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Title: The Nicest Thing
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun
Rating: up to NC-17
Warnings: sexual situations, others by prompt

Summary: 25 various prompts


Prompt: Qmi. Zhou Mi looks oddly sexy doing banal things like washing dishes or brushing his teeth. This can be bad for Kyuhyun's productivity


There were times that Kyuhyun knew he was in too deep, times when he couldn’t look away from Zhou Mi. Brushing his teeth was just a daily chore, really, but Zhou Mi really got into it and Kyuhyun could see a play of muscles under his tank top as the toothbrush angled and swept. It just wasn’t that Zhou Mi was sticking something in his mouth, and definitely not the way that Zhou Mi waggled his eyebrows at Kyuhyun sometimes while doing it. It wasn’t the minty aftertaste of kisses or the little white dribbles that made his mind go elsewhere, it was just a thing. It was a Kyuhyun-about-Zhou-Mi thing, he theorized, because he’d never once thought it was appealing in anyone else. And it wasn’t just that.

Having Zhou Mi doing the dishes should have freed up Kyuhyun to do any number of things. With the leftovers already put away and the counters wiped down, Kyuhyun could have read, or gamed, or turned on the TV. Instead, he was captivated, sometimes subtle and just around the corner, sometimes watching outright, leaning against the counter as they talked. There was a rhythm about it, the splash of hot water, Zhou Mi swiping soap suds down his wrists and swirling plates to rinse them clean. Zhou Mi was focused on it, getting off every speck of food and residue, sometimes humming to himself or swaying to music they’d put on. That at least Kyuhyun sort of got, because Zhou Mi was doing something for him, even if it was only sort of. But he got the best of it when Zhou Mi grinned and wiped his hands dry.

When Zhou Mi cupped his face with warmed, soap-scented hands, Kyuhyun kissed him.


Prompt: It is the birthday of Kyu and Zhou Mi prepares a special day for him, full of surprises and gifts. Bonus for the last gift that will be delivered overnight. Thanks!


It started with breakfast in bed and a shared shower that had Zhou Mi on his knees and Kyuhyun all flushed by the time they were wrapped in robes and enjoying the last of the tea.

“Can every day start like this?” Kyuhyun wondered.

All Zhou Mi could do was press a smacking kiss to his cheek. “You may be still dreaming.”

It was sad to see Kyuhyun get dressed, but when they got where they were going, he got to watch Kyuhyun get right back naked. They had a private sauna and bath, scrubbed down and then in a perfectly temperature controlled room for a massage. He was glad he was lying on his front when Kyuhyun made happy sounds. Kyuhyun had some kind of pretty green face mask on as his feet were soaking, and Kyuhyun raised his goopy eyebrows.

“Was this for you or for me?” he asked. And when Zhou Mi opened his mouth to answer that he’d dealt with Kyuhyun for a whole more year, Kyuhyun waved him off, laughing. They got their hair cut and styled after a lavish lunch, and Zhou Mi had brand new clothes for Kyuhyun to put on as they stood back out on the street in mid-afternoon. His gifts had been good.

“I feel like I’ve gone down the rabbit hole,” Kyuhyun said, and Zhou Mi laughed.

They wandered, settling into movie seats with their ankles twined and to Zhou Mi’s reservations for dinner.

“To another year,” Zhou Mi said, and Kyuhyun tapped his wine glass against Zhou Mi’s, his eyes content from the good food and he hoped the company, as well. Though as special as his plans had been, and as good as he knew Kyuhyun felt as they bobbed sleepily home, his biggest surprise was waiting on top of Kyuhyun’s laptop, left there by a little fairy while they’d been out of the house.

“Go check your last present,” Zhou Mi said, nudging him toward the desk.

It was all nicely wrapped and Kyuhyun destroyed it in typical fashion. And then he just stared. And then stared at Zhou Mi, and back at the box.

It was a game that Kyuhyun was excited about. One that wasn’t supposed to be released for two more days.

“Is this real?”

Zhou Mi laughed. “You think I’d give you a fake one? I have my ways,” he said.

Kyuhyun almost bowled them both over jumping into Zhou Mi’s hug. And Zhou Mi had to laugh, nuzzling into Kyuhyun’s neck.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you!” Kyuhyun said, clutching the box, and he patted Kyuhyun’s butt as he made his way back to his computer. That was why he’d given Kyuhyun the gift at the end of the day so that Kyuhyun could throw himself into it instead of having to regret being out with him. And it made Zhou Mi happy that Kyuhyun was going to have another day free to play. Zhou MI washed his face and listened to Kyuhyun oohing and ahhing as he crawled into bed. All they had done caught up with him and he relaxed, reaching down to slowly stroke himself, pleased with how the day had gone, how happy Kyuhyun was. And he’d just gotten hard when Kyuhyun crawled into bed.

“I saw your note,” Kyuhyun said.

Zhou Mi spread his legs. One last thing to make it perfect.


Prompt: qmi porn Au. one of them forgets they are on a shoot part way through.


Staying interested was usually the problem, but Kyuhyun had been flushed, tingles moving over his skin almost from the moment he watched Zhou Mi slide the condom onto his cock. He was hot, long all over, and Kyuhyun had worn his come over the last months all over, his face, his chest, belly, back. They let him suck Zhou Mi for a while, since they enjoyed having him try to swallow as much as he could. It was futile, but he tried, and Zhou Mi’s little moans were fantastic, like Kyuhyun’s mouth delighted him. He knew it wasn’t entirely for show, those sounds. He knew, because Zhou Mi made them the one time they’d hooked up after a shoot.

But getting Zhou Mi inside of him, he got hard, and he stayed hard, that cock moving inside of him and grinding against his prostate until Kyuhyun felt his face begin to flame. Even if they’d planned it, the dark blindfold that Zhou Mi slipped on was a shock, a loss of input that had him reaching, grabbing for Zhou Mi’s shoulders.

“So gorgeous under me,” Zhou Mi crooned, and Kyuhyun moaned, arching his neck. Zhou Mi tugged up one of his thighs and thrust alternately shallow and deep, pushing air out of Kyuhyun’s lungs as his cock throbbed against his belly. “Going to make you feel so good.”

So good. So good. Zhou Mi was so hard and it felt so good to try and squeeze around him, trying to make him moan too, make it feel amazing with Zhou Mi inside him.

Zhou Mi’s hips jabbed sharply and Kyuhyun wheezed.

“Oh fuck, Zhou Mi.”

Above him, Zhou Mi peeked at the director to see if that was a problem, and he was motioned to keep going. If Kyuhyun had lost his sense of place from the fucking he was getting, then they weren’t going to stop. They’d dub over the use of his name, no problem there.

“You want to come?” Zhou Mi asked. And he repeated it, twice, thrusting so intensely that it took that long for Kyuhyun to be able to say anything.

“Please, yes. Please!”

