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Title: Cursed
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun
Rating: up to NC-17
Warnings: sexual situations

Summary: 29 various qmi prompts


Prompt: Qmi please? Kyuhyun is cursed with the ability to shapeshift and can change literally anything about himself, but can't control when or to what he shifts. He's been hiding it from Zhou Mi since it happened but Mi senses him drifting and finally coerces it out of him? And promises to help find a cure


Sometimes he could feel the change, like a rippling on his skin. The big changes were the worst- like walking through his apartment and his slipper falling off because his foot had become a dog’s paw. He’d almost fallen too, hopping over to a chair and staring until he felt his body rippling right back into normal. Sometimes it was stress, and sometimes just random, like the time his legs had turned vividly purple, and another time when he’d discovered he had a very nice six-pack. It happened mostly at night, though sometimes during the day. He never went out without a jacket with a hood and gloves, just in case he had to cover himself up. He’d stood in the bathroom once watching the color of his irises shift about a dozen times before settling back to what they were normally.

It made it even harder to hide from Zhou Mi, who liked being close. He was afraid he’d change when they were together, something he couldn’t hide, and that Zhou Mi would freak out and leave him. He didn’t know where the curse had come from, but he knew when it had started, and Kyuhyun began to pour his energy into finding a way to stop it, before it ruined his relationships with everyone he knew. He could hide it, then, but if it got worse, happened more, he wouldn’t be able to leave his house.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise that Zhou Mi figured out something was wrong, the way that Kyuhyun seemed to demand the dark if they were going to touch, if they were going to touch at all.

“Something’s wrong,” Zhou Mi said, and cornered him. Not just a little, but fully, backing him up like Zhou Mi was a junk yard dog after a kitten. Only, Kyuhyun wasn’t scared, he was trying not to lose control entirely. “You’re cringing when I try and touch you. You won’t let me see you. Are you hurting somewhere? Do you not want me any more?”

Zhou Mi thought it was medical, or emotional. And it was something more horrible than that. If Zhou Mi was going to leave, he was going to do it with the truth, and not because he found out by accident.

“Something— Something happened. I think…I was cursed.”

“Cursed,” Zhou Mi said. “Cursed how?”

Even as he was trying to explain the changes, he could feel his skin rippling, like talking about it was causing it. Scales, neat and smooth erupted over the back of one of his hands, and a vivid orange flush faded over his chest and neck. His hand clenched, and it looked like some kind of bird claw, and he wanted to throw himself behind something, hide himself. He didn’t want Zhou Mi to touch, didn’t know if it would spread.

“I’ve never heard of something like this, but surely someone knows something,” Zhou Mi said.

“I’ve been looking.”

“We’ll look together. I promise you, we’ll find something. You don’t have to be afraid any more,” Zhou Mi told him.

Kyuhyun’s skin rippled, normalizing as he wrapped his arms around Zhou Mi. Because it was Zhou Mi, he believed.


Prompt: The second prompt was where the curse was growing worse and more obvious and Kyu would go longer between shifts. Zhou Mi gets turned on by his various shifts which flusters Kyu (but makes him feel better all the same). Sorry for the delay!


Researching a curse was slow going, and Kyuhyun knew that in both of their minds that the possibility that it was going to be permanent was there. He was never going to be a normal guy, going to work, going to get juice at the store. Because his hair was going to turn into feathers, or his nails turning to claws, or breaking out in spots like some kind of humanoid leopard. He’d had to quit his job after two mornings of waking up to his ears twitching like a rabbit and his skin slicked some ghastly shade of fuscia.

And Zhou Mi didn’t leave him. It happened more often, and when it did, it stayed longer. It was like his life was being stolen away, and Zhou Mi worked no less hard to find him help, but he was vocally admiring of some of the shifts. Like suggesting maybe Kyuhyun should get a tattoo, when the leopard spots came up, or stroking the soft fur that covered his forearms as his hands tingled into some kind of half-paws.

“You’ll have to take me on my knees tonight.”

He said it as half a joke, but Zhou Mi had kissed him, working him up and nudging between his thighs. When Kyuhyun moaned, he still sounded like himself, but he wondered what would happen if it just kept getting worse. When Zhou Mi held him, he felt like he was still himself, no matter what the curse had done.


Prompt: thank you sooooo much for filling the 2nd shapeshifter prompt! as always you never fail to impress ;; can i ask another if it's not too much? Zhou Mi comes home with a hopeful lead and excited to share, only to find a disgruntled idk panda in his apt and they have to wait for him to shift back lol


It was the only thing he’d ever been able to find about shifting, and it was in a document from almost a decade previous, including a title of a book that might have had information about how to break it. The book had to exist somewhere. Zhou Mi all but burst into the apartment, kicking off his shoes and not even bothering to look at his slippers when he heard the weirdest sound, like a squeak crossed with a beep. And there was this fluffy thing sitting in the middle of the floor, a giant fluffy panda. A gift? Had Kyuhyun bought him a stuffed animal as a gift?

And then the panda moved, and Zhou Mi almost glued himself back against the front door because pandas were big and there were big teeth, and—

How would a panda, a real live panda, gotten into their apartment anyway? Unless.

“Kyuhyun?” Zhou Mi ventured, ready to protect his vital parts if necessary. The panda raised both its front legs, arms, whatever, in some what almost looked like frustration, pacing back and forth and flopping down and just staring at Zhou Mi. “I can’t? Do you? What…”

It was the first time that Kyuhyun had changed into something fully, not just a hand or a foot or a color, but the full animal.

“I have good news. I found out information about a book that might have something about a curse like yours,” Zhou Mi said, and Kyuhyun visibly perked up, opening his mouth and sort of moaning. Then Kyuhyun paused, shook his head, made another sound, and snorted. Right, speaking was a thing. “We can look into it later. When you turn back.”

Zhou Mi held out his hand, an act of faith, and a big, soft tongue licked against him, Kyuhyun reaching, reeling him into a very fluffy hug. He was hugging a panda. Kyuhyun just snuffled a bit as Zhou Mi stroked him, and told him everything he had learned. They would wait it out together.


Prompt: It's been a while but can I ask for more shapeshifter Kyu? The lead from before was a bust and to make things worse, Kyu gets stuck mid shift to a dog for a while, gets hit with a heat, and Zhou Mi has to cope with horny dogboy Kyu. Not that he's complaining lol


They knew there were going to be disappointments. It wasn’t the first lead that hadn’t worked out, and Kyuhyun had took it mostly well, though he’d been a bit all over the place color-wise for a few days like he was some kind of feelings chameleon. But Zhou Mi paused inside of the door, hearing a sound that was half like a bark. Another shift, he thought, and knew it, when he saw the ears swivel curiously toward him. Not a full transformation like the last time, but there was hair on Kyuhyun’s wrists that faded as it went up his arms, the ears. A tail.

