and Jongin laughed, taking his own turn. “Whoever wins should get blown,” Jongin said.

“I’ll accept that,” Minseok said, and tossed the dice again.

Jongin could feel some of his stamina coming back.


Prompt: xiukai Netflix and chill please


Jongin was legitimately taken with the movie. It had been something in his watchlist for a couple of months, and they’d been trading off what to watch on other nights. It was nice not to have to go out anywhere, get dressed, fight crowds. They’d eaten during the first third of the movie, watched in a stupor for a while after that. Jongin actually thought they were going to make it to the end, at least until he felt a kiss pressed against his neck. It was light, just a brush with damp lips, but it had been followed by another, and another. It had been nice. Jongin had held focus. But then Minseok had started bringing out the big weapons. A pointed slide of his tongue, Minseok’s fingers slipping Jongin’s thigh. It had him twitching even before Minseok’s hand cupped between his legs and his neck arched, begging Minseok for more, more.

“What do you want?” Jongin said, fishing, trying to hit the pause button and succeeding after the fifth try.

“You,” Minseok said. “On my cock.”

Wiggling out of his pants, aching as he stood as Minseok sucked on him and fingered him, and made him desperate for it. Desperate for Minseok as he turned and settled down with his back against Minseok’s chest, sliding down on to Minseok’s cock and feeling Minseok moan against his back. Minseok’s arm wrapped around him, steadying him, leaving marks against his shoulders, cupping again between his legs as Jongin grunted with the effort of riding without something to stabilize himself with. His eyes rolled back at the sight of Minseok’s hand wrapped around him, and he fucked up into that hold, feeling Minseok’s hips rolling under him. Minseok’s thumb against his nipple, his fingers stroking, his cock sliding, and Jongin jolted, coming in Minseok’s hand, moaning on desperate breaths as Minseok grunted behind him and held him up and struggled to move. That half inch was enough, because Minseok groaned for him, pulling Jongin down sharply. They breathed in an exhausted pile, Jongin still pressing Minseok back against the couch. At least, until Minseok shoved him off, not caring he was half naked.

But Minseok did grab a throw blanket. And he was warm against Jongin’s chest as the movie resumed.


Prompt: xiukai go through a haunted house and leave with kai clinging to xiu until they get home


It really wasn’t that scary. That was what Minseok said, though he was marking concerned noises at some of the jump scares, just about putting a hand to a cast member’s face when they had to shrink away. Jongin had started out the whole experience beside Minseok, clutching each other’s hands.

Minseok had whispered, “Maybe we shouldn’t hold on to each other.”

“Why so you can run away faster?” Jongin retorted, and Minseok barely was able to contain his chuckles.

But Jongin slowly edged behind Minseok the further they got until they really did have to stop holding hands because Jongin had a two-handed hold on the back of Minseok’s jacket.

They swerved past a mummy that tried to reach from them, chugging along like a runaway train. They ducked at puffs of cold air, Jongin biting back a shout as something wet touched his neck as they waited for a door to open to the next section.


He all but pushed Minseok through the door so they couldn’t get separated, and he could feel Minseok laughing.

Minseok shouted once too, as their ankles were grabbed, dancing away from some undulating spider legs and almost running into a giant web.

“I can’t,” Jongin wheezed.

He tucked himself against Minseok’s side and even if it was hard to walk that way, he didn’t let go the whole way home.


Prompt: xiukai Halloween party with jongin dressed as a sailor venus surprising his boyfriend minseok who is dressed as the hulk aka little purple shorts time. maybe frottage?


What he got from Minseok was silence. He expected that, as he tossed a lock of his wig behind his shoulder and felt his skirt swish around his legs. If Sailor Venus wasn’t the very last costume that Minseok had expected, then it had to be near to it.

“You look good in green,” Jongin said, though strangely enough his eyes weren’t on any part of Minseok in paint or otherwise, but rather on the shorts only hinting at what was beneath.


He made a sound that had Jongin grinning, resisting a joke, and glancing down again to see things maybe a bit perkier. Someone had to think of the other guests. They hadn’t come out to have a good time to see the Hulk, ah. Hulking out in unexpected ways. He was saving the party.

Maybe he was doing what he hoped they’d do anyway, just a little bit sooner.

“I couldn’t even think when you walked in,” Minseok complained.

“Hoped you wouldn’t.”

He was pinned the wall by a guy dressed in green paint. He was wearing a skirt. He definitely made sure the door was locked. They didn’t have time for much. He hissed as Minseok gripped his thighs, and those purple shorts were all up against him. No joking if Minseok was happy to see him. No joking if Minseok liked the skirt. He just saw his face in the mirror over Minseok’s shoulder and moaned.