It was still good. Not the script, as loose as that had been, but good, and Zhou Mi focused only on getting Kyuhyun off well, stroking his cock in counterpoint to his hips and watching Kyuhyun’s mouth open, his shoulders tensing, his hips shaking. And Kyuhyun exploded, his sound low and desperate, his cock sending come striping across his belly as Zhou Mi grimaced just watching it, fucking him through it. And in his head he was desperately trying to hold on and hold himself close on the edge. He hated it, pulling out of Kyuhyun, but once he pulled off the condom, he jerked his cock hard, making his come join Kyuhyun’s on his belly. And he stroked Kyuhyun’s thighs, starting to loose feeling in his knees as the director called cut and Kyuhyun jerked.

Zhou Mi leaned over, pressing a kiss against Kyuhyun’s mouth and pulling back Kyuhyun’s mask until Kyuhyun was wincing in the light.

“I’ve never seen you come like that.”

And Kyuhyun flushed even darker, clearing his throat. “I didn’t.” He glanced over at the director.

“Forgot what we were doing?” Zhou Mi asked.

“The mask and your stupid cock. Did I.. Was the scene okay?”

“It’s going to be amazing,” Zhou Mi promised. Absolutely amazing.


Prompt: qmi Freaky Friday. After a fight, they wake up in each other's bodies.


The first thing Kyuhyun wants to do once he gets used to his center of gravity changing and not tripping on his own feet is to have some kind of measuring contest. Not of that variety, but he pulls what surely looks like a painful amount on his spine and draws Zhou Mi’s body up and up until he’s looking down at Zhou Mi through his lower eyelashes.

“Ha!” he says, and it sounds so weird in his own voice that Zhou Mi grimaces and then rolls his eyes and starts to say, “Kyuhyun, okay—“

And he gets startled by hearing Kyuhyun’s voice saying his own name a bit exasperated. Only it’s Zhou Mi saying it, because he’s in Kyuhyun’s body.

“I’ve heard some saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes but this is new,” Kyuhyun says, flopping his feet up and down.

“Please don’t abuse my body.”

And Zhou Mi sighs because Kyuhyun looks offended. “It’s not funny! What if we stay like this!”

“What if I’m taller than you forever?” Kyuhyun asks.

“What if you have schedules and you can’t speak Mandarin any more,” Zhou Mi says and growls because it sounds weird on Kyuhyun’s voice. So he starts arguing back in Mandarin to prove his point and he realizes he should like hearing those words in that tone, Kyuhyun’s, but it’s his own inflection and it completely ruins the effect.

Kyuhyun’s eyes go wide. “What if you got signed up for a musical.”

“We’d have to tell someone.”

There could be no other way, if it would come to that. And Kyuhyun got close, smoothing his hands on Zhou Mi’s shoulders, his face in a very Kyuhyun expression despite the fact that Zhou Mi was perceiving it on his own face.

“Are you still angry?”

“No. Though I’m more scared right now than anything. I could be convinced to go back to it,” Zhou Mi says, though it’s all talk, and Kyuhyun knows it, sliding his arms around Zhou Mi’s shoulders and pulling him in. “I have a nice neck.”

And he holds Kyuhyun as he howls laughing.

(They wake up the next morning appropriately portioned back to their own bodies, and the first Zhou Mi does is not draw himself up tall but he does roll over and squish Kyuhyun tight. He takes Kyuhyun’s squeak to mean that he’s happy too.)


Prompt: abo!au; Zhou Mi and Kyu are mates but Zhou Mi's been using heat surpressants for years. Now that him and Kyu want to have pups he decides to stop taking them. Some smut with QMI going through his first unsurpressed heat together?


Going off of the suppressants was a necessary evil. Zhou Mi didn’t even realize how much they’d been doing until he started going into withdrawal on the first day after, and then outright agony of intermittent arousal and the urge to hump things on the second day. He’d felt so normal, no wonder the doctor had laughed at him and told him to stay home until he’d evened out again, which took about 48 hours. After that, when his heat would start was a complete variable based on his biology and Kyuhyun’s, too.

Kyuhyun hadn’t even been there the second day to help him out, both because he’d been working and because the doctor thought being away for most of the day would let Zhou Mi have a heat that was more normal if he slipped into it immediately. It happened on the suppressants a few times a year anyway but it was just a couple of days of him feeling extra amorous and Kyuhyun certainly had only dirty chuckles to share when that happened.

But even if it had been a long time since he’d had a heat unsuppressed, he recognized it, immediately. It took those two withdrawal days, and two days beyond that, and when Kyuhyun finished eating, he sort of tilted into Zhou Mi’s offered hug and tilted his neck for Zhou Mi to press against. And Zhou Mi knew, the antsy feeling, the overly-warm feeling, all of those had been leading to that moment, breathing Kyuhyun in and feeling the ache of normal arousal turn into a fierce throb. They’d had sex the day before, and the day before that, thinking maybe that would help trigger it.

“Make a pup with me,” Zhou Mi murmured, pressing his hips a little tighter to Kyuhyun’s.

He didn’t come faster, but the want was just more, arousal spiking quicker, and Kyuhyun’s grin was delicious, pulling Zhou Mi’s mouth against his.

“I’ve been waiting to hear you say that,” he said.

Waiting for Zhou Mi’s body to slick with sweat, for his eyes to dilate when he looked at Kyuhyun, someone he wanted, desperately. It wouldn’t have worked with someone else, someone he had no bond with. They were connected, both of them, and he knew that Kyuhyun could feel his arousal.

And that only made him want more.

“How do you want it?” Kyuhyun asked, his hands on Zhou Mi and feeling him shiver as he rested back on the bed.

“I want to be on top of you,” Zhou Mi said. “I want you on top of me. I want you behind me. I want—“

“For the first time,” Kyuhyun corrected. He’d have gladly complied if his body could stand it three times in a row. Three times to knot Zhou Mi and start their family. It sounded like a good number, but first things first.

“I want to see you,” Zhou Mi said, and Kyuhyun nodded, kissing Zhou Mi, feeling him shiver with every sweep of his hands and feeling his hips lift for Kyuhyun’s cock. He groaned to feel Zhou Mi ready and wet and eager, but it was Zhou Mi who moaned when Kyuhyun pressed into him. Zhou Mi was a sexual creature any day of the week, but with his chest flushed and his cock hard, lifting up for Kyuhyun and moaning, Kyuhyun was overrun. He didn’t just want to stick his cock in and knot, but Zhou Mi was making it hard not to to do just that with all the sounds he made.


“Does it feel better like this?”

Zhou Mi licked his lips, pulling Kyuhyun closer so he could feel Zhou Mi breathe.

“It feels—“

Kyuhyun rocked their hips together and Zhou Mi’s head fell back, coming all over his belly.

“That good, huh,” he said softly. He got a gurgle in response, and he began to slowly slide deep and slow, feeling Zhou Mi tight around him, getting tighter as Zhou Mi squirmed and moaned. He was still hard, breathing so fast that Kyuhyun was concerned before Zhou Mi gripped his hips and moaned, coming between them, again.