“Are you okay?” Zhou Mi asked, touching Kyuhyun’s cheek.

Kyuhyun nodded, but then shook his head. “Yes, but…no. Fuck. I hope I never turn into a dog all the way. You smell so good.”

Zhou Mi’s eyebrows rose and he let Kyuhyun press up against, eyebrows going higher as Kyuhyun started rocking their hips together.

“I keep getting hard,” Kyuhyun moaned against his neck. “I feel like I’m going to die if you don’t fuck me.”

“Is this… Is that the transformation?”

“Maybe. Maybe.” Kyuhyun moaned, grinding against him. “I never realized how good you smell. I can tell you want me.”

That and the fact he was hard probably gave it away. He wasn’t aroused for the tail or the ears, but because Kyuhyun was turned on. They met each other’s eyes for a long, and Kyuhyun knew what he was looking for, nodding. Yes, that was Kyuhyun in there, and they kissed, moaning together as they stumbled back. Kyuhyun was on his knees by the couch in a heartbeat, passing the lube he’d obviously been using on himself back over his shoulder.

“Please,” Kyuhyun begged, pulling down his cut-up pants and sweeping aside his tail. He couldn’t have refused an invitation like that, and Kyuhyun was moaning as he slid in, rocking almost right away as Zhou Mi began to slide, like he couldn’t get enough, needed Zhou Mi deeper, faster. They were locked together, rocking, moaning, and Kyuhyun was coming over his hand almost before his breathing starting coming faster. And still he wanted, shuddering, reaching back to urge on Zhou Mi’s hips and it was Kyuhyun coming a second time, going so tight, moaning Zhou Mi’s name, that destroyed his own control, hissing and slumping over Kyuhyun’s back after he came.

He sucked Kyuhyun off three more times before they went to bed, and slid into him again the next morning before going to work.

Kyuhyun texted him at lunch time the day after that, that the shift had gone away. Luckily, before they both had gotten completely worn out. It was just one more thing, on the way to looking for a cure.


Prompt: it's been a while... ive been kind of busy. more shapeshifter kyu please? kyuhyun starts to get some semblance of control over it and manages to enjoy one day outside of the apartment with zhou mi before it all goes to hell again for a while


Kyuhyun woke up one morning without having shifted in the night, made it through breakfast without shifting again. And he didn’t ask, he acted, racing to their room, changing out of pajamas for the first time in days. He packed a windbreaker, a rain coat, a blanket, gloves. And Zhou Mi blinked up at him like he wasn’t sure what Kyuhyun was about.

“I just want to get out. Just to see, okay? We’ll get a drink and walk or something, just… Just out. I have things to cover up with,” Kyuhyun said, hefting his bag.

Zhou Mi didn’t ask if he was sure, just standing, kissing him, and all but galloping off to put on pants.

They got tea at their favorite cafe, walking toward the shops and side streets where there weren’t a whole lot of people. They did it just in case, but being able to browse without dodging a lot of people, taking their time, it reminded Kyuhyun of dates they’d been on when they’d still been getting to know each other. They got takeout, finding a corner to sit and just watch people go by. If they’d had any other plans, if Zhou Mi had, he didn’t mention them. Zhou Mi carried the bag the whole way home, and Kyuhyun was so up from getting out, feeling like he was himself again, that they barely made it to the bed before their clothes were off. He was normal, he could give Zhou Mi that.

But when he was ready to get out of bed later to get ready to sleep, his foot felt heavy.

“You go first,” he told Zhou Mi, and when the door had shut, he grimaced, seeing his ankle was a strange yellowy orange and his toes were webbed. When Zhou Mi was back in bed, Kyuhyun hobbled out, getting ready and slipping back into bed in the dark. Maybe it’d be gone by morning.

He woke to his ears tufted with white feathers, something that Zhou Mi could hardly miss, and Zhou Mi gave him an extra long hug before he left for work. It made him want to shout, want to scream even, curling up in a chair and staring hard at the TV for hours.

By the time that Zhou Mi returned, he was still Kyuhyun, in his mind anyway. What he was in reality was a goose, a very sad one. He put the full of his bulk in Zhou Mi’s lap, making sad sounds as Zhou Mi stroked down his long neck.

“You’re one step away from being a dinosaur. That’s pretty cool, right?” Zhou Mi asked.

Geese could laugh, apparently. It made him feel just the slightest bit better.


Prompt: Awww goose!kyu... Can we have like what you said? Where he turns back after an uncomfortably long time of being a goose and still has goose habits and feathers?


There was the occasional sound, a modulation in his voice that Kyuhyun did his best to shake. He just spoke very slowly, like it was some kind of hiccup he was trying to avoid. Besides the feather patches, and all he’d ever wanted in his life was a feather patch dead center in his chest, he thought he was finally getting back to normal. No more craning his neck to look up at Zhou Mi as much, no more indignant squawking to get Zhou Mi to fill up his water. Plus he could get on the bed without having to hop and flop and ultimately get Zhou Mi to lift him up on it. It wasn’t like there was room to fly in the little apartment, but Kyuhyun had tried a spectacular dive off of the couch that had ended up indignant squawking from Zhou Mi instead. He’d ended up in a pile of bruised ego and feathers to the four winds.

“I don’t want to have to make you into a pillow,” Zhou Mi muttered, carrying Kyuhyun around with him tucked under his arm for a while after that.

But after, he had toes. He could talk, and eat, and get his own damn glass of water. He caught himself tilting his head back when he drank though.

And one particularly time, Zhou Mi had come into the room halfway, leaning against the doorframe and just standing and staring and smiling until Kyuhyun looked up at him.

“What?!” Kyuhyun asked, when he’d removed his teeth from the arm of his sweatshirt.

“You’re preening,” Zhou Mi said.

“No, I’m no—“ Kyuhyun looked at the little wet marks his mouth had left along his sleeve. “Or I am.”

“You’re talking better. It’s starting to fade,” Zhou Mi said, sitting down next to Kyuhyun and sliding Kyuhyun under his arm. “Your feathers are shedding, too.”

As if to prove his point, a little tuft of down went swirling by.

And Kyuhyun tilted his head, staring at the wall as Zhou Mi giggled a little. “It’s really cute, okay. I know you were worried about not turning back, and I was, too, but you’re really cute.”

“You’re a weirdo,” Kyuhyun muttered. And he nipped Zhou Mi’s neck to prove it. But it made him feel better, as it always did. Zhou Mi’s reassurance, Zhou Mi believing in him.


Prompt: Oh my god I'm in love with your shapeshifter qmi lmaooooo can you imagine some of the shenanigans they have to deal with XD like what would happen if one of Kyu's busybody excoworkers like Wook or someone came by to check up on him and Kyu is like OH DEAR GOD HIDE ME‎


There were shifts that weren’t so bad. The urge to scratch himself after being a partly a dog wasn’t so fun, and the whole goose thing was immortalized in a glass of tiny feathers. He was pretty glad he’d caught a guy not allergic to animals.