If anyone noticed the green smear on his neck, no one said.


Prompt: something based on that xiukai fanart I linked you to


“My name is Minseon.”

She had teased him, sitting on the edge of the heated pool, touching him only on his thigh with a delicate foot and moving no further until he touched her ankle and tugged.

The water steamed into the cooler air above it, and Minseon slipped into it like a mist out of the rocks, lifting the edge of her shift and drawing it over her head, leaving behind pale, smooth skin, and rosy nipples that begged for his mouth. He tweaked the thick braid of her hair, and Minseon let him have his fill of her breasts, his hands sliding over them, his lips worshiping, sealing against her skin. She settled, her hands on his shoulders and offering herself to him, sinking slowly until she met the insistent swelling of his cock. To have that much loveliness to touch, to taste, he could hardly keep himself from rising. She trapped him there, against his stomach, and she did not try to take him in, rocking her hips, rubbing against the length of him, and he could feel the softness, the slick of her body. Stroking him, stroking herself as well, as her eyelashes dipped and a moan came out like a sigh. She’d undoubtedly been sent to do more than that, but he wanted no more then, than to watch the way her lips parted, the way she bit at them, the sway of her breasts. The faces she made were almost unconscious, and they might have been concentration except that they were not.

Jongin watched Minseon inhale as he stroked up along her thighs, stroking along the softness of her curves. She had to be aching for pleasure, every bit of her, as she panted and tried to move against him. He wanted to see. It took only a light grip to jerk her forward faster than she could move herself, so that she rubbed against his cock more sharply. Her gasp was sharper on the second pull of his hands, realizing what he was doing and fixing him with a surprised stare for a moment before giving in, her whole body trembling as he helped to grind her against him.

“Oh!” she moaned, her hips twitching helplessly, her body frozen, and he knew she orgasmed for him, her lips parted, the end of her braid in the water. But she whimpered as Jongin didn’t stop, moving her body for her, lifting his hips to rub his cock against her, focused on himself then, on minutes later, groaning and clouding the water between them with his come. He wished he could see it on her skin, as he opened his eyes and watched water glisten on it. Or feel her around him. Or sit her on the edge of that pool and nuzzle between her thighs. When he let her hips go, and inclined his head, Minseon rose. He watched, fascinated as she climbed from the water, as she slipped into her shift and it clung to her wet skin. She backed away from him, with her wrap and the mist, bowing. And Jongin half thought it to be a dream.


Prompt: a jane the virgin esque xiuai with femme jungah and minseok the nice chaebol pls >3


It was hard to look at him sometimes. Even if Jungah wasn’t a teenager any more, and the feelings she’d had for Minseok had faded - the most relevant ones anyway - and nothing that had been done was her fault, no. She still found it hard to look sometimes. Her swelling belly wasn’t the product of them getting naked together, but it could have been. It could have been, and he treated her so kindly.

“You’re sure you’re getting enough sleep? And you’re not working too hard?” Minseok asked having brought her a smoothie from somewhere.

Any other man, she’d have though he was asking purely for the sake of the baby. It might have been easier if he had, but she couldn’t even lie to herself about it because half of their conversations weren’t about her health or the baby at all.

He was just concerned, and interested. And for reasons she didn’t understand, some sort of guilt, though the only person Jungah blamed was the doctor.

She didn’t want him there because of guilt, and questioned the fact that sometimes she wanted him there at all. The less she knew, the more distance she had, the easier it would be. At least, she knew he would love the baby. Their baby would have a family.

The baby. Minseok laughed absently at a joke he had made, and Jungah smiled with him. His baby. Not theirs.


Prompt: jane the virgin xiukai with jungah having a sex dream about minseok


There was no beginning, or maybe it had segued in from a dream she’d been having where she was organizing endless stacks of boxes at work, ones that kept getting higher, and higher. All of that turned on its head, Jungah sighing at a touch, the mattress soft beneath her, Minseok smiling at her.

“Jungah,” Minseok said, and he was so warm, so solid against her shoulder. And he was touching her, stroking her belly, cupping between her legs. She struggled and tried to see, but she couldn’t. All she knew was that it felt good the way he rubbed against her, . “I want to hear you.”


She moaned for him, eyes on his face, heat flooding through her as he touched her, urging her legs wider.

“I want you. I want you so much,” he whispered, and she couldn’t even keep her eyes open. All she could feel was the way he touched her, aching, so close, so close—

Jungah gasped awake, her hand shooting out but instead of finding Minseok against her, all she felt was the throb.

His name was still on her lips, and the curve of her belly was warm against her arm.

Minseok. Those soft touches, the way he’d smiled. That was how it could have been, if—

No, there were too many possibilities in that.

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