A trickle of sweat beaded down Zhou Mi’s throat and Kyuhyun kissed him, gripping a thigh and moaning when Zhou Mi moaned, shuddering when he shuddered. And when Kyuhyun’s knot swelled and Zhou Mi shouted, Kyuhyun almost felt the life leave him as he came, shuddering into Zhou Mi’s body. He actually felt Zhou Mi relax, everywhere that wasn’t clutching around his knot anyway, like his duty was done somehow.

“Fuck,” Zhou Mi said appreciatively.

“That’s what we did,” Kyuhyun agreed, putting his forehead down on Zhou Mi’s collarbone.

“How many pups is that going to make?” Zhou Mi asked after another moment.

Kyuhyun gurgled. How many— “Don’t even joke.”

But Zhou Mi was laughing, nuzzling the side of Kyuhyun’s face. They’d see. And they’d see if Zhou Mi was up to more.


Prompt: could I get some more of that? :>


The nicest thing about it was that not knowing if it worked, it gave them an excuse to keep trying. Heats didn’t last forever, and Zhou Mi was exhausted after it, holing up in bed like a hibernating bear as Kyuhyun relaxed beside him and occasionally patted his butt when he woke up. Kyuhyun was a good mate because he had both water and a waiting bottle of juice for Zhou Mi when he woke up like he was on fire, gulping it down and staggering to bathroom, only to come back and press his face against Kyuhyun’s hip and sleep again.

“Is this normal after-heat reaction?” Kyuhyun asked, when Zhou Mi stirred again.

“I haven’t experienced anything like a heat since I was a teenager,” Zhou Mi said. “So I don’t know.”

Kyuhyun scooted down the bed, stroking against Zhou Mi’s cheek and pressing a kiss to the corner of his lips.

“I’ve never seen you sleep like this.”

“Even if I haven’t had a heat in a long time, I think it may have worked,” Zhou Mi said. “I think we did it.”

“Not twins?” Kyuhyun mused, and Zhou Mi chuckled, pulling Kyuhyun in.

“One child of yours is plenty,” Zhou Mi told him.

If it made Zhou Mi feel like that, then yes, certainly one at a time.

All they had to do was wait for confirmation. And four days later, they had it.


Prompt: Qmi sneaking around. They think they are super sneaky but everyone knows they are fuckin


No one was supposed to know. That was kind of the point. They always waited to go to each other’s rooms if everyone was asleep or gone, and they never sat together at dinners, and rarely in the car. They did on the plane, because that was their routine, and it would’ve been suspicious not to.

But apparently trying to not be suspicious made everyone suspicious. There were noises that happened in the middle of the night that no one believed were ghosts, and when Zhou Mi pressed his knee against Kyuhyun’s under the table, everyone collectively rolled their eyes. When Zhou Mi left on an “errand” no one believed he was going to do anything else but get off with Kyuhyun, and everyone was very, very certain that they never interrupted Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun in the hotel. Except maybe in case of fire or amputation, but never otherwise.

Of course no one said anything either, because for one, it might’ve embarrassed them - a highlight of a thought for at least one person - but most importantly, it cracked them all up to see Kyuhyun’s exaggerated yawns trying to get the last person shuffled off to bed so that no one saw them slink away together.

They were the worst, best kept secret. And if everyone could help it, no one was ever going to know until Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi were ready.


Prompt: Qmi fool around in a closet


It was pure luck that they had any room to move at all.

“Did you ever do anything like this when you were a teenager?”

“I had more self respect than to make out in a closet,” Kyuhyun said, though his words were a little different than his actions since he was flush up against Zhou Mi in a way that meant not only was he very, very interested, but his last thought was of getting out of there.

It made Zhou Mi chuckle against his neck, sliding his fingers into Kyuhyun’s back pockets and squeezing.

“What happened, then? How did you end up here?”

“I found someone who made it worth it.”

Very worth it. Kyuhyun moaned as they rocked together, finding a new angle that worked and sucking a mark into Zhou Mi’s shoulder. A mop rattled and he didn’t care, working his hips even faster and grunting Zhou Mi did the same. He came in a rush of warmth, his eyes unfocused on the wall at Zhou Mi’s back and moving until moaned and jerked against him. He was going to be all sticky and sweaty, and for a moment or three, he didn’t care.

“This was your idea,” Kyuhyun hissed. “You’re doing the laundry. You sexy jerk.”

Zhou Mi patted his butt in agreement, chuckling, and Kyuhyun pushed the door open and winced in the sunlight as they exited out of the broom closet and into their own kitchen.


Prompt: qmi~~ kyu got a karma sutra from india. Qmi look at it together with varying levels of amusement and intrigue.


The book had been very prettily wrapped in a scarf, and no one would have possibly known what it was until it was opened. Zhou Mi couldn’t read the writing, tilting his head as he opened the book and wondered why Kyuhyun had handed it to him so significantly.

And then, oh. Oh, he understood then, his eyebrows raising and chuckling as he flipped through the pages. Some were pretty straightforward. He knew how that worked, knew they’d tried doing that, and they’d definitely done a few of them way more than once. But there were some that had him squinting, tilting the book back and forth until Kyuhyun was laughing at him.

“Is that even possible?”

“If one person is really light and the other person is strong,” Kyuhyun mused. Zhou Mi eyed Kyuhyun’s body and Kyuhyun held up a hand.

“No way. You’d drop me on my head when you came.”

“We could try a modified version of it.” Figuring out just how was something else, but that was half the fun of it. “I know I’m flexible but my spine would never bend like that.”

“You’re too tall to do that anyway,” Kyuhyun said. “Oh, I know. I’m going to have to find myself a shorter man. Hey!”

The book bounced to the floor as Kyuhyun laughed and struggled under him, before giving in and lifting his head to give Zhou Mi a kiss.


Prompt: qmi, been dating for a long time and sex has gotten a little...boring/passionless/predictable. Zhou Mi aims to fix that. (bonus: it's not as hard to do as he seems to think)


It wasn’t like they had it down to a formula, some kind of kiss for a few minutes, touch for a few minutes, finger one or the other of them for a few minutes, stick it in and whack away for a few minutes, sleep ensconced in victory. In and out and done within 30 minutes. It wasn’t like that. It had never been like that, ever since the first time they’d slept together. But it had become a little bit like oh, you’re horny? I could be, too. You want on the bottom, that’s fine. Kind of like brushing their teeth, it was something they did because they had a habit of it and because it felt good. It never stopped feeling good. But he missed getting Kyuhyun all wrung out, and working him up with dirty chuckles and flopping exhausted with him instead of just pleasantly satisfied.

They didn’t have to join the circus, they just needed a spark. It was something Kyuhyun had teased about months ago. So Zhou Mi did something about it. It started with him asking whether or not Kyuhyun was free, and he didn’t have that glazed, faintly annoyed look like Zhou Mi was pulling him away from conquering the universe, so that led to step two - Kyuhyun’s lap.

“Hi,” he said, snuggling up close and watching Kyuhyun’s eyebrows fly up in interest. “I have a surprise for you. See if you can find it.”