That didn’t include himself, though. It was a serious indignity when he woke up to the end of his nose turning dark and textured. It wasn’t the cute little nose that people usually painted on, but went all the way over his nostrils, pink and dark mottled. He could’ve dealt with that, and the sharpened incisors, but then there was the whiskers, long and silky and keeping him from sleeping if he moved, and he way his fingertips went soft, with fine hair growing over his knuckles.

The next shift was his ears, though, because he woke up to them pointed and a bit higher and soft to the touch, but the final blow was that he started sneezing between purrs, allergic to his own cat dander.

“Really?” Kyuhyun asked, through a strangely graveled voice. He’d been like that for a day with no further shifts, so at least he wasn’t actually going to become a cat. He was washing with special shampoos and making Zhou Mi wash his hands after he stroked Kyuhyun’s hair. The pills helped, but Kyuhyun still moped, curling against Zhou Mi’s side and purring at Zhou Mi nuzzled him.

“I thought you’d be more aloof,” Zhou Mi mused, and Kyuhyun punched his thigh.

“At least I can still talk. I’d have had to meow to you like a kitten.”

Zhou Mi snorted, pressing kisses to the side of his head. “I wonder what a tail would’ve been like.”

Kyuhyun shuddered. As long as he didn’t start getting the urge to groom Zhou Mi. “You can have that one.”

Though Kyuhyun nearly jumped right into Zhou Mi’s lap at a knock on the door. Kyuhyun nearly hissed, containing himself as they pushed apart. Kyuhyun hissed and shoved Zhou Mi at the door before crouching down by the couch. Maybe it was a delivery, or—


Or Ryeowook, one of his former coworkers. Kyuhyun pressed himself down further, his ears pulling back as he listened.

“Hi,” Zhou Mi said, no hint of wariness in his voice at all and it almost made Kyuhyun sigh in relief. “How are you?”

“I’m doing well! Is Kyuhyun here?”

There was a bit of a pause with Kyuhyun shouting in his head for Zhou Mi to say something. He was a terrible liar, but Ryeowook also not wary.

“He’s not, actually,” Zhou Mi said. “I’m not actually sure when he’ll be back. I can let him know if you were here, though. I know he misses you guys.”

Laying it on too thick!

“I was just worried. He hadn’t texted me back in a few weeks, and I know he hadn’t been well when he quit.”

“He’s not all the way better, yet, but he’s getting there.” Zhou Mi looked over and Kyuhyun’s face went through a hundred telling expressions. Get him away. Away! “I’ll let him know so he can get in touch.”

By the time the door closed, Kyuhyun was trembling. The life he’d given up. Zhou Mi held him tight.


Prompt: im torn between wanting to see more shifter qmi and wanting to see them figure out a solution... Maybe the one who cursed kyu in the first place calls or sends some message to taunt while kyu has been stuck in a shift for months and mi switches his focus to track down the cause instead of the cure?


Kyuhyun could still talk. At least there was that, and that was what Zhou Mi focused on when Kyuhyun was particularly down. He’d gotten stuck between morphs. He’d been changing back into a human, they’d thought, after almost a week of prowling around the apartment as a particularly large raccoon. His fingers had only turned back halfway, stubby and with working thumbs but also with tiny claws. When he bared his teeth, he could still see the lingering shapes of raccoon teeth. The fingers were the worst, but he was also covered in thinning hair on his chest, from his collarbones all the way down to his pelvis, and a V-shaped wedge between his shoulder blades and going down the length of his spin. He had feet, but those were hairy, too.

“I’m a hobbit,” Kyuhyun grumbled. They thought it would pass in a few days, like it had before. He shed a bit of fur, but that was it. A week passed. Two weeks.

That was when they got the letter. Zhou Mi almost tossed the plain envelope aside, thinking it was junk mail.

“Which animal do you think suits you the most?” it read. “You should go outside more so I could see what you’re turning into.”

Kyuhyun was outraged. He would have torn the paper into pieces or eaten it, who knew, if Zhou Mi hadn’t stolen it from him.

“Does whoever did this live nearby?” Zhou Mi wondered. “If they think they can see you if you go out? What does that mean?”

Instead of making Kyuhyun angry, it depressed him. It made Zhou Mi angry, though. Kyuhyun, it seemed began to expect that instead of turning back into a human, he might just continue right back into being a raccoon or whatever animal else was in store for him. But he hadn’t, not even two weeks after that, just stuck.

“Does the letter smell like anything to you?” Zhou Mi wondered, if Kyuhyun still had his sensitive sense of smell.

“Does it smell like anything to you?” Kyuhyun asked a bit rudely, sulking. He was wearing gloves so he could pretend his hands were normal. Zhou Mi had bought him a dozen pairs.

“I was just thinking, maybe we could trace it back to whoever sent it. Maybe there’s a clue.”

“If there was, it probably faded by now anyway. Besides, if I had that ability to smell, I probably couldn’t talk to you.”

“You could point, or— I don’t know! I hate seeing you miserable like this. I just want to find a way to make this better. Find a cure. Find who did it. Find how! Anything.”

Kyuhyun cuddled with him, telling him with and without words that he was sorry. It was another few days, but Kyuhyun woke up with normal fingers, the fur slowly fading.

“You had a good idea,” Kyuhyun told him. “Maybe next time…”

If there was a next time. They were always going to hope that there wouldn’t be.


Prompt: and the person who cursed shifter kyu is..! a reveal and a cure of some sort tho kinda want kyu to retain his power so that he can magic himself abs like he did before lol maybe his cure is not so much getting rid of it but gaining control of it. cept when he's surprised and suddenly purple hair.


They maybe should’ve planned it better. Kyuhyun was in no mood to wait and when he went charging outside, his hair was a rainbow and there was a trail of feathers sticking out of the back of his pants. It couldn’t be from above. It couldn’t be to the sides. It had to be across the street. Zhou Mi squawked when Kyuhyun darted out across the street barrier, fleeing to the median ahead of some honking cars and then continuing right on in a lull on the other side. Zhou Mi sprinted down the street, running down into the subway and across to the other side and emerging just in time to see Kyuhyun disappear into a—

A pet store?

There were two men inside staring in awe as Kyuhyun’s hair got wilder the more he shouted, about his life getting ruined and being afraid to go outside, and look at these feathers! His last exclamation was a kind of a squawk and Zhou Mi squeezed both of Kyuhyun’s shoulders, feeling Kyuhyun shudder as the men traded uneasy looks.

“There… There isn’t a way to undo it,” one of them said. “It was supposed to be a— You’re supposed to be able to control it.”

“Well I can’t! Fix it!”

“If it can’t be fixed, can it be modified?”

They gathered over the course of the next two hours, that it was possible. The men’s names were Sehun and Kyungsoo, and it had been a joint effort on their part, and not actually something meant to ruin his life. Kyuhyun huffed angrily every time one of them said something to that effect, and Zhou Mi didn’t stop him, playing with the kittens and the puppies as Kyuhyun glared at everything else in the closed store.

Kyuhyun was, unsurprisingly, less than trusting when they came up with a frothing blue liquid because he’d definitely not drank anything like that to start with. Zhou Mi squeezed his hand, getting his own assurances from them, and Kyuhyun sipped, grimaced, and then gulped it down.

Nothing changed, really. Kyuhyun was still breaking out in feathers and his hair was wild. He burped a little blue smoke and both men nodded.

“Try focusing and pulling back,” Kyungsoo said. “Human hair, human skin. Go back to how it was.”

Kyuhyun frowned, staring at his arm as he concentrated. Little by little feathers disappeared, his hair slowly fading to brown. There was a cheer, Sehun leaping and turning and Kyuhyun gaping. His body still might try to change, but he could stop it. And he could make it happen at will, if he wanted. Which he swore he wouldn’t.

There was a grudging thanks, as they left. At least, at least they’d found a way to help it. They went out to eat, and Kyuhyun had looked so hopeful.

And someone had honked at them on the way home, and his hair was all of a sudden the color of a grape. He’d learn to control that, too.


Prompt: (I'm going to presume this happens after Kyu is free of his curse) someone discovers the album of embarrassing animal!Kyu pics and thinks Zhou Mi's a weirdo who has an album of animals in hats and sweaters and Kyu is MORTIFIED! \o/‎


Kyuhyun got his job back, even if he did have to wait a few weeks for things to really settle for him and for the position to open again. It was good, a resting period and a trial for how quickly he could change things back when he had practice at it. He didn’t know how he was going to explain it, if he got startled and couldn’t help it, but like controlling his voice, he’d slowly gotten more adept at at least minimizing it.

It was amusing to Kyuhyun to be able to shift a tail, for the teasing factor alone. Like, waking Zhou Mi up with face tickles, or spanking him with it while trying to get him to go faster. And when Zhou Mi tried to grab it, Kyuhyun just shifted back and there was Zhou Mi with a handful of nothing and Kyuhyun falling into his arms and laughing.

Having control of it was really the key. Having his life back was even better.

Though Zhou Mi had lived vicariously through Kyuhyun. A little bow tie on Kyuhyun when he was a goose, a precious little sweater on him when he’d been a panda, and a fedora on him as a raccoon. There was pictorial evidence, no less, and Zhou Mi had put together a cute little memento album meant just for them.

At least until someone plucked it out of their bookcase.

No one knew it was Kyuhyun, but there was laughter and joking and Kyuhyun turned redder and redder with each passing moment. Yes, he let Zhou Mi dress him up as an animal. It had been funny at the time, a way to relieve the stress even if it’d also been indulging it at times for Zhou Mi’s sake. Though that was a relationship, giving a little sometimes. Still, Zhou Mi had been willing to snuggle him as a goose even if it made him sneeze sometimes, so it all worked out in the end. Kyuhyun was just trying to pretend he wasn’t there, and that it certainly wasn’t him posing sassily in pictures for Zhou Mi. At least until—

“You had a panda in your apartment?!”

Zhou Mi’s eyes opened wider than perhaps Kyuhyun had ever seen them, and he started babbling out things like, well, it could be anywhere, and maybe it was stuffing, and Kyuhyun couldn’t take it.

“He just doesn’t want to admit how good he’s gotten at Photoshopping pictures,” Kyuhyun said, and got laughter all around.

The look that Zhou Mi shot him was infinitely thankful. When Kyuhyun got his hands on the album after, he admitted some of the pictures were cute. Zhou Mi and his stubble pressed up against Kyuhyun’s furry animal face. Luckily none of the pictures had been him in half change.

And they put that album away a little better that time.


Prompt: Since you haven't gotten another curse kyu prompt yet, would you mind writing a bit of the alternate animal verse with panda kyu?? :DDDDDD‎


It wasn’t to be resisted. The big, fluffy white butt was just begging for it, and Zhou Mi in his tiger form went from padding along slowly, to sneaking, to a full out jog - and by the time Kyuhyun lifted his head, it was too late. Zhou Mi attacked.

The flat of Zhou Mi’s head met his big white target, and he heard Kyuhyun’s grunt as he went tumbling end over end. But Zhou Mi didn’t just let him roll, he pounced, rolling with Kyuhyun until he had Kyuhyun pinned half under him, nuzzling into Kyuhyun’s neck and licking at his fur.

“Were you surprised?” he asked, blinking when one of Kyuhyun’s ears flicked in his face.

“Surprised,” Kyuhyun snorted, pulling Zhou Mi closer so he could get his legs around him and gnaw at one of Zhou Mi’s ears. Kyuhyun smelled of panda and bamboo and the dirt Zhou Mi had just bowled him through. He was a big black and white padding for Zhou Mi to rest on, and he groaned and leaned harder.

“I hope my ear doesn’t taste as good as those gross leaves you chew on.”

And for no good reason. They had no need to eat. Kyuhyun just had a habit of it. He’d shoved a branch in Zhou Mi’s mouth once and forced him to chew and Zhou Mi had run all the way to the river with his tongue hanging out, plunging into it and swearing he could hear Kyuhyun laughing the whole way.

“Your human ears taste better,” Kyuhyun said, snuffling as Zhou Mi nuzzled his head between Kyuhyun’s neck and shoulder.

“I missed you. You didn’t visit today,” Zhou Mi complained.

“I knew you’d show up here eventually,” Kyuhyun told him. “I just didn’t know it’d be so…explosive.”

Zhou Mi almost wiggled, smug, and Kyuhyun shut that down with a sharp bite that had them adjusting again and comfortable, both breathing together as they drank in each other’s warmth. He had so much to tell Kyuhyun. Ripples in the water, a new kind of ladybug that had almost, almost flown up his nose, and a way to make his cave floor a little softer the next time he pulled Kyuhyun up to it. But not right then. All he remembered doing was breathing, and he was gently asleep, rocked by Kyuhyun’s steady breaths. There, in their glade, they were safe and loved, a panda bright and dark, and tiger, vivid and striped and curled close. They slept, together, as the forest around them nourished them, and they protected the forest.


Prompt: Zhou Mi birthday fluff


It was an ice cream party. Each person was supposed to bring their own favorite kind, a coulpe of cartons of it, and that was what Zhou Mi walked in to, a table full of big spoons and a whole spectrum of ice cream colors and flavors, and just as many grins.

No one shouted surprise because keeping a party like that secret when the party had crossed so many groups had been impossible.

Plus someone had accidentally added him to the party planning chat room.