Kyuhyun would have frowned if Zhou Mi hadn’t been kissing him, slow, devastating, inviting Kyuhyun into some world that was just the two of them and that kiss. That was why it took almost a minute for Kyuhyun to actually start searching for the surprise, his hand fumbling under Zhou Mi’s shirt as his hummed against Zhou Mi’s lips.

But Zhou Mi knew when he found it, warm fingers rubbing between skin and over the rougher cloth several times like Kyuhyun was reconciling the two textures.

Kyuhyun gurgled, hitching in a breath as Zhou Mi pulled back and considered him.

“You’re wearing—“

Lace. Yes. And Kyuhyun just tried to slide his fingers further to feel more.

“Want to see what it looks like?” Zhou Mi asked.

Kyuhyun almost whimpered, and Zhou Mi knew that he was going to wring Kyuhyun out.


Prompt: Valentine’s Day


The first Valentine’s Day they spent together, Zhou Mi tried hard. There was candy. There was also a tiny basket with a sleepy baby duck, a purring kitten, and a delighted but tiny baby bunny.

“Hey,” Kyuhyun said, amused, petting the bunny while trying not to get attacked by the duck’s beak. “I think you got the wrong holiday.”

The animals had all been borrowed, which turned out to be a good thing since Kyuhyun was allergic. But they all went to the same home anyway, and Zhou Mi would come in proud as a surrogate father at times showing him how the kids had grown up.


The second Valentine’s Day, Zhou Mi bought him sexy underwear.

And a new can opener.

Kyuhyun stared at it, letting it hang sideways out of his hand. “Is this a new sex toy that I don’t know about?”

They both thought about that for a moment before wincing.

Kyuhyun just shook his head. “The thrill is gone.”


The third Valentine’s Day, Zhou Mi seemed to be all with it. He had the wine. He had the wonderful meal, and the soft looking new shirt, and the pretty wrapped box. The way that Zhou Mi had it all presented on the bed with the lights just so had Kyuhyun highly anticipating.

The box was full all right, of silicone rings. Kyuhyun poked at them and watched them jiggle. One would vibrate, he saw. That could be interesting, he guessed. Just what he’d always wanted?

“It’s a box of…” Kyuhyun started.

“Rings,” Zhou Mi agreed.

“Are we having an orgy? Why are there ten?”

“There had to be enough padding,” Zhou Mi told him.

Padding. For what. Kyuhyun pulled out two purple ones and a green one and stared at the little gold circle gleaming against a little bed of velvet.

And Zhou Mi wasn’t looking at the ring, but at him, his lips curved and eyes so steady, so warm. Kyuhyun hissed, picking up the ring and sliding it on. It fit, too, because Zhou Mi was some kind of magician.

“I hate you,” Kyuhyun laughed. “I won’t ever be able to tell my family how you gave this to me.”

It was enough that they knew. Mostly. Zhou Mi knew he didn’t need things, but Zhou Mi seemed to get him away.

“Okay, I love you a little,” Kyuhyun admitted later. And no one was as smug as Zhou Mi.


Prompt: moar qmi hockey au? kyuhyun gets really aggressive when zhou mi is hurt during a game and zhou mi has to stop him from getting into a fight


Kyuhyun just happened to be on the ice when Zhou Mi went down. He saw the last half of the hit, the arm in Zhou Mi’s back, the way Zhou Mi’s head bounced off of the glass as he went down to his knees and then to all fours. Kyuhyun didn’t even realize he was moving, pushing off and abandoning his stick as he shoved Zhou Mi’s attacker back away from the two feet away he’d stopped.

“Did you not see the glass?” he shouted, getting in another shove for good measure.

Kyuhyun couldn’t even hear the smarmy retort, trying to worm past the arm that was working in front of him.

“Do you only hit guys who can’t see you? Just drop your gloves already.”

“Kyuhyun,” Zhou Mi admonished, and Kyuhyun grimaced at the blood dribbling down from above Zhou Mi’s eyebrow.

“Does he have to fight your fights for you, too?”

Zhou Mi and the referee just barely held Kyuhyun back that time, ready to shake off his gloves and drive the ass right into the ice. It was very, very small satisfaction to know they’d be on the power play. But they’d be sharing the same ice soon enough. He’d get his hit in eventually.

“You okay?” Kyuhyun asked, tapping just over the A on Zhou Mi’s chest.

“Nothing a little tape won’t cure,” Zhou Mi said, and shoved Kyuhyun’s butt to get him back out to take the faceoff. “Go get them.”


Prompt: Hi, Coley! Qmi based on this music: Thanks! And your fanfics are great!


Kyuhyun knew what the belt of a station official looked like, so he knew what Zhou Mi was way before he ever saw Zhou Mi’s face. Zhou Mi hadn’t been there to harass the bar patrons, or so he said though Kyuhyun had been inclined to believe him. Still, Zhou Mi had intercepted an alien whose skin had gone pale blue with an excess of the synthesized liquor. She’d been ready to drop and the bartender hadn’t caught on, so having an alien’s excess drink oozing over his shoes had been forefront on his mind when he scowled at the official.

Kyuhyun did his level best to fly under the radar of officials, and being ordered to tag along to give his statement hadn’t been in his plan. He’d already set up a deal to buy a case of wine - fake but decent - at a wholesale price, and staring holes in Zhou Mi’s back hadn’t been helping him accomplish that. Plus, Zhou Mi had taken down everything, his ID number, his ship license, his last port of call.

“I’ve never heard your ship name.”

“We’re in and out once or twice a month,” Kyuhyun said. Nothing illegal, but the stiff shoulders of Zhou Mi’s uniform still made him uneasy. “Transport vessel, all cargo inspected per protocol.”

Zhou Mi smiled a bit at that, clearly used to having people explain their legal status to him even if that hadn’t been his question.

“Just in this solar system?”

Kyuhyun hesitated. “Yes, for the last year or so. We got ran out of our last job. Someone with a shinier ship, and deeper pockets.”

“Everything checks out. I appreciate your statement regarding the bartender and your cooperation. This station is never going to get a quality reputation if we’re poisoning our guests.”

When Zhou Mi stood, Kyuhyun wondered if he had a little alien blood himself, but it was passé to ask, and rude beyond that. Something about the pattern on the back of his hands and the hint of it at his cheekbones.

“What was your drink of choice?”

What?” Kyuhyun asked, startled from his own thoughts.

“At the bar. What were you going to get?”

“Wine. Or as close to it as they have here in my budget.”

Most planets he’d been to had their own version, but he drank his fill on planet and sold the rest, fetching a nice return at the stations he visited.

“This isn’t as a port officer, all right?” Zhou Mi said, and waited for Kyuhyun’s nod. “We get a contraband bottle now and again. Next time you’re on the station, if you want, look for me. It’s illegal for us to sell it. But I’d be able to share.”

It screamed at him to go, to thank Zhou Mi and return to the bar to get his wine and leave. It had not been said as an official, but risking getting on the bad side of one was asking to have to find a new method of employment. It was more like Zhou Mi was asking him for a date and not some proposition. Still it was better to think than ask the consequences if he refused.

“Maybe I will,” Kyuhyun said.

And Zhou Mi reached a hand to shake. The hand Zhou Mi wrapped around his was warm and firm. Maybe he would.


Prompt: Kyu goes to Zhou Mi apartment completely drunk all confessing their love for him, Zhou Mi is shocked initially but do not delay to match that feeling.


The knock had echoed loud, but the greeting had been quiet. Quieter than Zhou Mi would’ve expected from Kyuhyun, who was tugging at his own collar and undoing the top button like he didn’t feel he could breathe. His walk was almost steady, almost, but his breathing wasn’t as he reached for Zhou Mi. He held Zhou Mi’s upper arms, almost shook him, and that was when Zhou Mi knew that it had not just been a glass or two of wine, but more, and maybe more of something else, the desperate way that Kyuhyun looked at him.

“Zhou Mi. Zhou Mi. Zhou Mi,” Kyuhyun said, like he was tasting the sound of Zhou Mi’s name, matching it to the face in front of him somehow. “I’ve been in love with you for years. With you. Zhou Mi.”

It sounded so grandiose at first that Zhou Mi thought it was a joke, words dawning over his brain and making him start, and making him wonder most of all. Kyuhyun rubbed along Zhou Mi’s arms, smiling, when he saw any hint of a smile on Zhou Mi’s face.

“Love you,” he said again, and Zhou Mi pulled Kyuhyun in, the weight of him heavy and solid as they leaned together. Kyuhyun tried to get his arms coordinated around Zhou Mi, but Zhou Mi was holding Kyuhyun tight enough for both of them.

“Kyuhyun. Are you even going to remember this? I’ll try and forget if you don’t,” Zhou Mi said, and sighed, squeezing just a little tighter. “I hope you tell me again, because… I want to look at you and tell you how long that I’ve loved you. How happy you make me when you laugh with me or lean into me. I never thought— I hoped. I hoped. But it made me happy to be your friend and to show you love that way.”

Wet against his neck had tears burning in Zhou Mi’s eyes as they clung together. Kyuhyun was just less subtle about it, snuffling and holding tight.

“Thank you for telling me,” Zhou Mi said.

“I’m glad you know,” Kyuhyun said.

And it was his thanks that he directed Kyuhyun to the bathroom and got him water, and folded Kyuhyun’s pants onto his dresser. He felt Kyuhyun relax into sleep, holding one of Kyuhyun’s hands between both of his own and relishing that closeness.

When Zhou Mi woke, it was to the bed shaking, and instead of Kyuhyun being surprised at where he woke, he was moving closer, his face right in front of Zhou Mi’s. And when Zhou Mi just blinked at him, Kyuhyun smiled.

“You don’t have to forget, because I remember,” Kyuhyun told him.

It was almost more sweet than the confession.


Prompt: qmi Valentine's fluff :D Kyuhyun hates Valentine's Day but Zhou Mi makes him look forward to it somehow


Kyuhyun didn’t have a lot of bitter experiences with it. Actually, his experiences had mostly been positive through his childhood and even his teens, though it seemed like the more years he got, the more disgruntled he was about it. It just seemed like too much. There were so many expectations, and when those weren’t met, then people were hurt, and people who were trying were hurt because they’d disappointed their loved ones, and people in the stores doing their best to help people out got yelled at because they couldn’t work last minute miracles to make the people closest to their customers keep loving them.

It seemed like there was supposed to be more to love than that.

They’d traded gifts their first year, he and Zhou Mi, because it seemed like it was expected. They’d been dating for quite a while by then, so what Zhou Mi liked wasn’t hard to divine. And Zhou Mi dragged it out of him a few months after, his real thoughts on it. Zhou Mi had chewed on it for a few days, before coming back to Kyuhyun with the conclusion that they would not do gifts, not in a traditional way anyway.

They split the cost of a nice bottle of wine for their planned dinner in and they slept in, and Zhou Mi stretched his meager cooking skills to make them both lunch. But the real highlight of the day had been the letter, handwritten and punctuated by cute drawings, that listed what of the last year had made Zhou Mi happy, and the ways he was glad they had worked together to get past their arguments, and what he hoped would be upcoming for them in the year ahead, down to the vacations he wanted and positions he wanted to try.

But it was the last lines that really got him. “I love you. Please be my Valentine next year, too.”

Kyuhyun breathed against Zhou Mi’s neck and stroked his back through the silk robe he had given Zhou Mi not weeks before.

It became something about both of them, how they were together, not the expectations that they had from each other, not a burden. It became a joke too, that when something big happened that it was definitely going into Zhou Mi’s letter, and in some instances into Kyuhyun’s, though Zhou Mi’s eclipsed his in magnitudes of epicness. But that was who they were. So the things they did, the things they bought, were for them to share. It was something that he loved, because of Zhou Mi.


Prompt: Kyuline gaming together and against each other in the same room. Bonus points for Zhou Mi being in the room and watching/distracting Kyuhyun, Suho the unexpected traitor who kills off either one of ChangKyu's characters + other shenanigans


Minho was trying to pretend he had everything under control and that Changmin and Kyuhyun were going down, but they all knew better. Changmin had entered The Zone, and Kyuhyun’s eyes were flicking back and forth, deciding his next move, his next path. Joonmyun on the other hand was moving his whole body in time with his character on screen. It was fascinating to watch,” Zhou Mi thought, and he wandered to the couch, giving Kyuhyun something to lean back against if he’d been interesting in leaning against anything.

“You’re really doing good,” Zhou Mi said, touching Kyuhyun’s shoulder. And Kyuhyun had to do some very clever button mashing to stay alive.

“Hands to yourself!” Kyuhyun yelped, and Zhou Mi laughed softly, leaning back.

“This is mine. This is mine, I’ve got you—“ Minho crowed.

And then he groaned, flopping back as Changmin made some kind of clicking sound of victory, and then turned his full attention to decimating Kyuhyun’s character. They were pretty evenly matched, probably from hours of long battle just like that. At least, they were, until Joonmyun, Joonmyun who’d stopped moving around, had snuck up behind Kyuhyun’s character and gave him a very, very inglorious death.

“Hey!” Kyuhyun squawked, as Joonmyun laughed, delighted.

And then the shriek came, when Changmin’s character wheeled around and made a beelined toward him. That had Kyuhyun laughing, settling back against Zhou Mi’s knees and watching Joonmyun sink over to the ground just moments after his character did. He gurgled, Minho made pretend soothing sounds, and Changmin gloated.

At least, until round two.


Prompt: Qmi. Kyu and Mimi are fighting because of jealousy, amid insults and thrown objects both throw themselves against each other what was to be a fight turns into a night of burning love. Thanks.


“You didn’t seem really bothered when he was draping all over you,” Kyuhyun sniped, and Zhou mi threw up his hands.

“Was I supposed to be? He does that to everyone!”