He’d been kicked out. He was greeted in two languages, a chorus of Mandarin followed by Korean making his brain try to shift gears unpleasantly, until he was answering in the wrong language to the right person, and then sputtering and correcting himself as he was hugged and passed along. Amber squeezed him and passed him on to Fei, to Tao, to Kyuhyun, and Jackson, and Fei, and so many people. They even had a video message from his friends in Taiwan, making him sit through and try and hold back his tears while people squeezed his shoulders.

It was almost like having them there. And having everyone that was there was so important. He squeezed Heechul’s arm and then almost got distracted.

“We should eat before it melts,” someone with good sense put in.

Then it was a scramble for bowls and spoons, and Zhou Mi scoffed as he was given a bowl the size of his head because he was the birthday boy and he got a scoop of everything he wanted.

“I’m going to be sick if I eat too much,” he marveled, trying to shield his bowl from ice cream offerings. He still ended up with half a dozen scoops, and someone appeared with a candle and Fei nearly set his hair on fire getting it lit.

“So how old are you this year?” Kyuhyun asked, putting undue emphasis on the “old” and getting a flat stare in return.

“You mean how young I am,” Zhou Mi corrected, and got a dozen jeers and half as many smacks as he laughed and swatted at people. At least he wasn’t the oldest one.

But the candle glowed, and he closed his eyes, and made his wish. One that surely would come true, when he was surrounded by that much love.


Prompt: QMI finding out about each other’s guilty pleasures.


Kyuhyun’s chin raises a little bit when Zhou Mi sees the games installed on his computer. It seemed an easier way to tell him rather than just shoving it out there into conversation. He’d been mocked, and he’d been ignored because of it before, at least one person calling him a little boy. But Zhou Mi squawked and jabbed his finger into the screen and turned to Kyuhyun.

“I tried this once. I was terrible! Though I beat a couple of levels.” And Zhou Mi squinted at him. Oh, there it came. “I bet you’re really good at this, aren’t you?”

That…was not the reaction he’d been seeking. And Zhou Mi was good about it, too, like he could tell when Kyuhyun had a craving. Sometimes he’d watch a while, making appreciative noises when Kyuhyun’s strategy amazed him. That or he read nearby or gently poked food into Kyuhyun’s mouth. Even when Zhou Mi was on the phone, which was a lot, his conversations became a sort of white noise punctuated by laughter, which only had Kyuhyun seeing a reflection of his own smile in the screen.

And Zhou Mi plastered himself against the door, arms spread wide like some kind of actor trying to keep Kyuhyun from a dangerous secret.

“Swear you won’t laugh,” Zhou Mi promised.

It was going to be a room covered in rainbow unicorns. Or full of frog statues. Or maybe clowns.


And not just clothes, but there were little accessory cabinets with clear drawers, hanging shoe organizers, and a color palette of belts, and even a small corner for things with glitter.

“Where— How—“

What even was laughter?

Okay, he had one question.

“How do you decide what to wear?”

Zhou Mi looked a little in doubt of that question himself.

“It’s a challenge,” Zhou Mi decided on. “I give some away, and some things are special. It’s just full of possibilities, and finding new things to fill a gap I didn’t realize was there.”

That was where the little things that Zhou Mi bought while they were out ended up. And then, he realized Zhou Mi was probably cutting short his expeditions for Kyuhyun’s sake.

“Longest shopping trip,” Kyuhyun demanded, and Zhou Mi looked a little stricken.

It rivaled his longest gaming stint.

It made him happy to realize that they didn’t have to have all the same obsessions to be perfect for each other.


Prompt: Did ha see this tweet ? ‎@honeymerong: ["I know we’ve never talked before but there is a friggin huge spider in my apartment can you kill it for me” au] QMI FIC PLS


There had been a spot of fate to it, Zhou Mi supposed, because had he opened the door to find anyone walking down the hallway from a schoolgirl to a grandpa, he’d have been asking for their help or their help finding help. It wasn’t so much the spider, because he’d killed them before, but where it was. He was tall, but the spider was in a place over his head, a place he couldn’t just throw something and knock it down and it kept going to the edge of the shelf like it was taunting him.

So he opened the door and snagged the first person who walked by, who blinked at him as he explained his predicament and didn’t laugh so much as he started grinning as Zhou Mi talked.

But he didn’t say no. That was important.

He learned a lot of things that day. Kyuhyun cared about people, and helped despite the fact that he’d been on his way to meet his parents. Kyuhyun was a horrible joker, because as he got the spider, he also let out a shriek like he was being killed and almost stopped Zhou Mi’s heart.

Kyuhyun also accepted thanks graciously, and talked with him a few moments after Zhou Mi got over laughing from being miffed.

And he accepted Zhou Mi’s offer of food one night, to meet his neighbor and get to know him.

Zhou Mi became a big fan of spiders after that.

Though only when Kyuhyun was around.


Prompt: Kyu is dragged by Victoria to a free zumba exercise session and he develops a crush on the hunky but adorable instructor Zhou Mi :3 Thanks Coley ♡♡♡


Kyuhyun’s first thought was alarm that Zhou Mi might hurt himself. His arms were really long, after all. Though, he lost that concern after he got warmed up and the first song started. It was all Victoria’s idea. She knew this class, and Kyuhyun was grumbling about wanting to get out more sometimes. Kyuhyun just had a lot to focus on, like keeping sweat out of his eyes and trying not to move too far out of his defined space, and best of all, breathing as his whole body wheezed with him. And even in the middle of all of that, he heard Zhou Mi’s occasional encouragement over the peppy music, saw him give out a few high fives, and the smiles as he gave his class of mostly newbies instruction as they tried a new move. Zhou Mi’s energy carried the room, especially as they started wearing down. He hadn’t known that thighs came in that particular variety, but he was sold.

“Well?” Victoria asked, before taking a drink between songs.

“I could do this,” he said. “It’s fun?”

Victoria had the audacity of flicking her eyes to Zhou Mi and smirking at him. That said more than any words could and he sniffed, finishing up the session and being glad for the time to cool down. Kyuhyun didn’t even really get to finish the debate after he’d gotten his bag together - go up to Zhou Mi and introduce himself? Slip out and appear in another class? - because Victoria solved the question for him.

All he knew was he was listening to Victoria greeting Zhou Mi one moment and introducing him the next, and he had all of Zhou Mi’s focus on him. Just him.

“I had a good time,” Kyuhyun said, like it was some kind of post-date confessional.

“That’s what I like hearing,” Zhou Mi said, and Kyuhyun maybe made a sound when Zhou Mi laughed and smiled, and got his attention stolen away by another student.

Zhou Mi hadn’t asked if he’d be back. But even with Victoria’s needling, he knew he would be.


Prompt: QMi hurt/comfort angst please? Something on that whole ordeal with Mi on Abnormal Summit and the Chinese netizens being extremely harsh/upset with him? Thanks a lot!