“You didn’t see the way that he was looking at your neck!” And when Zhou Mi threw aside his book, Kyuhyun stood. “So you do that every day, just let people touch you all over.”

“If it’s not sexual, yes. I know when someone is hitting on me, because you used to do it a lot.”

As if he didn’t do it any more. Kyuhyun reached for Zhou Mi’s shirt, intending to hold him there so he could get his words in, make Zhou Mi see. But what he got was a man off balance stumbling into him, both of them clutching at each other to keep upright.

“Am I so pretty you can’t stand it if someone else puts a hand on me?” Zhou Mi asked.

“Stop,” Kyuhyun said.

But Kyuhyun didn’t stop was the problem. Or maybe, the solution. Because tugging Zhou Mi’s mouth against his had him moaning, and instead of gripping him to hold, Zhou Mi was pulling him in. He pulled at Zhou Mi’s shirt, buttons slipping one by one, and one flopped on the floor when Kyuhyun could get it. He just wanted his hands on that skin, and Zhou Mi cooperated, his whole torso arching as he pulled his undershirt over his head.

“Look at you,” Kyuhyun said.

“You mean you’re looking at me and not the people touching me?”

A good point. “I’ll keep my eyes on you.”

“You’d better,” Zhou Mi said, and he made efficient work of Kyuhyun’s pants.

They had hours with nothing to do but admire, and touch, and moan. And by the time Kyuhyun opened his eyes after his third, fourth nap, the sun was staring to rise.

“Sorry,” Kyuhyun croaked, a little belated, but it needed to be said anyway.

Zhou Mi pressed a kiss against his temple, and patted his backside. A lesson he wasn’t going to forget.


Prompt: Qmi porn au. Never worked together but secretly have been on a few dates. Some director spots they have chemistry and runs with it but theyve not had sex yet outsode of work. Maybe smth about the difference in sex for work and sex in a relationship


It was strange, finding out what they liked in the context of work instead of in private. When they’d found out they were being set up for a shoot, they’d decided on it that way. They’d eaten together, fallen asleep together by accident, but never had gone beyond kissing. They knew the drill, though. Work was hard, going between the cerebral planning, and the waiting when one of their bodies cooperated but not the other or when the director didn’t like the lighting, or the angle, or the way the cameraman was moving. It was stop, and start, and Kyuhyun got off twice during it, struggling to get hard a third time for shots they wanted more of. He got hard, but that was it, getting the shots and moaning into Zhou Mi’s hand as Zhou Mi groaned above him. He was so sexy like that, flushed and sweaty in the harsh lights, and Kyuhyun knew why they’d been chosen.

Still, having their hands, their mouths, all over each other with cameras and crew all around them took the apprehension of it away. Even if it was difficult to stay in the mood, the company had been great to look at, to laugh at, to tease as they tried to finish the job.

But when Zhou Mi sucked under his jaw as they bumped into the wall outside of his bedroom, squeezing at Kyuhyun’s thighs and nudging with his hips, Kyuhyun had no trouble getting hard. And all they had to do was add to the slickness from before and wrestle with a condom before Zhou Mi was over him, moaning for him, moaning how he wanted to, not how the director did, moaning for Kyuhyun and not the camera.

When he came it wasn’t after a dozen pauses, and when he gasped, Zhou Mi moaned again, and they collapsed in a tangle of tired limbs and panted breaths.

“I worried you weren’t going to want to try on our own after having to sit there with your mouth on me for so long today,” Kyuhyun said, petting through Zhou Mi’s sweaty hair.

Zhou Mi just chuckled, kissing him. “Best workplace peril ever.”


Prompt: Omg Nomad was exactly the kind of smut I was craving. <3 Can you write a fluffier follow-up, maybe? Like Zhou Mi hurrying to find a home for them cuz they have pups on the way?


Things had to feel right. They had to have approval from the alphas bordering the home they wanted, and it had to be a place that called to them both. They’d found it, almost once, but Kyuhyun had felt uneasy there for reasons he didn’t understand. He’d figured out why, later, when he realized he was expecting. But they couldn’t go back to that place to ask again, only to go forward. And even if he thought his unease might have been his desire to protect their pups, Zhou Mi hadn’t cared. If it was right, it was right. He spent his nights, and some of his days, near enough to Zhou Mi to touch, sighing when Zhou Mi pressed a casual kiss against his neck or pulled him into rest against him while they slept.

He woke some mornings to the ringing of Zhou Mi’s laughter in another room, smiling and burrowing into the covers as he dozed and enjoyed the security of their bed. Even if it was temporary. He’d packed up his things and let Zhou Mi sweep him away from his home and his alpha, and take him in as part of his pack. If the others minded a new omega appearing and taking up some of their alpha’s time, most of them didn’t show it. There were some little comments, a few stares, but all that mattered to him at first was that his bond with Zhou Mi was strong. Everything after that would come later.

Zhou Mi had known he was pregnant even before Kyuhyun had, his eyes on Kyuhyun’s face as he rested his hand low on Kyuhyun’s belly.


They’d stayed pressed together for over an hour after, Kyuhyun’s head on Zhou Mi’s bare shoulder and being soothed by the hand that Zhou Mi rubbed over his back. They talked about the places they’d seen and Zhou Mi was only more intent to find a place for them.

When Kyuhyun had walked into their house, he hadn’t been sure. But when he walked into their room, a room that looked over the woods, light and protected, he’d known then. It smelled like it could become part of them, shelter them. All of them.

A place their family would begin, even if it had already been started. And Zhou Mi sighed against his neck, holding him, as he shed his worry about finding them a home.


Prompt: Qmi college AU? Qmi have a one night stand, but a semester later they unknowingly move in to the same dorm.


Kyuhyun felt like he’d watched that little butt shake half the night, shouts of laughter and unselfconscious moving to music as he reveled with friends and strangers alike. They’d exchanged names, an hour before or so while grazing on the same table of food, and Kyuhyun felt a little bolt of lust just remembering watching Zhou Mi lick his lips clean. And his dancing wasn’t always graceful, but it was very him, and there wasn’t going to be any need for too fancy moves horizontal. Maybe Zhou Mi watched him, too, who knew.

“You have somewhere to stay tonight?” Kyuhyun asked, almost shouting since they’d moved closer to the speakers.

“What?” Zhou Mi asked, and Kyuhyun thought fuck it, and moved closer.

“You want to stay with me tonight?” Kyuhyun asked, and knew he’d been understood.

“Where?” Zhou Mi asked.

Upstairs. Upstairs, where they made it to a landing before they stared kissing, one of Zhou Mi’s hands slipping under his shirt and making him moan. He had a moment of blind panic trying to remember if he had condoms but he knew he had to or he’d have been knocking on every single door trying to find one.

But he had half a dozen in his room, and he pulled one out, lust pooling when he realized he’d chosen well when Zhou Mi’s cock was bared. And he put every effort into blowing Zhou Mi, licking, sucking, swallowing around him as he stroked against the cloth covering Zhou Mi’s legs.

“Thought about doing this while you were dancing,” Kyuhyun said, rubbing at his wet lips for a moment before wrapping them around Zhou Mi’s cock again. The edge of lust just made him do better, moaning as he realized Zhou Mi was getting close, those slim hips shifting and Zhou Mi’s hands gripping at his shoulders. He listened, felt Zhou Mi come for him. With the condom tossed aside, Zhou Mi was all over him and Kyuhyun didn’t mind. The kisses, the marks sucked against his collarbone, the way Zhou Mi cupped his cock through his pants.

Kyuhyun was twitching for it, almost drenching himself in lube as they wrestled with his pants and jerking Zhou Mi’s hand between his legs as the kissed. Getting fingered was the next best thing to being fucked, and Zhou Mi’s fingers weren’t anything to scoff at. Nor was his cock, getting hard again as they made out and Kyuhyun teased him, getting harder, hard enough for a condom, hard enough that when Kyuhyun bit his bottom lip and begged him, that Zhou Mi pushed his thighs wide and pushed into him.

He’d missed that, the solid feel of a man between his thighs, the feeling of something flesh and blood filling him up.

“Ugh, fuck me,” he pleaded, and hung on for dear life as Zhou Mi all but destroyed him with his rolling hips and rolling moans. He slapped a hand against his headboard, bracing himself as he lifted his hips with Zhou Mi’s fucking, wrapping his hands around his cock and stroking and watching as Zhou Mi got closer, closer. And he let Zhou Mi fuck him to an orgasm he’d been wanting all night, moaning and squeezing around Zhou Mi and hissing in satisfaction when Zhou Mi filled another condom for him.

“Fuck,” he said with feeling, and Zhou Mi chuckled, kissing against his neck and rolling his hips one last time for good measure, and drowsing with him, pressed up against his shoulder.

A buzzing sound interrupted his happy daze, and Zhou Mi pulled something out of his pants. A phone.

“My friends,” Zhou Mi said, buzzing onto his feet and regrettably tucking his cock away.

“Nice meeting you,” Kyuhyun said, and couldn’t help but grin at the sexy smile that Zhou Mi shot him.

And he left. If Kyuhyun had tried, he could’ve tracked down Zhou Mi’s buddies or his number, but it had been nice, a good time. Satisfying. He figured, if they’d been supposed to get each other’s information, they would’ve. It would’ve been meant that way.


Kyuhyun’s dorm room was on the second floor and he hated each and every stair that he had to climb to haul his belongings up there. He’d drafted one of his friends to haul up a bed frame with him - no way he was sleeping on the floor - but after the first hour he was on his own, trudging up and jogging down in the hope of being done sooner and just dying on his mattress forever after that.

He only had one more load to take up when he backed himself out of his room one last time.

“Moving in?” he heard, and turned.

And all thoughts of the laundry bag and the last box he had to carry up bounced right out of his head as he stared. And the name was right there, so fast he almost didn’t even have to think about it.

“Zhou Mi!” he said, and then stared a little harder. He hadn’t answered the question, he realized. “Oh. Yes! I’m moving in. Wait, you live here?”

Zhou Mi jerked a thumb to the room across the hall and just down from Kyuhyun’s. “Moved in last week.”

Oh. Oh. His mind went three leaps ahead wondering, what if.

“I— I have just a little bit more stuff to bring up.”

That or he was going to get a ticket waiting there.

“Need help?”

Kyuhyun shook his head. “No, it’s the last arm load, then I have to move my car.”

“Ah,” Zhou Mi said. “Have you eaten? Want to get dinner tonight? My treat. Housewarming.” And Zhou Mi grinned when Kyuhyun gaped, waving him off. “Knock on my door if you want to.”

It was luck that Kyuhyun didn’t just roll down the stairs. But he all but three his stuff into the room, locking the door and staring at the door Zhou Mi had pointed at. He half was afarid he’d picked the wrong one, but no, there was Zhou Mi was.

“Get your stuff, because I’m on a meter,” Kyuhyun said. I’ll drive.”

That smile, that one he knew.


Prompt: Hi,Coley!Qmi. Mimi suffers from haters and Kyu was abandoned by his girlfriend, that he never really loved. The two find love and affection in each other's arms and after spending one night together discover that they can be more than just friends. Thanks! And congratulations for its beautiful fics!


“It was like a habit, more than anything,” Kyuhyun said. “I could even lie and tell her I loved her and she just… She didn’t want to put up with it any more. Sorry, you don’t want to hear all of this.”

“I do, though,” Zhou Mi said, stroking Kyuhyun’s arm.

“You have enough stuff to worry about without me adding more to it, though.”

Zhou Mi laughed. “We’re not comparing problems. That’s why being able to share is nice.”

Zhou Mi had already shared with him his new experiences with people being horrible, his mixture of humor, determination, vague disappointment and a lingering sadness.

Maybe hearing someone else complain helped him forget. He was just glad that Zhou Mi didn’t feel like Kyuhyun was dismissing his troubles somehow. So he guessed that was right. Zhou Mi had shared with him, and prompted Kyuhyun to do the same. It was the kind of sharing he’d never been able to do with his girlfriend, or any girlfriend, really. Zhou Mi’s eyebrows rose when he realized Kyuhyun was staring at him. Zhou Mi was— well. He was…

When Kyuhyun beckoned, Zhou Mi leaned in, leaning like he thought maybe Kyuhyun had a secret to tell him. Kyuhyun realized, belatedly, just how soft that Zhou Mi’s lips looked, hoped that his own weren’t too chapped. And his eyes closed when he leaned in, when he kissed Zhou Mi. Zhou Mi didn’t pull away, just let himself be kissed, and kissing Kyuhyun back until Kyuhyun’s head tilted.

“Why?” Zhou Mi asked.

“I don’t— I just. Zhou Mi.” He didn’t kiss Zhou Mi again, but he leaned into him, pressing his body closer until they could feel each other’s warmth. But all his breath left him as Zhou Mi’s lips grazed his neck and he turned full, pulling Zhou Mi beside him, pulling him into a kiss where Zhou Mi went willing, kissing him before Kyuhyun could ask, fingers curling over Kyuhyun’s side before his whole arm wrapped around Kyuhyun and kept him close.

They didn’t talk, not in words, but in warm kisses and the bumping of knees until their thighs fit together. Kyuhyun’s fingers tugged accidentally on Zhou Mi’s hair and he felt Zhou Mi moan for him. They stared at each other after that, again silent. What were they doing, making out. Heat fused through him as Zhou Mi kissed him again, and that was Kyuhyun’s answer, too, cupping the back of Zhou Mi’s head and pulling him closer. Closer until Zhou Mi was half on top of him, closer until Kyuhyun could slide his thighs against Zhou Mi’s hips.

Closer until he was moaning as Zhou Mi sucked against his neck, moaning Zhou Mi’s name so that they both knew he was there, in the moment. He hadn’t been ready, hadn’t been prepared but it didn’t matter, sprawled beneath Zhou Mi’s body and choking with pleasure as Zhou Mi kissed him, stroked him.