Zhou Mi at times veered between insult, exasperation, outright ignoring, and saying incredibly inspirational thing saying his truth even if no one believed, and it went on from there. Kyuhyun was more than a little outraged on his behalf, though most of that he swallowed because he didn’t want to heap more of it on Zhou Mi’s head. Still, he didn’t want Zhou Mi internalizing all of it either.

“The sky is sometimes blue,” Zhou Mi said at an imaginary netizen that would have had to have been sitting on a table for that scenario to be true.

“But you didn’t say the right kind of blue. That’s an insult. You must not like the sky,” Kyuhyun sighed at him.

Zhou Mi snorted laughing, leaning into Kyuhyun’s side. “What does that even mean?”

“I don’t know. They think by loving something you can’t be critical of it.”

“Sometimes it depends on who it’s heard from, too,” Zhou Mi said.

“Saying it means someone could just say it another way, too. So you’re leading the way.”

Zhou Mi made some kind of Superman pose, and Kyuhyun laughed, pushing down one of his arms and nuzzling into Zhou Mi’s neck.

Leading the way just meant taking it one step at a time.


Prompt: kyuhyun the cat boy motorboats his owner zhou mi


Kyuhyun’s purring was audible as he squirmed in Zhou Mi’s lap. He was kneading through Zhou Mi’s hair as they kissed, stroking over Zhou Mi’s neck and shoulders, and upper arms. Zhou Mi couldn’t purr, but that didn’t stop the trying, moaning and squeezing at Kyuhyun’s hips as Kyuhyun did his best to undo them both. Sometimes Kyuhyun wanted to be pampered, rolling back and letting Zhou Mi make him feel amazing, and sometimes he was like he was right then, all over Zhou Mi, hungry, plucking at the buttons of Zhou Mi’s shirt and letting their mouths part, wet, so that he could kiss a filthy line down Zhou Mi’s neck.

Zhou Mi ached for him, and Kyuhyun purred and moaned as he rubbed his face against Zhou Mi’s chest and rubbed both of his hands against the soft skin. It was a sound like Zhou Mi had never heard Kyuhyun make, and Zhou Mi’s head fell back as Kyuhyun squeezed and his moans echoed off Zhou Mi’s skin as Kyuhyun rubbed his face there against Zhou Mi’s chest.

The sound that left Zhou Mi was involuntary as Kyuhyun’s kisses continued down Zhou Mi’s stomach, and all Zhou Mi could do was try to hold on.


Prompt: Qmi hook up at a house party (maybe a little drunk). Both want to contact the other afterwards but are embaressed/shy.scared so their friends have to intervene.


Perhaps the worst thing about remembering everything was actually remembering everything. Kyuhyun remembered tracing the hair beneath Zhou Mi’s navel with his fingers, and with his mouth. He remembered moaning against Zhou Mi’s lips saying incredibly embarrassing though complimentary things about how Zhou Mi was endowed.

No, remembering was okay. Knowing that Zhou Mi probably remembered, too, that was what had him staring into space at times with a look of horror before trying to move on with his life. It had been good though. He’d liked it.

He remembered laughing as they decided to get dressed and then just ended up lapsing into a nap with his head on Zhou Mi’s shoulder.

“Why haven’t you texted him yet?”

Kyuhyun tried to look incredibly insulted as Ryeowook smirked. “How do you know I haven’t?”

“Because if he hadn’t written back, you’d be a wreck instead of calm. Or did he turn you down?”

“No. It’s just— It’s complicated!”

“What’s so complicated about wanting to see him again? It’s just going to get worse the longer you wait. Text him now.”

“Maybe this weekend,” Kyuhyun said, taking his drink from the counter as the girl behind the counter handed it over.

Ryeowook snorted. What. He would. He just had to figure out what to say, that was all, and he scowled because Ryeowook was texting someone and holding them up. But the second they got onto the street, he saw why, because there was Donghae, and beside him, Zhou Mi holding a similar cup.

Donghae gave him a thumbs up and a waggly eyebrow, none of which he actually saw because he was too busy staring at Zhou Mi.

“Uh,” Kyuhyun started, and then scooted forward out of the way of people trying to get inside. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Zhou Mi said, and Kyuhyun almost flushed just hearing his voice.

“I was… Hi.”

Zhou Mi began to smile and Ryeowook made some kind of disgusted noise, and Kyuhyun startled, realizing Ryeowook and Donghae were walking off without so much as a goodbye.


They didn’t even have the courtesy to wave.

“I think we’re being set up,” Zhou Mi said, observing the obvious.

“I guess I could stand that,” he said, and Zhou Mi looked at him, a little amazed for a moment before he realized that Kyuhyun was trying to be funny. “Want me to tell you about the texts I almost sent you?”

It turned out, Zhou Mi had almost as many drafts saved in an email. All they did was finish their drinks, and talk, and walk together. But after the kiss that Zhou Mi had pressed to the the corner of his mouth, his hand sliding down Kyuhyun’s arm, Kyuhyun wasn’t sure how he hadn’t just floated home.

And no, they texted each other immediately, almost before they were out of sight from each other. They weren’t waiting any more.


Prompt: Qmi~ Mi tops, but has a really sensitive lap. Kyu uses this to his advantage?


It gave him more control. Oddly, maybe it should’ve made Zhou Mi want to direct him, but when Zhou Mi was in charge of moving him, he ended up squirming until they were both exhausted. No, it was better for Kyuhyun to be the one to move, to climb into Zhou Mi’s lap and choose how far he lifted, and how quickly he fell. When he moved his hips, when he rocked, he could keep from both tickling or over-stimulating Zhou Mi so that they both could enjoy it.

And there was something appealing about watching Zhou Mi’s eyelids sag as Kyuhyun rocked in his lap. It made him hum, kissing against Zhou Mi’s mouth, his chin, his cheeks, encouraging Zhou Mi to rub against his skin as Kyuhyun pleased them both.

“Don’t stop,” Zhou Mi begged, and Kyuhyun moved in a way that felt best to him and apparently what felt best to Zhou Mi.

He didn’t need any thanks for his efforts, really. He just moaned and ground harder, hearing Zhou Mi hiss through his teeth and his hands get tighter on Kyuhyun’s sides. And he moaned as he came and rocked until Zhou Mi joined him. And then he was still, relaxed, because that lap was his, and he wasn’t moving out of it until Zhou Mi told him to.


Prompt: Hi, Coley. Qmi, please? Kyu and Mi are neighbors. Mi always observes hidden Kyu. Kyu know what is observed and begins to show provocatively just to play with the desires of Mi. Thank you, your fics are de best! XO


They shared a hallway, and to get the air going through the building, doors were often left open in the summer to keep the air from getting oppressive and to save electricity. Zhou Mi was up and down the hallway to the little room that served as their laundry room, and Kyuhyun had greeted him a number of times. Kyuhyun usually kept to himself most of the time, and Zhou Mi was chatty so sometimes they ended up in the hallway for twenty minutes just talking. But Kyuhyun holed back up and went back to his normal life.

Still, sometimes he passed by his door way and saw Zhou Mi glancing his way. At first he thought it was curiosity. And then his friends told him he was ridiculous and that Zhou MI was checking him out.

And he thought about that for a while. And he decided that he didn’t really mind. If it was more than a few chats, then… He liked Zhou Mi’s face, and listening to him sing.

There was a nice piece of empty space not far from the door, or at least there was when he moved all the junk out of it. He found a yoga mat that had been a gift from a jerk, he meant a friend, and tried things he thought were going to hurt him least, and almost look the least silly. He’d gotten compliments about his butt, so if Zhou Mi was into looking, then he could look at that.

The hardest part was not looking to see if Zhou Mi was looking.

At least, until a week later, when he heard a throat clear in his doorway.

Kyuhyun looked up from his attempt to stretch to see Zhou MI in his doorway. Well. That got Zhou Mi closer anyway.

“Need some help stretching?” Zhou Mi asked, his voice amused.

Yes, actually. He did.


Prompt: the vixx hp!au is so cute!!!!!!!! >u< have you written qmi hp!au before? :D now I want your qmi ver ahhhh~ :333


“What would you want your Patronus to be?” Kyuhyun asked, clearly too hyped up on sugar to exist after a planned school trip to the nearest town. There were a lot of witches and wizards making undue amounts of noise as they all filed back, but Kyuhyun was usually better than that.

Zhou Mi was still trying to banish crumbs from his sweater, scowling as Kyuhyun happily wound down the path they were walking. Kyuhyun had gotten in all of his homework, of course, and Zhou Mi had nearly turned himself into a fly in Potions, which he was still shuddering even thinking about. But it wasn’t his fault, because Henry had been the one to kick his chair while trying to flirt with every girl in the glass simultaneously. Like they were going to pay attention to him.

“I don’t know,” Zhou Mi said. “It’s something that has a lot of meaning, so—“

“I think it should be me!”

Zhou Mi blinked, sure that Kyuhyun wasn’t saying what he thought he was saying. “What should be you?”

“Your Patronus!” Kyuhyun said, grinning.

“What?” Zhou Mi squeaked. How, what?

“Right? That’d mean I’d be inside you!”

Three. Zhou Mi inhales.

Two. Kyuhyun’s eyes widen.

One. Kyuhyun starts sprinting.

“Kyuhyun!” Zhou Mi shouted, and chased Kyuhyun all the way back to the school.


Prompt: Qmi from this song?


Sometimes Kyuhyun would ambush him from behind, if he was sitting at the table or on the couch. It was what he secretly referred to as a “love ambush” with Kyuhyun’s arms snaking around his shoulders and giving him a big squeeze that maybe lasted two or three seconds before Kyuhyun was on his way to a different part of the apartment. People had seen it happen only once and Zhou Mi had had to keep his face totally blank like he thought nothing of it, even as he shook his head. They didn’t know, maybe, how much he depended on that. That casual affection that was more than just Kyuhyun taking the time to touch.

But what was between them wasn’t for anyone else. If they had a hotel room, people assumed they took separate beds, and if they went out to eat, it was as friends. When they stood side by side, Zhou Mi could almost feel himself pulling toward Kyuhyun like being close wasn’t enough. Even if it had to be.

Kyuhyun curled beside him in bed and they didn’t have to hold apart, Kyuhyun didn’t have to stop stroking through his hair or rubbing their lips together. When he held Kyuhyun’s hand and listened to him sleep, he knew they were friends to everyone else. But that and more to each other.


Prompt: qmi jaegar pilots with side xiulayhan pilots too


They pulled them out of the ocean, out of the wreckage of the jaegars, some were woozy from the drift, the disconnect, and Zhou Mi’s knees wobbled when they touched back on solid ground to the sound of cheers, to people reveling. They weren’t connected, but Kyuhyun was there, grabbing his arm, steadying him, keeping him up so he could continue to walk. Kyuhyun didn’t ask if he was sure he was okay, because the last point they were connected, he hadn’t felt any pain in Zhou Mi. And after, after, all they’d had was water and amazement that it had worked, that it had happened, that the kaiju were gone and not coming back.

They couldn’t count anything out, but they were gone. They were gone.

“Look,” Kyuhyun said, and to see Minseok tumbling off one of the incoming cruisers. He about fell onto Yixing first, with Lu Han coming up behind them and squeezing both of them as people danced around them. The last of the pilots had arrived. Their jaegars were broken. Of the people they’d lost, they’d never forget, and Zhou Mi didn’t realize he was crying until Kyuhyun started wiping away his tears.

“It’s because I’m happy,” Zhou Mi told him. And it was.

And Kyuhyun nodded, knowing what was in his head. “We did it for all of them.”


Prompt: Zhou Mi is a ghost in the new house Kyu has recently moved into. Mi thinks Kyu is amazing and really wants to reveal himself, but fears doing it because they died in silly clothing (like an animal onesie) Eventually they get caught, first scaring kyu but then they start laughing and make friends


Kyuhyun noticed some sounds, and wrote them off to loose pipes or the weirdness of old houses. Even if the house was old, the windows and doors were solid and after the first time going around looking into closets, he had decided that it was just the house being the house.

He thought he caught a flash of gold out of the corner of his eye once, and dismissed it as some kind of light reflection. One day, he knocked a handful of pens off a table by accident, sighing and reaching for them. It was the laugh that had him looking up, and he blinked, and blinked again because the gold didn’t go away. It was more tan, really. Long, long lines of tan fabric leading up to a cartoony lion’s head that framed a man’s face.


He was on his feet, five feet back, before the man realized he’d been seen.

“Who are you?” Kyuhyun barked.

“Oh. Oh, you saw. I’m Zhou Mi. I live here.”

“No, I live here,” Kyuhyun corrected. Some kind of a squatter? What, did he live under the couch?

“I guess, actually I died here. So you’re right, you live here,” Zhou Mi said, like he was apologizing. “I couldn’t help laughing. You’re really cute when you make mistakes.”

“What? How— You’re?”

“Dead? Yes.” Zhou Mi walked - no, he made a walking motion but he was definitely floating. “Very dead. I wouldn’t have chosen to walk around dressed like a lion for eternity, though.”

Kyuhyun could see everything in the room behind Zhou Mi. Through him. Through him.

“I hope you don’t mind that I’m here. I’m not weird. The last people, I accidentally showed myself to them, too, and they tried to exorcise me.” Zhou Mi looked around himself. “I don’t think it worked.”

“No one told me there was a ghost,” Kyuhyun said.

“Would you have bought the house if they’d disclosed that?”

“Well, yes, because I don’t believe in…”

Zhou Mi’s smile was broad and disarming. “Ghosts? Me either. But here I am.”