And the morning woke them, twined together, and Zhou Mi’s eyes were curious, cautious.

“Maybe I know why I couldn’t love her,” Kyuhyun whispered, stroking Zhou Mi’s hair.

Zhou Mi kissed Kyuhyun’s palm, kissed him. Kyuhyun knew.


Prompt: Qmi! SJ are really nosy and are constantly asking about qmi’s sex life. One day, kyu finally caves, and tells them, but either gets turned on (by talking about how great mi is in bed) or becomes super flustered.


Sometimes they were just very persistent, making Kyuhyun snort while they finagled for details. He wasn’t even sure why they wanted to know when they made such dramatic, though good-natured, disgusted noises whenever they saw Kyuhyun kissing Zhou Mi. And yeah, they were prone to that, even if it was just a greeting kiss when Zhou Mi came over. Though they’d been almost to the point of making out once, and apparently discovering who was the best in bed was a life goal.

Kyuhyun’s life goal was just to keep Zhou Mi in bed.

“Do you ask him about this all the time, too?” Kyuhyun asked, feeling a flush rise up his neck.

“Obviously. But seriously, if you won’t say anything, is he that bad…?”

It was a ploy and Kyuhyun knew it and still he stiffened up.

“Are you serious? Have you seen that mouth? He knows exactly what to do with it, and his hips, too. I know some of you have roomed next to us.”

Zhou Mi’s mouth. Kyuhyun’s body nearly sighed, and just when he was staring to really get into the thought, he realized he surrounded by vultures. Instead of being satisfied with the tidbits, they were leaning in for more, and the flush that had started just raged right on up.

“I’m going,” Kyuhyun said, standing up and nearly stumbling over someone’s foot. He was going to call Zhou Mi. To hear his voice, and maybe to warn him that maybe he’d let a cat out of the bag. It was going to be hard to get it back in.


Prompt: Qmi! Mi is a world wide singer and popstar, performing all over the globe in many cities and countries and Kyu is one of his back up dancers and is often paired up on stage to do the intimate dances and moves with Mi. Over time, Mi ends up developing a crush on Kyu


They’d spent who knew how many hours sweating out the weight of their bodies some days it seemed like, going over choreography over and over. Some of that was with Zhou Mi there, some with a stand-in, but that didn’t keep them all from working hard. There were practices as they got to new cities, new stadiums, countries at times Zhou Mi knew little about and was so excited to see. He took a picture with everyone, at the end of every rehearsal in every new place. He looked at those pictures sometimes, the mix of outfits, the expressions. His back up dancers, his friends, people that were joining him on a journey that was so dear to his heart.

And his wallet, and his family, and everything else.

Some dancers came and went, but he’d had the same crew through almost all of his shows. Kyuhyun had come into the team a year after the start, but he’d been one of the older ones and helped to keep an even keel among everyone. Even when all he was doing was staring at his phone and being quiet.

Kyuhyun flipped up one of the towels and Zhou Mi caught it just before it hit his face. “Thanks.”

“Sure,” Kyuhyun said, wiping at his neck and hair. The dance they’d practiced was pretty intense, but there was a cute one after, and a ballad, that Kyuhyun was on stage with him for part of alone. They didn’t have to practice that one, since it was easy, almost freeform at times, with Kyuhyun’s grins as their hands brushed only fueling Zhou Mi as he sang.

Or when Kyuhyun brushed up against him, their thighs rubbing together.

But it was a dance, nothing more than that. And to Zhou Mi, it had been nothing more than that, too.

Just one more brush of hands, Kyuhyun leaning on his shoulder as they waited to race backstage, and the secret grins shared between song transitions.

Zhou Mi’s lyrics had come from some formless future, some imperfect dream. He knew his heart had taken the turn, when he sat to dream up lyrics, and the first thing he thought of was reaching for Kyuhyun’s hand.


Prompt: Every time I look at, I imagine Zhou Mi pressing/rubbing his erection against Kyu while he's talking to the camera... surely there's a fic in there somewhere.


No one could really tell, not really. Sure, they knew that Zhou Mi was wiggling, but he tended to do that a lot whether he was standing on his own or sitting, or pressed up against Kyuhyun’s back. There wasn’t a lot of Zhou Mi that stayed still. But Kyuhyun was the only one who knew the real secret of Zhou MI’s wiggling then, first pressing his hips against Kyuhyun and almost making his eyes widen to feel Zhou Mi hard against him, and then actually moving, rubbing back and forth against him, almost humping him there where anyone could see. But Zhou Mi was so prepared, having his coat at the ready, blocking Kyuhyun’s hips from anyone’s view when the interview was over and gripping just above Kyuhyun’s elbow to pull him away so they could get ready to go.

“What are you doing?” Kyuhyun hissed, grunting a bit as Zhou Mi backed him up against the wall.

“You just looked really nice like that. And you felt nice, too,” Zhou Mi told him.

“This is punishment for something,” Kyuhyun observed, and just barely held in the moan as Zhou Mi rubbed their hips together. “I don’t want to come in my pants.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Zhou Mi laughed against his neck, and Kyuhyun inhaled, his fingers digging into Zhou Mi’s shoulders as he knelt and opened Kyuhyun’s pants. And his knees shook as Zhou Mi swallowed him down, sucking, pulling on him until he had to muffle his own moans as he came in Zhou Mi’s mouth.

“You’re dangerous,” Kyuhyun muttered just after Zhou Mi got him all put back together and pressed a quick kiss to his lips.

The grin Zhou Mi shot him told him that he knew.


Prompt: sequel or pre-quel to Halos and Handcuffs????? *hides*


Kyuhyun grumbled, half waking, twitching as though that was going to dislodge the weight off of his legs. Zhou Mi liked to use him as a body pillow, a long thigh or shin pressing against him in odd places. But he didn’t have a bit head breathing next to him so he didn’t know what was going on.

“Ergh, Zhou Mi.”

But nothing changed, not really. Just a quiet, “Zhou Mi, what?”

Kyuhyun opened his eyes, considering the very bare skin of Zhou Mi’s hip as he sat in bed a good foot away. Kyuhyun squinted. He was playing on his phone. He wasn’t sprawled on Kyuhyun, so—

Ni Qiu panted at him delightedly from where she was sprawled over his thighs.

“Zhou Mi, your dog is lying on me.”

The last word came out more like a squeak as Ni Qiu took the initiative to bridge the gap and lick the chin of one of her favorite humans.

He’d better have been considering he was the only other human Zhou Mi lived with, in their new, tiny - but very private - apartment.

“Come here, baby,” Zhou Mi crooned, and the dog flopped toward him adoringly, accepting all bely rubs and adoration. Kyuhyun was only a little miffed at being abandoned and that Zhou Mi had pet names for someone other than him. But he was big enough to find it incredibly cute, too. He reached out his fingers and brushed them against the soft skin of Zhou Mi’s hip, and let himself doze with his two roommates, the love of his life, and the love of theirs.



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