Kyuhyun didn’t know what to do, so when Zhou Mi began to chuckle, so did he, until all he could hear was peals of disbelieving laughter. He had a ghost. He had a ghost in his house, dressed like a lion. What else was there to do but laugh.


Prompt: :D! qmi based on this:


It was literally a cup full of acid, and Zhou Mi winced just watching the guy beside him glug the completely vile brew. Zhou Mi wasn’t exactly pleased with his early class three days a week either, but that, that was a whole new one.

“Did you have a long night?” Zhou Mi wondered. He’d seen the guy in class, but it was only week two, but they’d never sat next to each other. Any other time he’d think that it had been a test, or some huge paper, or homework. But again, it was still week two. And he did well not wincing at the bloodshot eyes and dark circles that turned toward him. But then the guy kind of chuckled, and he was actually pretty cute if he hadn’t been about to explode his heart.

“Would you believe me if I said my laptop held me hostage?”

Zhou Mi’s eyebrows rose, glancing to the front of the room as the professor had just shuffled in and was starting to set up for three evil hours of lecture.

“A game?” he ventured, and he got a croak in return. There was pride there, so apparently whatever it had been had been worth staying up for.

“I’ll buy you anything you want to eat or drink if you poke me if I fall asleep. Or, if I do fall asleep, just let me die, but don’t let me snore.”

Zhou Mi wondered exactly how long all that caffeine was going to take to wear down.

The guy’s name was Kyuhyun, and he slept through the middle hour with his mouth wonky and his hand still twitching on the table in front of him. Zhou Mi gave him his notes. And he got two meals out of that. And a few more, not that he was counting.


Prompt: Hi, Coley! It would be possible to QMI for the song Paradise Lost of Gain? Thank you and your fics are amazing!


Kyuhyun’s heart was thundering, his back against the door, staring at Zhou Mi stood, turned.


Zhou Mi’s voice, saying his name, washed over him. It was smooth, but somehow Zhou Mi said that differently than anyone else did. Probably differently than anyone else could. But there was his chance. They were alone, and it felt like the brink of something, and Kyuhyun inhaled as Zhou Mi’s head tilted almost imperceptibly. Kyuhyun wanted to fit his fingers there against Zhou Mi’s jaw, but he was afraid if he touched, that would be it. If Zhou Mi reached for him, folded him in, Kyuhyun’s answer would be nothing but holding on tighter until he was sure that Zhou Mi couldn’t get away. It was what he wanted to do anyway, but there was an order to things.

And there were fears, because there were things Zhou Mi needed to know. Things he needed to know. Did Zhou Mi want him enough? Was he, to Zhou Mi, what he thought he was.

“I’m not listening to them any more,” Kyuhyun said. He knew Zhou Mi had to understand, because he was there, because they were together. He was there.

Kyuhyun reached and flipped the switch beside the door. He couldn’t see Zhou Mi any more, but he could hear him. And the dark gave him the chance to say what he needed to.


Prompt: qmi zombie apocalypse!au? qmi fighting and protecting each other and cuddling and laughing because laughter is better than despair and there's still hope as long as they have each other


They were down to less than half a deck of cards, not counting extras. They didn’t toss the mismatched ones, but scribbled them to make them match if they lost another. It wasn’t their fault, usually. The last one they lost, a two of hearts, it had been because it had been spattered with zombie blood that dried almost purple on anything it touched. They never took anything with them that had been stained with it, barring clothes they could wash and their own bodies. They hadn’t washed a blade once, and Zhou Mi had nearly gotten made off with before Kyuhyun had used the last of the bullets, his hands shaking as he sank back against a gritty wall. It was like they could smell death.

They took turns sleeping, and Kyuhyun stroked through Zhou Mi’s hair as he used Kyuhyun’s leg as a pillow. They both had scars. One of his fingers was gone after a nick that might have been a bite, and then the infection after it had been cut off. Zhou Mi had fallen, snaking scars up his leg and side, before they had met. The only time they slept at the same time was if they had a high, defensible spot, or if they were in a group, but groups were getting fewer, too. And even then, it was only if they could trust not to be looted, or for someone to watch out for them.

But they had their cards. It was useful for go fish, or memory games, or simply flicking them at each other. When they got really bored, they tried to pass the cards between their lips, and it turned out that neither of them was very skilled at it, with the speed the cards dropped. They gamely soldiered on, cards or no cards. It was odd to think of boredom, in the midst of destruction. They found buildings with rooms that had working locks and holed up in them until their water gave out. They shared expressions that bordered on wild when they found running water in a building. It could have been contaminated, but it was that or nothing some nights. At first they tried boiling everything, and then they’d run out of fuel packs, and starting fires was a sure way to have zombies or looters on their ass. At least if it was in a house, they could hope it was cleaner than a stream, or a puddle, because who knew what had died in it upstream.

They made games of patching up blisters, made wishes that the zombie curse would somehow turn into vampires so they could at least walk around in the daytime without fear. Those days and nights huddled up together, taking turns sleeping, close as two people could be, they cherished that. The next group of zombies could be the last. The next group of humans could be the last.

“I’ll never chop you up and use you in a stew,” Kyuhyun promised, spitting out apple seeds as he ate through anything that wasn’t actively moldy in the last of the apples they’d pilfered. Zhou Mi was already burping up his own.

“I’m relieved,” Zhou Mi joked.

Neither said if they’d keep on going, if only one of them was lost. But they were always looking for salvation.


Prompt: qmi based on - the guy i fucked last night woke up this morning, disoriented and looked at me, and said "oh, you're hot." and went back to sleep.


Zhou Mi woke up a few times in the night, enough to know he wasn’t alone, same as when he’d gone to sleep in the first place. Satisfaction made him sleep heavily at first, but he half roused at any movement beside him. He didn’t figure he was going to get strangled, but he didn’t like waking up with someone gone. He hadn’t taken Kyuhyun home just to be left behind like an empty lunch bag.

It was light that woke him the last time, peering crankily at his window and then realizing he could actually see Kyuhyun who was half on his side and half on his stomach beside him. Cute. Just as cute as Zhou Mi remembered when he’d watched Kyuhyun’s grin curl slowly as Zhou Mi leaned into him, just before he’d glanced down at Zhou Mi’s mouth and let him know just exactly what he’d been thinking about.

And that was how they’d ended up naked with a couple of spent condoms discarded in the trash. A good way to end a night. A great way to wake up as Kyuhyun inhaled deeply and blinked slowly as his eyes focused on Zhou Mi.

“Oh, you’re hot,” Kyuhyun murmured, his voice rusty.

Oh. Zhou Mi was grinning, ready to return the favor when first one of Kyuhyun’s eyelids sagged, and then the other, and in the time it took him to draw another breath, Kyuhyun was fast asleep again. It shifted a bloom of affection through him, and he relaxed again, closing his eyes against the light and not worrying any more that he’d wake up to find Kyuhyun gone.

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